20 Badass Ecommerce Blogs You Need To Follow On Twitter

Internet shopping is undoubtedly among the most common online hobbies in the globe. Statista reports that global retail e-commerce sales reached 2.3 trillion US dollars in 2017 and are expected to reach 4.88 trillion dollars in 2021. In 2017, the top 3 internet retailers generated close to $100 billion in revenue.

E-commerce websites are recognized for having material that is typically focused on basic product information and purchase alternatives, which is not especially exciting.

Additionally, the majority of online stores don’t even have a blog on their website. In order to draw in and retain customers, creativity is exhibited in advertising and marketing campaigns and the development of email marketing sequences. 

The success of your e-commerce firm depends on your knowledge of a few key tools. Thanks to several well-known blogs, you can learn a lot from other successful online retailers or digital marketers in the retail company.

Using a blog, a form that briefly explains the most crucial e-commerce-related concepts and free advice you may use for your company.

Check out the 20 e-commerce blogs listed below and some of their articles to see how they may assist you in running your online store. 

Blogs You Need To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic resource for information, and the advice offered there may be very helpful to you if you own an online store. This is done to help you work more effectively and hence have more success. 

Fortunately for you, many people are willing to share their preferred eCommerce growth tactics with you so that you can expand your firm. It would be a good idea to get to know some of them and keep up with their work.

Zach Stuck – @zackmstuck 

Homestead Studio is a growth marketing firm for e-commerce businesses and was founded by Zach Stuck. For detailed insights into managing marketing campaigns for customers, both planned and unplanned, follow him on Twitter.

William Harris – @wmharris101

William Harris, who has been heavily involved in Sellbrite’s growth marketing efforts, is also the CEO and founder of the eCommerce growth marketing firm Elumynt

He also personally runs 7-figure/month Amazon and eBay accounts and was among the first to pioneer large merchants starting to move over to Shopify Plus when he was working in-house at a huge eCommerce company (even before they had a 10×10 booth at IRCE! ).

In addition to managing one of the finest advertising agencies (it is known that they regularly get 200%-400% growth YoY for D2C brands) and understanding what it took for Sellbrite to grow. He gains a significant amount of unique insight from this to view growth as a whole. He saw past the usual explanations for Facebook advertising success by grasping the subtleties of SaaS businesses’ and algorithms’ iterative processes.

Web Smith – @web

The creator of 2PM, an online newsletter that reports on and analyzes developments in e-commerce and digital media, is Web Smith. The web is reportedly the smartest guy on D2C Twitter, and he expresses his opinions on the expansion of various businesses and the probable implications of this growth, according to William Harris.

Val Geisler – @lovevalgeisler

Customer Evangelist Val Geisler works for email as well as SMS marketing platform Klaviyo. Her tweets are excellent resources for learning what to say and what to avoid saying when interacting with clients on various platforms.

Tobias Lutke – @tobi 

The CEO and founder of Shopify is Tobias Lutke. To stay up to date on new developments within one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, such as news about new projects, follow him.

Steve Chou – @mywifequit

My Wife Quit Her Job and Bumblebee Linens were founded by Steve Chou. In addition to sharing tips for eCommerce owners, he often tweets about the experiences he has had while managing these two businesses, his entrepreneurial career, and other topics.

Steph Liu – @heystephanie

Lights, Camera, Live, an organization that helps eCommerce companies use live video in their marketing, is led by live video consultant Stephanie Liu. You should watch her videos if you want to learn how to utilize live streaming to market your business and sell things in an interesting way.

Savannah Sanchez – @social savannah.

Paid social media consultants like Savannah Sanchez work for online retailers like DRMTLGY and J.ING. She collaborates with e-commerce companies on their TikTok,  Facebook, and Snapchat creative ad strategy and media buys. She offers tips and content on how to utilize these platforms and gives examples of how she uses these tips on the accounts of her clients.

Sarah-Jane Gwira –  @sarahjanegwira

Sarah-Jane Gwira is a Facebook Ads expert that assists Shopify stores in increasing their advertising. Follow her on Twitter for tips on how to find and engage with your customers.

