Product Details

T-HUB works with Quickbooks to process orders from marketplaces such as eBay, as well as the seller's own web store.

Orders can be exported to UPS WorldShip, FedEx or Endicia Dazzle and credit card processing by Authorize.Net or QuickBooks Merchant Service is supported.

  • Windows Software
  • United States

Pricing & Trial

From $30 per month (plus $79 initial setup & training fee) to $109 per month (plus $149 initial setup & training fee).

Additional store and user costs apply.

Trial Length: 15 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Infopia
  • Endicia
  • USPS
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • CandyPress
  • Magento
  • Pinnacle Cart
  • Shopify
  • ShopSite
  • VevoCart
  • Volusion
  • X-Cart
  • Yahoo Stores
  • QuickBooks

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29 Reviews

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Ease of Use

  • Frank

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Cheap in price

    Any negatives?

    Doesn't work well, horrible non existent support. Zero stars at best


    Not recommended

  • Erik Black

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Terrible for the most part

    What were the positives?

    Sometimes you can get it to work as it should

    Any negatives?

    Not reliable, Quickbook connection tolken time outs, doesn't work all the time. Not as automatic as it supposed to be


    Overall, I don't recommend this software. It's supposed to make things easier and it does not. You still have to hand hold the process so much, you might as well just manually do it.

  • Bob Johnson

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Product kind of works but support is non-existant.

    What were the positives?

    Not much

    Any negatives?

    Customer support has to be the worst of any company in history. And to add insult to injury, they continued to charge us for two months after cancellation so we had to do a dispute with our credit card company.


    Run away. There are much better alternatives.

  • TurboCelica

    Overall rating

    Works GREAT sometimes. WORST support of any company, ever!

    Any negatives?

    Yes... The entire support infrastructure needs a serious overhaul. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate it a 7 for effectiveness, as they do actually fix issues that arise. But I give it a -42, yes, negative 42, for the process and its unpleasantness.


    This product has so much potential. On the surface, it appears to be the end-all for multi-channel eCommerce. The marketing says it performs the equivalent of slicing bread and leaping tall buildings. However, reality is quitedifferent.

    I've used T-Hub for nearly 3 years. However, when it breaks, getting support is as enjoyable as pulling nose hairs. No, it's actually significantly more painful. more like performing surgery on yourself with no anesthesia.

    They have the most basic support web site, and opening a ticket requires logging many bits of identical data with each support ticket. My name, license#, phone number, shopping carts used... yes, on every support ticket. Seems like a technology company should already KNOW this about their customer. And, why they ask for my phone number with each support ticket is a real mystery... NO ONE has EVER called me in response to a support ticket. In fact, the only call I've received from Atandra was during the evaluation period when they were simply trying to get me to make the purchase. But I digress. Like so many companies, unfortunately, their support typically starts with the "Are you on the latest version?" I have T-Hub on 4 computers so it's not a trivial task to update them. And about 20% of the time, updates to T-HUB introduce new, undocumented issues that require new support tickets and remote sessions to correct. Thankfully, support eventually rectifies the issue, but they rarely convey the root cause to us so we know what caused the issue. As someone who worked in IT (at all levels), this is very frustrating.

    And, sometimes, they add functionality to the program as new options appear in the program after an update. Since their documentation is skimpy to non-existent, I fumble through how I *think* the feature is supposed to work.. And it becomes a guessing game, because there's no docs and no tangible help in the form of someone with whom to speak.

    The worst support, ever, by any company, present or past, real or imagined, and possibly worse than any future any universe. Until you experience their support, you cannot even begin to comprehend what I mean. The worst means worst. Period. Pulling my toenails out would be more enjoyable.

    Now for the positive. 🙂
    Overall, I continue using THUB because it remains a cost-effective solution, even with it's flaws. When THUB works, the feature/functionality we utilize performs very, very well. And, regardless of cost, no other product I've seen even comes close. From synchronizing QoH, to creating shipping labels and updating tracking. But, it has flaws, idiosyncratic behavior, and a support system that is off-the-chain frustrating.

    While it started off as a $1400 one-time purchase and a $350 annual, about a year ago, the annual subscription morphed into a monthly subscription, at nearly $100/month. I continue searching for a product that performs the features it does but I have yet to find a suitable replacement. Hopefully, with the added month from the monthly subscription, they are able to hire better developers and implement a better support ecosystem. If they do, great! if they don't, at some point, I'll find my alternative application, then I'll be gone.

