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888 Lots offers more than 100,000 brand new products in over 30 categories.

There are no auctions, lots are fixed price and buyers can negotiate the price of each lot with their sales representative. Standard, branded, premium, premium gold and custom lots are available.

Each lot comes with detailed information such as ASIN numbers, UPC codes, descriptions, MSRP values, a discount from MSRP, reviews, sales rank, and a downloadable and printable manifest.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide
Resale certificate for US customers, for international customers a valid business registration.

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No minimum order, you can negotiate the price of each lot.

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  • FBA

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    Ease of Use

    Great Supplier , a must have on your list of sources for resale merchandise!!

    What were the positives?

    Good pricing , Fast shipping, and the items are well packed . Great customer service. Fast response if you have a question or a problem with an order. You really cant ask for more!!

    Any negatives?

    None so far


    We are a small family run business and depend on sources like 888 Lots to grow our company.
    We have been extremely happy with the purchases we have made . We will continue to use 888 for a long time to come.

  • 286 Co

    Overall rating

    Reliable and Trustworthy company

    We have been using 888 LOTS since 2017. What sets this company apart from other liquidator/wholesaler sites is clear descriptions of their lots , visual product representation, and prompt delivery of goods as described.

    Our customer service representative has been working with us from the beginning. Richie Citrin responds to our inquiries in timely manner. He is always helpful, friendly, and professorial. Richie, we appreciate your help and looking forward to working with you in the future.

  • Jadwiga

    Overall rating

    Review for Richie Citrin

    What were the positives?

    When I first contacted 888 Lots I was quite pleased with the variety of items available. When I purchased the items I wanted, I was quite amazed that they were delivered in a very timely manner and well packaged.

    Any negatives?

    Presently I am satisfied with the system.


    The support I got from Richie Citrin was exceptional. Always there to help and resolve any problems, if any. He was courteous, friendly and very willing to help.

  • tdasry

    Overall rating

    The Best Liquidation & Wholesale Source

    What were the positives?

    We have been searching for good source for our stores and 888 Lots is best among 20 companies I contacted.Very friendly and best platform for reselling goods.

    Any negatives?

    Not major things needs to improve as I have had good experience so far.


    Our assigned sales person is Rich. He is very prompt in response and give us product suggestions. We have visited onsite location in NJ.It was good experience. Definitely he is the best person in helping your business grow with easy efforts.

  • bright quansah

    Overall rating

    Bright's Review

    have been using 888lots to support my business for years. Have been with them from beginning till now, very reliable company. Products are of high quality and always accurately described. They price their products to be affordable for all size of buyers. I get high priced items as well as low ones. My sales Rep Richie always response in a quick manor as well. My orders are prepared and shipped out very fast as well.
    I would recommend to all businesses especially if you do online selling.

  • valuebeast

    Overall rating

    888 Lots is Awesome!

    Just a quick note about 888 Lots. I love working with them. They have a great assortment of product in many categories. The Orders always come quickly and in great shape. I never have a concern about getting what I ordered as accuracy is top notch with them. I’m able to maintain great profit margins when reselling product sourced from 888 Lots.

    My rep, Richie Citrin, has taken the time to learn my needs and keeps me informed of any products I may be interested in. He is always responsive and has definitely helped me grow my business. I can tell he cares, and that means a lot!

    Scott - ValueBeast Products, LLC

  • mp11477

    Overall rating

    Excellent source of items to resell

    Have had a good experience with 888 Lots thus far in my short time as an online reseller. Product is packaged nicely, and delivered timely. At this point, they have been my only source of product.

    Manifest lists are pretty accurate and have been within 90% true (which is within scope per their website). Yes, there have been some minor mistakes, however nothing more than 10% of the manifest, which is in line with stated accuracy. Most orders, however, have been 100% accurate.

    Product selection has been great. Prices are in line, and negotiable within reason.

    My sales rep, Rich Citrin, has been responsive, has reached out to me to ensure I didn't have any questions, and answered any questions that I had in a timely fashion.

    Overall, I've been very happy and have had a great experience thus far.

  • Edgar S.

    Overall rating

    Happy to work with 888 Lots!

    For us it is a great business partner, the customer service is excellent, my sales representative is always available, is friendly and we have always found a solution to any problem.
    The website is professional and easy to navigate. They have a great variety of products in several categories, they add new products every day so you will always find fresh inventory for your business.
    Another important point that I can emphasize is that the shipment for some states can be free. This is great! 🙂

  • Levi

    Overall rating

    Great product and Customer service

    All the products are as advertised and in perfect condition .

