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Auctiva is a service with a one-page lister, unlimited image hosting, templates, scheduling, and Auctiva Showcase in-auction gallery.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)

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From $7.95 per month to $24.95 per month for eBay only plans.
From $29.95 per month to $199.95 per month for multichannel plans.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • eBay Motors
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  • jonathan anders

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Syncing at its BEST!

    What were the positives?

    The syncing between Amazon and eBay is a big deal for me. My stock shifts constantly and managing them in one place is really nice.

    Any negatives?

    The app is only for image uploading, but its ok for now.


    The listing and syncing tools are great. I have a lot of products and this is the fastest way I've found so far to manage them.

  • j gregory lewis

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    superior tools and outstanding customer service

    What were the positives?

    Lots of tools, easy to get started and link accounts. Responsive customer service. Pretty modern looking

    Any negatives?

    Nothing yet, even the price is better than anyone else


    So far this is helping me manage my sales better. Everything is in one place and I dont have to deal with ebay directly anymore, which is great. Worth the $$

  • Gregory Winkle

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Website does exactly what I wanted it to do. Made Ebay --> Amazon seamless

    What were the positives?

    The templates, scrolling gallery, and optimizer all increased the marketability of products. Then the lister made it easy to convert my products from just ebay, to selling on the amazon marketplace.

    Any negatives?

    Not so far


    Service is perfect if you want to be able to manage both Ebay and Amazon marketplaces in one area. The ability to have edits made to both is a timesaver and kills two birds with one stone. Very useful tool

  • Logan

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    I Saved Tremendously

    What were the positives?

    The toolsets they have such as their auto-lister, CSV bulk editor, and SEO keyword optimizer, and one-page lister make my life so much easier to be able to sell on eBay and Amazon simultaneously.

    Any negatives?

    I have nothing but good things to say about this company. As a user of over 5 years they continue to offer nothing but new features that helps my business excel!


    The features Auctiva's toolset has to offer and the pricing is way more competitive than their competitors have to offer. They have many features that make my online selling on eBay and Amazon much easier.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    The best plattform to help us organize and list everything

    What were the positives?

    Tempates and easy to handly

    Any negatives?

    I have only one issue with Auctiva, but I am not sure if this is an problem related to auctiva or Ebay: I noticed very slow views in my listings. 3 or 4 buyers look at by week. Could you explain to me? Is the plattform too much heavy or many flashes?


    I will keep going with Auctiva, always!

  • michele mimi safa

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    I’ve used Auctiva for many years, and I’m just about to cancel my subscription.

    What were the positives?

    I like having all of my photos together on their site-very easy to use.
    I like being able to start listings, and come back to them sometimes over a year later and they are still there.

    Any negatives?

    For many years I had no trouble with anything, so I didn’t need to contact them. Now they’ve charged me $5.00 more per month, I want to know why, and there’s no way for me to contact them. My plan doesn’t let me contact them by phone, and the place to file a case has a message-sorry, it doesn’t work right now. I also have an item I need to purchase insurance on by today, and that’s not working either- and still no way to contact anyone for help.

    Also, when I first started they had tons of great templates, which made my listings look really good. The ones they have now are awful or too specific, so I only end up using a handful over and over. I sell a lot of Christmas items, and they only have a few Christmas templates, and none of them are the traditional red and green. This is a big reason I’m looking for a different lister.


    I’m disappointed where they have gone, and I’m appalled at the lack of customer service.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi Michele, it sounds like you missed the pricing change announcement and so I do apologize for the inconvenience or confusion that may have caused. In the very near future, we'll be switching to a new Customer Support Management tool which will make it so much more easy for you to contact us directly from Auctiva. For now, please feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions.

  • VT

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Signed up to try it out, a few weeks later they removed our listings from ebay.

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    They changed our ebay stock quantity without our approval we did not even use this software. Made the mistake to sign up and now we suffer the consequence.


    Extremely bad experience.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      Hi @VT, we're so sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with our service. We'd love to make it up to you and help resolve the issues you ran into. Please contact us with the details of your account and the effected listings and we'll be more than happy to take a look

      When you sign up for Auctiva Multi-Channel, you have the ability to turn on Auto-Synced Quantity, which will keep your listings' quantity in sync across eBay & Amazon. It may be possible you had that setting turned on, but were somehow unaware of it. If that's the case our team can show you how to switch this setting so that your products use Allocated Quantity instead.

      Again, we're sorry for the inconveniences this has caused you, but if you'd like any help we're more than happy to provide you with additional assistance.

  • C Tiffin

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Auctiva increased the cost of my plan by 50% but was not informed

    What were the positives?

    At first, years back, I found the Auctiva template easy to use.

    Any negatives?

    Unfortunately the way they display photos within the description is not user friendly.

    The level of customer support has decreased and now it can take 24 hours for a response.

    They also increased the fees for my plan by 50% without contacting me - they said I should have seen the information in the messages section when I logged in to Auctiva. I am currently looking into whether this is legal. I think there should have been some sort of written communication if they were taking more money from my account.


    I would not recommend.

  • Phillip Gabrielli

    Overall rating

    Cannot sign in

    For years I used and thought Auctiva was a great service, but now it won't even let me sign in.
    And I have no idea what to do about it!