Nik Sharma – @mrsharma

Nik Sharma is the CEO of Sharma Firms, a company that provides strategic consulting to online brands. He also advises and invests in a number of CPG companies. He writes about growing an online store, such as how to optimize your website and produce successful landing page copy.

Moiz Ali – @moizali

Native is a personal care CPG firm founded by Moiz Ali, which was purchased by P&G in 2017. He offers a lot of relevant details about his entrepreneurial career, tips for raising money, and guidance on e-commerce in general.

Ju Rhyu – @jurhyu

Ju Rhyu founded the personal care brand Hero Cosmetics. Follow her on Twitter for more information on how to establish and run a DTC business, as well as business growth advice.

Kurt Elster – @kurtinc

E-commerce consultant Kurt Elster is the host of the podcast, The Unofficial Shopify, where he speaks with prosperous Shopify business owners about how they have expanded their enterprises. He publishes articles on strategies for e-commerce enterprises to optimize their revenue.

Kristen LaFrance – @kdlafrance

Kristen is a seasoned eCommerce podcast host that presently presents Shopify’s Resilient Retail podcast. She has dubbed herself the “Mayor of DTC Twitter.” Follow Kristen for articles about DTC brand eCommerce tactics and news about a top eCommerce podcast.

Katelyn Bourgoin –  @katebour

Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO of Customer Camp, a startup that supports e-commerce enterprises in collecting in-depth information about their customers. She tweets information from market research as well as more general topics aimed at assisting entrepreneurs and marketers in better understanding consumers.

Kaleigh Moore – @kaleighf

Kaleigh Moore writes for e-commerce and SaaS companies as a freelancer. She has written blogs and articles that get results for her clients while working with organizations like Stripe and Shopify. Her tweets are a terrific resource for small business owners who are interested in using writing as part of their marketing tools, even though she doesn’t tweet directly about eCommerce.

Eli Weiss – @eliweisss

Eli Weiss is the Director of Customer Experience and Retention at DTC brand OLIPOP. He disseminates information regarding the management of a DTC brand along with practical tips for attracting and keeping customers.

Chase Dimond – @ecomchasedimond

For e-commerce businesses, Chase Dimond serves as an email marketing consultant. He tweets tips on maximizing email marketing ROI for online retailers. He is a terrific resource for business owners who manage email marketing on their own or are actively involved in the process.

Bill D’Alessandro – @BillDA

Bill D’Alesandro, the CEO of Elements Brands, also controls a portfolio of DTC businesses that are expanded through acquisition. Follow him on Twitter for his expert analysis of eCommerce company growth and acquisitions.

Austin Brawner – @a_brawn

Austin Brawner is the CEO of Brand Growth Experts, the host of the E-commerce Influence podcast, and a business counselor for e-commerce enterprises. He offers strategies in his podcast and tweets and has a track record of building e-commerce brands.

Other Blogs To Follow

 A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand educates, assists, and supports many entrepreneurs who are starting an e-commerce business. It also helps individuals who wish to stay informed of any changes in the e-commerce industry. The blog is jam-packed with reliable resources, tools, and advice to support your e-commerce business.

This blog is authored by Richard Lazazzera. He is not only the creator of A Better Lemonade Stand, but he is also an online business owner and a former Shopify as well as Growth Team Strategist. Currently, he provides monthly services to way over 100,000 business owners. 


Among the top eCommerce blogs for business growth is Big Commerce. They try to convey to their readers through blogs how and also what matters to their customers while making purchasing decisions. 

BigCommerce is the finest platform for increasing sales; its clients made 34% more sales online than the stores on other systems and platforms and were able to reduce applications and maintenance costs by up to $100,000.

E-commerce marketing, omnichannel strategies, Ecommerce research, how to sell online, Enterprise Ecommerce, and product news are a few of the areas you can explore on the blog.

Convince and Convert eCommerceFuel

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the Convince and Convert blog is the best blog on content marketing in the world. You may learn about marketing as well as e-commerce at the same time, which is fantastic for you. 

