9 E-commerce Tips for Beginners

Building your own business is a gratifying experience. It’s exciting because there are so many factors you’ll have to discover along the way. New business entrepreneurs often need to be more excited about the right things.

In this article, we’ll go over some e-commerce tips for new business owners like you to help you get started on the right foot and start making money with your new store. 

We also recommend that you become acquainted with these e-commerce tips before proceeding and ensure that you understand everything that we’ll discuss below.

ECommerce Tips for Beginners 

The following tips will assist beginners who are looking to have an online store:

Tip 1: Experiment as though your company’s survival depends on it

If you want to be successful, you will need to experiment a lot. You’ll need to create adverts for various items on your product pages.

Experiment with various versions of your copy, formats, and images because Ad testing is what will ultimately attract customers and increase sales. Once you’ve created profitable ads, you may start experimenting on your website.

Many people begin by focusing on improving their website. You can’t really know how users are reacting to features if you don’t have any yet. 

Make no assumptions about your customers. Prepare to be wrong about what works because you won’t know the whole picture until you analyze the facts.

Tip 2. Do not put your profit in your pocket right away

It may be tempting to keep any earnings you make. However, if you want your company to grow, you must reinvest funds into it. Income is generated with money, so consider spending your profit on advertising rather than buying new equipment.

You should run a lot of little cost advertisements initially to see which product receives the most attention from customers, even if it’s $5. 

Of course, to generate the kind of money that most people desire, you’ll need to invest much more than $5 once you’ve found your successful product.

If your monthly profit goal is $3000, you’ll need to spend $3000 on advertising to produce $9000 in revenue. For some organizations, sponsored Facebook posts to convert the best, but you’ll need to figure out which type of promotion works best for you. 

You allow your business to grow and become sustainable by reinvesting profits over some months. You will finally be able to support yourself solely on your earnings.

Tip 3: Stick to a timetable to maintain consistency

When launching a new online store, stick to a consistent schedule so your customers know when to return. 

For example, if you routinely add new products to your website, you should do so on the same day of the week to attract users to return on that day each week. If you commit to blogging regularly, posting on the same days will inspire readers to return. When you act inconsistently, you begin to lose your clients’ loyalty.

Tip 4: Create your channels from the start

Begin building an audience as soon as you get the domain name for your online store. Start with social media posts to establish a following so that you have clients waiting to buy when you open. You should begin collecting email addresses and creating organic traffic as soon as your store is live.

If you start doing this right now, you will be able to build your consumer base faster. Suppose you focus on growing your social media presence, email list, and referral traffic. 

In that case, you’ll need to spend less money on adverts in the long run because you will be able to advertise your material to your target audience through your channels.

Tip 5: Start making connections with relevant influencers

Finding the best influencers to advertise your products takes time, and even then, nothing is guaranteed. Some people have engaged a terrific influencer to advertise their products in the past, but they were creating so many sponsored posts that they could have been more effective in just less than six months. 

Finding a great influencer is significantly more difficult than it appears. Even when an influencer charges a high fee, sales only follow sometimes.

Tip 6: Make sure clients can receive relevant information

When you begin an online business, ensure your customers have access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. You should offer shipping and return information to ensure that buyers are aware of the policies before making a purchase.

Always have a prominent contact page on your eCommerce website so that users can reach you immediately if they have a problem or a question.

Tip 7: Take your time when drafting your copy

Many store owners need to correct the copy when importing products into their stores. The bullet points about your product are intended to give your audience information about the product or service, but they cannot enhance sales on their own.

Increase retail eCommerce sales by summarizing the product in a description and including only the most crucial details. When a customer is unsure about a product, they often read the copy. 

You’ll have a higher chance of convincing your website visitors to buy if you create a concise paragraph detailing how the product benefits your customer, lists features, and describes how to use the product. 

For example, suppose your company sells dresses. In that case, you may emphasize how stunning the consumers will look at their forthcoming event, how the fabric enhances their form, and what colors of shoes or jewelry will complement the outfit best.

Tip 8: Make your website visually appealing

Your website should be visually appealing throughout. On product sites, multiple product photographs from different views projecting various uses should be displayed. 

Your website should have eye-catching banner images that allow visitors to imagine themselves using your product during their online shopping. Even your blog posts should have a lot of images. Each post should contain a lot of images, gifs, and perhaps even a video to break up the text.

Tip 9: Find a renowned eCommerce brand to model yourself after

While getting started, it is critical to seek out a mentor. However, finding a good e-commerce mentor might be difficult at times. People may not always want to reveal their niches, ad templates, or respond to questions that can be easily Googled.

You can join groups to ask for advice occasionally. The ideal method for success is to base your own brand on a current e-commerce company that you admire. You might design your store like Disney if you want to run a customer-focused business. If you want to master the art of branding, you may learn from Dollar Shave Club. 