    The customer service is available only by filing a written "support case", which was once great, but now does not seem to have an answer for me.
    There is no telephone number.

    I still have a support case filed and am hoping they may get back to me with some help that works
    Does anyone know if there actually is a telephone number I can call?
    That would be terrific, but doubt that the is a number.

    Does anyone know if there is a service like Auctiva?

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      @Phillip Gabrielli Hi Phillip, I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble logging into your Auctiva account! It sounds like you have a support case open and so our team should already be working with you to resolve this.

      However I'd also like to point you in the direction of our Reset Password page here

      Using the link above will allow you reset your Auctiva log in password which will then allow you to log into your account under the new password you create.

      As far as Phone Support, we do offer Live Chat & Phone Support if you're subscribed to either our Elite or Pro Plan, or if you're subscribed to our Enterprise Multi-Channel plan you also get Live Chat & Phone Support included. If you're not on one of those plans, you can always add this feature to your account for an additional $5.95 per month. Otherwise, you can continue to contact us via our Customer Support page here We're available by email Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm PT

      Kindest regards,

  • OldEbaySeller

    Overall rating

    Using Auctiva to sell on eBay for years Amazon weeks

    First and foremost Auctiva is a great value, I've been using it for years to great success. From removing the active content on my ebay listings years ago, to the new templates that look great on iPhones, I've always thought the service Auctiva provides is a great value. There support is WAY better than eBay's support, and even when eBay has issues, Auctiva support has provided me help and work arounds for eBay glitches. Recently I started using the Auctiva multi-channel system for syncing my product inventory between eBay and Amazon, and so far it's worked great. My SKUs matched up and when I update my products, they are sync'd with both Amazon and eBay. I've even used their Search Engine Optimizer which generated hundreds of item specifics for my eBay listings, once I clicked update, my eBay listings were immediately with the item specifics. It would have literally taken me days to copy those item specifics out of my listing descriptions and add them as item specifics, saved me a TON of time.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      @OldEbaySeller Hey there, thanks for sharing your feedback! I'm so glad to hear you've been happy with our service and am even more excited to hear you're now using it to manage both your eBay and Amazon businesses. Hope you have a stellar Q4!


  • dcluers

    Overall rating

    This is a terrible service!

    I thought I sign for a free trial just to try it out. It installed a scrolling banner an all my eBay items listings, without my knowledge or permission! I then had to delete the html code from EACH listing just to remove it.

    They might be doing everything else right but this has overshadowed anything else they're doing!

    So I have to write 500 characters which are not necessary to get my point across. Who made that decision and why? This is a shame that people are forced to write more than needed. That really detracts from the service here.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      @dcluers So sorry for my late reply, but I wanted to follow up nonetheless and let you know there is an account preference available in your Auctiva account which will allow you to disable the cross-promotional Scrolling Gallery. Just log into your Auctiva account and go to you'll then see an option to disable the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" setting.

      Additionally, our team can remove the Scrolling Gallery for you, no need to do it one-by-one! Just contact our team here and ask them to remove the Scrolling Gallery from all of your active eBay listings and they'll do so.

      Again, I apologize for the late reply and inconvenience this may have caused you.


  • GaryMcA

    Overall rating

    The Auctiva SEO tool really increased my ebay sales

    What were the positives?

    I've used Auctiva for years and its been a good value. However it had a huge positive impact on my sales on ebay when I accepted their automated SEO tool suggestions for my listings. Auctiva auto-generated several custom item specifics for each of my listings from my descriptions, I just had to accept the suggestions. It immediately made my listings searchable by ebay's item specifics (what ebay calls structured data), saw sales increase in almost all my listings that month! Awesome!

    Any negatives?

    I'm really hoping their Amazon listings/syncing service comes out soon so i can manage all my ebay and amazon listings in one place.


    Support was awesome. Chat support was prompt and helpful and when i called it was staff spoke clear english and knew how to use Auctiva.

  • epsparts

    Overall rating

    Auctiva WAS a big tool for a small price

    What were the positives?

    When I started using Auctiva it was an easy to use tool, with many of the necessary bells and whistles. I liked it and was abe to make work arounds for the problems.

    Any negatives?

    It could have been better in many ways, a place to enter item location, a place to enter item SKU, and many other things.

    All of this is of no matter when the Compatibility tool for eBay Motors Parts and Accessories has been broken for almost a year now. I have filed multiple, multiple case tickets with support, and always the same answer. "We know there is a problem, and our engineers are working on it."


    The support was horrible. Still broken after almost a year. If the engineers cannot fix it, hire new ones! They are offering a new tool for listing on Amazon and all kinds of new things, but their core product has been out of commission for almost a year! No word from support ever. Only when I contact them, do I get the same response - "We know there is a problem, and our engineers are working on it." Fix what is broken, and your core customers are paying for, and THEN move on to new tools.

    ALl I can say is I used to recommend Auctiva but I will not any more. I used to like Auctiva but I do not anymore. I used to use Auctiva but not anymore, since I would no longer be in business. I had to find a different tool to use just to list to eBay. I am still paying them in the hopes that they will wake up before it is too late.

    eBay mbpartsguy

  • competitiveautomotive

    Overall rating

    Not for a commercial bussiness

    What were the positives?

