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3Dsellers is an all-in-one solution offering a full range of automated eBay tools for sellers. 3Dsellers helps sellers design, manage, monitor and develop their online business.

Marketing tools: Listing Designer, Feedback Reminder, ThankYou Emails (eBay email marketing software), Webstore, Facebook Store, Store Designer, Video Maker and PDF Catalog.

Management tools: eBay Listing Software, CRM & Helpdesk, Inventory Manager, Shipping Tracker, Export CSV, Image Editor, GTC Automation.


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From $11.99 per month (when you sign up for an annual subscription).

Trial Length: 7 days
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Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Codisto Xpress Lister
  • Ecomdash
  • Kyozou
  • Sellbrite
  • Selro
  • Volo Commerce

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  • Anthony Michael

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    I highly recommend

    What were the positives?

    I have been using the platform for 6 months already and I am very satisfied.
    I noticed an increase in my sales due to the configurations and tools they offer.
    I bought an annual plan and it is really worth it!

    Any negatives?



    They have been changing and improve the platform a lot in these last 6 months.
    The things that I suggested to them, they added to the platform and notified me when it was done! I see they care about the user's necessity.

  • ronalds bearthman

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Great customer service

    What were the positives?

    Great customer service
    easy to use interface
    stable platform

    Any negatives?

    waiting for small upgrades on existing tools.
    nothing major


    I upgraded to annual subscription - worth every dollar

  • KnoxSellers

    Overall rating

    Awesome, Best eBay Sellers Solution.

    3D has several products which really have helped our eBay eCommerce business provide best marketing practices and kept our customer satisfaction perfect.

    We really love the GTC application which auto terminates and relists items. This keeps our products at the top of search. It makes a difference when you have single items that are very competitive.

    The CRM & Helpdesk is also a unique tool. It is an AutoResponder and is one of the only that use the API to respond to buyers. Basically that means it responds through Member to Member.

    I highly recommend the software for all eBay Sellers.

  • GR8YT

    Overall rating

    Great Product

    This program has turned out to be a great addition to managing our on-line sales. From automated notifications to the variety of listing templates (each with a multitude of options) we can actually see the results. Keep in mind the automatic notifications that eBay sends, and then fill in the gaps with 3Dsellers notifications and you'll receive feedback like "great communications" or "Appreciate the updates". Just don't get carried away and fill their email box. 🙂
    Having the ability to create multiple listing templates is awesome when your listings may be for very different items. I use specific templates created for specific items, ie: coins, fine art, antiques, etc..
    And most impressive is 3Dsellers responsiveness to their customers. I have made a couple of requests for changes and/or additions to the program and they have also accommodated me whenever possible. Heck, they'll even follow-up with me to make sure they got the changes correct.
    Great program, Great service, I'm very happy.

  • Maria Keene

    Overall rating

    Your package is on it’s way

    The team at 3DS have a very unique understanding of the things sellers need for the day to day running of an eBay store and have designed this comprehensive store management platform to help manage your stores. this all in one platform combines all the tools and capabilities you need to stay in control of your business

    Gone are the days when you needed to operate several apps for selling, customer care, billing, payment, and promotions. Its all covered with this management platform.

    All templates are optimized for mobile phones and tablets. On top of all that, I understand 3DSellers are 100% compliant with eBay’s policy's which will enable customers to enjoy a smooth and effortless experience when they explore your store using their smartphones or tablets.

    With 3DSellers, you can create attractive store designs both for the web and eBay - yes you can even get your own web store, you can produce catalogs to be sent to existing customers.

    Facebook Store feature enables you to automatically showcase your eBay store on Facebook. I understand that It is fully synced at all times and automatically redirects buyers to an eBay listing.

    Lots of different automatic messages are available which you can set the trigger point on ie Feedback Reminder that sends personalized messages through the eBay system to all buyers.

    The management platform comes with a comprehensive set of features to help eBay storeowners succeed including Listing Designer, Cross-Sell Emails, Store Designer, Facebook Store, Facebook Reminder and Catalog Creator, Inventory control, Photo Management.

    They continue to improve the platform all the time, for instance, they have just introduced the GTC automation tool which enables you to automatically end your Good Till’ Cancelled Listings and relist the item at a later date.