    For the records, I give it ONE star because of the lackluster documentation, and absolute pain and anguish inflicted by their support. Otherwise, if these two areas were simply adequate, I'd give it 3.5 to 4 stars. Again, the functionality we use is really THAT good.

    As always, your mileage may vary. Good luck

  • Throughwith thub

    Overall rating

    PI$$ POOR

    I have worked customer service for over 25 years, including software support for CAM software . My company uses T Hub for online sales.
    Product seems ok at first until you need help.
    Then its a farking joke.
    Website submit ticket= wait two days for one liner answer that does not fix the problem.
    Phone number-973-200-8383 called three times this week left messages .
    Not a word from this company.
    There are MANY OTHER COMPANIES that offer the same product WITH customer support.
    My mission is to dump this crap and to find a product that comes with support when thisng go bad.
    I will make sure my company will discontinue this service and I will continue to spread the word about how POOR this Atandra T Hub software really is.

  • nuttmeag

    Overall rating

    Absolute waste of time and money

    We were recommended T-Hub to connect our online store to QB Online. I was never able to get the store connected. I even paid my IT guy to help me and he was unable to get a successful connection.
    The customer service is non-existent. I called, emailed and opened multiple tickets. They were never answered or marked as resolved. To add insult to injury, I can't cancel the darn thing. They keep running my card every month with multiple unanswered calls and emails. I just left another message with the sales team. Wish me luck in getting a refund and avoid at all costs!

  • tierack

    Overall rating

    Horrible Support

    There is nothing good about this product. It is almost always broken and the support to fix it has no idea what they are doing nor how to fix your problem. Do not get your Web store involved whit this product. It will kill your business!!! Support will waste days of your time trying the same band aid to the problem which is that it rarely works. There are other products that will provide the same functionality and I am sure the support has to be better than this. Three days of my time wasted going in circles with three different support people. The issue is the support people often make it worse as they do not read historical information understand the root of the problem and that their band aids only break the product more. Maybe it is a good product but you will never know because the support for it sucks!

  • Mabbott

    Overall rating


    Any negatives?

    Yes of course!

    I could be asked how the process went
    I could be given a NAME rather than nameless emails
    I could be given quicker response
    They could actually do what I ask
    They prioritise everything as "low" or "waiting on customer" (rubbish)

    I will change as soon as this product has a competitor. They earned a loss of my business today.

    I FOUND an email of a human rather than they anonymous support and wrote to both mails and complained.

    I would PAY for support (better support). VIPSupport, Gold level support -- that's how rubbish it is...

    I even do pay for a support plan but it's kinda not that helpful 🙁

    Sad, this was so cool

    IM going to email Big Commerce now and ask them to create this and then I can integrate it into my web store more seamlessly

    That's my 2 cents folks!!!


    I think the product is good if you get it hooked up eventually and don't mess with it.

    I have written several times and got nonesense replies to my issues. It doesn't pull orders at times and they said I checked too much???


    That's so funny. You push the button to draw down orders so either they need automatic sweeps in or they need a reliable button I can push frequently.

    I had one phone call before and that was way a few years ago and that was a polite and helpful man.

    No calls recently can be arranged because they appear to lazy, overworked, understaffed, disinterested or other adjectives of this nature.

  • vtjballeng

    Overall rating

    Decent product. Tragically, incomprehensibly poor support.

    What were the positives?

    Product is a 7/10. Average. Decent but not great. Could use a lot of refinement and bug fixes.

    Any negatives?

    Documentation is poor. Accessing the documentation is difficult. Resources are stratified. Some documentation is out of date and you MUST contact the owner to get the correct information because support is HORRIBLE. So bad, it wouldn't past the Turin test.


    Support is so poor, it is worthy of an entire essay. They can't or won't answer even the most fundamental questions. They want to schedule remote sessions for basic information they have in their stratified documentation. Scheduling a remote session is irrelevant as they won't actually show up for said remote session. They don't seem to know anything about their product, how or what their product interacts with, computers in general, or anything in general.

  • joeyc34

    Overall rating

    T-hub worse support....actually no support

    What were the positives?

    product works...kinda.

    Any negatives?

    They have the worse customer service if you could even call i that. Manish is the owner and is pretty much the only person with the company. Email, call, file help request takes days to get a reply on if you get one at all.


