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Amazon Listing Conversion Optimization: The Essential Guide

By Andrew Browne

Andrew Browne shows how to increase sales and profits on Amazon by testing your listings.

Amazon Listing Conversion Optimization: The Essential Guide

Grow your Amazon business with the best tools for optimizing listings, managing ads, improving your feedback and much more.





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The price change downward is a race to the bottom. It doesn’t benefit the saller, only the platform owner (AMZ) because the product sells. But the seller doesn’t make much of a profit if they continually price downward.

Peter Franz

Replying to Sally

I agree with you, Sally. The lower price mentality is a large problem with sellers on Amazon and brand degradation over the long run (you’re playing into Amazon’s game of just making transactions happen to collect their fees). Focus on quality products, optimized listings, and marketing while maintaining the integrity of your brand and demanding a premium price. People will pay for quality and your reviews will reflect positively.

Kym Ellis

Replying to Peter Franz

Hey Sally & Peter, Kym from the Splitly team here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 You are correct that any decrease in price needs to be carefully monitored to ensure it does not affect your profits, or indeed the perceived value of a product. Having said that, we have seen lots of our users decrease their pricing in small increments (10% or less as this Andrew suggests in the article), and increase their sales velocity so much that they have actually increased profits substantially. This usually doesn’t cause too much of a race to the bottom as it’s in… Read more »


Replying to Kym Ellis

Touché Kim,

I will add that this scenario can be utilized effectively as long as it is not at the expense of your B&M retailers or violating MAP and used more as a pro-active strategy (which can be coordinated with retailers), rather than a reactive answer to another seller dropping the price (the race to the bottom begins!). Overall, just trying to maintain brand integrity and be fair to other distribution channels.

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