More eCommerce Layoffs, BigCommerce Expands Key Feature, and More News!

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EBay lays off workers; the ecommerce perspective

This week, we learned another ecommerce company is laying off staff with intent to refocus and run things more efficiently. 

According to Bloomberg (subscription), eBay will reduce its workforce by 500 — 4% of the total staff — amid the current economic downturn. The move makes sense as sales on eBay have declined for the past year-and-a-half as consumer spending habits shifted in the post pandemic economic environment. 

post pandemic economic environment. 

EBay is not alone

Speaking of assessment, the move adds eBay to the growing list of ecommerce companies — Amazon, BigCommerce, Wayfair — laying off staff and reassessing after making poor decisions during the pandemic boom. 

Effects on online sellers

Ultimately, the massive layoffs won’t affect sellers directly in the short-term. But for long-term decisions, it’s important to look at where these major platforms are focusing their efforts. 

Sellers can expect a slew of new features and technologies to develop and launch in the next year — especially around machine learning and chatbots. To stay on top of key programs that can help increase your revenue on big retail platforms, review our list of the Best Multichannel Management Software.

Final Quote

“Importantly, this shift gives us additional space to invest and create new roles in high-potential areas — new technologies, customer innovations and key markets — and to continue to adapt and flex with the changing macro, ecommerce and technology landscape.” – eBay CEO Jamie Iannone.

Big Retailer News

BigCommerce offers Multi-Storefront to all merchants

It’s official. BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront feature is now available outside of the Enterprise tier. The feature is self-serve and gives small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to create individual storefronts for product categories and streamline their operations for multiple brands.

Additional features

It’s nice to have multiple storefronts, but managing them is the key issue. Multi-Storefront allows SMBs to manage everything from one back-end dashboard. This helps reduce costs and gives sellers a platform to test fresh growth and revenue strategies and segment audiences. 


If you’re not using software to help segment your audience, you’re missing out on opportunities to personalize your marketing campaigns — the #1 trend from our list of 10 eCommerce Trends To Expect In 2023

Platforms like Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact — along with data from BigCommerce — can help you leverage data in key categories like demographic information, business size, behaviors, psychological characteristics, and more.

Final Quote

“This release of Multi-Storefront affirms our ongoing commitment to equip merchants of all sizes with easy-to-use growth tools and the unprecedented platform performance they need to move forward faster to scale.” – Meghan Stabler, senior vice president BigCommerce. 

Shippo offers sellers big FedEx discount

Sellers looking for ways to skirt rising shipping costs received positive news this week. Shippo announced a special discount rate through FedEx that doesn’t require a FedEx account. 

According to the company, they’re the first multi-carrier organization to receive a Platform Account from FedEx. This will allow them to pass on savings to sellers looking for any opportunity to keep shipping and fulfillment from affecting their margins. 

It’s all in the details

With the new offer, non-enterprise sellers can use their own custom labels and access special discounts on FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP) and FedEx Ground Economy. 

  • FedEx International Connect – With FedEx International Connect Plus (FICP), you can easily ship to over 190 countries, encompassing nearly 95% of the world’s GDP. On average, shipments arrive within two to seven business days. Additionally, when you create a shipping label through Shippo, they take care of customs clearance. 
  • FedEx Ground Economy – Sellers can leverage FedEx Ground Economy for shipping packages up to 70 pounds with dimensions of up to 130 inches in length and width. This shipping option delivers packages within two to seven business days.

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International Retailer News

Beijing pushes measures to boost ecommerce at the municipal level

Ecommerce sellers in China’s capital city received some welcome news as the city is implementing new regulations to help with what they call ‘flexible employment.’ The initiative permits online merchants to establish physical storefronts to drive sales, either by altering their business address on their license or operating multiple stores with the same license. 

Expanding online shops run by individuals will have the ability to change their business classification through a streamlined registration process. And they’re doing away with offline supervision and inspection to “minimize the interference with normal business activities.”

Balancing ecommerce with brick-and-mortar

What goes on with individual sellers in China rarely reflects on the rest of the ecommerce world. But it’s worth noting the push for combining brick-and-mortar with ecommerce.

This model can pay off with the right product and circumstances. The dual presence allows for better penetration with local markets and can help you set up a staging area for better ecommerce fulfillment.

Alibaba put its name into the AI language model race

According to The Straits Times, Alibaba is making its push into the language model race alongside Microsoft, Google and other big tech names. The company is testing their language model internally, and although the company isn’t providing details, many expect it’ll get a wider release later in the year.

For online sellers

Tech news and ecommerce news often cross over as users prefer new technologies that help them make money. With ChatGPT and other language models being integrated into other areas like search and chatbots, it’s only a matter of time before sellers will need to implement these technologies to stay in the game. 

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Also in the News

  • Alibaba-backed Daraz cuts its workforce by 11%. Reuters.
  • China heats the ecommerce competition in the UK and US. Nikkei Asia.


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