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Jungle Scout is a web based suite of tools for Amazon sellers. The Amazon Product Database helps find profitable products to sell. Searches can be filtered by sales, product size, number of reviews. The Product Tracker monitors competitors' pricing, inventory, profit margins.

Other tools include: Keyword Scout, Listing Builder, Supplier Database, Promotions & Email Campaigns, Sales Analytics and Inventory Manager.

The Chrome Extension is included in all pricing packages.

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From $39 per month to $129 per month.

Trial Length: 14-day money back guarantee

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  • Ashley Jones

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Terrible Service

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    I have had a horrible time working with Jungle Scout. I couldn't log in and it's impossible to find any contact information and there is no one to call. When I was able to email the responses were automated and asked for the same information over and over. After not being able to use the service, or get anyone to cancel it, I had to dispute the charges on my credit card to stop the repeated charges, and they challenged that even thought I had not logged in for months! They don't care about customers, just want the money.


    Don't waste your time and money. I paid hundreds for a useless service.

  • David Michaels

    Overall rating

    The best product research tool for Amazon

    Why use Jungle Scout ?

    I took an entirely different and grueling approach to search and validate the best products for your online business using Jungle Scout’s web app & chrome extension that you might not find in 7,490,000 Google search results.

    Asking yourself that why you should buy Jungle Scout ?

    Let me clear the air for you 😉

    - 165,851 Chrome Extension Users – It simply means that 165,851 users have already paid for this product for their product research or product validation. So you will not be the first one.

    - 83% Jungle Scout users rated Jungle Scout as an Excellent product while 11% rated as a Great product. In total, 94% of Jungle Scout users are pretty much satisfied.

    - Jungle Scout has won brand searches race with huge margins in comparison to its competitors.

    - Jungle Scout beats its closest competition – Helium 10 and AMZScout – with great margin in term of people’s demand.

    How accurate is jungle scout?

    According the Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimation Accuracy Case Study, it the closest to zero errors than compare to its competitors.


    At the end of this Jungle Scout Review, the great product of Amazon, I would really recommend using Jungle Scout to others also it really helped me well enough in analyzing the per month sale of any unit on Amazon.

  • Chris Hough

    Overall rating

    Best Software for Amazon Sellers

    I've been an Amazon seller for 5 years. The key to "Amazon success" has always been about finding the best products to sell. Jeff Bezos has been quoted as saying the same thing. With Jungle Scout, finding the best products to sell becomes easy!

    The products I found through Jungle Scout in the past 2 years have been more profitable than any of the products I found on my own in prior years. Jungle Scout is easily the most important tool for my Amazon business.

  • landonwells

    Overall rating

    No Brainer Purchase for Amazon Sellers

    I was first a little turned off from this tool because it appears to have sort of a cult following, similar to Apple or Tesla, however, after using it I guess this can be justified.

    To put it short, I really do love Jungle Scout. Before I got the extension, I didn't know how many units each product on Amazon sold each month. That information is so important to know so for that reason alone, its a no brainer.

    And, even if you don't want any of the Jungle Scout tools, their blog and free resources are top notch.

    I don't think I'll join the JS cult anytime soon but I do recommend it to anyone I talk to.

  • JamesB

    Overall rating

    The biggest data set

    When doing Amazon research its important to use a tool that has the most data. I tried most of the tools and Jungle Scout has the most and is updated regularly.

  • amzfish

    Overall rating

    The First, and Only Tool You Need for selling on Amazon

    Jungle Scout is one of the oft-mentioned tools that you see in Amazon related forums. It comes recommended by some heavy-hitters in the industry, like Amazing Seller Scott Voelker. And that is for good reason...

    Jungle Scout saves an immense amount of time in the product research phase (assuming you like to gather relevant metrics like BSR, number of reviews, ratings, etc). But there is much more to the tool, especially it's Web App product. The one problem is that there are literally millions of products that they have catalogued, so it takes time sifting through the opportunities. Not a bad problem necessarily, especially considering what is on the other end of the rainbow...

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