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Algopix provides real-time product market analysis for eBay and Amazon sellers. Actionable insights are available for 17 global marketplaces and help save time, decrease risk and optimize sales.

Data points include product identifiers, recommended market price, an expenses breakdown, competition analysis, demand level, estimated profit and total sales estimates, to help sellers make better decisions about what to buy and where to sell it.

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From $34.99 per month.

Trial Length: 7 days

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  • Eric Fragola

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    easy to use

    Any negatives?

    inaccurate analysis of spreadsheets


    We noticed that the bulk product analysis and single product analysis when analyzing spreadsheets produces different results. For example, the bulk analysis will say the product has high demand but 0 sales per month. And then the single product analysis will say HIGH demand and over 500 sales per month. I dont know which to believe.

  • szaguli

    Overall rating

    Best product research across Ebay and Amazon

    Algopix is an amazing tool to analyze a specific product across international eBay and Amazon markets and I highly recommend using Algopix when you’re considering switching from eBay selling to Amazon. Algopix helped me analyze all my inventory (with the bulk analysis) and recommended to sell the majority of my items primarily on Amazon markets where they’re now reaching higher profit margins. I wouldn't have been aware of that without Algopix and surely couldn't gather such extensive data manually and equally accurate. I’m simply relieved I heard about the platform.

  • karolin

    Overall rating

    Accurate insights,data-driven, comprehensive and actionable

    It’s really amazing to see that 3 min. product research with Algopix will have a substantial impact on your profit margin!! Before making Algopix my daily go-to research tool, I was checking for hints and information online when to sell, what product, in which market. Basically, it was relying on my instincts and to be fair that proved not being very efficient...After subscribing to Algopix, it seemed almost impossible to carry out in-depth product research manually! Algopix lets me save important time and delivers qualitative and quantitative information

  • colin.moldenhauer2

    Overall rating

    Generates valuable outcomes (plus amazing customer support)

    Algopix has evolved to be an immensely valuable tool for me as a Seller when researching specific products on multiple marketplaces and carrying out my general market/industry research. The platform shows a real-time calculated overview of profit margins, shipping costs and demand levels of a given product based on the unique identifiers or you can simply search with keywords. Additionally, the tool offers some really valuable benefits regarding my inventory management, product sourcing, and competitor analysis. Highly recommend giving Algopix a try, especially when handling large inventory volumes.

  • Emm

    Overall rating

    Algopix is the best tool for finding best-sellers

    So I’m actually in the dropshipping business and I don't have inventory at hand which I need to sell at the maximum price. I’m actually using Algopix to scout for best-selling products on foreign eBay and amazon markets that I can dropship directly and it does an incredible job! I can take advantage of high demand levels of a product in a specific marketplace and dropship my items based on that. This is almost a guaranteed strategy to increase profit margins!! And if you’re seeking to expand (or suddenly have to analyze tons of product in peak season) Algopix has a bulk analysis tool that can perform searches for up to 3000 items.

  • Djj3123

    Overall rating

    Essential platform for Amazon Fba sellers

    Signed up to the Algopix platform almost one year ago and it can’t imagine similar profit margins from my business without using the platform. As an fba seller, Algopix has a substantial impact on my distribution since it shows all relevant information such as shipping costs, marketplace fees I have to pay plus taxes which is a real hassle to calculate by oneself, manually. Besides, you can be certain that Algopix delivers accurate information wheres manually gathering my data will hardly come without human error.

  • robin.v.iven

    Overall rating

    I highly recommend when you’re selling on multiple markets

    Honestly, I haven’t seen a tool that is more applicable to Sellers that are selling on multiple marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, etc…) than Algopix. I’m primarily selling on Amazon, I’m not only restricted to being able to analyze multiple international Amazon markets but I can also check for eBay products & sellers, also internationally! Algopix offers really great information that I haven’t seen being delivered by any other platform yet and I highly recommend giving Algopix a try when you’re seeking to expand your sales distribution cross-border and on multiple channels.

  • custome

    Overall rating

    Flexible pricing plans and extensive market insights

    The platform does an incredible amount of work for me when it comes to assessing market demand for a product and price changes. Also, the information on Algopix is calculated in real-time so it would hardly be possible to keep up with market developments when carrying out my own research. Since I’m selling with relatively low inventory levels I don’t actually need software tools on a daily basis (some of them are incredibly pricey) so it’s great to simply pay a very small fee per product search on Algopix. It’s flexible and I can get incredibly helpful information just when I need it.

