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9 eBay Alternatives: The Best Seller-Friendly Marketplaces To Consider

By Alex Knight

From Bonanza to eCrater, eBid, Etsy, Ruby Lane and We look at nine eBay alternatives with characteristics that sellers crave.

9 eBay Alternatives: The Best Seller-Friendly Marketplaces To Consider

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Kem Perera

I would also add Fruugo and we see increase sales on those. Any feedback on ‘Wish’ marketplace for US/UK sellers?


Great post Alex! On our side, our customers did see a dip in eBay sales this quarter…the marketplace may be on the decline. To supplement your article, we wrote this post on 5 Reasons to Consider eBay Alternatives in 2018. Hopefully your readers will find it useful!

Shaun Mich

I assume you forgot amazon and truegether!! I have experience of both, and I’d go with truegether along with amazon and ebay because it is free!


Replying to Shaun Mich

Amazon is fine if you’re selling unique / one-of-a-kind items that Amazon has absolutely no hopes of duplicating. However, if you are selling commercially available merchandise that sells well – even if Amazon doesn’t currently sell it – don’t believe you can sell it on Amazon for long without Amazon noticing your excellent sales. This, I believe, is one of the very few reasons that Amazon allows others to sell on their marketplace at all: so they can look for items that sell well that they don’t currently carry, then sell those products themselves. Once an item starts selling well, Amazon will sell it and will sell it for less than you ever could, thereby pushing you out of the market. It happened to me about three years ago. Before I ever started selling on Amazon I did my homework; there were other marketplace sellers selling the same brands on Amazon that I sold but not too many. Also, Amazon didn’t sell the brands I sold at all. Great! I signed on and started selling on Amazon. Within nine months Amazon was selling the same brands I was selling and for prices ALMOST at my cost – but only the best selling items. I would never say I was the reason Amazon was now selling these brands but they were definitely watching all of the sellers in the same category as a group and they knew exactly what to sell and what not to bother with.

In my industry, motorcycle accessories, many aftermarket manufacturers have put clauses in their dealer agreements that strictly prohibit the sales of their products on Amazon. One wheel manufacturer added this to their dealer agreement after they found Amazon selling their items at below wholesale prices, effectively lowering the perceived value of their products in the consumer’s eyes. With at least 30% of the aftermarket accessory manufacturers (my estimate of what I’ve encountered), if you sell their product on Amazon they will drop you immediately as a dealer. Yes, Amazon is really that bad for the reseller. With Amazon, pricing is a mad race to the bottom. The problem with that race is there is no winner – EVERYONE in that race is a loser.


Replying to Louie

Agreed. eBay would increase value by supply and demand. Too bad they don’t value their sellers, throwing them under the bus via baaaaaaad news buyers who do not adhere to the final bid price. It bends my brain that eBay doesn’t sway the other way for sellers, without whom their biz wouldn’t exist. Wouldn’t a 5 day seller boycott bring eBay to its knees?? Same with Amazon. A few days of the general populace going about our lives wouldn’t hurt us but would put them on alert.


Replying to Louie

I agree, selling on Amazon is almost pointless. The only things I sold there with consistency where my textbooks from college. But then, Amazon took a very large percentage of the gross..too much. Greedy business.


Etsy and Amazon aren’t auction sites, they’re marketplaces.
ENORMOUS differences.
An AUCTION SITE will help artists and sellers better understand their off-site worth.


Replying to Nonya

Unfortunately, there are no auction sites that are like what ebay used to be. I say used to be, because ebay is not longer an auction site. Auctions are a tiny fraction of their traffic. They moved way from auctions and to fixed priced listing many years ago. Yes, you can find some auctions but again its not the emphasis and hasn’t been in over a decade.


Can you please STOP Putting BONANZA as an alternative the site Sucks. I dont want no BANANAS


Thank you for the post. This is the first site that I have found that is sensible when discussing alternatives to ebay. Most list Amazon – which is NOT an alternative for the average seller. It is very accurate that none of the sites mentioned in your post can replace ebay alone, but success would be from using the aggregate.

I would admit, I find ebid a poor alternative. I listed video games, moves and cell phones an did not have 1 sale in 10 months. The same things sell for me quickly on ebay. Perhaps those specific items do not sell on ebid (buyers do not look for them there). I am unsure. Or maybe they just have very small traffic. To me, that is most likely. No traffic on ebid..

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