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€19.99 per month


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Pricing Model:Standard
Free Version:Yes
Free Trial:Yes

Arthy Pros & Cons

+Arthy actively recommends you necessary actions that you should consider executing not just tons of data
+Great UI Design, Very easy to use
+Saves you money and time from the first login
-Not all functions are available yet (work in progress)
-Might be a little buggy sometimes since we are coming out of the beta phase

Product Details

Arthy is an Amazon platform that is currently growing towards offering countless unique “USECASES” for Amazon sellers that reveal growth potentials for their brands.

Through automated data analysis so-called “FINDINGS” are generated. FINDINGS either mean an immediate monetary benefit for the users, free up time for them or provide know-how and insights which lead to the optimization of their brand. Examples of use cases are bundling, lost or damaged inventory management, storage optimization, Small & Light optimization, Amazon measurement correction, missing inbound management, and many more.

As an interface, Arthy supports the user directly in two different ways, to convert the findings into solutions: Mainly, several problems can be solved automatically by the software in the background if the user wished so. If there is no automated solution, the operator gives recommendations for action. There will be a full manual on how to work toward the solution. The biggest feature coming up in the next version will be that Arthy will be able to communicate with the client directly and respond specifically.

No more desperate searching for specific data within tons of dashboards or binging thousands of youtube videos to find that competitive edge. Arthy will let the user know what needs to be done.

Pricing & Trial

Price Range
From €19.99 per month. Annual plans available.
Free Trial
Free trial for 3 months until 19th of July 2023. After that, the trial period will be reduced to 30 days.

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Matija Kolaric

Matija Kolaric

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Ease of Use



2023-04-11 09:19:51

Easily accomplish many tasks with one click

What where the positives?

- got a lot of optimasation potential

Any negatives?


would highly recommend

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