Amazon FBA Management

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How do I manage my FBA shipment”. We are here to help you find the best software solutions for Amazon FBA management. These products have been selected and reviewed based on the managerial value added and online reviews.

List of the Best Tools for Amazon FBA Management Systems

If you're looking for the best accounting software for Amazon FBA and the best Amazon tools to aid with FBA management, the list below has got a lot of options to choose from. Browse through to find the best Amazon FBA management services for your business.

1. AUSFF FBA Prep Services

— AUSFF FBA Prep Services provides quantity inspection, compliance verification, and shipping plan management. The FBA solution also… Read review

Starting Pricing5 $
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
Label Resizer logo
2. Label Resizer

— Label Resizer helps businesses resize labels quickly and easily. This tool adjusts the size of labels without… Read review

Special OfferGet 20% discount right now
Starting Price5 $
Pricing ModelTiered Based
Free TrialYes
AMZ Labels logo
3. AMZ Labels

— AMZ Labels is a website that allows sellers to seamlessly print inbound FBA shipping labels on a…

Dropex logo
4. Dropex

— Dropex is an all-in-one order fulfillment software that automates online retailers' inventory management, shipping, and tracking. It…

100% Logo

— Service Details provides FBA prep services for ecommerce sellers who import their inventory into Europe from…

Prep It! Pack It! Ship It! Logo
6. Prep It! Pack It! Ship It!

— Service Details Prep It Pack It Ship It is a California-based company that offers inspection, labeling, bundling,…

Refunds Manager Logo
7. Refunds Manager

— Product Details Refunds Manager audits Amazon FBA accounts for any mistakes Amazon may have made, and then…

Wizard Industries Logo
8. Wizard-Industries FBA Box Contents

— Product Details Wizard-Industries FBA Box Contents streamlines the FBA inbound process with FNSKU labels, 2D box content…

Getida logo 2023
9. Getida

— Product Details Getida makes sure Amazon sellers are optimized for maximum profitability and continued success by discovering…

american ebox logo
10. American eBox Amazon FBA Prep

— American eBox Amazon FBA Prep is an all-in-one inbound logistics solution for FBA prep and storage. The…

Efulfillmentpro logo
11. Efulfillmentpro

— Efulfillmentpro integrates seamlessly with various e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. The platform automatically imports…

FBA Ship UK Logo
12. FBA Ship UK

— Service Details Birmingham-based FBA Ship UK is a service offering receiving and inspection, label prep, bagging and…

Seller Locker Logo
13. Seller Locker

— Product Details Seller Locker analyzes Amazon FBA reports to find potential reimbursement claims. It then provides all…

2D transit logo
14. 2D Transit

— 2D Transit is a powerful and efficient transportation management software designed for businesses. It provides real-time tracking…

AZLabels Logo
15. AZLabels

— AZLabels is a leading provider of high-quality product labels for Amazon sellers. It specializes in FBA labels…

California FBA Prep Service Logo
16. California FBA Prep Service

— California FBA Prep Service is a sales support company for FBA sellers. It receives products, inspects, prepares,…

Captain BI Logo
17. Captain BI

— Captain BI is an analytics and accounting tool for Amazon sellers. It provides sales analytics, market research,…


— CTK USA is an order fulfillment and logistics company. It helps e-commerce businesses to scale by providing…

De Well Group Logo
19. De Well Group

— De Well Group provides efficient, cost-effective, and customized logistics solutions. The company has a fleet of trucks…

Eastern Prep logo
20. Eastern Prep Service

— Eastern Prep Service is a warehouse that provides storage for private labels. The system features quick turnaround…

eva logo
21. Eva

— Product Details Eva is an Amazon repricer that optimizes prices in real-time to maximize profit and win…

FBA Indiana Prep Logo
22. FBA Indiana Prep

— Service Details FBA Indiana Prep are an Indiana-based company that offer receiving and inspection, labeling, and pack-and-ship…