    They have the worse customer service if you could even call i that. Manish is the owner and is pretty much the only person with the company. Email, call, file help request takes days to get a reply on if you get one at all.

  • Mak

    Overall rating


    We submitted a high priority support request on Sept 16. received an acknowledgement on Sept 20 after sending out reminder. Our issue was transferred to a supervisor on Sept 20.It is now Oct 6, we have sent 3 reminders, no response.

    And the funny thing is, our issues are not complex, they are simple questions about the functioning of the system. where is the problem?

    we are stuck, we cannot move forward, we have paid support fees, and we are getting no response. it is either their support software, Kayako which is not working and message are not getting through or they simply do not have support staff.


  • crawdaddy

    Overall rating

    Terrible support

    What were the positives?

    The product is ok but the service awful.

    Any negatives?

    Fire the entire customer service department and start over again. No one should be spared. They are a complete disgrace and make a mockery of customer support.


    Worst customer support we have every experienced. What can you say when they hang up on you as you are explaining there is a problem that hasn't been fixed? Half of our Amazon orders are not being pulled through and now we have a mess. We have spent days on the phone and online to no avail. We have been with these people for almost 9 years and have always had less than average support. We managed to work through problems even though their english language support is a challange. Now we have an impossible problem because the software is broken and they are no help at all. Stay away from these people you will regret it.

  • sandrabooher

    Overall rating

    I am DONE! - Worst Support Ever

    Even though you pay for a yearly support plan, don't expect to get much of any. Further, don't expect any phone support. After a recent problem where only some Amazon FBA orders where importing, it took 2 full days of showing them exactly what the problem was. There was no resolution and they kept trying the same low level support . They advised it should work. Then nothing.. They don't fix the problem and just leave you hanging. In fact they just clicked off the communication session and never answer you again.

    I had many problems with T-hub in the past and I have become very savy with the software; in fact I could easily do technical support for them! But.. After 3 years of this crappy support I am done! Someone by the name of Manish used to own the company many years ago and he provided average support; in fact on a few occasions, I was able to speak to him. This is no longer the case.

    This is what usually happens.

    You submit a ticket, then they copy/paste some standard response. The first response advises you to go through the initial setup to verify your setup is correct. To the average person, this is not easy; I am lucky that I do IT work.

    Then the second response it to try something else and if you let this continue, this will continue going back and forth for 3 or 4 days; while nothing is happening.

    They don't speak English; therefore don't expect to communicate well. Additionally they are not in the US; they work remotely from abroad.

    Overall, the software works well WHEN IT WORKS!

    I have decided to use another software that provides phone support and is located in the US.

  • Disgruntled

    Overall rating

    Horrific Tech Spport

    I have had to return to their tech team 2 and 3 times before finally getting resolution on a technical issue. Their support team is incompetent and does not test to ensure resolution. To make things even more frustrating, I have had to explain my tech issues numerous times to each support person - as if no one communicates internally.

    I have had to contact them numerous times before being responded to. Very unprofessional!

    On another note, It IS a good system when it works but they need better attention to support from upper management. I am surprised they have not addressed this yet and left businesses hanging and frustrated...and for that reason, I'M OUT!

  • ATeamConsulting

    Overall rating


    No contact number to call a help desk.
    Must submit a ticket and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. until it is convenient for them to get back to you.
    Then, the e-mails back and forth start with them trying to diagnose an issue they don't full understand.
    They'll send you multiple links all to the same "get started" guide that do not pertain to your original issue whatsoever.
    Finally, they'll agree to have a remote session initiated, but even that will take a few days to schedule.
    Worst part is, they don't even speak English and very rarely understand what you are trying to convey.

    If you can afford it: WEBGILITY.

    With T-Hub you get what you pay for.. Zero tech support.

  • sowtrueseed

    Overall rating


    Quite possibly the worst program I have ever used! When it works its wonderful but every single update breaks the program, and then you get to contact support and wait a few days for response. In the mean time you cant get any of your orders from the website into your financial software. Once you finally do get some support they won't be able to fix it that day it usually takes a week or more for them to get back to you and tell you that "THUB just doesn't do that"

    I was a loyal customer of years and I am never EVER going to use this company again. Save yourself all the pain and agony of trying to get this software to work and just get ANYTHING else.

