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Yesterday was Cyber Monday, and for some retailers, it’s Cyber Week. Here’s a statistic: At $10.8 billion in sales, Cyber Monday 2020 was the biggest online shopping day in the history of the US. 

Today’s tips have 400 words, a one-and-a-half minute read. 

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday out of the way, many retailers are continuing with Cyber Week and straightforward Holiday Season sales. On Friday we highlighted how some large companies are giving back during the holidays. And today we’re giving out solid tips useful to online sellers working their first or second holiday season.

Let’s dig in! 

Last minute Holiday Season Tips 2022

 Holiday Season sales

1. Notes on Shipping

Here’s a list of key suggestions and points to follow this year:

  • If it’s viable with your business model, offer free shipping somehow, someway. You can mark it into the price, offer free shipping with $20 – $30 in purchases, or limit it to a specific time window or first-time shoppers. 
  • If you can’t offer free shipping, then provide all the information necessary and do everything necessary to get packages to your customers before Christmas. This includes posting all carrier deadlines and following through on getting your orders out within said time window.
  • When the carrier deadline window is out, look into offering local delivery to extend holiday selling. Based on where you live, there could be local delivery options for you to get items to customers close by. 
  • If possible, offer gift wrapping services with your purchases. The perk is an expense many are happy to pay; it gives a solid presentation to your products, and it’s an upselling opportunity. 

2. Lock down your returns policy

You know the third law of motion: for every action there’s an opposite but equal reaction. And while we hope you don’t receive an equal reaction, the counter effect of heavy holiday season sales is an influx of returns

All the returns may seem like a headache, but it’s really an opportunity for you to establish a quality relationship with a large group of customers. It’ll all be for naught without a solid returns policy. 

Remember to present your terms clearly at purchase and respond quickly when someone wants to return an item. Offering money back within your terms is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be the first step. Speaking to customers about why they’re returning an item can create opportunities to exchange instead of crediting back. 

National Returns Day is on January 2.

3. Order notifications and order changes

The holiday season is a rush. Sometimes people mistakenly order the wrong item, color, or size, and they forget to enter discount codes. To prevent having to deal with these issues, make use of an order notification system if you don’t work on one of the major platforms. 

And if you need to change an order, customers will never forget it when you come through for them. Know the ins-and-out of your platform and learn how to change orders quickly. 

Also in the news

  • After testing, Amazon dissolves food delivery service in India. PYMNTS.
  • Black Friday Numbers are rolling in with $9 bln reported so far. Reuters.


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