FBA Inspection Logo
23. FBA Inspection

— Service Details Based in California, FBA Inspection offers inspection, packaging and labeling, and palletizing and forwarding services…

FBA Label Printing for Mac OSX Logo
24. FBA Label Printing for Mac OSX

— Product Details This product (by Peninsula) allows sellers to print sharp readable Amazon FBA labels from a…

FNSKU Studio Logo
25. FNSKU Studio

— Product Details FNSKU labels generation streamlined. Print FNSKU labels from your product catalog, shipping plans, or scan…

InventoryLab logo
26. InventoryLab

— Product Details A cloud based solution for Amazon sellers. InventoryLab merges the listing, labelling, and shipping aspects…

JiuFang Logistics Logo
27. JiuFang Logistics

— JiuFang Logistics is a logistics and supply chain management service provider specializing in global shipping solutions. Their…

Kaspien Channel Auditor Logo
28. Kaspien Channel Auditor

— Kaspien Channel Auditor helps sellers identify and file FBA reimbursement claims for lost or damaged inventory. In…

Label2Label logo
29. Label2Label

— Label2Label is software that simplifies the process of creating and printing labels for businesses. This tool helps…

Logistics Done Right logo
30. Logistics Done Right

— Service Details Logistics Done Right provides FBA prep, returns processing and refurbishment, dropship and forwarding services from…

McKenzie Services Logo
31. McKenzie Services

— Service Details McKenzie Services is an Oregon-based company offering inspection, labeling and packaging, storage and outbound shipping…

Order Fulfilment Services Logo
32. Order Fulfilment Services

— Product Details We provide order fulfilment services to small and medium sized e-commerce retailers. Platform SaaS (Cloud…

Refund Master Logo
33. Refund Master

— Product Details Refund Master analyzes logistics and sales data from multiple platforms, including Amazon, UPS, FedEx and…

Rite Prep Shipping Logo
34. Rite Prep Shipping

— Service Details Rite Prep Shipping is an Amazon FBA prep center that preps, stores, and ships goods.…

ScanPower Logo
35. ScanPower

— Product Details ScanPower is a tool for Amazon sellers sending inbound shipments to Amazon fulfillment centers (FBA),…

Seller Repay Logo
36. Seller Repay

— Product Details Seller Repay is an Amazon FBA reimbursement tool that helps sellers file refund claims. The…

Use Amazon FBA Management to Succeed on Amazon

A lot of Amazon sellers sign up for Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service, and there are many benefits to doing so. As a matter of fact, Amazon sellers constantly chose FBA over FBM. This is primarily due to the large difference in responsibility. However, even though FBA entails fewer responsibilities, it can be tricky to manage the various aspects of Amazon FBA.

Fulfillment methods used by third-party sellers on Amazon in 2022

Thus, it is wise to use external tools that will help with FBA management to get the best results for your business. That’s where the best Amazon tools for FBA management come into play. From label creation to product preparation, FBA management services and software can help your business in a range of ways. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best FBA management.

How We Ranked the Best Amazon FBA Management

In order to rate and rank the best Amazon FBA management tools and services, we first focused on finding out more about some of the most popular and top-rated services, reading both user reviews and expert reviews to see what each management tool has to offer.

We also consulted the websites and service lists of each Amazon FBA management company to find out exactly what they offer and how much it costs, and our experts used all of that information to assign rankings and ratings to each service.

What Is Amazon FBA Management?

In order to understand the basics of Amazon FBA management, you first need to know what Amazon FBA is. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s a service that Amazon offers to help sellers with logistics and delivery.

In simple terms,

Amazon FBA is when Amazon stores, packs, and ships products for you. It’s a service that allows businesses to essentially outsource a lot of their inventory management and order fulfillment to Amazon itself.

There are a lot of advantages associated with Amazon FBA, such as faster delivery, more convenient order management, and a potential increase in sales figures and profits that come from using this service.

