Amazon Launches Express Payout, Levi’s to Use AI-Generated Models, and More News

Welcome to another Friday news digest where we recap the most important news from the world of ecommerce. Last week, we covered the collapse of SVB and Signature Bank. Luckily, this week brings us more cheerful news, with new methods of payment that will improve our and our customers’ lives. Oh, and as always, there’s something about AI too!

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Amazon Pay Launches Express Payout to Give Merchants Quicker Access to Capital

On Tuesday this week, Amazon rolled out Express Payout, a new Amazon Pay tool that lets merchants access their capital faster. With Express Payout, any ecommerce business that accepts Amazon Pay as a payment method will be able to receive deposits in 24 hours. The service works only for deposits of up to $1 million.

Until this Tuesday, businesses had to wait three to five business days for funds to go through and become available. Another benefit comes from Amazon Pay’s integration with hundreds of banks and credit unions. Thanks to this, business owners won’t have to wait for money to get transferred via the ACH network.

express payout

Small businesses and mom-and-pop stores often struggle with having working capital. According to a study from NCR and PYMNTS, only 15% of SMBs are able to get a business loan.

According to Omar Soudodi, director of Amazon Pay, Express Payout will help ecommerce companies grow and let them handle unexpected costs that come with running a business.

Currently, Express Payout is available only to U.S. businesses that have an account with an in-network bank and have signed up for Amazon Pay. To enroll in the program, you need to log in to your Seller Central account and switch from Standard Payout to the Express Payout setting. Amazon Pay will apply the change immediately.

Express Payout is free to use.

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Big Retailer News

Levi’s Plan to Use AI-Generated Models for Ecommerce

It seems like every week we get to see new ways of how AI gets into marketing and ecommerce. It turns out that it’s not only copywriters and factory workers that should fear for their jobs., a subsidiary of Levi Strauss & Co., is an Amsterdam-based digital fashion studio that works on customized AI-generated models. Levi Strauss has revealed its plans to test the technology later this year and use AI models to complement real ones. One of the goals they want to achieve is to increase the diversity of their models.

LaLaLand uses an AI model to create body-inclusive avatars to allow fashion stores to have realistic models of every age, size, body type, and skin tone.

According to Dr. Amy Gershkoff Bolles, Levi’s head of digital and emerging technology strategy, the company decided to partner with LaLaLand to create an inclusive and more diverse customer experience.

As of yet, Levi’s features a single model per product and doesn’t share what size the model is wearing. With AI-generated models, they’ll be able to display “supplementing models” that show a product in all sizes on models of all skin types.

Panera Bread Plans to Use Amazon One Scanners for Checkout

Panera Bread announced this week that they would start using Amazon One checkout technology in their stores to speed up the checkout process and enhance customer experience. Amazon One is a “truly contactless” service that uses palm scanners to process a payment.

Once Panera Bread implements Amazon One, customers will be able to buy products without their mobile devices, cash, or any cards. When a customer scans their palm, Amazon One will access their account and use the saved payment method for transactions.

Speeding up the checkout process is not the only benefit. Once a customer walks in and scans their palm, Panera staff will be able to access a variety of information. For example, they can greet the customer by their name, offer them favorite menu items, and let them know about any rewards and loyalty programs available.

Once they take something from Panera, the customer will be able to just walk out of the store, with the purchase already being made via Amazon One.

This collaboration is also a great step for Amazon One. As of now, the service is available in Amazon stores only (about 200 locations across the country), while Panera Bread alone has more than 2,000 stores in the U.S.

We’re yet to learn when Amazon One will become available in Panera locations.

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International Retailer News

eBay Launches Sneaker Swap Store to Promote New Listing Method

eBay is looking for new innovative ways to sell products on its platform. One way to do so is by encouraging customers to sell sneakers on the eBay mobile app. The app will feature a new listing experience for select sellers. The listing will be “easier and faster, with pre-filled specifics, shipping options, and photo guidance.”

The company chose not to get too descriptive and decided not to disclose many of the details. All we know is that it will affect sneaker sellers under select brands. The new listing process will become available in phases.

We’re yet to learn whether eBay plans to reserve the new listing method for sneaker sellers exclusively or if they want to roll it out for other products as well.

To promote the new selling method, eBay is organizing a one-day concept store in London. If you’ve applied to participate in the concept store, you’ll be able to swap your unwanted sneakers for a fresh pair. The trick is that your sneakers must have an average selling price between 100 GBP (about $122) and 500 GBP (about $613).

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Amazon UK Workers Reject Salary Increase: Planning Another Walkout

While Amazon may be doing great in the U.S. by joining forces with Panera and releasing Express Payout, it’s not as rosy across the pond. With over 30 warehouses in the United Kingdom, Amazon can’t really afford a general strike, which seems inevitable after the latest breakdown in negotiations over new salaries.

After initial strikes in January, Amazon offered workers a salary increase of 50 pence per hour. This would bring the company’s minimum hourly wage to about $13, which the unhappy staff saw as an “insult.” The workers see the increase as not even close to being enough.

Amanda Gearing, the senior organizer of the GMB union, announced that Amazon workers are planning a “new wave of action” in the coming days. Last week, they went on a strike for five days, adding to the general strike that took place in January. Aside from the low salary, workers have complained about having to work overtime and being overly micromanaged.

It’s interesting to see how this will pan out. Amazon has already shown some signs of losing interest in their U.K. warehouses, already closing three of them. The three warehouses had about 300 workers onsite.

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