    It was a decent service for us starting out back in 2007. But this has changed dramatically and has not kept up with making improvements or dealing with mandated changes required from eBay in timely manners. Get the impression from since it was bought out they seem to only maintain things only at a minimum. Just riding the wave. All companies do have their downfalls or problems that can occur, which is just part of life. We understand that and take things in stride working with issues as they seem to come along. Getting acknowledgements of issues or having issues addressed is what matters.They were OK earlier on. Then it became the deceit of your the only one have these issues. Yet you would read other people had the same exact problems and been given the same answers. When confronted, you get a different answer. Or Tech is aware and is working on it. Brush off type answers or talking in circles. Years go by still some of the same problems never get addressed or fixed. Then comes the browser issues. Well we use to support Explorer, but no longer. Use Chrome now. A year or so it is Oh, we no longer support that browser now use Firefox. Seems to be always something to have to work things out with. Lately, it has been blamed to being eBay's fault.or there issues. Contact eBay and they say straight out it is Auctiva issues which they have no control over. So in short if you plan on trying to get any support .you will get the runaround answers without resolving the problems. Sometimes no answer is much better than being directly lied to. Now I don't want you to get the wrong impression of constantly complaining or having daily issues where you just wear them down. but are talking about two or maybe three issues in a course of a year at the very most being very pleasant and having patience about addressing them. But never getting things properly resolved. Would not recommend this service for any large business. Might be OK for a hobbyist or small occasional sellers. But not to invest years or any large amounts of time into. As it will all be a waste of time getting nothing back in return. Bulk editing is heavily flawed and will make unintentional changes to other aspects you did not want changed or altered or loses certain offered shipping information.When creating listings if you go over the character limits when you hit save at the end, it will lose all the information you entered without any prompts or warnings..Some selling choice options available in eBay are not offered in Auctiva. Over long time frames as they change servers or have hosting, or hacking issues, some listings will either disappear or not be available. Search engine for looking up your own listings is heavily flawed. Doesn't seem to find exact matched words or wording entered. Even though word is completely exact in your title description. Labor time costs fixing there issues get to be staggering.

    Any negatives?

    Support for issues would be on top of the list. Templates are so outdated and orientated mostly pertaining to crafts, Flowers, Art Deco, hobbyist, or just plain straight out ugly, Not much for Commercial, Business Industrial or Automotive other than Simple Plain Outdated Generic. This company had something good to initially offer that could of grown into something much more better. But they have chosen to let it all slip by them Sadly to have to say.


    The support was outright Terrible!!! Worn Out Tired And Frustrated of Playing Games. Can't fix old existing problems or at-least to even acknowledge them. So no chance of getting any new problems fixed. On Deaf Ears..Not normally one to have the time to do a review until being

  • Ebayforme

    Overall rating

    Months Cleaning Up My Listings

    I tried Auctiva for a few weeks. Found it to be not user friendly. Just could not get it to work accurately. And it always looked more like an Auctiva advertisement than a way to enhance my listings. The bad thing is it damaged a lot of my listings and hurt my sales. In the aftermath I have had to go into hundreds and hundreds of listings and fix them by hand. Painstakingly one ata time. The time has been insane! Do not use this service. It invades your ebay and it's difficult to fix the damage. Sold listings stay on the banner. The counter is wrong. I'm still fixing my listings 6 months later.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      @Ebayforme So sorry for my late reply, but I wanted to follow up with you nonetheless and let you know there is an account preference available in your Auctiva account which will allow you to disable the cross-promotional Scrolling Gallery and the View Counter. Just log into your Auctiva account and go to you'll then see the options to disable the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" as well as the "Append View Counters to my listings" settings.

      Additionally our team can remove these for you, no need to do it yourself! Just contact our team here and ask them to remove the Scrolling Gallery and View Counter from all of your active eBay listings and they'll do so.

      Once again, I sincerely apologize for the late reply and inconveniences this has caused you.


  • dodgyv

    Overall rating

    Poor Service, Out dated platform

    What were the positives?

    A few years ago it was at best okay way to integrate listing templates.
    now its totally outdated, ebay listing is so much more direct, seamless and faster. why would you even pay for 3rd party listing platform that is worst than the original?


    Their customer support is one of the worst that I've experienced. No decency at all.
    In short, had been charged for over a 1 year and a bit. I had forgotten my password and email that i actually used. I tried contacting them in the last few months multiple times via email to cancel. their response was scattered. Resulting in another 3 months of overcharges. All in all paid a year and 3 months without using their service and 0 refund.

  • Desert Dweller

    Overall rating

    Activate used to be good, not so much now

    I have been using Auctiva for a number of years, they used to have a great number of very nice templates. Now you can’t find any from the search field and minimal categories are available. The only way to find any template is from a color choice. What happened to the nice southwest templates? Also I used to buy their insurance and I had a couple of claims for lost items, no fault of mine but the post office and now they disabled my availability to purchase insurance through them. Every time I try on my PC to drag to upload images the whole system freezes up. Looking for a new provider.