  • samu.user2

    Overall rating

    Great comprehensive tool with amazing functionalities

    This platform literally gives me higher profit margins from my inventory! And besides the technical advantages, I absolutely love the web design from Algopix which is fully intuitive and incredibly simple to use as an inexperienced software user. Also, I have to say I’m really satisfied with the functionality that the platform has, just in one place!! Just to name a few, I use Algopix several times per week for sales vol. estimations, analysis of demand levels or simply tracking activities of my competing Amazon sellers. The information Algopix provides is simple to access so Algopix can be used without requiring any in-depth eCommerce experience.

  • waratah

    Overall rating

    Horrible Cancellation Process

    The product itself works well, the analytics are powerful, but the search functionality particularly on Walmart listings is very poor. Algopix won't find the product numbers of items you search for, you need to go extract them manually.

    But when you want to cancel? I don't think this is even legal. They will not let you cancel online, cannot cancel by phone, they force you to book an APPOINTMENT, days in the future, to sit through a sales pitch to keep you on the platform.

    Greasy, terrible business practice. Do not support this.

  • chwarken

    Overall rating

    A tool perfectly representing value for money - Algopix give

    I’ve decided to sign up on Algopix some months ago and since then was able to successfully avoid any excess of inventory, which used to always result in dead stock and ultimately profit loss. Also, I’ve been able to take advantage of demand and price fluctuations between several eBay and Amazon marketplaces that are automatically calculated by the platform, in real-time. Right now, Algopix is the only product research tool I know of, offering such level of extensive information for a rather small monthly fee when compared to similar software tools.

  • felice.z

    Overall rating

    Algopix pays for itself and gives a great advantage over com

    Great comprehensive tool, super intuitive and absolutely worth the cost, considering that I consistently have higher profits at bottom line since using the platform. There is probably no other tool available that offers extensive insights for online sellers at the same level Algopix does - and if there is, please let me know..! Helps me on a daily basis to allocate my merchandise to the best selling and most profitable Amazon and eBay marketplaces and moreover, their UX is super user-friendly!! Also, I always received great customer support which surely is not to be underestimated these days.


    Overall rating

    Broad spectrum of functionalities that give insights into th

    Algopix let’s you compare and assess the attractiveness of the largest online marketplace and recommends the most lucrative one for a certain product. It exceptionally helpful, taking into account this can be used not only for own product sourcing but also for keeping track of competitors actions. Also, the platform offers a feature to analyse up to 3000 SKUs in bulk in mere seconds which provides valuable insights into my product selection and at bottom-line, proves incredibly time & effort saving.

  • barbara.glaser

    Overall rating

    Accurate and data-driven insights for all online marketplace

    This platform is amazingly intuitive and easy-to-use - designed for all types of sellers. It also provides precise data which is actionable: calculated real-time demand levels for around 16 Amazon, eBay and Walmart marketplaces. In addition, it provides a marketplace recommendation where to sell a given product i.e. whether current demand level is recommended or not in a given marketplace for a given product. You’ll also see a breakdown of all the logistic expenses and marketplace fees that are involved when selling a product.

  • C.B.G

    Overall rating

    Very comprehensive software for eCommerce sellers

    I came across Algopix’ product research tool when comparing different options earlier this year - and was surprised when I noticed that it’s the single tool available that offers insights to both Amazon and eBay. It’s an excellent platform which helps to raise profit margins at bottom line by minimizing the dead stock. I’ve also used it recently to find new profitable products which are highly demanded either on Amazon or eBay. This helps to stay updated with industry developments and to scout what competitors are selling.

  • slimkin

    Overall rating

    No more headaches because of eBay fees

    eBay’s fees always had me confused. I had to recheck each fee every time I wanted to list a new product because their maze of fees didn’t make sense to me. As a result, my profit margins were lower than expected in some cases. Algopix helped me increase my profit margins by offering a detailed breakdown of the fees and other costs which allowed me to price my products better. To top it all off, Algopix even provides estimations how often a product sold in the past month allowing me to get an idea about my own sales.

