The Web Retailer News Digest for September 10th, 2021

Amazon became the world’s largest retailer (outside China) just a few weeks ago, surpassing Walmart’s sales in the 12 months to June. So, Amazon is bigger than Walmart.

But that’s nothing. Amazon has been the leader in cloud computing for years, with a greater market share than Microsoft and Google combined. So, Amazon is bigger than Microsoft and Google.

Amazon has 69% of the smart speaker market, with its Echo devices in many homes. Courtesy of 200 million Prime subscribers, Amazon Prime Video is the second-largest video streaming service in the world, just behind Netflix.

This week, we learned that Amazon has started shipping mail for outside companies, and has also started making its own TVs. That’s fitting, because there’s one particular TV show where you will find a company with a lot of similarities.

The rise of Evil Corp?

Next month, we will be able to use our Amazon smart speakers to buy a new Amazon TV from Perhaps we’ll add a few of Amazon’s best selling own-brand products to our basket for good measure.

The next day, we’ll receive the order via Amazon’s logistics services. Our new Amazon TV has Amazon Prime Video built-in so we can watch the latest Amazon-made shows easily. There’s no additional cost because we are, of course, Amazon Prime subscribers. There’s plenty to choose from, because Amazon spends $11 billion a year on video and music content.

None of this would work without some solid technology behind it. Oh wait, Amazon has the world’s leading cloud computing platform so everything runs smoothly.

What shall we watch on our new Amazon TV? Well, why not check out Mr. Robot? The villain is a huge conglomerate called E Corp, which the show’s hero calls “Evil Corp”. This company provides products and services covering shopping, electronics, shipping, media and more. Their logo is everywhere, both online and in the real world. Sound like anyone you know?

Mr. Robot ended a couple of years back, but don’t worry if you missed it. It’s available on Amazon.

Read more at CNBC and TechCrunch.

Other news this week

New returns performance dashboard is coming

Amazon is launching a new Returns Performance dashboard on October 21. This will help sellers monitor their performance and identify returns-related issues quickly. The dashboard will include three key metrics:

  • Return requests approved within 24 hours
  • The number of declined return requests
  • The rate of buyer contacts related to returns

There will also be a new Returns Analysis page, designed to help sellers identify product listings with returns issues so they can take preventative actions such as changing the product description.

Read more at Amazon Seller Forums.

eBay seller update released

eBay’s regular Fall Seller Update has been released on the site. The changes, many of which were covered in previous announcements, include:

The Auction Professor is not a fan of this update:

Read more at eBay US and UK.

Also in the news

  • USPS mail to Australia partially suspended. Read more at eBay.
  • Amazon European Launchpad Innovation award winners announced. Read more at Amazon.
  • PayPal acquires Japanese “buy now, pay later” company. Read more at TechCrunch.
  • Chinese prosecutors drop Alibaba #MeToo case. Read more at DC360.
  • eBay partners with bidadoo on heavy equipment auctions. Read more at eBay.
  • Registration opens for Amazon Accelerate seller conference. Read more at About Amazon.
  • Amazon automated-removal options now include refurbishment and liquidation. Read more at Amazon Seller Forums.

Webinars in the week ahead

For everyone

September 14-15: ChannelAdvisor Connect online conference (ChannelAdvisor).

Various dates: Amazon advertising’s global webinar program rolls on with 20+ webinars scheduled, covering Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, reporting, optimization and tips (Amazon).

For US sellers

Various dates: Amazon Small Business Academy Pathways series (Amazon).

For UK sellers

September 14: Sell more on eBay using eBay SEO (Optiseller).

September 15: Five key components to start selling globally (Amazon).

September 16: Exclusive chat with the Head of UK Seller Services (Amazon).


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