  • dancingron2

    Overall rating

    Auctiva has changed. After 8 years I cannot list anything.

    When it worked, the support was great, but the last year we have had to log into Auctiva by Facebook. That is when all the problems started. I cannot get on the site to list and the help page says it is not working. I am broke. They took out their money this month for their use of Auctiva when it doesn't work anymore. I am sick to my stomach. I have lots of stuff to list and we are coming into the holiday season. Very convenient. I have called and no one was there to speak to me. Awful

  • cybereyes

    Overall rating

    oh hell no!!!!

    👿 I am new to using templates for listing and I NEED/HAVE to use templates because I am selling several hundred like items. I selected auctiva based on what I read on their site. WRONG DECISION!!!
    I spent an entire day crafting several options based on book types, authors, etc. When it came time to populate the templates with the data, I ran into a host of issues.

    The template selected was designed to host 1 image but when I looked at the template after plugging in all the information and loading an image.. NO IMAGE was seen! I did this 3 times and the same thing happened

    Is sent a message to support (THERE IS NO ONE TO CALL) about another issue and say a response posted but NEVER say any type of email letting me know that a response was provided. I just happened to look in the area where you submit an issue.

    DRASTICALLY improve your customer service

  • Warranty

    Overall rating

    It's been all downhill for Auctiva in 2017

    I've been with Auctiva since it's inception many years ago but it's inability to maintain compliance with ebay standards is inexcusable. The customer service system is seriously underwhelming. You must submit your problem online and wait. . . and wait. . . and wait for a response. Even when you receive a response via email, chances are almost 100% that your problem will not be resolved. You will simply be advised that they are 'aware' of your problem. It may take days or weeks to be provided a resolution to the problem or it may never be addressed. You may even be asked to submit the issue to the Auctiva 'community' for a vote to see if it will be addressed. They've had months of notice regarding the ebay non active content changes and yet none of the templates I've tried are ready for prime time. There are issues ranging from active content, to formatting images, etc. They didn't even bother revising the existing templates that users were utilizing to be compliant with the new ebay policy and none of the new templates work properly. I've spent over 100 man hours trying to resolve the issues and even had to employ a programmer to get my listings to post using the new templates. Even now, Auctiva can't tell users when the issues with the new templates will be resolved. The customer service rivals Comcast for bottom of the barrel. I'm moving on to another platform.

  • sachker

    Overall rating

    Auctiva - No Longer a Viable Service

    What were the positives?

    Easy to use templates, Inventory, Image Upload - However, after 7 years with them there have been so many problems with these features not working and not a thing you can do about it. If you are not a Premium subscriber, you cannot be in contact with a human and only filing ticket for support. God only knows when the fix will come leaving our business hanging and unable to list!

    Any negatives?

    I would like to add that in the past theres were no tacky streaming advertisements in the background of images with better quality image hosting in addition to the tacky ads in the background of your images. When asked for them to not do this they claimed it is a revenue stream for them. Yes, at your polluted images'/listing's expense! I am shopping for a new service. Don't get stuck with this service as it will not provide quality services. imaging, or support. Not even worth the $10 month subscription. I'm sorry Auctiva, you did this to yourself.


    The support was pretty much non-existent

  • traversebaysoap

    Overall rating

    They just suck.. Hours spent trying to delete

    They just suck.. Hours spent trying to delete scrolling gallery..
    I was told by its customer service that to remove the scrolling, I'd need to revise all 550 listings one by one...I regret the day I ever added it.To remove the Auctiva scrolling gallery from your listings, you will have to manually revise the code on each listing.
    It is a process by AUCTIVA determined by HTML, Auctiva takes the liberty to enter the code into all listings, after a person signs up, but then Auctiva decides it wants nothing to do with a person who wants to stop scrolling. Hostile attitude toward software departure.

    1. Reply from MoreCommerce

      @traversebaysoap So sorry for my extremely late reply, but I wanted to follow up with you nonetheless and let you know there is an account preference available in your Auctiva account which will allow you to disable the cross-promotional Scrolling Gallery. Just log into your Auctiva account and go to you'll then see an option to disable the "Append Auctiva Scrolling Gallery to my listings" setting.

      Additionally, our team can remove the Scrolling Gallery for you, no need to do it youself, one-by-one! Just contact our team here and ask them to remove the Scrolling Gallery from all of your active eBay listings and they'll do so.

      Again, I apologize for the late reply and inconvenience this may have caused you.


  • thriftythrills2

    Overall rating

    OK until there's a problelm

    I've been using Auctiva for years. Then I had a problem. My bulk relisting tool wasn't working. I contacted them. The problem was sent to their tech team. No further answer. So I asked them to refund my monthly fee since I was not able to use all of the listing tools included in my monthly fee. No go. It has been nearly 2 months and they have not resolved the problem. You can't call them unless you get the $14.95 monthly plan. I continue to message them for assistance and they do not resolve the problem. Disappointed and looking for another listing tool.

  • sector5shop

    Overall rating

    Dated templates, clunky interface and took over my sales on

    I tried auctiva a few years ago to help my listing on ebay and make my listings more professional and easy to handle. Did the job fine, but not great.
    Took me a long while to quit the service though!!