  • shacharfish

    Overall rating

    It helped me grow my business

    In the beginning of this year, I only had a handful of products in my sales mix. This was because it took me so long to find products that I felt comfortable with selling, i.e. had a good profit margin and I knew would sell. Everytime I added a new product to my inventory I tested it for a bit to see if my assumptions were right. This time consuming process made it very difficult for me to scale my business. A friend of mine then recommended me Algopix and I was surprised by how easy it is to use. I just have to type in a product and how much I pay for it and it gives me data on the product’s market and even gives a recommendation. With the help of Algopix I was able to widen my product range from below 10 products to almost double and keep profit margins up!

  • arielguttman

    Overall rating

    Helpful when assessing new markets

    Recently, I was considering selling to new markets and not just on Amazon in the States. I did not want to waste lots of time on researching other opportunities which is why I chose Algopix to help me. They support different Amazon marketplaces and also eBay in different countries (even though eBay wasn’t my focus). My idea was to see on which marketplace my current inventory also performs well. Thanks to Algopix’s bulk analysis I was able to upload a file with all my inventory and run it through their search. In the end I received data for my products on all kinds of markets and could see that selling in Canada was a promising alternative. Algopix’s data also helped me get an idea of how much taxes and shipping I have to pay so I could price my products correctly. All in all, it facilitated my research enormou

  • yanivpeleg

    Overall rating

    The only service with Bulk Analysis?

    At my company, we get lists containing hundreds of products from suppliers that we have to search through. Assessing each and every product on its own isn’t feasible because then we wouldn’t have time for anything else but researching. Unfortunately, it took some time until we found a product research tool that allows for bulk analysis of products. Nevertheless, we were excited when we finally found Algopix. It can handle lists with up to 200 products at once and still delivers high quality information. I think I don’t have to mention that the time saved directly translated into faster product sourcing and higher sales.

  • sofferkfir

    Overall rating

    I doubled my sales

    Before using Algopix, when it came to sourcing and pricing products I relied on a little bit of research, my gut feeling, and what my competition did. However, this mix left me with less than optimal decisions when it came to sourcing products or pricing them: Either demand was low or prices too high, which resulted in lower sales and made selling online more difficult than expected. I then signed up for Algopix’s trial and was hooked from the first moment. It took me mere seconds to get information that was way better than my research before and allowed me to price my products competitively. Thanks to these insights, I was able to double my sales since and expand my sales mix to include more profitable products. Without Algopix this would not have been possible!

  • ranleonard1

    Overall rating

    Great value for money!

    When I started looking for a market research tool, I was surprised by how big the price difference between different solutions is. Now, to be honest, each tool that is out there has a different amount of features, supports different markets, or has another perk that others don’t have. But as someone who just started their eCommerce business I have to keep an eye on my budget. After looking at different alternatives, I found Algopix which is about $5-10 (per month!) cheaper than other comparable products that I’ve found. Algopix is great for selling on eBay (like I do) since it tells you how much you will pay for selling a product, how big your profit margin will be, how often a product has been sold, and even recommends products.

  • udinawi

    Overall rating

    Great when selling on eBay and Amazon

    We are selling on both, Amazon’s and eBay’s marketplace. While this allows to sell to many different customers, it is not as easy as it seems. In the beginning, we thought that products that sell on Amazon will bring us profit on eBay too. Boy, were we wrong. Amazon and eBay both may be eCommerce platforms but the demand for a product varies a lot between the two. We learnt that on the hard way. After struggling with keeping sales high on both Amazon and eBay with the same product, we tried Algopix. Algopix gave us insights that allowed us to adjust our sales mix for both marketplaces. Additional info on expenses allowed us to optimize our pricing, resulting in higher profit margin for us.

  • likeofir

    Overall rating

    It saves me so much time

    It used to take me hours, if not days, deciding what products to source. Without a doubt researching the market is a time-consuming task because you don’t want to oversee important information. After discovering Algopix, the time it takes me to get to an equally informed conclusion like before has dropped significantly to a few minutes. Their platform not only delivers figures for the market demand, but also calculates your expenses and your profit margin. This allows for a comprehensive overview over the market. My newly won free time comes in handy, because it allows me to focus on growing my business.

