The Webretailer News Digest for July 22, 2022

YouTube and Shopify form eCommerce live shopping partnership

YouTube’s transformation into a shopping hub took another step this week. The company announced they’re partnering with Shopify in a video-to-eCommerce link-up that will benefit both merchants and creators. 

Besides the partnership, the video streaming platform announced they launched new shopping features that could potentially turn American opinions towards online live shopping — remember how ByteDance ditched TikTok Shop in America earlier this month?

The key feature announced is the ability to link YouTube channels with Shopify stores. But there were many more features announced that are of interest including:

  • A new feature allows US creators to use YouTube Studio to enable checkouts on their video pages without customers having to go off-site. You can click the ‘Shopping’ tab in the video editor to enable this feature. 
  • Viewers in the US, Brazil, and India will have access to shopping destination videos through the ‘Explore’ tab on the platform. 
  • Creators will have live shopping features through the Live Control Room like tagging products directly in a stream.
  • Also within the ‘Shopping’ tab on YouTube Studio, creators can manage the tagging of products across their channels. 

And as we know, Shopify users can post products with real-time inventory synchronization. Overall, this partnership seems like a win-win for creators and merchants to use both platforms in tandem. 

eBay adds ‘Jewelry’ category to luxury goods authentication service and more announcements

eBay adds ‘Jewelry

eBay is further expanding services that help sellers store and authenticate luxury goods. The company started back in 2020 with the launch of Authenticity Guarantee for sneakers. And since then, they’ve expanded to include handbags, watches, trading cards, and now jewelry, the company announced this week. 

The service expansion goes with eBay’s latest strategy to target high-value buyers who can afford big-ticket items. Regarding the announcement, eBay General Manager of Luxury, Tirath Kamdar, stated, “As we continue to listen to our community of luxury enthusiasts in order to foster an even more trusted shopping and selling environment, expanding Authenticity Guarantee to jewelry was a crucial next step for our luxury business.”

However, eBay treated sellers with some additional news the following day. The company announced it will raise its fees in the Jewelry & Watches category on September 12, 2022. Also, selling jewelry in the Fine Jewelry and Engagement and Wedding Jewelry categories at $500 or more requires you to use the new authentication service.

For authentications, the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is collaborating with eBay. 

Etsy names Chief Product Officer as new CEO of Depop

Etsy acquired fashion eCommerce marketplace Depop last year. And since then, the company has worked to integrate the two corporate structures to streamline its operations. 

This week, Etsy made a big move as the company named its Chief Product Officer, Kruti Patel Goyal as Depop’s new CEO as of September 12, 2022. Current CEO, Maria Raga, opted to step down and focus on other ventures and will remain as an advisor through the transition.

She stated, “Today, I’m proud to say that the Depop community is stronger than ever, and because of this, I feel an incredible sense of peace as I pass the baton to a new leader.”

Etsy CEO Josh Silverman seemed confident in the move from his remarks in the announcement. He stated that the company will continue to improve the customer experience and nurture the community at Depop.

eCommerce retailer grows by 154% year-over-year using novel tactics

If you’re an eCommerce business looking for ways to innovate, this story could provide some inspiration.

With US customs officers intercepting millions in contraband perfumes and toiletries every year, authenticity is essential in the space. To provide a solution to this issue, sells fragrances in travel and sample sizes. 

At first glance, that last sentence may not make much sense, but when you look at their site and business model, it works. Besides selling retail bottles, the company secured permission from perfume makers to re-bottle their fragrances in sample vials and small spray bottles. This allows consumers to build trust with the fragrance at a lower price before committing to a full bottle. 

According to a report from DigitalCommerce360, the tactic is working. has seen a year-over-year increase in growth of 154% in the first two quarters of this year.

H-E-B opens new eCommerce grocery fulfillment center

Earlier this month, we covered an announcement that Texas grocery retailer H-E-B topped Dunnhumby’s list as the top online grocer in the US — besting Amazon and Walmart. And this week, the company made a big move to keep its name at the top of the list by opening a new 50k square foot fulfillment center in Leander, Texas.

The center will service both Home Delivery and H-E-B Curbside customers throughout Central Texas. In adding praise for the opening, the company stated that the new facility will create efficiency within their online operations and lead to less congestion for customers who still want to shop in person. 

This facility is the fifth eCommerce fulfillment center for the company since 2018. And by the end of 2023, the company has plans to open additional facilities in Texas. Dunnhumby’s online grocer list is quarterly, so we’ll monitor things to see how things develop for this eCommerce innovator.

Conversational commerce startup Charles nets new funds from Salesforce Ventures

If you’re not familiar with conversational commerce and Charles, the company offers an eCommerce product that integrates chat app APIs — like Meta’s Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, and WhatsApp — with platforms like Shopify and Salesforce. With Charles, sellers can offer support, send newsletters, or even sell products to contact lists, all with personalized messaging.

Charles received recognition this week as the Berlin-based company netted $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Salesforce Ventures. Because Salesforce is a CRM company with direct integration to the Charles platform, it’s easy to see why they’re interested in the company. 

The company stated it intends to use the funds to expand its European operations. But for now, that’s all we know. We’ll have to wait to see where the relationship goes. 


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