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AI is a hot topic all around, and last Friday’s newsletter was no exception. The statistics show us that more and more companies are using AI to help with various business tasks, and the percentage of businesses using AI-powered tools is only on the rise. Check out the statistics below for future AI usage predictions. We also have some cool tips on improving customer service with artificial intelligence!

AI-powered tools

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Last Friday, we talked about — an AI SaaS organization that just announced the launch of its brand-new Amazon toolkit powered by ChatGPT. Thanks to the toolkit, users can acquire customer insights and improve their marketing campaigns. is not the only company investing its time and energy into AI. According to the statistics shown above, more and more companies are trusting artificial intelligence with marketing tasks. 

From targeting ads and personalizing content to scoring leads and writing copy, AI is literally taking over all industries, and the stats are here to confirm it all.

But enough with the glorification, it’s time for some Tuesday tips. And today we come to you with information on improving your company’s customer support with artificial intelligence. If you haven’t had the chance to use AI for this purpose, maybe this is a sign for you to do so. 

Without further ado, here are Tuesday’s AI customer support tips!

How Can AI Improve Customer Service?

Customer Service

There are many ways in which AI can improve customer service. Here we’ve listed a few examples of how AI could help businesses:


Remember when we wrote about chatbots becoming one of the hottest 2023 trends?

AI-powered chatbots can handle basic customer inquiries and provide immediate responses to customers 24/7. This saves time for both the customer and the business and can reduce the workload of customer service representatives. Chatbots can answer basic questions covered in the internal system; they can be, for example, frequently asked questions or order queries. 


AI algorithms can analyze customer data to create personalized experiences for each customer. This could include personalized recommendations, targeted marketing, and customized product offerings. 

Thanks to personalization, customers will feel seen and cared for by the brand. For users who pay close attention to this kind of company behavior, it will mean a higher chance of returning and using the business’s services or products again. 

Predictive Analytics

Predicting customer behavior is one of the most crucial aspects of owning a business. AI algorithms can analyze customer data to predict future needs and behaviors. This can help companies to anticipate customer needs, proactively address potential issues, and create a better overall customer experience.

Not sure if your business is doing everything well? We’ve listed some of the most common eCommerce mistakes. 


Thanks to automation, potential human error when managing orders can be eliminated. AI can automate routine tasks such as order tracking, delivery status updates, and product returns. This reduces the workload of customer service representatives and frees up time for more complex tasks.

Sentiment Analysis

AI can analyze customer feedback to identify common issues and areas for improvement. This can help businesses improve their products and services and address customer concerns more effectively.

Psst, here are some other ways to boost your eCommerce business.


Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced seller, AI is bound to help you along your business journey. The market is becoming more competitive each year, and to stay on top, it’s important to go along with popular trends. And as we can see, AI is a popular option many businesses will continue using. 

AI can help businesses provide faster, more personalized, and more effective customer service, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Stay on track, and check out what types of AI services you can implement into your business today.

Pro Tip

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