The Webretailer News Digest for October 17, 2022

Cyber Monday / Weekend is a little over a month away, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on 🍬this Halloween. Use the tips below as your prep guidelines and then enjoy the festivities!

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eCommerce Holiday Tips for 2022

With TikTok opening fulfillment centers in the US next year, there could be an influx of competition in the eCommerce market. It’s time to make as much 💰as possible! Adobe is forecasting record highs for online sellers this holiday season. 

Here’s how web retailers like you can prepare.

  1. Update your site and photos

By updating, we don’t mean for you to revamp your site before the Holidays. There’s no reason to risk bugging out your store during the most profitable time of the year.

But right now is a good time to ensure your online store is ready for customers with a solid layout and complete product and process information. After all, initial reactions can make or break a transaction.

Using heat mapping software, it’s easy to learn the navigation habits of your customers. And when you know where they scan, scroll, and click, you can move buttons, images, boxes, or banners around to adapt to their habits. Here are some options:

And once the store layout is solid, take some time to update product photos. Sync up with your suppliers to get the latest images, or use the Square Photo Studio app to create your own quickly.

  1. Prepare discounts and promotions

Knowing which products to discount and by how much gives you an advantage over other sellers. But understand that it can be a two-edged sword between pricing and perks.

The old thought was that it costs 5x to acquire a customer than to retain them. But the new model takes a customer’s lifetime value (CLV) into consideration. 

Be sure you don’t discount too much or too little and use some of these eCommerce discounting strategies from Shopify and Wix

  1. Social Channels

TikTok is opening fulfillment centers in the US, the Facebook marketplace is still growing, and YouTube rolled out shopping features back in July. The time is ripe for web retailers to maximize their social media channels and make more 💲. 

If you’re not sure how amazing tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial can get your business on track. And here are some resources to help you set up your social media campaigns for the Holiday Season of 2022.

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Shopify
  3. BigCommerce

Additional Resources

  • 10 eCommerce Holiday Planning Tips: How to Prepare Your Online Store for Holiday Sales. Square.
  • The Complete 2022 Guide to Preparing Your Ecommerce Store for Holiday Magic. BigCommerce.

Also in the news

  • Amazon’s Holiday event exceeds expectations. Amazon.
  • Etsy announces that shoppers can purchase items directly from Google. Etsy.
  • Visa launches the Visa Ready Creator Commerce for creator eCommerce. Visa.


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