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Selling on Rakuten Ichiba: Japan’s Most Popular Marketplace

By Alec Valencia

There’s a great opportunity for international merchants to sell on Japan’s largest online marketplace. Here’s everything you need to know.

Selling on Rakuten Ichiba: Japan’s Most Popular Marketplace

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You may find a number of UK sellers reluctant to invest the time and effort setting up on Rakuten Japan after the take over of, re-branding as Rakuten and the subsequent abrupt closure of the site.

I’ve refused invitations from Priceminister (Rakuten) in France as I don’t wish to get my fingers burned again.


rakuten is on its way out. its in decline. most sales are of food items or travel purchases. rakuten has failed miserably overseas too, they thought they could buy their way into the online business. despite the ceo being educated overseas, he is actually quite an idiot. and as for his idea of conducting business meetings only in english to try to increase their global image, thats a laugh. not one person at rakuten speaks english. no reply to emails in english, no nothing. good luck increasing the foreign sellers, which is the only way they can maintain, never mind… Read more »

M Ali

Hi, My question is about crypto currency.

Rakuten allows its customers to fill their Rakuten wallet using crypto currency.

Do they also allow sellers to withdraw their earnings in crypto?

Thank You

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