  • danielakrampfert

    Overall rating

    I started out with $5,000 less than a year ago

    I started out with $5,000 less than a year ago

    I started out with $5,000 less than a year ago. I was ready to go all in and start selling on Amazon when I met a veteran who told me to keep my money in my pocket until I’d figured out how to spend it properly. He advised me to start with one product and to build my business one brick at a time. That turned out to be great advice. I used Algopix to assess the opportunities and this helped to reduce my confusion. I was able to create a strategy that seemed to have the best chances of success. Almost a year has passed and I have gained a whole lot of confidence in my ability to make the right choices – what to buy, where to sell it and at what price. I recommend Algopix to anyone who is in eCommerce – try it and see how it can make life so much simpler for you. You won’t be disappointed and will thank me for this advice.

  • daniela.eggs

    Overall rating

    Starting as an Amazon seller

    Just a few months ago, I started my journey to become an Amazon seller. In the beginning I struggled to get good market insights which made product sourcing not only difficult, but also a financial risk. After reading blogs, watching many online courses, and exchanging with other merchants on social media, I finally discovered Algopix, which helped me gain a better understanding of the market and competition. This resulted in higher profit margins and improving my skills - Algopix helped me learn a lot about eCommerce in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Algopix to anyone in eCommerce - no matter if veteran or beginner.

  • juergen.schwitzkowski

    Overall rating

    more success with algopix...

    I have heard about algopix and startet to get informed. Very interessting what they are doing.
    I startet with my own homepage some time ago, with a little hope, that people see my photos and get further on with this buisness. So far I am happy to have a own homepage, but there are always thinks to do to get better.
    Maybe I should work with algopix together to get more success with
    I have to think about it. Time is running very fast and I have to think about a way to sell some photos especially to some music and rockfans.

  • Orain

    Overall rating

    Algopix helped me to make sense of the eCommerce market

    When I launched my business, I was really short of time, money and experience. It was extremely difficult to decide what to buy, where to sell it and how to price it. I was overwhelmed by the need to make important decisions based on scanty facts on a daily basis. Market research was taking too much time and I was worried about getting it wrong. I had very little time to think about the big picture and make plans. Algopix helped me to make sense of the eCommerce market. I was much easier for me to choose products based on facts and sell them at the right price in the most promising markets. Now my business is thriving and I’m much more relaxed. I recommend Algopix to anyone who is selling online.

  • DenisV

    Overall rating

    Made sourcing decisions a lot easier

    We were about to source our products directly from the manufacturer in China, as it seemed the cheapest path. Then we used Algopix to double check this, and saw the math on logistic costs and import taxes. Turns out that outsourcing from China would've cost us much more than we thought.

    It was an eye-opening experience. We may not have been in business today if we hadn’t used Algopix to weigh the options! It gave us the insights we never could've afforded otherwise, as MBA grad analysts cost way too much for a company such as ours.

  • shay rachvski

    Overall rating

    Algopix has helped me to become the go-to person for my prod

    I’ve been using Algopix to identify products that sell quickly in different formats. I receive great feedback from my customers, who are delighted to buy things they are not able to find easily anywhere else. This has helped me to build my credibility. I used Algopix to analyze my competitive situation and zero in on the right products. Analysis based on data from Algopix has helped me to become the go-to-person for my products. I do a lot of research on emerging trends and this has helped me to stay ahead of the competition. I depend on Algopix to make the right choices and so can you.

  • shmulik.kipod

    Overall rating

    Today my business is back on the rails

    I started selling online because I was passionate about my products and wanted to help people who shared my interests. I quickly found that there was very little demand for the products I was selling at my prices. I realized I had to do something quickly to keep my fledgling business venture afloat. Inventory was sitting on the shelves and debts were piling up at an alarming rate. I felt like kicking myself for getting into a risky business venture without proper planning. Then a friend told me about Algopix and I decided to try it. I said to him -- what the heck, I have nothing to lose. It turned out to be the best decision I made in a long time! Algopix helped me to identify a specialized niche in the market that I’d never considered. Today my business is back on the rails and I am all set to expand. With help from Algopix, I am able to make decisions that are based on hard data, not guesswork.

  • eyalyf

    Overall rating

    Business is much better now and profits are up

    We dived headlong into eCommerce without knowing much about what it involved. Loans were taken and products were purchased without much knowledge or research. We made quick decisions based on gut feeling and a false sense of confidence in our experience and abilities. We didn’t research products, prices and the competition. This resulted in major losses and our finances were soon in a mess. A consultant told me that I’d lose my shirt if I didn’t know what I was doing. He told us about Algopix and we decided to try it out for a few months. It turned out to be the best decision we made because for the first time we were able to analyze the market and take decisions dispassionately. Thanks to Algopix, business is much better now and profits are up. We are doing well and have started paying back our debts.