    Been having issues with inkfrog so I decided to try Auctiva again. The templates were awful and belong in the 90s, and when I quit the free trail it kept messing up my ebay live sales by updating them and ruining my inkfrog templates by adding unwanted code.
    (it turned out there is a setting to give apps persmission to use this which needs to be de-activated, although the internet give very little reference to this, and the ebay help desk had no idea about it)

    Awful experience, made my problems with inkfrog seem insignificant.

  • sardog107954

    Overall rating

    Dated & Tedious

    The entire interface seems as though it is left over from the 1990's. I keep expecting to have to throw in some DOS commands to get it to work. Maybe that what it needs because this service is horrible.

    Regardless of the profiles and pre-settings and all the other promises Auctiva makes, entering listings is a way too cumbersome. Change the font, change the color, change the size...oh you need to change a few words...change the font, change the color, change the size.

    You want to upload pictures? On step #93 you finally get to view the photos as they would appear. Too bad one is out of order because you now have to start all over again at step #1.

    Wait, before you leave that page to check on something, make sure you save it otherwise there is a good chance it will be gone when you come back.

    This has proved to be way too frustrating just creating listings. After 100 listings or so I thought it would become easier but the entire process is not natural, making every effort a thinking chore.

    Bottom line...a frustrating waste of time and energy.

  • Morgan

    Overall rating

    Top rated seller - using Auctiva successfully for a decade.

    Not sure why all of the negative reviews but my marketing experience tells me that for every person who takes the time to complain there are hundreds of satisfied customers who say nothing. As with anything, there can be glitches but Auctiva is extremely easy to use, inexpensive for the service they provide, and reliable. I have had good experiences with customer support. I have even had them listen to suggestions for improvement. My photos load quickly and I have a good file of listings and pics for relistings. I am a very busy top rated seller with two stores. So - I continue to list and sell using Auctiva.

  • denizab

    Overall rating

    They just suck wish I could give 0 stars

    Upgraded my account from their lowest tier because I was planning on starting to do a lot of listing posts through Auctiva.

    Their home page has in huge font :

    List Faster.
    Save Money.
    Sell More.

    I started to do some auction posts, I did an initial post and scheduled some more. My post didn't post to eBay through Auctiva and gave an error message for the listing. The error message wasn't specific, it was just a please contact support.

    I contacted support hoping maybe I made an error on my end that they could tell me about but instead I got a canned response of, our engineers are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it and will keep you updated.

    I asked for a time estimate which they could not give, they said to just be patient so I did. 3 weeks later I follow up with them about the issue and they say it is still not resolved. I STILL CANNOT USE THEIR LISTING SERVICE FOR EBAY TO LIST ON EBAY.

    I ask for a refund because I haven't been able to use their product for the entire month and they respond with a, you need to read our terms of service which say that we cannot guarantee no interruption in service so we cannot issue you a refund.

    What a gigantic waste of time.

  • TMLK

    Overall rating

    Excellent Customer Service!

    I am a new user of auctiva and inadvertently created two accounts during my free trial period (transposed two letters on my user name).

    I was kind of glad as I wanted to see how good their customer service was. I am pleased to say that my case (submitted online through their help system) was responded to within a half hour. After several back and forths all of whick were timely, my issue was resolved in less than a day.

    Their customer service was quick, responsive and resolved my issue in a timely manner and I am not even a paying customer. Very pleased.

  • Mrshrhartman

    Overall rating

    Don't waste your time or money on Auctiva Auction Software

    To bad 1 star is the lowest rating available. I would like to give them even less.

    I have spent hours trying to resolve problems with their server being down and then up and then just isn't worth it...Even when it is free.
    I have been using it since 2009 and then something happened when Auctiva started offering different levels of service, so I signed up and started using more than just the free services, Big Mistake.

    I only every received a form email response to every service issue I emailed Auctiva about. The email response did not every address any of my questions or even apologize for their service being down and unavailable for hours on end without any prior notice.

    Despite the service being unavailable for hours without prior notice, the billing department at Auctive is spot on...never missing a charge to my credit card. Last year I was billed twice for the same month of service. Trying to get a credit for the overcharge was another time consuming, negative experience. Again I received a form letter email response that did not answer my questions. I finally just gave up and let them keep the money. It wasn't worth the headache.

    This last interruption of service was the final straw. I emailed Auctive how the interruption of service had cost me 20 hours of work and 18 lost listings with photos. Once again I received the standard Auctiva form email response which didn't offer a credit, apology -- nothing...only a "these interruptions of service sometimes happen." I decided to close my account...which has turned out to be another time consuming ongoing nightmare.

    I am so done with them and will call my credit card in the morning and reverse the charges from Auctiva. It is certainly a fraud charge...I didn't get the service I was paying them for. I haven't since 20010.

  • spirit

    Overall rating

    Auctiva doing false advertisement?

