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How To Use Amazon Suspension Appeal Escalations The Right Way

By Chris McCabe

Misusing the escalation process can do you more harm than good. Chris McCabe explains how to use it effectively to get your account back.

How To Use Amazon Suspension Appeal Escalations The Right Way

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Kristen Michelle

There are some good points here. It is true that an escalation should not be considered until a seller is 100% percent sure their POA is correct, and that they have resolved any & all issues that caused a suspension. Overall the information here is misleading. Escalations are almost never a good idea – Jeff B. escalations are definitely never a good idea. Once a POA is denied by this team, reinstatement is 100% impossible – you’ll only receive the same message if you continue to submit appeals. Requesting a senior manager does nothing to help your case either –… Read more »


Replying to Kristen Michelle

Well then how should we get our accounts reinstated?


Replying to Kristen Michelle

I guess I also had a coincidence. It is never impossible to get reinstated with Amazon, just a matter of jumping through the hoops.

Chris McCabe

I have to say, you’re stating much of this as fact, and our experience is 100% to the contrary to everything you wrote. We hardly believe our volumes of past success are a coincidence, nor that Jeff B escalations aren’t a good idea, or that being reinstated after a denial, even at that level, is 100% impossible. If you have a weak POA, or no idea how to write an escalation to Jeff, then sure, they are totally impossible, agreed. If you do it right, and you have your facts straight, then it’s entirely the opposite. I hesitate to ask… Read more »

Brandon Sanchez

OK so which is it? Chris noted his previous experience at Amazon. Respectfully, what basis are you speaking from Kristen? As noted in the post, many sellers have their entire income from selling on Amazon, so obviously it’s beyond important to be correct when gathering information. I’m sure many readers as well as myself are grateful to find as much CORRECT information as possible. I hope that both Chris and Kristen will follow up and reach a consensus. Again, grateful for the information just needing more clarity.
Thank you



Great information on this blog. Very helpful. With that being said, we were wrongly suspended for forged invoices. We wrote our POA along with invoices and showing bank statements as proof of payment and a letter from our supplier. We’ve sent this information about two weeks ago to seller-performance. We have yet to hear back from them. In fact, we haven’t even received any notification that they received anything. Would it be the right time to e-mail Seller Executive Escalations to take a look at our POA and supporting docs? Your help will be much appreciated.

Chris McCabe

You’ll need to prove the docs were not fabricated or forged by getting a letter on company letterhead indicating the amounts and info on the invoice completely match their info, and what they gave you. Also, not sure of the invoice quality and/or POA quality, you may want to contact me directly and show me some of that. If they think you’re way off, they may not reply.

Thanks, Chris


Hi Hello I opened an account at Amazon, and they opened the bill to me and a quarter of an hour later they suspended it. After they charged me $ 40, I gave them a notarized certificate for the passport, and they wanted a permit for electricity or municipal taxes. At this stage I did not understand what they wanted, He told me that I would close the account and then open a new account in an orderly manner, but then they told me that they no longer answered my emails, and they really did not answer me anymore, and… Read more »

Chris McCabe

You’re not allowed two accounts, so what is the original account closed for? Can you appeal there, and get that reopened? There’s no real way to ask for a second account, or try to open a new one, if the first one appears obviously related in their tools and was already closed. You can’t call them about this stuff, you need to appeal to Seller Performance or escalate it accordingly, if they stop answering you entirely. But, make sure you’ve properly appealed the first account closure, with everything they asked. A good POA is a good start! And thanks for… Read more »


My account was suspended 6 months ago for IP violations and during this 6 months I wrote a few POAs, but always received the same response from Amazon “Thank you for your message. We cannot accept your appeal because it does not address the report we received from the rights owner. Please provide the following information so we can process your appeal– Proof of product authenticity (e.g., invoice, Order ID, licensing agreement, letter of authorization). It must clearly prove that your products do not infringe any intellectual property rights.” I could not provide any of those documents required, because I… Read more »


Replying to Art

Okay, since this website is closed I guess and there was no response to my question, so I am going to answer to myself.
Dear Art Amazon is a bully corporation so don’t waste your time and energy to reinstate your account, because they are in a process of eliminating small third party sellers. Just go find another job for yourself and be happy in life. And never hope to get an answer to your problems from anyone, but yourself. Thanks for contacting myself for my Amazon problem.


I haven’t received any notifications or updates since Aug 6th regardless where and how I submitted the POAs. According to AHS, there is no indication of Final Word from SP team either. Simply silent. What can I do at this point

Chris McCabe

Replying to Andy

Hi Andy. That’s a long time ago, you’ll need to escalate this simply to get an answer. Have you contacted Executive Seller Relations? Numerous sellers aren’t getting any replies now. You don’t have to be “final worded” to be missing a response, unfortunately. It’s common.


Replying to Chris McCabe

Hi Chris, I have only escalated to but got a reply saying something like this is incorrect channel for this. I have not contacted Executive Seller Relations yet. Can you contact me? I was wondering if you can advise on the next step?

Chris McCabe

Hi Andy, you can reach me via the email address here or the contact form on my site

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