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eBay Guaranteed Delivery: Sellers’ Questions Answered

By Alex Knight

eBay’s shipping program promises Amazon Prime-like delivery to buyers. But should sellers opt-in to Guaranteed Delivery or hang back?

eBay Guaranteed Delivery: Sellers’ Questions Answered

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Jack Phillips

I’ve had this since last November. No issues but not sure it makes a difference at all. We have the handling time option and ship each business day.


We were part of the initial test roll out,, all I found it to benefit was I got a LOT of emails from late shipments that were WELL out of my control. We did our part but USPS was not keeping up their end AND most could have been avoided if ebay wasn’t so “Optimistic” on USPS time schedule. Ultimately we opted back out after a couple of weeks. It was just too much CS to deal with and I just saw the potential for negative feedback. Hasn’t hurt our sales that I can tell. One thought, we were in… Read more »


Replying to Lee

That sounds like a plan. Appreciate the comment.


Replying to Greg

All I can say is we NEVER had “Angry” CS messages until we enrolled in that program,, let a parcel be ONE day late and WOW we heard about it,, We were already out of it before Christmas so none of it was because something showed up after Christmas,,, It was like a “Hot Potato” for us,, could not wait to drop it.


It sounds like a recipe for the end of ebay- if it requires 100+ transactions per year and becomes the norm, how much more difficult would it be for newer or more casual sellers to break in to that level. When will companies ever learn that to compete with a dominant rival in an industry the answer is not automatically to do what they do and do it better. Ebay should play to its strengths and use its difference from amazon as a more open, more personal and flexible marketplace. Better yet, but more difficult, get some brand new ideas… Read more »


Replying to Demian

Agree, Ebay will NEVER be Amazon and should not run in the same race. They have a unique niche and should play on that uniqueness to build the business.

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