  • erez.yosef

    Overall rating

    We used Algopix to pick products

    We were focusing on sourcing products at the lowest prices but our ecommerce business was not doing well. Then a friend told us to choose the right products before thinking about sourcing products at the lowest prices. He said we needed to know if there would be demand for the products and if we would be able to price them suitably to make a profit. Algopix helped us to estimate the demand for the products we were considering and to understand the competition. We were not being able to do this ourselves and it made a huge difference to our business. We used Algopix to pick products that gave us a clear competitive advantage. Making decisions based on data from Algopix gave me a lot of confidence and reduced my stress levels considerably. After making a series of wrong turns, we were able to improve our strike rate and make profits. Algopix helped us to turn our business around. We may not have survived without it.

  • yaron.neumann

    Overall rating

    Really like it!

    I'm just a buyer and most of all I like the function of price comparison. For example, I searched a good, and I found the one for the best price. But then I thought about it a little and compared the prices for that in several countries, because besides the price, it is still very important which country the goods are delivered from. I imagined the situation if an ordered thing doesn't match me, so I have to either send it back or exchange that, however, I wasn't ready to wait that for months. And I really needed that thing, at that price, and in the near future, not in a year. In the end, I managed to choose a suitable seller in my country with good pricing with Algopix. Fortunately, my order was delivered perfectly, and I did not even have to think about sending that back. I'm happy with the deal, I'm happy with the new site for online shopping, because I'm a shopaholic.

  • eran537

    Overall rating

    In one word: WOW

    Starting from trying it I was interested in declared functions, product demand, and market size evaluation. I have not met similar info at one place before. Usually, you need to dig through a ton of web sites to at least approximately understand what's what. They declare they have already analyzed 10 different marketplaces and gave us the ready-to-use data. Everyone who starts selling makes a lot of mistakes, and then have to look for effective solutions because he or she should to fix that in short terms. I always try to find the newest elements of analysis and forecast in order to reduce my risks as much as possible. We always have to calculate whether it brings a sufficient profit if we've been subscribed to the service. Though it's not just about money, it's about time that I spend to learn a new tool. In Algopix, I was not mistaken in investing my time in testing. Moreover, I am confident, based on my experience, that if I pay for a service, it develops and brings returns to you the further, the more. And vice versa, all that is done for free is a fraud, and in fact they just waste your time.

  • eyalrachm

    Overall rating

    Algopix helped me to start making money

    I didn’t do any research at all before buying them and listed them without any testing, but they sold quickly with very few returns. I thought I’d figured it out -- all you need to do is post products on the internet and they sell in a flash, but in reality, it was nothing but beginner’s luck. After that, I raised money and listed more than 1000 products but there were no buyers at those prices. Other sellers made big price cuts, so I had to sell almost at cost and could barely break even. I became acutely aware of my lack of experience and decided I needed help. Then I heard about Algopix and started using it to research products and the competition before choosing them. Algopix helped me to start making money. Now I’m using real data and am making money consistently. I couldn’t have done all this without Algopix

  • noam

    Overall rating

    Bulk research

    Immediately after trying period has been expired I subscribed to the Plus service filling the catalog with the products actively. From the very beginning, I was supported by the function of uploading a CSV file to in order to compare prices between competitors. I am actively using it now, in order to track how it is better to vary the prices of certain products in order to successfully compete and manage to hop on the train. Generally speaking, the seller should provide the customers with the goods, reasonable prices, fast service, and the rest of things shouldn't be the seller's headache. I should say Algopix handles all these tasks successfully. I'm considering upgrading to the Master pack to use their marketing advices too. When you are doing business on your own, you need to take any help.

  • zeevlukach

    Overall rating

    Great insights for manufacturersff

    Not so long ago we created our own clothes brand, our target audience is all over the world, that's why we are trying to sell at different venues. We need to understand where and what to sell better and most profitable. There is a plenty of differences of every market. With Algopix it is possible to allocate the most suitable marketplaces specially for our products. Additionally, I want to say about tax in other countries. You are forced to search and learn this information, and all this pushes back the sale process itself, hinders the running of the business itself. But the tax questions are so important that you can't just brush them off. We meet those every day. The info about international taxes provided by Algopix is helpful to me, so I have an ability to set all correctly before selling on new marketplaces.