However, some businesses can struggle to get set-up with FBA or to get the best value from the service. Amazon FBA management software and services can help with this, offering functions like FBA preparation, product label creation, FBA account auditing, and so on.

How Do Amazon FBA Management Work

The way in which Amazon’s FBA service works is relatively simple. Sellers can make their accounts, as usual, and then choose to set up FBA for their Amazon store. They then package and ship products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Sellers have to adhere to Amazon’s strict guidelines when packing and preparing their products to send to Amazon centers. The correct labels and barcodes need to be applied, and the products need to be packaged correctly.

Amazon will then store your products until they’re ready to be sent out to customers. When a sale is made, the order will be processed and the product will be prepared for you by Amazon’s staff and shipped out to the customer’s location.

So, where do Amazon FBA management services come in? Well, these companies, services, and programs aim to make the FBA process even easier by handling some or all of the work for you, such as making and printing the labels for your shipments.

The Most Common Amazon Fulfillment Methods

Amazon FBA management is a great choice if you use Amazon’s FBA service, but there are other fulfillment models and methods available. The table below highlights a few of the most common options.

tick new In-House As the name implies, in-house fulfillment is when businesses do all of their own storage and shipping of orders. With this method, it’s up to you to handle every aspect of order processing and delivery.
tick new Third-Party Businesses can also work with a third-party company or service that will handle some or all of the order fulfillment process for you. They’ll offer services like warehouse storage, shipping, and managing returns.
tick new Multi-Channel With a multi-channel model, you may offer your products for sale on Amazon and other platforms, and then use a different one fulfillment provider to handle the order prep across all of those channels.
tick new FBAFinally, we have Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA. With this method, Amazon is the one that takes care of your product storage, preparation, processing, and shipping to customers.

How Amazon FBA Management Software Can Help You

So, what can FBA management tools and services do for you? Well, just like the best Amazon tools, the best accounting software for Amazon FBA and other FBA services can assist with growing and running your business in various ways.

As Amazon becomes more and more competitive, with literally millions of active sellers across the Amazon Marketplace, it’s crucial to use any tool you can find to get ahead of the game and keep up with your competition.

If you choose to use Amazon’s FBA service, it can be very helpful to partner with FBA experts and companies who can provide useful services to make FBA easier. Here are just some of the main problems that FBA management tools can help you overcome.

tick Getting Started with FBA

Setting up a new seller account on Amazon and getting started with the FBA system can be a challenge for many users, and a lot of people have a tough time figuring out the early stages of FBA. FBA management services can help you get up-and-running on the service.

tick Proper Product Preparation

Amazon has strict guidelines that sellers need to adhere to when it comes to preparing and shipping their products to the company’s fulfillment centers. The best accounting software for Amazon FBA can help you prepare your products in the right way.

tick Correct Labeling 

Labeling is also a big issue when it comes to FBA, as your labels need to be the right size and convey the right kind of information. Some of the best Amazon tools for FBA automatically make FBA-friendly labels for your products and shipments.

tick Getting Value for Money from FBA

FBA can offer good value for money, as long as you use it correctly. If you use it the wrong way, you may still spend a lot of money shipping and preparing your products. The best Amazon tools can help you maximize your profits using the FBA system.

tick Saving Time

A lot of businesses choose FBA to save time, but still, end up wasting many hours on product prep and shipping. The best Amazon software for FBA can help you save hours of time and focus your energy and resources on other areas of the business.

ProblemHow Amazon FBA Management Helps
tick new Confusing Start-Up ProcessServices can help you get started with FBA
tick new Adhering to GuidelinesFBA tools will help you meet Amazon’s rules
tick new Incorrect LabelingFBA specialists help you make labels
tick new Lack of ValueMaximize profits through FBA
tick new Wasted TimeFBA services automate processes for you

Amazon FBA Management Meaning

The definition of Amazon FBA management essentially applies to various services, companies, tools, and pieces of software that exist to ease and simplify the FBA process for Amazon businesses. 

