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Alibaba Alternatives: 10 Other Ways to Source Products from China

By Gary Huang

When you’ve outgrown Alibaba, what are the alternatives for sourcing high-quality products from the best manufacturers in China?

Alibaba Alternatives: 10 Other Ways to Source Products from China

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Dave Bryant

Excellent article. It’s often hard to avoid Alibaba. Like you mentioned though, if you find your Supplier through Alibaba, there’s a lineup of your competitors also talking to that same Supplier.


Replying to Dave Bryant

Thanks for the feedback Dave. Agreed. That’s an important reason why it’s important to diversify your sourcing methods to separate yourself and your products from your competitors.

michael russo

I have been utilizing Sourcing Agents, in both China and HongKong. Although , it is slightly more expensive, the extra investment pays for massive time savings, product inspections, packaging, labeling, and the ability to negotiate smaller MOQ’s to test products.


Replying to michael russo

Michael, that’s great. Just curious how do you find your sourcing agents? And how much commission do they take? Thanks.

Chasity Mullins

I’ve been researching many companies/ sources for kids clothing. I think I found one, then read bad thing about the supplier. I’m a bit frightened to pull the trigger. I’d love to know who many of the online kids boutiques get their clothing.


Replying to Chasity Mullins

Christy, great question. What did you read that frightened you? Where are you looking now? Have you tried the resources suggested in my article?

Michael Folayan

Hi , great article

Currently searching for a supplier in china for watches, not having any luck but this article has helped



great article, you are so generous to share these valuable information. realy helps ,Thanks

Jessica Duran

Replying to kal

Great article. I agree that sometimes it is better to find local suppliers that you can build a relationship with and hold accountable for faulty products. Quality of quantity.


this was a lot of help thanks 🙂


This article has been eye opening. Been trying to get a shoe manufacturer for my new line but the few I got refused to send me samples. I can’t comprehend that.
They verbally assure me of quality and ask me to order 100pairs. Not nice.
I need help


Replying to Oyinlola

Did they offer to sell you samples?


I am interested more information around factory visits and sourcing agents – can you provide any further insights?


Replying to renee

Renee, What specific questions about factory visits and sourcing agents do you have? -Gary


Replying to Gary

I am hoping to get an understanding of different costs, pros and cons of either using a sourcing agent/factory visit. How do I find the right sourcing agent that does not receive commission from Chinese suppliers. Thank you


Replying to renee

I’d like yo know the answer too


Replying to renee

It depends really person’s quality. You would be better to see the sourcing agent face to face to build mutual trust. You must have such a bad experience before. Or you can make a contract with your sourcing agent including above mentioned issue.


Great article. Well done. There just those times one desires to to get in touch with real manufacture without Alibaba and other such portals but you enter Google search for say Chinese manufactureres of fabrics and find all these portals in the way. Is there any means where you can get contact directly with manufacturerers instead of having to go through these portals?


Replying to Etornam


Good question. As I said in my article, offline trade shows can be a great way to meet actual manufacturers in person. Have you considered that?



I have been pouring over the internet for wedding hair and jewellery accessories. Your article confirms my frustration to date in that I need products which not on Alibaba to differentiate from my competitors. I am struggling to find the right suppliers. Your artlice has given me some hope and Clearly I need to think outside the box.

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