    I tried signing up with Auctiva yesterday and was told when looking over their information that we would have a ebay store and could also opt (for extra money) to get an outside regular online store. Well after I signed up and started trying to get my listings going, it would not let me list items as in a store, even though my pictures showed I had a store! I kept trying and trying and it said you have to have a store to list in the store catagory! Well, I contacted them about it and they said you already have to have a ebay store to list in the store catagory! So just what does it mean when they say you will get a store, but you cann't list items in it like a store? How to we save money with them if you already are paying $15.95 a month to have an ebay store and then paying Auctiva as well to have a supposed store and save listing fees? It doesn't look like any savings to me and if they are like Inkfrog (see my review of them which is subject to change) and ebay charges you to list with Auctiva as well, then who is saving any money? Why would I pay Ebay to have a store with them, pay Auctiva fees also and (then possibly listing fees with ebay also again) and then be told "Oh Auctiva saves you money"? None of this makes any sense. I am extremely confused and disppointed with Auctiva and Inkfrog right now. I am assuming that if you still have to pay to list with ebay when you are using Inkfrog, it is probably the same with Auctiva. So really, you are just paying out more funds to have Inkfrog or Auctiva instead of saving anything. I don't understand how any of the other people whose reviews I have read think they are saving money by listing with Auctiva or Inkfrog, if they STILL are paying listing fees to ebay and store fees? I don't mind the final value fees, but these places are supposed to save us money on listing and store fees and they appear not to be.

  • shaniko86

    Overall rating

    Auctiva ? I think not.

    A one star rating because there isnt a lower one.

    Auctiva was a good idea. For good idea's to be great they need to be maintained and improved.

    I used them since June or so of 2008. My constant complaints were met with answers that typically took one of several paths 'you need to do xxxx to your system', 'we cant replicate the problem here, sorry' , or answers that has zero bearing on the issue.

    I lived with their bs until June 2009 when they started talking of charging. I, like a great many of their users, expected a number of site upgrades. Those apparently still have not happened. At least from what their CEO Jeff said that is sure what I expected.

    Their word processor still doesnt work, last input from support was ' we are working on it'
    Their hit counter has NEVER worked correctly.
    Their bulk pic uploader doesnt work.
    Ect, ect ect ect as stated by a famous movie star.

    After spending days on with so called support in frustration I posted in the forums an item by item listing of my complaints including one posted to one of the CEO started ones.

    It was long, detailed and T R U T H F U L. It was also extremely blunt.

    Auctiva's answer wasnt even sent to me. I checked the forums bout 3 hours later and found my comments gone. I found out why when I tried to repeat the post.

    "Account Suspended: Your account has been suspended."

    There are only 2 things I have found that seem to always work at Auctiva...
    Confusion and constant site errors.
    A billing dept that seems to work instantly.

    I relocated to SSB where life has again become rosy. Easy to use site, a remarkably responsive support staff that actually knows what they are doing and even positive comments from Ebay buyers of how nice and clear my listings now are.

  • rwall17

    Overall rating

    Why mess up a good thing !

    I have been using Auctiva for about a year now. I conisidered it the next best thing to sliced bread. I love what the software can do and you can put listings together in pretty short time. Because you can save the istings and re-edit them you can recreate similar listings super fast. You can upload your images and then select multiple images (around 20) to include in your listing without any additiona photo fees. I also like being able to add on Auctiva's insurance as a convience and enjoyed the small commission recieved back whenever the buyer chose to add insurance to the shipping. I was attracted to Acutiva because of the free mutiple photo listings and the cost to use which was FREE FREE FREE !

    WELL, NOT ANY MORE ! Auctiva has now implimented a multi layer fee structure that has me shopping for a new solution. They now charge you a fee to store your images, a fee to place a listing, and in some cases a transaction percentage as well as a monthly fee. And they still get to make the money on the insurance.

    What used to be free would now cost me about $ 75 a month. May not seem like a lot but when you add on Ebay's Fee's and PayPals Fees , Shipping Fees and who know what else, it's starting to get pretty hard to make any money.

    Everyone want's to get deeper into you pocket. Auctiva gets the insurance money, and advertising money, but I guess that's not enough. I feel like I was sucered in with the "USE US, WE'RE FREE" story and once they have you let's change the rules.

    The only thing I didn't see new with new fee structure was something new and different for the user? $75 bucks a month for nothing new seems a little steep? How about some customer service? That might be worth something because there sure hasn't been any customer service in the past. Send an email and wait a couple of days for a reply... Maybe. If they are going to charge and stay in business, then they are going to have to get some real time customer service and I haven't seen it yet.

    Final Review is good software, once you learn to use it, Over priced for what your getting! , Terible Customer Service.

  • 1234

    Overall rating

    Want to ruin your eBay account?

    Be warned the moment you sign up for an Auctiva account they will insert their logo on all your ebay listing and insert and Auctiva gallery scroll bar right above your item description in a place that may be very distracting and makes your listing look ***, and insert an Sellathalon counter and other annoying things in all of your listing even if you dont ever use their site to list one item.

    If you know how to edit html then you can spend hours going through all of your ebay listing removing the large amounts of code they have splashed around everywhere, or if you dont know how to edit html then your stuck with their logos and icon splashed around everywhere on your eBay listing. Anyway I dont remember being asked if I wanted this to happen.