Main Features of Amazon FBA Management 

So, what can you expect when you choose to work with an Amazon FBA management company? What kinds of services, functions, and features are provided by the best FBA management brands?

Well, these companies can offer quite a wide range of services. Some of them specialize in label making, for example, while others are more fully-featured and offer a varied suite of services connected to FBA.

The table below shows just some of the primary services and features that come along with some of the best Amazon FBA management companies.

tick newProduct Prep FBA management specialists can handle most or all of the product preparation for you, ensuring that your products adhere to FBA standards.
tick new Label Making There are various Amazon FBA management tools out there that can automatically generate appropriately sized and designed labels for your FBA shipments.
tick new Product Storage If you don’t have your own space for product storage, but need to build up your inventory, some FBA companies will provide storage or warehouse space for you.
tick new Handling Refunds and Returns There are also FBA management companies that can take care of refunds and returns from your customers, ensuring that these processes go smoothly.
tick new AuditsSome FBA management services also offer to carry out various kinds of audits of your FBA operations, ensuring that your inventory is correctly reconciled and all money is paid.

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA Management 

plus Save a lot of timeminus These services cost money
plus Maximize your profitsminus Some services are more useful than others
plus Simplify the process
plus Avoid costly errors
plus Satisfy your customers

So, why would you want to work with Amazon FBA management specialists in the first place? Well, the best tools and software for Amazon FBA can offer a myriad of benefits to the average Amazon seller, including:

tick Saving Hours of Time

One of the main advantages of using FBA management services is how much time they can save you. Using FBA in general is a good time-saver for a lot of businesses, but you may still find yourself spending hours preparing and shipping your products.

With the best Amazon FBA management experts on your side, you won’t have to worry as much about all the different aspects of the FBA process. The companies will handle a lot of the hard stuff for you, allowing you to put your time into other areas of your business.

tick Maximizing Profits 

Another major advantage of working with the best FBA tools and services for Amazon is how they can help you get the best value for money from the FBA program and effectively maximize your business’ profits.

Using FBA can be a great way to make more money from your Amazon store in the long-term, but there are potential pitfalls along the way; with FBA management services, you’ll be able to increase profits through smart investments.

tick Simplifying the FBA Process

When you first start out with FBA, it can be quite complicated. The process is designed to make things easier for sellers in a lot of ways, but FBA comes with its own new challenges to overcome and guidelines to follow.

It’s easy to get confused or feel overwhelmed by the system, but the best FBA management professionals can help to make it all feel a lot simpler and easier to understand, minimizing the amount of hassle you have to deal with.

tick Reducing the Risk of Errors

As explained throughout this Amazon business review, the Amazon FBA system has some quite strict guidelines in regard to the product packaging and labeling, and if you make a mistake along the way or fail to meet those guidelines, you could find yourself dealing with delays and more.

When you work with the best Amazon tools for FBA, like label resizers and professional order prep services, there’s way less chance of those kinds of errors occurring. This can help you avoid a lot of trouble and delay when it comes to order processing for your customers.

tick Maximize Customer Satisfaction 

Ultimately, one of the main reasons to use Amazon FBA in the first place is to provide a better experience for your customers, with fast, secure delivery, all taken care of by Amazon’s expert staff. 

However, if you want to truly make sure that your customers are content and that they always get their orders on-time and in the right condition, it’s usually a good idea to team up with leading FBA management services.

Who Should Use Amazon FBA Management Tools and Software

In general, Amazon FBA management services and software can be used by any kind of Amazon seller that is signed up to the FBA program, but here are some specific user groups who can really benefit from these kinds of services.

tick New FBA Users

If you’re just getting started with the Amazon FBA service and want to get off to the best possible start, it’s a good idea to work with trusted FBA management professionals who can help you avoid early mistakes and problems.

tick Small Businesses 

Small businesses can have a tough time adapting to Amazon FBA, as it’s easy for mistakes to be made when you only have a small team. The best FBA tools can help you get the most value out of the FBA program.

tick Businesses with Limited Resources

If you’re running a business with limited resources or a small budget, the FBA program can be really beneficial for you. And using FBA tools and software can really help you get the best possible results from this service.

tick Multi-Channel Sellers

If you happen to sell on various different channels or platforms, including Amazon, it can also be a good idea to team up with FBA management professionals who can help you remain in control of your orders across those different channels.