  • tal.giveon

    Overall rating

    A competitive advantage in eBay & Amazon

    Starting from the Master program is preferred, in my opinion. Although I haven't yet so many SKUs, there would be enough the Plus program for me, but I was advised to choose that by experts. It's important to apply all the marketing innovations to sell successfully. Therefore, I have comparative savings, although I take full advantage of modern marketing tricks to make online sales. Now I'm focusing at Algopix as at an online sales platform, and not going to learn something new. I want to use all their capabilities for 100%, since I pay them money every month. I think this is reasonable and my efforts will bear fruit.

  • idan2812

    Overall rating

    The tool that saved me time!

    We have been collected useful information for months. The main questions were: what to buy, where to sell, how to attract new customers. We produce high-quality products, so manufacturing takes up most of our resources. On the other hand, we understand we have to look for new marketplaces, because the competition in our niche is very high. We believe they (Algopix) are developing themselves and helps us (as a seller) to improve our efficiency too. They offer new opportunities, some tricks in online sales, global e commerce marketplaces. Sure, we are interested in customers in other countries too. We've started from a minimal service package (for obvious reasons), we hope we will growth soon and try the Master package. Most likely, more features, such as a marketing consultant, will improve sales.

  • iamitay

    Overall rating

    Perfect research tool

    Our focus is on seasonal items. With Algopix we’ve been able to broaden our offering not only in terms of the products we carry but also in terms of where we sell them. I don’t think this is something we would have been able to do anytime soon without this tool as it would require too much work to figure out which products would perform well on which marketplaces. Even doing the research work ourselves for only three items took forever, and we’re selling much more than three items. Algopix gives us new insights on the different items that are popular in different markets at various times of the year. Couldn’t ask for more than that!

  • djshubi

    Overall rating

    Every ecommerce seller needs this

    I guess I can understand some newbie concerns about whether this tool is legit, but it’s really a no-brainer for anyone who takes their ecommerce business seriously and wants to see it grow. If you use Algopix the right way you can truly grow your business exponentially quicker than you would be able to otherwise, unless you have people working for you around the clock doing research on every marketplace. I don’t have that so I use this tool. Algopix gives me all of the data I need to know whether or not it makes sense to sell a product I’m considering – and if so, it takes the guessing out of deciding where to sell it and for how much because it shows me everything that’s happening with the product – who is selling it and for how much, how much people want it and where they’re buying it.

  • Ran Sella

    Overall rating


    I’ve been selling on Amazon for years and Algopix has profoundly changed the way I work. Every serious seller knows that success in eCommerce is all about knowing what to sell. There’s also so much competition out there on the Internet that your price point needs to be attractive or else people will have no reason to shop with you. With Algopix it takes me a few minutes to get all the stats I need to know exactly what items I’m going to be selling based on what’s popular and based on whether the price point makes sense. That means no more stress for me about knowing for sure how well an item has been performing or how it’s forecasted to perform. And in just a few minutes I can see what my competition is charging. I now have all the information I need and it’s FAST, which I appreciate.

  • guyvolo

    Overall rating

    Very valuable platform

    Algopix is perfect for gaining an edge on competition because you get all of the data you need before spending money on items you’re not sure will sell. I was able to see exactly who is offering the same products and what price points they’re using. Of course this is information I could get on my own but it would take way too long for each of the items I’m selling. Overall Algopix saved me valuable time and helped me be certain that my decisions aren’t being made on information that might be wrong. Since I know what people are looking for and what my competition is charging, I’ve also been able to reduce overstock and offer items that will sell at prices that people find attractive.

  • talelboim

    Overall rating

    Really glad I’m using it

    Very useful. It helps take out the guessing when it comes to knowing what items to source. With Algopix I am able to perform research on all of the products I’m selling quickly and the data it gives is very detailed and in-depth. It would take me a lot of time to come up with this data on my own, so Algopix is a real time-saver. There’s also always the concern that the numbers I’d find on my own aren’t entirely accurate and then I’d be left to doing some sort of guessing and keeping my fingers crossed. But based on what I’ve seen in the stats Algopix has provided, it seems like their robot is pretty accurate. I’m impressed!

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