  • keychaintreasure

    Overall rating

    Problem Receiving Payment

    After it shut down yesterday, all 89 listing i worked with is not posted. Now payment is not getting in because of auctiva 3rd party software. Its really a pain in the a**. Hope they could fix this. Because Auctiva is the most user friendly i've seen in the market right now.

  • Looking for software that work

    Overall rating

    Maintenance times overlap key listing times in Australia

    The software is shut down (they say for 4 hours but it never is) during key listing times in Australia. They say this lines up with Ebay, but Ebay seems to keep working. As such I cannot get items up onto Ebay due to the system being continually shut down for maintenance at my desired listing times.

    I have sat around trying to get an actual up time from their support but get nothing back. Not impressed with their support of the product availability. Not sure about bugs as I cannot seem to get my listings up due to maintenance.

  • Rond100

    Overall rating

    Auctiva had some bugs in 2006 improved in 2007

    I have sold on eBay for over 2 years and have tried a variety of products include turbo lister, andale, mpire, and auctiva.

    I liked auctiva cause it did everything for free and even works with a merchant account. Auctiva did have its bugs in 2006. They fixed alot of stuff in 2007.

  • rox

    Overall rating

    great when it works customer support needs major improvement

    The free Auctiva Mr. Poster is almost EXACTLY what I need, and I've found nothing else that comes close. BUT when it comes time to submit your batches to ebay, there's about a 60% chance things will go smoothly. This is BAD on reduced price listing days, or if you need them to go at an exact time. I'm always scared something is going to crash on me or the update is going to erase everything, or some other bug is going to fly in. It's just not reliable it raises your blood pressure to a deadly level if you have thousands of auctions at stake. ALSO, I was using this Mr. Poster for a year when I suddenly started getting these $60+ invoices for image hosting - I had no warning in advance. I'll pay whatever fees they want, but they need to be stated up front. AND, ABOVE ALL, the folks in customer service get smart with you. I ask questions as nicely as I can, and half the time will get some exasperated response if I say they haven't answered my question, or get something like "why are you doing that?" as if I'm supposed be one of their own staff of experts, not a customer who can't find any help in their "help" section with its tragically short list of FAQs. I know they get a lot of rude customers, but every business does, and just as the saying "the customer is always right" applies, so does the rule that the customer service is supposed to be helpful and courteous. IF they get a paid version of Mr. Poster WITH ALL THE BUGS FIXED, I'll be a customer for life and highly recommend it to everyone. But until then, that customer service who thinks they have it so hard just ticks me off, and I continue to look for alternatives.

  • Woolux

    Overall rating

    Auctiva is Useless - Use alternatives if you can

    If you can, use an alternative.

    When the Auctiva site is working it is still very buggy.

    Their support is useless. They just don't seem to care about their customers requests and tend to fob you off.

    None of their email addresses (as advertised on the site) work. Auctive Support swear blind that they do, but after 22 years in IT (very technical) I know they are fobbing me off.

    Auctive don't care about hosting copyright images, and do not help in any way to remove copyright material from their servers.

    They do provide an email [email protected] but need i say - the email account does not exist.

    Not helpful, breaking the law and a near to useless system.

    Go elsewhere - use other alternatives.

    BTW, if you have a problem, I can only suggest that you email the CEO directly on [email protected] Like any high level management that advertises their email, it is nice to know they care. Let them know what you really think. Maybe they can do something about it.

  • djjradio

    Overall rating

    Agreed, site down...not completely free!

    I agree. It's fantastic when it actually works. The site is constantly unavailable or down.

    I like the error check and templates.. BUT...I don't believe it is an absolutely FREE SITE!

    After 10 listings, I checked my ebay account and saw a mysterious fee of $15.53 for an item I listed for $1.99.??

    I cannot seem to figure out what this fee is for, no one at Ebay can give me an answer. (But of course they won't remove it either)

  • jiggagirl

    Overall rating

    Auctiva help!

    Ok I just started using my first software program on ebay. I chose auctiva, and it's great, WHEN IT WORKS! I am constantly getting kicked off their site,and am beginning to get frustrated. Does anyone have any suggestions on another program like auctiva that works all or most of the time. I feel that auctiva literally works 50% of the time.

  • mike-n-crystal

    Overall rating

    Excellent Product, Feature Rich and All For Free!!!

    Auctiva is the best thing to happen to online auction listing. Their FREE service provides free unlimited image hosting, auction scheduling, and many other services that normally command a fee. Their shipping insurance system also allows you to earn 25 cents each time a customer buys insurance and saves the time of having to fill out the paperwork to insure the product at the post office. Two thumbs up!

  • corvin

    Overall rating

    Great concept falling on it's face

    When the TurboLister2 meltdowns started, Auctiva seemed like an answer to all my problems.

    While the site was 'quirky' frequently crashing or seizing, it was easy to use and cheaper to use than eBay itself!

    However, anymore the service is below unreliable, bouncing somewhere between inept and pathetic. 3 weeks ago you couldn't get any photo's added to your auctions, last Sunday doesn't look like anybody's auctions got listed, tonight I'm 6 listed, 7 that got hung up and did not get listed.

    Their help staff is very responsive and of course the price is free. But with consistently inconsistent results I would think that the new seller's coming in wouldn't last long with their service.

