The Webretailer News Digest for August 26, 2022

Back in May, eBay purchased a large stake in collectible toy company Funko. In June, they launched the eBay Vault to help high-end sellers and collectors in niche markets store their prized possessions — or inventory. And this week, the company announced plans to acquire online trading card platform TCGplayer for around $300 million.

As if there was any doubt, eBay is pressing forward with its ‘focus category’ strategy that includes trading cards, watches, sneakers, auto parts, and accessories — see the story below — and more. Though, it’s still unknown how the relationship with TCGplayer will play out fully. 

eBay said the company will continue its operations autonomously, which is like their agreement with Funko. Last week, eBay ran offers on an exclusive Funko line on the platform, upsetting some resellers. TCGplayer doesn’t manufacture trading cards, but perhaps we will see some exclusive promotions soon. At the moment, we don’t know if sellers can use both marketplaces with ease, as the company said nothing about integration.

Dawn Block, VP of Collectibles at eBay stated in the announcement, “eBay continues to build on our 26 years of experience in trading cards, powering local hobby stores and Main Street retailers to deliver an online destination that collectors love.”

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DoorDash and Walmart ending a four-year partnership 

Last Friday, Business Insider reported that DoorDash has ended its partnership with Walmart and will cease deliveries in September. The four-year relationship had DoorDash as a go-to service for grocery and retail goods deliveries.  

The source from the article stated that DoorDash sent a formal 30-day notification to Walmart earlier this month. In the notification, DoorDash stated their partnership “was no longer mutually beneficial” and it wants to “focus on its long-term customer relationships.”

Ultimately, the split makes sense. DoorDash is shifting focus to its partnership with Meta to deliver goods ordered from the Facebook Marketplace. And they also have same-day delivery deals with Macy’s and Bed, Bath, & Beyond on smaller items. 

On the other side, Walmart has moved the bulk of its deliveries to its own Spark program that works a lot like Uber and Lyft — but for deliveries. According to Walmart, Spark now handles 75% of the retail giant’s total deliveries. 

There’s no doubt about it. This split was inevitable. 

Peloton arrives on Amazon

Along with many others in the web retailing world, Peloton is making adjustments to its business model in order to stay afloat. The once high-end exercise biking manufacturer is ending exclusivity through its own channels. This week, the company opened a storefront on the Amazon Marketplace.

After taking over the struggling company in February, CEO Barry McCarthy promised to turn things around. This move seems to be a smart pivot as it will help Peloton cut distribution costs immediately. 

Speaking on the launch of their Amazon storefront, Peloton Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Cornils said, “Expanding our distribution channels through Amazon is a natural extension of our business and an organic way to increase access to our brand.”

Not related to the partnership, but the company is also remodeling its product line to allow for at-home assembly. And they’re showing some willingness to allow rivals to stream Peloton content on their machines. 

It’s been interesting to see the company’s transition since the height of its sales — and popularity — during the pandemic. Some analysts think the company can turn a profit by 2023, but we’ll have to wait and see if these moves pay off.

ShipStation and MoreCommerce partner to better serve online sellers

It’s official, MoreCommerce and ShipStation launched their partnership this week and are offering limited-time promotions to expand their reach. The two companies work hand-in-hand as a listing facilitator and shipping software solution. And they state their goal is to help online sellers find new sales channels and save on fulfillment.

Through their “Million Dollar Funded Shipping” program, the companies will give “$500 in shipping credits to cover up to $5 of shipping costs for each of the first 100 orders sold” to the first 2,000 merchants that sign up.

On the partnership, MoreCommerce CRO Todd Frostad, said, “We are thrilled to partner with ShipStation. As a world leader in providing great delivery experiences, ShipStation shares our vision of facilitating e-commerce around the world.”

FTC puts out a warning to shoppers

We’re giving props this week to the FTC Twitter account manager for putting out a fair warning to online shoppers. The tweet stated, “Before you buy from a seller listed on a particular marketplace, search online for the site’s name with the word “complaint” or “review” to see what other people say about their experiences. Learn more:”

The link brings you to an article titled, “Buying from an Online Marketplace” which provides a laundry list of solid tips to help online customers not get scammed. Some helpful hints on the site include:

  • Checking seller ratings and reading comments from other customers.
  • Check that the listing includes contact information, and use it!
  • Find out if the seller offers extras like warranties, free shipping, returns, etc. before buying.

eBay acquires auto parts compatibility tool

Both Illumaware and myFitment will soon integrate their auto parts compatibility tech into eBay according to an announcement on Monday. With the Fitment tech, buyers will have no issues determining whether or not an auto part is compatible.

This integration will allow eBay Motors sellers to optimize their listings and will help buyers to find the right parts with ease. It’s a win-win for both companies as eBay continues to roll with its ‘focus category’ strategy. 

Chris Prill, VP, eBay Motors said, “eBay is home to more than half a billion parts and accessories globally, ranging from brand new replacement parts to the vintage and hard to find. As we look to elevate the user experience within this category, it is critical we provide innovative tools to help shoppers find the right parts at the right price.”

Webinars in the week ahead

For everyone

August 30: Think Retail on Air 2022. Google Ads.

Various dates: Amazon advertising’s global webinar program continues with 20+ webinars scheduled, covering Prime Day Preparation, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, reporting, optimization, and other tips. Amazon.

For US sellers

August 24: 2022 Playbook for Q4 and Holiday Success. Tinuiti.

For UK sellers

Various dates: Amazon advertising’s global webinar program continues with 20+ webinars scheduled, covering Prime Day Preparation, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, reporting, optimization, and other tips. Amazon.


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