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AMZ Tracker is a set of tools designed to improve Amazon keyword rankings (SEO). It includes keyword rank tracking, an ethical review club, on page analyzer, sales tracking, and more.

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From $50 to $400 per month.

Trial Length: 7 days

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  • TT

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Worst!!!! Don’t try them!!!!

    What were the positives?

    Nothing positive

    Any negatives?

    Very bad customer service! They just want your money and you don’t get your product up


    Do not try them, l repeat pls don’t!!! Talking from experience

  • Jacob Chamness

    Overall rating

    Terrible. The crooks shook me down

    Terrible experience, horrible customer service. Took weeks to get my refund and they pro rated me on monthly charge (higher) then the yearly which was what was charged to my account just to try and squeeze me for a few extra dollars. Plus the keyword tool is pathetic and the volumes are inaccurate.
    I'm a consultant and have used dozens of softwares and was not impressed by the actual service which is incredibly expensive. When you throw in how they try to steal from you even for a few dollars its clear. Stay away!

  • Dziugas Augustinavicius

    Overall rating

    Be away!!!

    It's very useless soft for giveaways and launch and be aware, they will still 500$ with not notify if you want to try it and no refund if you not using it at all, it much confusing trail and after it, you got charged 500$ I even did not fill bank detail them, maybe by accident click somewhere when started trial ..just be away from it!!! There is a more ethical way to deal with customers and better software around.

    Some tools may be good in it but ethically very greedy/tricky marketing that made me very mad after all .

  • LA Steele

    Overall rating

    Will Charge for Free Trial Even if You Cancel

    As another reviewer has already pointed out, this company will charge you at the end of your free trial even if you go through the NO LESS THAN 5 steps to cancel your subscription.

    I have reached out to their customer support, who will only offer me a pro-rated refund, even though I have not used the product beyond setup on day 1, much less since I attempted to cancel.

    I even provided screenshots of every step of the cancellation process with timestamps proving that I did go through the process on the last day of my trial, as I had a feeling I may encounter some issues after seeing how many steps I had to take just to cancel a free trial.

  • lacoltfan

    Overall rating

    Turned a potentially bad expreience around

    What initially could have been a bad experience was quickly handled in a matter that was very satisfactory to my company. The software is good, comprable to Sellics--I'd say the two are about even there, but the ability to promote on Vipon is what really sets AMZ tracker apart for me. We have a bunch of new products just starting to get some traction on Amazon so we were really looking for something like this to help push us over the edge on those listings, and so far it's very promising.

    Thanks, Guys!


  • james_gregory

    Overall rating

    Unethical Company with Poor Customer Support

    You know when you sign up for a service under the pretense of a free trial and that little voice in the back of your head says "I hope this is a reputable company that won't hassle me to cancel?"

    It is businesses like AMZ tracker that make us so skeptical. After having trouble with canceling through their website within the allotted free trial period. I was charged for the service but was not aware of it until I received my credit card statement. I thought it was certainly an error and they would fix immediately as I had not logged in since I tried to cancel. WRONG again. They denied my request for a refund 4 separate times between customer service reps and supervisors.

    This is the most unethical business I have encountered in more than 20 years in business. They stand behind their policy of holding users accountable for the shortcomings of their cancellation process. Essentially what they performed was theft.

    Look elsewhere for your Amazon seller tools needs. We much prefer a reputable business with great customer support like CashCowPro, AMZ Shark, AmazeOwl (free).

    Do not make the same mistake that we did!

  • lekic100

    Overall rating

    Run Away, They stole $1600 from me and provided no customer

    What were the positives?

    Nothing. Used product for a day and did not like it.

    Any negatives?

    Yes, they could not steal $1600 dollars right after trial ended, and could add an option that can actually be found to cancel the account. They trapped me into not being able to cancel trial to charge me $1600 for something I did not authorize.


    The support was the worst ever, there was no way to reason for them. They want your money and don't care about the rest.

  • desiresweeter

    Overall rating

    Easy to Set Up & Instant feedback on Amazon Product Page

    I was able to get AMZ tracker set up and running in minutes. I am more of a video person, and the short videos included right in the program allowed me to get products set up and ready to go in under 15 minutes.

    The On Page Opitimizer pointed me towards how to make immediate improvements to product pages so they would rank better in Amazon searches.

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