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AsteroidX is an Amazon PPC management company that uses proprietary software and human expertise to increase sales and reduce ACoS.

AsteroidX has $10m in annual ad spend under management. Customers include Inc. 500 members and Disney.

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  • larry schessel

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    I could not recommend this service to another company

    What were the positives?

    Background: My company has been on Amazon approximately 3 years. During that period, I have managed my own PPC Advertising Campaigns and have averaged a revenue growth rate of 100%+ year/year. But PPC management is continually getting more complicated so I signed on with AsteroidX hoping that returns should at least equal or beat my own with their experience and methodology.

    Any negatives?

    Results: The first month revenue with AsteroidX grew only 10% over the same month the previous year and the second month began at a loss of 20% from the same month a year earlier. More concerning was advertising spend dropped and ACOS was high. I cancelled the service after 6 weeks, concerned with the poor quality of service I received and the negative revenue. After cancelling, I received Email from a company executive asking if we’d be willing to “give us one more month with another, more experienced ad manager?”. I sure wish I had a “more experienced ad manager” from the start! Luckily, after cancelling AsteroidX, I overhauled the Advertising Campaigns and returned to double digit growth.

    • I was really hoping this service would work but results were very poor and didn’t justify their charge.
    • The quality of my advertising manager was poor – for example, a bid was placed at $25 rather than $.25 costing me wasted money and sales, many bids and budgets were raised/lowered opposite of what I expected causing higher ACOS and lower sales, Campaigns were created with products that didn’t have the Buy Box so the Campaigns sat idle, and advertising spend was 25% of goal so sales from advertising couldn’t even cover their service fee.
    • I ended up spending more time checking each change my advertising manager made, constantly correcting careless errors.
    • In general, I did not feel the advertising manager was committed to my company success. Instead, he was following a company playbook with poor results.


    Summary: I absolutely hate giving bad reviews but based on my results, I could not recommend this service to another company.

  • imran

    Overall rating

    Good service

    I engaged the boys of Asteroid to help me with my ads as my wife and I didn’t have time for it anymore.. and frankly we’re not sure what we’re doing! Was pleasantly surprised to see Pat and his team increasing the revenue consistently month on month. And in the spirit of constructive criticism I would just say that more visibility into what’s being done would be nice. Always like to see details. That said the results speak for themselves. Can’t argue with more sales. I’ll take them! Thank you gentlemen and I wish you the best!

  • elwilliee

    Overall rating

    Worked! Thank you

    What I liked: good support. Excellent communication and I’m beginning to see the fruits of their labor. Keep up the good work. They went above and beyond. Even so far as to suggest some changes to my listing when we had some issues. Looking forward to adding more products and seeing the ad sales grow as well.

    What I didn’t like: calls are weekly at the beginning which does take some time. Sometimes I would rather be freed up. Calls dropped to monthly after month 1 so that’s no so bad. I don’t think the reporting can be improved but I know they’re working on it.

    Overall: good results with Asteroid X and would recommend. Keep it up!

  • wallabie1

    Overall rating

    I got more sales

    Thanks asteroid x for the work you’re doing in our account. When we started sales we’re about $10K a month and now we’re at $20K. That’s double! Thanks to our manager for staying with our little company and doing your thing in the account to help it grow. Working with you guys has saved me time but also double sales so I can’t complain. I’ll be rolling out new products in the next few months and you can be sure I’ll be giving you guys more work to do! Let’s keep Up the good momentum in the account.

  • stevenanderson883563

    Overall rating

    Finally a service that works!!

    I am writing this to show my appreciation for the work that Pat and the rest of the team is doing for us.

    We have been contacted from AsteroidX through an email, and at the beginning we thought it was like all those other businesses that guarantee profitable sales.

    I want to first say that we sell more than 30 different products, but we were not able to run profitable campaigns (except for a few of them), even after several attempts and after working with a few more companies like Asteroidx.

    We decided to give it a try anyway, because on the call, the team felt extremely confident that they could run profitable ads.

    Since day 1, the team started working hard on creating campaigns for all my products, while keeping a good communication with my team. We were able to schedule calls with Jason (our ads manager) to talk about strategies that we had in mind, and they were applied in a matter of hours.

    After the first few months, out of the 25 brand new campaigns they created, 0 of them were loosing money. All of them were bringing in more sales and thus more profit.

    Based on what I have seen so far, the difference between Asteroidx and any other similar company is that they run all the ads manually, so there is an actual person running the ads instead of a computer. Also, they are able to create manual campaigns that bring in so much profitable sales, as opposed to simple automatic campaigns. I guess that's thanks to the expertise that Jason, Pat and the rest of the team have acquired by running so many campaigns.

    It has not been a bit more that 4 months since we started working with Pat, and our revenue is steadily growing, reaching new records month after month. Their fee is just a very small share of the revenue they managed to bring in with their work.

    We thought there was something wrong with our products, but it was actually lack of knowledge that didn't allow us to run profitable campaigns. We now look forward to keep working with the Asteroidx team, releasing new products each month and developing new strategies to share with Pat and the team.

    I guess if you sell on Amazon and you cannot run profitable campaigns by yourself, it should be a no-brainer for you to at least try AsteroidX, and see the magic they can do with your campaigns.

  • Best Neoprene Seat Covers

    Overall rating

    Big promises and nothing to show for it

    They contacted our Amazon FBA business through an email, indirect, solely to tell us about the great PPC strategies they have ready for us. 4 tiers of PPC approach, we decided to try it out.

    They said it will take at least 2 to 3 months to show results. They didn't do anything for us in 4 months.

    $3000 spent, no reaction to our questions during that time. They took no responsibility for their lack of added value to our PPC and business. Shame.

    We were really hoping they know their business, but it turned out to be a shady business of some sort. Also, employees fluctuating in and out of their company, we have been handed over 4 people in 4 months, so it was very diffucult to keep a stream of communication in this way.

    At the end, we wrote them a comprehensive email of our main concerns and reasons for quitting the service, expected at least some kind of reply, got none. For the kind money we spent with them nobody even cares to respond back? I guess all they needed was being paid quickly and move on, which left us with a rather bitter taste in our mouths.

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