Ecommerce Blogging – 7 Reasons Why You Should Start Blog

Blogging appears to have peaked due to the rise of social media and “influencer” culture. In recent times, having a blog is not only for those who use it as a specialized hobby because almost everyone has a blog in one form or another. 

Some examples are eCommerce blogs for your eCommerce store, business blogs, and much more.

Blogging has a lot to offer those of you who haven’t yet jumped on board. The reality is that your level of success is determined by your blogging goals and what motivates you.

There are numerous reasons why you should start a blog, just as there are numerous reasons why you should not. 

In this article, we’ll just be covering why you should have a blog if you have an eCommerce site or if you just want to begin one. We’re going to go through seven reasons why you should start a blog.

Through research and by studying the experience of bloggers, you would learn that blogging has the potential to open many doors. While some are unexpected, others have a clearly laid out explanation.

Reasons to Start a Blog 

There are a plethora of reasons to start a blog; here are a few of them:

1. To impact your audience

When you have an eCommerce site, It’s encouraging to know that your writing has moved people. It makes you want to do it even more. When others respond positively to you, you gain some power and influence with them, which can give you an edge when they start to consider buying a product you sell.

As a blogger, you can inspire others in a number of ways.

You can consider motivating others through your words to:

  • Improve their standard of living
  • Increase their output for the day
  • Make something beautiful.
  • To help others.

All of this can be made possible by the power of your blog, so make the most of it.

2. To increase website traffic 

Blog posting increases website traffic.

Do you want more people to shop at your online store? It is now time to begin blogging.

Websites with blogs obtain 434 percent more indexed pages than websites without blogs, according to HubSpot. Furthermore, the more pages you have indexed with search engines like Google, the more likely you are to appear in search engine results.

Whenever you publish a blog article that includes keyword optimization, you open the door to a potential buyer searching for that term. The nurturing material you produce over time will determine whether that traffic turns into readers, leads, or sales.

3. To improve your writing abilities

It goes without saying that starting a blog will improve your writing skills significantly.

At first, things might seem unpleasant and even weird when you start writing. However, writing will get easier as you get into the groove of things. You’ll be able to talk more effectively and develop your own unique style.

If you write frequently, you will have a solid understanding of what others respond to. This tests your imagination and motivates you to write more about things that your audience is interested in. As a result, this will lead to you having a larger audience.

4. It has been proven to work

Do you need proof that blogging helps e-commerce? 

Consider Shopify, which provides an e-commerce platform to millions of small business owners around the world.

According to Wishpond, Shopify’s blogging strategy has raised the proportion of its paying clients by 55%. Oh, and their income is above $389 million.

They accomplish this by capturing extremely profitable keywords in their blogs that their target audience is actively searching for.

According to KWFinder, for example, they now occupy the #1 spot for the phrase “dropshipping,” which has substantial monthly search traffic and significant value.

Their blogging and content marketing are to credit for that. Each blog, like bricks, builds up to make an impenetrable wall; it also enhances its influence with Google and viewers.

Shopify should, without question, be a big reason for celebration for all e-commerce enterprises.

5. To establish a powerful internet brand

People browse blogs before making a purchase.

Another advantage of blogs is that they have gained importance in guiding customers in making product selections.

According to 1,000 U.K. respondents to a 2014 survey conducted by Dynata (formerly known as Research Now):

  • Blog reviews influenced 84 percent of consumer purchases.
  • Every month, one out of every four customers makes a purchase as a result of reading blog content.
  • Forty-six percent said they read blogs for preliminary product research.

Clients are more likely to feel confident before making a purchase if they can read an instructional blog. Even better, non-salesy blogs can persuade readers to open their wallets and buy something.

Being an authority in your subject is essential for developing your online brand.

You’ll quickly make a name for yourself in the community by providing readers with something of value.

You’ll become a well-known blogger, and they’ll begin to realize that seeking your advice and information is beneficial.

6. Builds trust in your brand

Blogging is the most common way to build a brand.

In fact, according to CMI’s 2019 B2C report, 81 percent of marketers see content/blogging as a key approach for fostering client loyalty. In 2019, content production is the most expensive area, with an additional 56% of marketers increasing their expenses.

Driving visitors to your content is vital, but according to the report, “giving them reasons to return” is how you accomplish long-term success. You may enhance brand recognition while gradually cultivating client loyalty by blogging.

7. To meet new people

Without a doubt, starting a blog exposes you to a large network of new contacts. Each blogging niche has its own thriving community.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to meet new people who share your interests. Making friends will be easier because you share similar interests. Furthermore, you’ll find that blogging communities embrace and assist new bloggers.

Though they are technically your competitors, “other bloggers” are your coworkers, friends, fans, and supporters. Is there a problem with your blog? The internet writing community will be there for you. Have you had a bad day today? Your fellow bloggers will cheer you up. Have you attained a blogging milestone that only other bloggers fully understand? The blogging community will celebrate with you. Insomnia at 2 a.m.? At the moment, there is always yet another blogger online to communicate with.

Then there are the gatherings and events that take place in various communities:

  • WordPress enthusiasts can attend one of the many WordCamps held around the world.
  • Unsplash conducts photo tours and meetings for local photographers.
  • Craft blog groups hold regular craft retreats.
  • Gatherings and conferences can assist parents who blog.

