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AML buys and sells distressed inventory including customer returns, overstocks and stock from business closures.

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  • Ryan

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    Worst truckload ever. All salvage . Horrible

    What were the positives?

    There were no positives once load arrived.

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    Paid thousands of dollars for 80 percent junk and missing product. Had returns and salvage from several Majiers locations on the truck. So much broken product we had bring dumpsters in to go through the boxes. Broken glass all in boxes. Huge gaylords with stuff just tossed in braking anything that could have been good. I sent emails told me go thru complete load before getting upset. Well I have and it got worse. I sent pics of the junk I got and how it was destroyed. These majier trucks will put you out of business quickly. We will never make half our money back. No response once I emailed AML the pics of the trash and explaining the money I would be losing. They don't stack anything they just throw all in boxes no matter what it is. Over 50 broken appliances. Cut cords. Store displays that didn't even have real parts but was charged as appliances. Over 15 of them. Bikes crushed unrepairable. Toys all missing parts except 3 or 4 out of a bunch. Don't make this mistake . We have bought many truckloads but 15 truckloads of bad product wouldn't compare to this one.


    Horrible. Great people selling loads to talk to but contact stopped once I showed how bad this load was. Majier truckloads are a mistake. I can't believe anyone would allow them to sell displays and empty boxes to people. That is dishonest business.

  • danerf

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    dishonet people! Do not buy!!!

    AML is a S C A M !! Do not buy anything from them. I spent 8k for a load that was supposedly good, I was told it might be 10-15% that would be not any good. They sent me a SALVAGE LOAD! Broken junk, non repairable, I could not even sell the parts to try and make my money back. I lost my shirt on this. Phillip Wetherington who "helped me" with this truckload was absolutely no help after I told him the problem. They offered me another truckload at a discount! Why would I want more worthless junk when they already made money off the first load I bought. These guys are *** artists.Do not buy!!!

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