The analysis and advice services offered by this knowledgeable, laser-focused company include content marketing consulting, word-of-mouth consulting, online reputation consulting, social media consulting, and email consulting.

The blog covers a variety of fascinating subjects, like how to write outstanding e-commerce content, how to improve sales using social networks, and how you can make sure your conversion optimization process is structured.

One of the top eCommerce experts is Jay Baer, who founded Convince and convert. He is the author of Youtility for Real Estate: Why Smart Real Estate Professionals are Helping, Not Selling, one of the NY Times bestsellers. You can obtain advice from him by following him on Twitter.


Veeqo is an e-commerce blog for all tiers of small business owners and entrepreneurs. The blog offers a variety of methods, tools, and resources to help you start and develop your e-commerce business.

Marketing, omnichannel retailing, shipping, sales, social commerce, and inventory management are all popular subjects.

Get Elastic

By PostRank, GetElastic is among the most subscribed and popular eCommerce blogs. It was additionally listed in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 15 blogs for entrepreneurs. You can decide if you want to learn more about things like IoT, omnichannel, mobile, or headless commerce on the blog.

They also offer advice for programmers. The GetElastic blog is the area for developers who have an interest in Microservices, PWAs, APIs, or Security.

Neil Patel blog

A Co-founder of Neil Patel Digital is Neil Patel. He often offers excellent advice about funnels, SEO, marketing, social media, e-commerce, and email marketing, as well as strategy on his website Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing. One of the world’s top leading marketers is Neil.

His blogs are unusual in that each blog is written in a straightforward manner.

In his posts, he provides various instances to try to demonstrate the theoretical component. Many of those who read it are his clients from all over the world, and he is continually soliciting input and working to respond to all of the comments.

He is successful with his e-commerce blogging. You can get guidance on key factors for e-commerce success, marketing methods for e-commerce, and a range of other fascinating topics.

Practical Ecommerce

Since 2005, Practical Ecommerce has provided internet retailers with useful information. To help you flourish online, they aim to provide you with the greatest business techniques. Their blogs feature a wide range of subjects that can benefit your company, and you can pick up some fresh e-commerce tips.

Amazon and Marketplace, SEO, Management and Finance, Analytics and Data, Conversion, B2B, Design & Development, Merchant Voice, Marketing and Advertising, Shipping and Fulfillment are just a few of the categories you can look into.

One of the e-commerce professionals you should follow on Twitter if you plan to stay updated with the latest news and information from the eCommerce business is Armando Roggio, a Senior Contributing Editor at Practical eCommerce. 

The ReferralCandy Blog

A recognized marketing program designed for e-commerce companies is ReferralCandy. You may increase word-of-mouth as well as consumer recommendations with this blog.

They manage referral schemes for over 3,000 internet shops. You can learn more about conversion optimization for your online shop, referral program samples, metrics, and benchmarks from their blog article.


A website builder that is tailored for online stores called 3dcart. It offers a specific blog for eCommerce marketing. You’ll learn from their blog post about email marketing, search engine optimization, and great practices for e-commerce websites.

The Shopify blog

Shopify is one of the most well-known e-commerce blogs. It is a blog on e-commerce marketing, how to start an online business, and Shopify e-commerce updates. They are the most effective dropshipping resource available.


Are you considering adding a blog post area to your site, but you are unsure if it would be a suitable fit for your company or you?

Blog postings are helpful for a variety of people. This includes beginners who have just got introduced to the e-commerce industry and will learn something from them, experts who want to have their knowledge expanded, and eventually, bloggers themselves who will learn some new information or ideas from the research process.

Read the publications from the folks on this list, sign up for their newsletters, attend their webinars, or listen to the podcasts. More information will be provided in these forms than in 240-character tweets. Utilize all the information at your disposal to increase your understanding of eCommerce.

You may also always look for technical guidance in reputable eCommerce forums and groups. Numerous individuals are willing to share their top tips and experiences. Get inspired by reading such articles.


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