  • colinmaddix

    Overall rating

    T-HUB Tech Support Quickly Rectified a Critical Problem

    We have all experienced problems with automatic windows updates bringing our PCs to a halt. That happened to us mid morning while processing and shipping orders from our website. The system needed a reboot but would not complete it. We did a hard reboot causing some of the windows files to be corrupted preventing T-HUB and QuickBooks from working. After an email alert to T-HUB Technical support they took over our PC, remotely fixed the windows problem, reloaded T-HUB and got us up and running. They stayed with the problem for 2 hours until we were sure it was fixed. We did not miss a shipment that day due to their excellent service and product. Thank you T-HUB!

  • Mrs. Barkley

    Overall rating


    I love T-HUB because of the ease of use. It is very user friendly. T-HUB saves our company time and money. It's like having an extra employee. Also, the customer service, which I rarely need, is 2nd to none!

  • sash

    Overall rating

    Product is Probably Great- I may never know though

    I think this is the answer to my integration with Big Commerce, QB and Shipping but I am begging for support and they have emailed me and suggested I do a search to figure what I need...

    It was installed on my system Dec 29th, I had a rushed training (30 minutes at most) and I am supposed to be able to figure out why things are not syncing or working. We downloaded 2 orders with the same product and they were smooth but no other sale on my site has actually synced properly.

    If anyone knows of a like product to Thub/Atandra, please respond and tell me

    sashley 11 at yahoo

    1. Reply from Atandra Systems


      Sorry to hear that. Did you get a chance to submit a support ticket? Please do so team can help with it in detail.

  • frecha

    Overall rating

    Best Software and Support

    When I first bought Atandra Thub several years ago, I was very apprehensive about a software that you buy and install yourself and the support is online using a ticket system (not a phone support system). Very soon I realized that this company, its software, and its support system is absolutely the best available anywhere. First of all, the software is spectacular, works perfect, and rarely causes a problem. But, when it does, simply enter a ticket, and Atandra employees spring into action immediately, and do not rest until you are running perfectly again, EVEN WHEN SOMETIMES IT ISN'T THEIR PROBLEM! Atandra Thub is simply the best software ever written to assist ecommerce merchants on the internet! Absolutely Unbelieveble Value!

    Fred Chappell
    F.S.C., Inc.

  • atandra.thub.customer

    Overall rating

    Happy T-HUB user for many years

    I usually don't submit online comments but felt I had to do this one when asked gently.
    T-HUB makes the job in our warehouse a breeze. We have been using it for 5+ years and so glad.

    Few times when we are crunched with tons of orders to get out and there is some problem, they have been able to provide quick assistance.

    We also use their Blue shipping program that helps with shipping costs - that's great.


  • BobRoss

    Overall rating

    Best software ever!

    I was suffering for months using the web connector from Volusion. What a nightmare! Since getting T-Hub I've never had any single problem getting my orders from Volusion into QuickBooks. It's so easy and just a click "boom". The best is you don't have to create some funny accounts in Quickbooks in order to post your orders. Payments are coming smoothly and if you ever need to you can redo or update an order from the web. T-Hub is the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish Volusion people would just forward everybody to T-Hub instead of trying without result to fix that web connector. I told them on my last ticket: "Get T-Hub or create new tickets over and over".
    Thank you for creating the software and being there for whatever question I may have.

  • elitecore

    Overall rating

    T-Hub by Atandra has changed the way we do business forever.

    T-Hub has completely been a game changer for us. We are a company that sells both wholesale and retail products through various online selling channels and multiple identities. T-Hub has seamlessly worked with our two Magento shopping carts, two eBay seller ids, and 1 Amazon seller id. The control we have over how customers and sales receipts or invoices get created in Quickbooks Enterprise is amazing. Another feature of T-Hub that we rely on every day is the Inventory Sync functionality. All of our Inventory is managed in Quickbooks, however, T-Hub has an automator that we have set to run every 15 minutes that takes our inventory of each product (currently around 1000 skus) and pushes that data out to all our our selling channels and updates the inventory level of each product on each channel so we literally have real-time inventory management that happens without us lifting a finger. This has given us a competitive advantage in our market place.

    I also want to say the customer service we have received over the years from Atandra has been outstanding. Any time we have run into an issue, which is not very often, they have responded very quickly and always resolved the issue. I feel very supported by Atandra and their experienced staff. I would highly recommend them for anyone using Quickbooks and running an online ecommerce business of any size.

