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7 Steps to Pass Amazon’s New Invoice Verification Process

By Chris McCabe

Amazon are applying a stringent new invoice verification process. Chris McCabe explains how it works so you can make sure you’ll pass.

7 Steps to Pass Amazon’s New Invoice Verification Process

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Mark Hetherington

Call me cynical, but I suspect part of the reason they want this information is so they know where to buy the items from themselves, and/or what you are paying for them.

I don’t “do” Amazon now but on three occasions I was asked for invoices for items that were unique to me, i.e. no other seller was selling them – this isn’t a new thing of course – and each time, within a month they told me that I could no longer sell the item on Amazon but were very vague about the reason, if they provided one at all.

On ALL THREE occasions, within days of blocking my listings they were selling the items themselves at a greatly increased price. One of my suppliers confirmed that Amazon had contacted them requesting information about the item, not to verify authenticity but with a view to purchasing it themselves.

I learned a long time ago that all’s fair in love, war and business but Bezos and Co. really do take it to new depths of immorality. I guess you don’t become the world’s richest man by playing by the rules, moral or otherwise.


Replying to Mark Hetherington

Yes spot on, I was actually thinking of that myself, there should be a law again you handing your business over to Amazon.
They also win every time, Prime membership, paying $30.00 a month to use their platform, storage fees if your product sits longer than required time, if your product is slow in selling you can tell them to keep it rather than paying them to ship it back to you, they will then it the items and keep the profit, the list goes on, eventually Amazon will have it all….trust me.


Replying to Mark Hetherington

hi mark,
i’m frightened of this craziness thats going on as well.. the same thing is happening to me… i can be selling a generic product and get flagged for it for no good reason… where do you move on to and how?

Chris McCabe

Replying to mike

Did someone tamper with the generic listing page and add a brand? Then submit infringement complaints?

Ian C

Replying to mike

I’m sure that You’ll find that Amazon will be selling the item directly soon. The world would be a lot better place without Amazon & so would the public purses, due to their dodgy tax dealings.


Well, I got stung by this. I have a legitimate supplier of computer hardware and upon selling one ASIN I was immediately pounced upon by Amazon telling me the item I sold was fake. The cost of the product was over £150 to buy in. And I sold it for a small profit (compared to Amazon’s large).

I went invoices, they asked to see them again. Three times. I sent them and it contained all the information they were asking for. Then they banned me from selling the Asin and told me it was because the customer complained it was fake.

Well, Amazon didn’t give him his money back and the money is due to go into my account so what gives.

My supplier is a genuine UK distributor whom so far this year has had over £5000 off me and I’ve sold the majority of this on eBay (making 1.5% compared to eBay and paypals 8.5%).

I think the customer thought he could pull a fast one because I was a new seller with low feedback.

Trouble is I can’t relist the product.

Crap. Utter crap.

Nicholas Hebert

Replying to Clayton

Hello Clayton this is Nicholas,

I just want to comment and say this just now happen to me and i purchase a authentic SportsBot SS301 BLU merchandise with an amazon authorize distributor by the name of Primo Super Store and i just got a false ip copyright infringement case or claim from amazon that the Amazon ASIN: B018T5Y9YA I was selling was fake and not authentic at all.

Shortly later, I have discovered that my SportsBot merchandise was real and authentic and Amazon Seller Performance just sided with this David Wang Chinese seller’s side and end, then all of a sudden i am suspended unfairly by Amazon seller performance department.

Amazon Seller Performance keeps ask me for a copy of invoice showing proof of authenticity, so i did, then shortly later, Amazon Seller Performance Department banned from from selling or making a sale due to that one specific amazon ASIN in question.

I want to know if anyone has done a class action lawsuit against amazon???? Please reply back to me or reply back to my comment if you want because I will join the suit against amazon due to amazon not following their own rules, privacy policy agreement and their company policy agreement at all, thank you so much my friend!!!!


Replying to Nicholas Hebert

i am in


We are all busy fools, if we were to price fix our items with other sellers to keep the price up and make a decent profit we would be breaking the law, now what’s going to happen in the future, Amazon will be the only sellers with no competition and charge what they like.

Ian C

Totally correct. This has nothing to do with protecting Amazon’s reputation & everything to do with them being able to source seller’s products.

If they were worried about their reputation then they wouldn’t be conning the British public out of much needed funds for the NHS and our Schools, through their dodgy tax dealings & allowing tax evasion by many of their foreign sellers.

I think that the future will prove that many sellers & buyers will regret the day that they started supporting Amazon.


And if the official website of the supplier is really under construction, how can I prove to them that it really is?
But the invoice is indeed genuine

Chris McCabe

Replying to stas

Hi, don’t source from anyone who has a website under construction, not for selling on Amazon, at least. That should only last a day or so, if they’re upgrading or updating it. They don’t look like professional suppliers if you go to their link and nothing is there, they look like a shadow, and they’re not considered “verifiable” — no point proving they are making new sites and haven’t gotten around to finishing them yet.


I have been stuck in this loop for over a month. My company is a music label . We are trying to get approval to sell an artists CD we produced and distribute since 2017 . The CD is already available on amazon though sellers that buy it from us . When we submit invoices they are constantly denied as un-verifiable.

We tried to get approval to sell a brand new title which isnt available on amazon and despite providing analytical invoices from the pressing plant of our purchase of over 500 units , we were generically denied without formal explanation .

It has become a massive source of distress . How is it possible for amazon to verify for other sellers that we are their supplier , but they wont verify us being the supplier when we try to sell the same product ?

Ian C

Replying to Tom

I know people who are having the same problem. Unfortunately the Amazon staff who deal with this appear not have two brain cells to rub together. Amazon have zero respect for their sellers & my colleges are still battling with this after many months.

Chris McCabe

Replying to Tom

so you’re the supplier, and you sent them an invoice but they won’t take it?


Replying to Chris McCabe

I am the supplier ..

-I provided them with invoices of me receiving goods from the bands …
-I provided invoices showing my company ordering CD;s from a pressing plant ,
-I also sent them invoices showing my company supplying record stores ,
and i also sent them invoices where other sellers online have purchased titles from me and are currently selling them on amazon … and in each case i was denied and told that :

They don’t accept self issued invoices – In regards to me supplying stores
They don’t accept factory ordering – because the title doesn’t exist on amazon already (which is the exactly the point i tried to make)
They don’t accept invoices from the artist – because they cant verify the artist information (despite providing phone/email/registered address and tax ids’)

But they do accept a random seller using my company as his reference of where he got his supply of CD’s

ammar patwa

Replying to Tom



To add insult to injury, my account has now been deactivated and I’ve been banned from selling on Amazon. Yet they still take £1 – £3 a week from me for account verification purposes. I don’t know if they actually take the money or what but what I do know is that the seller who bought my item and then complained it was fake (he sells same product) is still selling his inventory.

This happens on eBay A LOT and has happened to me on many occasions and on other market places. There are nefarious people out there who want the monopoly on what they sell and as soon as better and cheaper competition arrive they use other accounts to buy the product, leave bad feedback, complain it’s fake and report you to ebay, and also open unauthorized transaction claims with PayPal.

I’ve had enough. I give up.

Ian C

That is not good news, but unfortunately not surprising either.

It is happening a lot with sellers from China & both Amazon & eBay just let it continue. There are many that suspect that staff from the above are personally profiting from these incidents, as no other explanation is plausible, given the evidence that the companies are provided with.

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