The Webretailer News Digest for October 4, 2022

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October is here, and that means it’s time for 👻, 🧙, 🎃, and October Prime Day! 

Yes, you read that correctly! 

Last week, Amazon announced they’re launching a Prime Early Access Sale on October 11 and 12 calling it a “New Holiday Shopping Event for Members to Save Big.”

If you’re an Amazon retailer, you have little time to prepare… 

But don’t worry! In Friday’s news digest, we promised top tips to help you get ready for the big event, and we’re here to deliver. 

Read on to know what you need to drive revenue 📈

  1. Build awareness on social media

Amazon has a social media toolkit for Prime Day that has everything you need to promote your products on social media. You can use Canva to customize the images, and it contains copy inspiration that’s easily customizable. 

  1. Quickly draw up an inventory plan

Most sellers create an inventory plan for Prime Day 4 to 6 weeks before the event. But that’s not possible this time…

You can only sell what’s in stock, so it’s time to 

  • Assess your inventory
  • Forecast
  • Build a sales plan around what you have available

If you use FBA, you can make use of the dashboard’s robust tool set. And sellers who sell across multiple channels and websites can use Veeqo to prepare. Amazon Inventory Management 101

  1. Create coupons

Incentivize your customers to purchase with coupons during Prime Day. A green badge will appear next to your customer’s search results, and you can create them at any time. 

For coupons Amazon recommends:

  • Minimum 5% discount
  • Set the correct dates (Oct. 11 & 12)
  • Use Prime Exclusive targeting
  • Prime ASIN
  1. Prep your ad budget

During Prime Day, ads will get more hits and clicks, so you might run through your ad budget quickly. When that happens, ads pause until midnight the next day. So be sure to increase your ad budget next week or use Amazon’s schedule-based rules.

  1. Prime Day store version (brand registered sellers only)

Amazon offers a store scheduling feature where you can create a Prime Day version of your store with the Featured Deals Widget. But you’ll need to submit it today to get approval before October 11th. 

Additional Prime Day Resources

Subscriber News Roundup

  • Etsy raises fees on the Reverb marketplace. Reverb.


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