    Trey M
    Elite Core Audio
    Conway, AR

  • rvijerad

    Overall rating

    Great product for Volusion and Quickbooks Desktop Users

    We were triple entering all data until we started using T-Hub online. This simplified everything and it gave our customers the experience they deserved. We highly recommend this product.

  • Vonderbach

    Overall rating

    Hands down the worst customer support on the planet!

    We upgraded our store and thub stopped working. So I tried to call answer. Typical. So we opened a ticket. It took two days to get someone to actually start to resolve the problem. They tried to login to our ftp using SSL (completely unnecessary) and when they couldn't use SSL they claimed it didn't work. There's no reason for SSL just to verify files. So they ask to share my screen. I proceed to tell them what is wrong...they don't understand. I tell them that their script is calling for a file that does not exist. This is when the tech agent says he doesn't know php. I lose it! I tell him to get someone on the chat that knows PHP since THAT'S THE PLATFORM I'M USING!!! The tech proceeds to disconnect and tells me to contact them via email.

    I'm done and over with these clowns.

    Why is there no ZERO stars option?

  • Paula1966

    Overall rating


    I hesitate to even give T-hub 1 star. I tried the program with the 10 day trial. I thought we had worked out all the bugs until I actually paid for the service. Then the real trouble began. We process over $75,000 worth of orders a month. Needless to say I need my processes to work every day. T-hub works at best 50% of the time. We have had to create an actual manual of work arounds for all the error messages we get in a day.
    It took over a week to get the 3 computers up and running on T-hub, they worked for 4 days and we logged on this morning and T-hub cannot connect to the database on any of our computers. We are again dead in the water.
    Customer service does not have a phone number, and the online chat is never available. So you are forced to create a ticket and wait for them to email you with their suggestions. Typically you receive a suggested course of action, try it step by step, only to get another error message, email support again, find out they "missed a step"'s a vicious cycle.
    Finally they offer to remote access your computer (typically 24-48 hours after your problem started). The 2 times they have remote accessed my computers they have left the job half done, hang up and we are stuck with a non working program yet again.
    This company is horrible! I would never recommend them to anyone!


    Overall rating

    poor customer support

    I want to thank T-HUB/Atandra for having the WORST customer support on this planet. As a consequence of their failure to call me back within 24 hours of requesting help with configuring T-HUB, I found another interface that was much less expensive, and is working very well.

    Thanks again for sucking!!!

  • QB-enterprise-user

    Overall rating

    The program works but support is TERRIBLE

    We have become very, very frustrated with the lack of support. Since Atandra began to charge for support on a monthly basis rather than an annual basis, it seems that tickets go unanswered for a long time. I have a ticket now that I've been waiting 2 months for. We had a problem crop up when our computer did an update from Win 8 to 8.1 That was 2.5 months ago. They did log into our computer and view the issue within a few days of the problem and they said they'd get back to us with an answer. That was October. This is January. About once a week I post again on the ticket, asking for a response, and there are none.

    We are paying the required support on a monthly basis but getting nothing for our money. I am seriously looking for other options. We began with Thub back when our business was small and the support problems were not such a BIG deal. We've grown to the point where these order entry and shipping systems are CRITICAL. Obviously, Atandra is only suited to businesses so small that it doesn't matter if orders go out on time. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I will be opening a complaint with the BBB if I don't have a response this week.

  • Online Seller

    Overall rating

    Atandra T-Hub is an Outdated Mediocre Program with HORRENDOUS Support!

    We used T-Hub by Atandra for a couple years and it's a decent program but it has a multitude of problems and the company has no idea what customer service or tech support is. We have run into problem after problem and when requesting support (which you have to pay a few hundred dollars for), it literally takes them days to respond, if they respond at all. Many times, we don't receive a response and have had to hire other programmers to fix the program. Considering we have to pay additional fees for support from Atandra T-hub, having to pay other programmers to fix the program is absolutely ridiculous! What little support we did receive, was extremely limited and not very helpful at all.

    Atandra T-Hub a very simple program for a very small business that doesn't sell much online. It's extremely outdated and you won't find very many features at all. Don't expect to use this as an order manager or strong shipping solution, otherwise you're setting yourself up for disappointment and headaches! There are much better options out there, honestly. My suggestion is to find a better solution. Don't waste your money on this outdated program and definitely don't waste your money on paying for their support!

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