What Do Amazon FBA Management Cost?

So, how much will all of this cost? Well, the truth is that costs can vary between FBA management providers, depending on what kind of service you need.

  • Product storage services can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 a month, on average 
  • Label makers can cost just $5 to $15 per month to access 
  • FBA reimbursement and refund services usually take a 25% commission of the funds they recover

In general, the cost of Amazon FBA management will ultimately depend on what level of service you require.

The Amazon Marketplace is always changing, with more sellers arriving on the platform and the ways in which FBA works also subject to change and evolution as the years go by. Below, we’ll look at some trends that may affect how and why you use FBA management services in the months and years ahead.

  • The Rise of Social Spending – Experts predict that the concept of social media spending, or social purchasing, will rise in the years ahead. This trend involves people buying products they see on social media, and many Amazon sellers are responding by focusing more of their energy into advertising and less on order prep.
  • Increasing Ad Spend – Studies and surveys also show that Amazon’s sellers are starting to spend increasing amounts on advertising campaigns, like Amazon PPC ads or email marketing. As this increases, competition will inevitably rise, and the FBA service could give your business the edge it needs.
  • NA Sourcing – Due to ongoing supply chain issues, it’s expected that Amazon sourcing will move closer to North America, which may encourage more sellers to look for local suppliers and partners. This should also lead to a rise in sellers using third-party FBA management services for things like order storage and preparation.
  • More Detailed Research – It’s important for FBA sellers to be aware of the latest trends in product demand to pick and choose the right products for their stores. The need for precise and in-depth product research will only rise in the years ahead with the levels of competition on the platform.

Which Is the Best Amazon FBA Management Tool?

If you want to succeed with FBA, you may want to simply head straight for the best or top-rated FBA management tool or service. However, there isn’t simply one “best” tool that beats all the others. Each one is different, and that’s why we recommend trying a few different services and pieces of software to help in your FBA journey.

How to Choose the Right Amazon FBA Management Tools

There are many different Amazon FBA management tools out there, from label generators and resizing apps to full-service FBA management agencies who will handle every part of FBA order processing for you.

If you’re not sure where to begin, a good way to get started is to think about what your company really needs help with. Do you need assistance with one particular part of FBA, or are you looking for more general aid?

Once you’ve figured out what your business needs, you’ll be able to find the right FBA management service more easily. You can use our list of the top-rated FBA management companies to find the best options.

Again, as stated above, we strongly recommend trying a few different services and at least visiting multiple websites from our list to compare your options and find out about the different functions and features of each one.


Overall, Amazon FBA is a great service that can help a lot of businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed on Amazon, but you have to use the service correctly if you want to get the best results.

Amazon FBA management apps and tools can help you with that. These services exist to make FBA simpler and more manageable, and we hope that our list of the best FBA management companies will help you maximize your FBA potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA service involves businesses shipping their products to Amazon warehouses or fulfillment centers. Amazon then handles all of the packing and delivering of orders to customers, as well as taking care of things like customer service and managing returns or refunds.

Statistics show that the majority of Amazon FBA sellers can make at least $1,000 per month from sales, while the top sellers earn in excess of $100,000. The level of profit made by each seller will ultimately depend on what kinds of products they sell and how deeply invested they are in the Amazon market and FBA system.

You can sell almost anything through Amazon FBA, and many different types of products and product categories are covered by this service. However, certain products are restricted or banned for sale via FBA, such as products that are protected by copyrights. You can find out more about restricted products on the official Amazon website.