Whatever your specialty, you can be confident that a vibrant community awaits you.

Other Reasons to Start a Blog 

We have discussed seven reasons to start a blog. They should be convincing enough for anyone considering starting one, or even if you never considered starting one, you may at least have developed some interest. 

Here are other reasons to start a blog that you would be glad you know:

  • Keeping a life journal

Let us look back at the origins of blogging. On a blog, you can write about occurrences in your daily life. I believe I have an abandoned old LiveJournal just for that purpose.

However, even though blogging has fallen out of popularity in recent years, you can still make one for that purpose.

Blogging and sharing your life with others is an excellent way to reflect. Both prior accomplishments and mistakes can be used to learn from. Having a place to preserve those memories might help you understand how far you’ve come and how much you’ve learned.

If you’re journaling online, change your name and other identifying information. Hackers may target you if you reveal too much personal information.

  • Improves your digital skills

Individuals who have no digital abilities aside from sending emails, producing Word documents, making online purchases, and nothing else contrary to popular belief can start a blog. 

Anyone can start a blog, and It’s not even necessary to be a “techie.” Yes, blogging does have a technical component, but the essentials are simple to grasp, and the rest can be learned over time. Furthermore, if you run into problems, there are always additional bloggers willing to help.

  • Search engines adore blog content

Blogging is crucial if you currently have a company, a product, or a service that you want to promote to a bigger audience. 

Higher search engine rankings on the topics you blog about are rewarded by search engines, especially for websites that continuously deliver high-quality blog content.

  • Attract an audience

Whether you run a business or a nonprofit or you are passionate about a certain cause, you need an audience. 

By consistently delivering high-quality blog posts and continuing to increase your search engine traffic and authority, you will begin to attract the right kind of customers to your website — people who are interested in the things you have to say, those who might be considering buying your goods or services, donating to your charity, or joining you in your cause. Customer loyalty is a plus for any brand. 

A blog provides you with an opportunity to express yourself, advertise your business, and get credibility.

  • To learn new skills

Some people began blogging just for amusement and never imagined that they’d be able to learn enough to make writing a full-time job.

Blogging can teach you a plethora of new skills and boost your expertise in some areas.

As a blogger, you function as the financial team, the marketing team, the sales team, the editor, the photographer, the designer, the tech support team, the publicist, the writer, and the jack of all trades. Although it may appear frightening at first, this is a great deal of fun because it provides you with several opportunities to learn new skills.

Here are a few things we’ve discovered along the way:

You can learn WordPress designs and how to write for a large number of readers while optimizing them for SEO.

Making graphic designs for web email advertising through your social media content marketing.

You can learn more than just by starting and maintaining a blog. As a result of the things you write about, your knowledge expands.

For example, someone with experience writing on personal finance for a company blog over a few years. Now that the person is an expert in the field, it can be applied to a variety of facets of their career and personal life.

  • Blogging to makes a difference

A blog can also give you the opportunity to affect the world genuinely. Blogging has the potential to be a strong force for good, whether it’s pushing more people to live responsibly, assisting them with losing weight or debt relief, teaching them a new skill, or simply connecting them with like-minded individuals.

You would be blown away by the emails you get from people who take the time to tell you how much of a difference you’ve made in their lives. It becomes worthwhile when you recognize your blog’s influence on other people’s lives.

  • Blogging is currently a way to market a business

In the world today, having a professional website is a must-have for most businesses, and alongside that, a regularly updated blog should be employed.

It would be strange for a company not to embrace the blogging world because it is a great marketing channel for your business today.

A regularly updated blog showing offers and promotions can help clients see you as current, more approachable, and, very importantly, as involved in your business.

  • Could lead to a book deal

If you want to write a book, blogging can be the first step toward earning a publishing deal. As a result of their blogs, many bloggers have successfully published their first books. Blogs may help you land book deals in a variety of ways, including demonstrating to prospective publishers and agents your writing ability, subject experience, and the size of the audience for your book idea. Even better, you already have a platform set up to advertise your book once it is published.

  • Allows you to say “no” to things you don’t wanna do

In a typical job, you must essentially follow directions. This entails performing tasks at work that you don’t particularly enjoy. Furthermore, it frequently means executing responsibilities that are not part of your job description.

In this case, though, you have entire control over your blogging activities, including what you choose to do, what opportunities you accept and reject, which brands you work with and which you do not, and which blogging tasks you perform yourself and which you outsource or simply ignore. You may entirely tailor your blogging schedule to your preferences, skills, and personality.

  • Stand out

You can stand out from the ninety percent of people on the internet who only view content online, and join the one percent that creates the content available for people to read and engage.

It is more of a necessity to stand out in an economy that is increasingly competitive.

  • It’s a lot of fun

Last but not least, you should start a blog because it’s fun. In blogging, there are good days and bad days, but the good days usually outnumber the bad. There aren’t very many jobs that will pay you to talk to your friends at work.


We’ve gone through different reasons to start a blog, and it is clear to see that blogs are a major part of the online community today.

We see them being used by individuals and even corporate organizations for one purpose or the other.

We also clearly see that “anyone” can start a blog and that it isn’t exclusive to a certain group of individuals with specific interests.

With the content in this article, you should be equipped with valuable information when it comes to blogging and the reasons to start one if you haven’t already.


Adaline Lefe Mary John

Adaline Lefe Mary John

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