    The customer service is great, anything I need they take care of quickly and efficiently! If I need to talk to my sales Rep I dont wait longer then 2 minutes before I get a return call back, my Rep will stay on the phone with me until everything I need and all of my questions taken care of.

    Pricing is some of the best on the market.

    The website is very user friendly, Easy to navigate easy to negotiate easy to buy.

    Shipping is fast!

  • Alex Sander

    Overall rating

    888 site

    What were the positives?

    Excellents products, many options and categories!
    888 is my firts site when i think buy products for resale or for my use. The plataform is easy to find and chose products from categories individual items or lots.
    They have several lots, with good prices.
    All day you could find new lots, new products and good promotions. All day they offer "lot of the day" with an excellent price!!
    Easy and simple to buy!


    The employers is always available to answer the questions.

    Great site!

  • Truth Speaker

    Overall rating

    eh there are better places - customer service needs work

    so I have bought a few times from here, the products are just ok, most lots I just broke even. This place gets mostly rejects and products that cant be sold easily and thats why they are put into lots.

    The customer service needs work, they pretend to be friendly but you can tell its all about the Benjamins. Some lots I put into my cart and when I checkout they are gone and say they are sold out. Bottom line is you will not make any real money from this place.

    They need work and GP can be a jerk at times but loves to post pics online in his Rolls.

  • richmondsara2001

    Overall rating


    i ordered because i read all of the great reviews of this company, my experience was nowhere near that.I ordered two lots my order came in, one lot was fine but the other the biggest price items in the order were missing, actually there was a lot missing i would never have paid what i did for what i actually got. i let them know just to be told that i was given the new customer discount so basicly there was not much they could do but they would issue a credit or something, after a few emails of jumping thru hoops (which i provided every single thing they asked for) i never heard another word. tonight i decided i would check them out again just out of curiosity. i added a lot to my cart knowing i have 24 hours to do my research on it, spent a couple hours researching just to come back and they have taken the lot out of my cart and i guess sold it to someone else as it is now out of stock. pretty disapointing that i paid OVER retail for the things that i purchased on a wholesale lot.

  • RTG

    Overall rating

    My go to vendor

    888 has grown into my number 1 vendor over the last few years. I started off buying small, and over time started to buy a lot more from them.

    They have a very wide variety of product which allowed me to test different categories and really see what works best for me.

    Even before I was buying in larger volume, my sales rep worked very closely with me and helped me grow into a much bigger seller than I was when I first started.

    888 is honest, reliable, and always delivers. Over the 2+ years I have been buying from them, I cant remember there ever being an issue with any of my orders.

  • tim-aoma

    Overall rating

    Solid and Trustworthy Supplier

    We've been buying from 888 for years...spending hundreds of thousands per year and buying across a huge variety of item categories.

    We really have no complaints at all and have been very happy with the inventory, pricing, service, etc.

    I also like that they are constantly trying new things like integrating tools to evaluate lots, adding in new pricing models for slower moving lots, etc.

    Based on all of our experience, they go above and beyond and do everything they can for their buyers.

    We highly recommend them without hesitation.

  • gokoey

    Overall rating

    Started off ok and then went Bad

    This is a follow up. Things happen and the CEO contacted me to figure out what had happened. He apologized for the behavior and even worked out a resolution. Then at a later date has backed me and their company up to the fullest extent going above and beyond to help me with other matters. I apologize to the upmost for my previous feedback and stand by the company. I recommend this company to the fullest and Markus is a must to rep working for the company that really stretches himself thin to help out.

  • Jennifer P.

    Overall rating

    Great company!

    😀 Overall, excellent company to work with... from user friendly and thorough website interface to awesome customer service. Their lots and be sold as custom lots or even individual items. Prices are good and you can negotiate. Albert Lots is very easy to approach and work with and he wants to ensure your success. Jim is my sales rep and his service is top notch. It seems this is a group of people that have a heart for their business wrapped with integrity. I intend to continue my partnership with them for years to come.

    Thanks 888lots!

  • dennper713

    Overall rating

    Great business partners.

    I've been dealing with 888 for some time now. Their customer service is honest and straight forward, and their products (lots) are exactly what they say they are. Billing is accurate and turn around is fast. I look forward to continued dealings in the future.

  • lorisannella

    Overall rating

    Great Comapny and I am happy doing business with them!

    Had the opportunity yesterday to spend a few hours at 888 lots ...Adam and the owner are fantastic and I look forward to doing lots of business with this company!


  • drrll

    Overall rating

    888 Lots

    I have been using 888 lots for a little while now. Making good money when I can get good prices but that's the name of the game. Adam from 888 has been very helpful.

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