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Selling on Facebook Marketplace and Daily Deals for Retailers and Brands

By Daniel Sperling-Horowitz

Facebook finally has a marketplace where businesses can sell directly to consumers. Here’s how it works and how to get started selling.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace and Daily Deals for Retailers and Brands

Control, automate and simplify your business with the best systems for managing multichannel inventory, customers and orders.





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Have any eBay sellers had any luck here? Can you import listings from other selling platforms?


Replying to Greg

Hi Greg,
In speaking to the experience within Zentail, the answer is a resounding YES> products can be loaded from other platforms. Within Zentail, this is an simple process that can list and properly categorize your entire catalog within minutes.

Also yes: our customers are all multi-channel sellers, and those who have been successful on eBay have also seen success on Facebook Marketplace.

Hope that helps!


Does zentail support multiple account on facebook marketplace under one venture.

Team Zentail

Replying to Razia

Hi Razia,

Yes- You can manage multiple sales channels within your Zentail catalog including multiple Facebook Shops, where appropriate!


I am an amazon seller. Is there a way of importing listings?

Team Zentail

Replying to Jones

Hi Jones,

Yes! Zentail’s implementation process includes gathering your data into one central platform using the best source(s) of your data. You can learn more by speaking to the team at


Hi, I recently received an ad on MP from deal shoppers/ daily deals that I clicked on. It was all electronics. I could get back to it to place an order but once I placed the order the ad itself disappeared from my recent ad activity! Now I’ve placed the order, had the money deducted from my account and still have not received email verification, a receipt, nor tracking info! How can I get in touch with this elusive company and why did their ad site disappear from marketplace?

Team Zentail

Replying to Lisa

Sorry to hear about this experience, Lisa-

You might want to see if the Facebook Marketplace team can help you. You can message them here:

Good luck!

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