    The customer service is excellent response times are normally with 24 hours considering they are not based in the UK I think this is acceptable.

    The best bit is you don’t need to be technically minded to set all this up, most of it is self-explanatory however there are lots of helps files should you need them.

    Total thumbs up from me I just love it.

  • Aaron Fitch

    Overall rating

    I've tried every integration ever, finally hit the jackpot

    The automation saves massive time and money. I almost never get on the eBay website anymore. Not just because of the automation, but their platform is basically one giant interface for eBay sellers. You can do just about anything you want to with it. Facebook, CRM and like 20 other bad-** tools. But my favorite parts are automating inventory, being able to make the "Almost Gone" notice on my products even though I have lots of quantity and being able to send automated messages and emails that are more customizable than any other email messaging system I've tried. Super user friendly and affordable. Just wish they would have been around sooner.

  • miller

    Overall rating

    love them love them

    I love this for my ebay listings. I tried several softwares as I needed it to be easy to use and needed to be able to use a bulk list tool. Anyway after trying several sites I kept going back to 3dsellers. Now I did have a few user errors LOL and i emailed thinking it was a software problem and 3D always answered right away, this was on a trail not even paid yet. There templates are clean modern easy to use.
    I am very happy with 3dsellers. I encourage anyone selling on ebay to give it a shot. They also have a place where you can ask for features you would like to see added, kind of a wish list of sorts so if there is something you would like to see in the future they are listening it looks like. Prices are reasonable

  • lynnerichards101

    Overall rating

    3Dsellers Is Just Plain Awesome For eBay Sellers!

    I'm not a "techie" but I love 3Dsellers. The number of tools you receive with your subscription is insane! Store Design, Listing Design, Video Creation, ThankYou Emails, Feedback Reminder, Shipment Tracking, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some in my review.

    I would suggest adding some tools for the Bonanza selling platform. This is where I get the majority of my sales.

    There are outstanding support and Lisa assists in any way possible. In fact, Lisa just messaged me to sell how I was progressing and there are going to be some more surprises in the future, thank you, Lisa!

    Best Regards,

    Lynne Richards

    Owner & Founder of Elle's Emporium

  • Jumpsies

    Overall rating

    Great Product, horrible customer service

    What were the positives?

    It gives your ebay store a professional look.

    Any negatives?

    They need a way to call customer service and answer thier emails and/or messages or and I.M


    The support was horrible. I have been trying to find out now for 3 months, why my billing went up and to ask them to take off what ever I some how, must of accidentally added to my account thinking that it was saying it was still appart of my initial billing of 14.95. Now I am thinking I must of misunderstood and it added 14.99. I have yet to recieve a refund or even a message, and they still taking money out of my account. Which is nothing less than annoying.

    1. Reply from 3Dsellers

      @Jumpsies Wow so sorry to hear about your experience with our customer service! It's unacceptable that your messages weren't replied in so long. I've already passed this information to our management.

      Please, let me know how I can reach out to you to discuss this billing issue.

      In addition to our platform IM, you can contact me directily on our social channels:


  • xsquad_uk

    Overall rating

    3Dsellers Is A Great Platform With Excellent Backup Support

    I have been a subscriber and user for a year and truly recommend this great platform for selling on eBay and other selling portals.

    Support by Lisa is awesome and she is always there to assist with any usage issues. This level of support is vital to a seller like me as some issues can hinder some of your items on sale. No issues with 3Dsellers here though!
    They are constantly seeking feedback to improve their sellers' platform which is a great asset to a business like mine.

    Adding newly requested features is a great feature of this platform and comes highly recommended with my five stars!

    I am looking forward to renewing my annual subscription again this year!

  • covellz

    Overall rating

    Careful and FAST Customer Service

    The layout of the custom-designed templates for listings on Ebay from 3DSellers are excellent. It takes literally 2 seconds to apply a template to your listing after you've created one.

    Customer Service is all time, fast responses and careful attention to detail for new users giving the platform a test drive.

    Following up with the customer service on multiple occasions with newbie questions I had the experience to see they're going to respond fast and they care about their product and the way it works.


