The Webretailer News Digest for April 11, 2022

Ecommerce merchants using Wix can rejoice. The company recently partnered with Amazon in a software integration and fulfillment deal that will potentially open a lot of doors. 

Sellers on Wix will now be able to leverage Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) service that operates within Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This program allows businesses who don’t sell within the Amazon marketplace to have their orders picked, packed, and shipped from an Amazon fulfillment center. 

Head of eCommerce for Wix, Arik Perez, recently stated regarding the project, “We help merchants integrate with the best fulfillment service for them and their users, whether it’s a third-party app built with code or partnerships like this with Amazon.”

Upon integration, sellers will have access to Amazon shipping solutions, including two-day and same-day delivery. Plus, customers will be able to use the Amazon app to see their packages coming in real time and have access to same-day and two-day delivery options.

The integration also includes access to the Amazon fulfillment network that boasts over 175 warehouses worldwide. But the integration doesn’t completely tie shipping to Amazon. Sellers can also customize shipping prices and offer free shipping or flat rate shipping outside of Amazon’s pricing rate. Overall, this is an exciting prospect for Wix merchants. 

Heard of ‘recommerce’? GenZ is the driving force according to a new study

Buying cycle

Buyers and sellers falling under the GenerationZ demographic have created an entirely new sales funnel — and it’s here to stay, experts say. 

If you’re not familiar, recommerce is the online market for pre-owned goods dominating eBay right now. The demand for these products is surpassing new items, and the trend stems beyond the pandemic.

Outside of opportunities for eCommerce businesses, recommerce is also great for the environment. With fewer items going to the landfill, buyers can feel good about their purchases for more than just aesthetic value. 

According to eBay’s annual recommerce report, GenZ is the force behind this market with 80% of the demographic purchasing secondhand goods this year. In addition, the report states that one in three Gen-Zers on the platform began selling these types of items. 

It makes sense as GenZ makes up 32% of new eBay sellers, and they clearly have a heavy focus on this market. But other demographics and regions are also getting in on the trend. The report also states that 82% of the respondents sold pre-owned goods for the past two years and 17% started selling in the US market this year.

As more and more buyers take into consideration what and where they buy their products, expect this trend to continue for years to come.

Other Interesting Stories

Etsy publishes mind-blowing results from annual Global Seller Census

At the end of March, Etsy released their statistics and insights from the 2021 Global Seller Census. The census is an online survey taken by active shop owners that — at 25 minutes long — is comprehensive, to say the least.

A spokesperson from the company reported that “79% of Etsy sellers are women, 84% are businesses of one, and 95% operate from their homes,” Obviously female solopreneurs are driving the platform, but the report also provides other useful insights about Etsy sellers.

According to the census, nearly half of the respondents stated financial challenges were the catalyst that made them choose Etsy and even start their business in the first place. 

But money wasn’t the only motivator for choosing Etsy. Sixty-five percent of respondents said they started an Etsy business to express creativity.

There were other eCommerce implications from the census as well. Twenty-nine percent of Etsy sellers stated they export goods outside of the country. And fifty-six percent are selling goods through other channels — though Etsy is their largest. 

Overall, it’s good news for the platform and the Etsy seller community.

Kroger and Bed, Bath, & Beyond launch eCommerce collaboration

As part of a pilot program, Kroger will sell select Bed, Bath, & Beyond products on their website. The companies announced the partnership back in November, and it’s now coming to fruition. 

The venture is part of Kroger’s push to expand their digital marketplace, Kroger Ship. As Amazon and Walmart have dominated the online marketplace and delivery services, the company has seen significant potential to make their claim. 

Along with Buy Buy Baby, Bed, Bath, & Beyond will help solidify Kroger’s online product range by adding several thousand items to their inventory. On the site, customers will see the Bed, Bath, & Beyond brand alongside other national brands, but they plan to create a shop-in-shop experience soon that will feature curated products.

As the pandemic hit Kroger a little harder than other retailers, the company has begun a shift toward their digital marketplace. They’re creating a network of fulfillment centers to change people’s mindset beyond food when they think about the Kroger brand.

It will be interesting to see how this partnership develops in the future.

Dropbox Shop launches in Beta

Shopify has a new competitor in Dropbox as the company recently launched their new Dropbox Shop suite of eCommerce tools for sellers. Dropbox announced the program last November, but it’s now available in a public beta testing format.

The new version of the program allows sellers to customize their website store and URLs, incorporate tipping functionality, and embed HTML. It’s all similar to Shopify, as sellers can list and sell products in one place and accept a variety of payment methods through PayPal and Stripe.

Although Dropbox doesn’t currently take a percentage of the sales, this will probably change. But if you’re an eCommerce seller looking to create a commission-free web store, this could be a superb opportunity.  

It’s an interesting development as Dropbox historically has had a focus on cloud storage. But with more and more independent eCommerce sellers popping up, it appears they want a share of the market. 


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