If you want to create a large marketplace, you may model your store like Amazon. To succeed, you simply need to identify and leverage the elements of an online store that appeal to you. You do not need to mimic their niches or style; just learn from what they do.

Other Valuable Tips

Apart from the tips discussed above, there are other things you could do to begin your eCommerce store on a good note. Here are a couple of them below:

Request feedback on your store

It’s important to obtain feedback on your new store soon after it opens. The most common mistake we see eCommerce business owners make here is seeking advice only from other business owners in open forums. 

The problem is that your competitors are utilizing your niche insights and ideas. Even if an entrepreneur can provide helpful advice, you should not rely on the opinions of people in your own line of business. 

Never reveal your niche to another business owner. You can always contact Shopify support to request a store evaluation.

Make sure your product categories are obvious so that shoppers can find what they’re looking for immediately

When you just have 15 products, it can be tempting to lump them all into broad categories early on but as your store grows, you’ll want to be more specific in your product categorization. 

Although product categories such as “Women,” “Men,” and “Children” are common on many websites, adding them does not help with SEO. Worse, some stores have no divisions and simply group all of their women’s apparel under the category “women.” 

Most customers detest browsing an entire selection only to discover that the store needs more dresses. Consider the way Amazon categorizes its products. You can easily locate very specific items. 

If you make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, they’re more inclined to buy from your store.

Join a few social media platforms

Many businesses make the mistake of only being visible on one social media platform. For example, some people would just use Instagram for posting and will focus their influencer marketing efforts there. 

Others only utilize Facebook since they have discovered that Facebook marketing works well for their online store. Using many platforms, even if it takes a little more effort, gives you a competitive advantage.

A competitor may see that you just use Instagram and decide to focus their efforts on a broader range of social media sites, causing their company to outperform yours. It is normally possible to be active on three to four social networks. Don’t rely on a single platform because if it disappears tomorrow, you’ll be left with nothing.

Create unique content

If you dropship items, you will most likely need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The simplest method to accomplish this is to create original content. 

Publishing blog updates on a regular basis is an excellent way to increase your audience, educate your visitors, and keep your website looking current. 

Another technique to grow your brand is through online video production. Luxy Hair’s YouTube videos contributed to its huge popularity. Their YouTube channel currently has over 2.9 million subscribers. Using original content can help your company become a significantly more profitable business.

Provide free shipping

It is necessary to compare free and paid shipping options. When you have a new store with a small social media presence, it is advisable to provide free shipping as a sales incentive. 

Offering free shipping lowers the risk of clients paying a company they do not yet trust. 

Because more than half of online businesses offer free shipping, you have an advantage over the competition. 

Many vendors on AliExpress offer free shipping or employ the low-cost express delivery provider ePacket, allowing you to offer reasonable shipping without greatly reducing your profit margins.

Make marketing your top objective

Spend less time “perfecting” your store and more time marketing and advertising to generate cash flow. You should actively participate on social media at least once every day, if not more. 

The next step is to approach magazines and blogs about featuring your products. Remember to include advertising in your budget. If you frequently post blog content, your website’s ranking will rise. By advertising your business, you boost your chances of attracting more potential customers.

Create ads immediately

Ads attract traffic that may convert to your store. To find out the most successful of your ads, you’ll need to try a range of them; once you do, everything will fall into place. 

For example, someone who wants to earn $9000 might need to spend around $3000 on advertising. The ad pricing will be a bit hard at first, but feel free to start with a lower budget and increase it as you go. Keep in mind that an ad takes 3-5 days to optimize.

If you consistently reinvest your profits in marketing, your company will grow quickly. Finding your best-selling products and evaluating whether your product price is viable for advertising usually takes a few weeks. 

You can even use a dropshipping traffic calculator to help you in determining how much traffic you’ll need to produce in order to fulfill your financial goals.

Learn how to reclaim abandoned carts

Experiment with various email formats and apps for abandoned carts but note that not every cart will be recovered. You’ll be better off financially even if you only convert 1% to 5% of them. 

According to Baymard, the average number of abandoned carts is between 60 and 80%. Even though abandoned carts are widespread, you should not give up on converting customers. 

The first email should be sent within six hours of the cart abandonment to boost the chances of conversion. A minimum of three emails should be subsequently sent to recover it. You may offer even more discounts to boost the likelihood of a sale. If they still need to regain it, you may start with a 10% discount and then offer a 15% discount in your final contact.


There is a lot of experimentation that goes into beginning an eCommerce store. You can eliminate many mistakes and inform your delivery early on, before even starting yours, or if you are at the beginning stage of your eCommerce store. Reading through this article is one of the major steps.

You should only pursue a venture with the right knowledge first. With these suggestions, you will be more knowledgeable about some of the aspects of launching your shop and what you can do to improve in certain important areas of your eCommerce site.


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