    Overall rating

    Have an eBay Store take it to the next level with this tool

    If you have a store on eBay, this is the platform to grow your sales. Create a professional looking storefront that gets the buyers attention. The listing templates are great because you can cross-sell products at the same time. Remember feedback is key. The feedback reminder tool is the best around. Just invest some time, and your sales will grow. Want to sell on Facebook the platform will set that up for you. Want to create a PDF catalog for your products you can do that. Create videos for business you can do that too. Their customer support is fantastic. I had one slight problem, and within a few hours, it was fixed.

  • bikestrikesandquads

    Overall rating

    Great Value and Reliable Service

    I have been using 3dsellers from the beginning and cannot say enough good about this company. The facebook integration and thank you emails have been vital to my online business. We saw about a 2% increase from their thank you emails alone. The facebook integration is seamless and adds another layer of professionalism to any online business-its easy to navigate, looks great and expands the reach for our products with minimal effort and costs. I have never experienced any issues with their products, very impressed with the quality of service they provide.

  • AmeriproCoinage

    Overall rating

    Amazing tool for EBAY!!!

    What were the positives?

    It is an amazing program that has every tool to help make life easier and your products and store look absolutely amazing. This product has increased our sales and store look better than we could have ever imagined. I want to thank everyone at 3DSellers for creating such a wonderful tool.

    Any negatives?

    No, simple to use and mostly self explanatory.


    Support is top Notch, always answer and help in a timely matter.

  • oasisgiftsau

    Overall rating

    Great tool for listing design!

    This is a great tool for creating a good looking ebay listing template. Once you finish creating, it can be applied to all of your listings in one click. You can also create a customised ebay store design. Feedback reminder and thank you email are also very effective in maximising feedback left by buyers and maintaining customer relationship. In addition, you can also setup a Facebook store and use it as a way to promoting your ebay products. I have not used video maker and PDF catalog functions yet so no comment on those.

    While it is a great software in general, it does have some minor bugs and issues here and there, but fortunately most of them can be fixed in a short time.

    Their customer service is fantastic and most of my queries have been resolved in one business day.

  • y.gaber

    Overall rating

    Absolutely awesome!

    What were the positives?

    The 3Dsellers package is simply the best value for money available at the moment. On my first day alone, I received 218 +ve feedback due to the automated reminders.

    The listing / store designer is so elegant, professional and easy to use. After 2 hours of exploring, I had a new professional fresh look which allowed my brand to really outshine others, allowing me to DOUBLE my eBay sales in about a week.

    Not only that, but now my SEO and google detection are miles better than when I was using other competitor services, which I believe is owing to the well coded designs, meeting both eBay and Google's policies.

    Frankly, I hate that I'm writing this review because I feel I'm giving this away 🙂

    Any negatives?

    If was to be try really hard to be picky, I would like to see an integrated listing keyword and SEO optimiser - possibly integrating a 3rd party API so would truly have everything needed in one place.

    I am currently expanding to selling on Amazon and while I'm sure 3Dsellers did an excellent job there, I have not tried these features yet as I'm still waiting to qualify to open my Amazon store.


    I cannot fault the support in anyway. Having tried other services before, more expensive, I have never seen a support team so friendly and helpful no matter what time it is. I am currently investing heavily into growing my online business knowing that I've got 3Dsellers support to back me up and I can only thank them for the transformation their services delivered to my business in such a short time.

  • emstungear

    Overall rating

    Great tools, amazing support and my business is FLOURISHING!

    I’m very happy with 3Dsellers. Everything works smoothly and completely automated! I feel like I’ve freed up a lot of my time from support and maintenance to actually run my business and I SEE RESULTS! My customers are happy and I get a lot of great reviews from the feedback reminder. ThankYou emails is also a very valuable tool I highly recommend. It’s like an email marketing tool, with templates and cross promotions. Works like a charm! My profit is bigger every month and I’m so excited to keep growing like this. The monthly fee is totally worth it. Alex has been of great help every time I had a question. He provides screenshots and follows up to make sure everything is fine. It’s really a great platform - from friendly interface and support to quality of their products. Keep it up - I highly recommend to all eBay sellers!!! ??

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