    Can't see where this service will be around much longer. I'm looking for something new, even if it does require a fee.

  • sell-it-now

    Overall rating

    "if it works" the software is great.....however....

    I've used the web-based software offered by Auctiva and cannot begin to express the frustrations I have with it. Basically, my main and only complaint, is that their server or whatever SUCKS! When you are actually able to be online and work on listings and templates, the software is very good easy to use and everything. However, they are ALWAYS having "technical issues" say the least! If it's not pictures or templates loading's the entire site being down...either "page not found" or some other internet error message.

    When I first began using the software, I was working in Internet Explorer, only to find out that the Auctiva software doesn't work properly with it and that I needed to find another browser. I found Mozilla Firefox which worked just fine with it. Now, with the new "errors" seems that the program no longer works properly on Firefox and is now working fine on Internet Explorer.

    Give me a break people! Get the "glitches" fixed already. I cannot begin to tell you my frustrations with this program I really would love to use it because of all the work I put into my templates and such and it is easy to use, but this program has DAILY PROBLEMS/ERRORS!!

    I am not trying to "rant" or ask for "help" on how to use this program, I am quite computer savy and can find my way around a computer just fine I am merely giving a little insight to those looking for some good programs that are still available free to the public. Afterall, with all the "rate hikes" eBay and PayPal are having these days, we need to catch a break somewhere to save a little money I would think!

    So, if anyone has any other program/software solutions, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I have used TurboLister and those offered by eBay, but I've found that the "competitors" offer better "discounts" shall we say on extra unlimited photos and free scheduling.

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  • bridgerkay

    Overall rating

    Major technical hiccups at Auctiva

    I have used Auctiva since September and loved the fact it was free, easy to use and had great templates and free picture hosting, but sadly for the last few months it has become increasingly unrealiable, to the extent that this week the site has been either completely down quite a bit of the time, or the images haven't been showing.

    The time has, sadly, come to up sticks and move away, as soon as I find an alternative - paid for - but reliable - alternative.

  • GypsyMart

    Overall rating

    Easy and Free

    I've had great luck with Auctiva. And free definitely works for me!

  • Mediahound

    Overall rating

    Terrible customer service, faulty unclear website

    I decided to try Auctiva for a scheduled auction. I edited it on Auctiva before it was scheduled to be listed and Auctiva actually saved 2 copies of the same listing and posted them both, causing me to have to pay double the eBay fees and close one auction early on eBay since I only had one item to sell.

    This is clearly a flaw in the way that the Auctiva site works and was very unclear to me as a new user. It is not logical that if I edit a listing, it would automatically duplicate it.

    When I tried to point this out to Auctiva, they were very rude when all I was trying to do was help. They said, 'our site is working normally so it's your problem not ours'

    I would AVOID Auctiva if I were you.

  • Suthrnjewl

    Overall rating

    Pleased as Peaches with Auctiva

    Just to name a few: Quick Forum Updates, Great Customer Service, Emailed Questions to Help answered within 15 minutes, Customer Service personable and courteous, Streamlined updating of images compatible with both PCs and MACs, Nice assortment of Templates that grows Daily.

    This site is VERY easy. Select preferences, Set Up Your Profiles and Start designing your auction. Updates to eBay happen daily. Requests for new additions to the service are implemented almost immediately and if not that week then it will come the next week. Polls are given to customers for input on how the customer wants the service.

    Very easy to schedule items. I recently scheduled 400 auctions and they all went up without a single hitch.

    I customized the gallery with a look that I like either scrolling or regular along with choosing the color of the background, font and text. I also have a store that is included with the site, which is linked to my gallery. More cross-selling abilities.

    The site is web-based and is VERY, VERY easy. A novice to auction management services could start this service and be up and running in no time flat once their selling profiles are set up.
    I was with Sparedollar for two years and this service is like a long cool drink of water after walking the desert for a day. Once you've been with a service that offers no customer service, no upgrades to ebay, down times and more..even days our service didn't work...being with a service that works smoothly is very spoiling. Auctiva recently installed six more servers and hired more customer service techs. This company isn't afraid to put their money into their product and that says alot to me.

    The image hosting is UNLIMITED and others put a halt at a certain MB. This service is free right now, but I would gladly pay to have this service. I even offered to pay them and the offer was declined. I've been using Auctiva now for four months plus and couldn't be happier.

    Customer Service is Great!

  • jwjohnson

    Overall rating

    Auctiva is now web-based & Free plus has good possibilites

    Auctiva is an excellent product. It can create nice professional looking ads, customize templates for your own ads, schedule the ads, handle checkout. It can post to eBay. It has no post sales management or inventory control except for the WBN and checkout.
    Everything is done through profiles. Once you understand this process, you can proceed to creating you ads. I use a personal template that I customize to use through Auctiva.

    The layout is fairly straightforward but one has to understand the use of profiles. Once that grasp, then it goes quite easily. They have a gallery that is good and looks professional in your ads. The image hosting is ok and has Free supersize photos which I have found to be very helpful.

    There is revenue sharing through PIC insurance. The buyer pays full price to you and you pay a discount. I think the amount is $.30. You have to use their checkout in order to take advantage of this revenue.

    Auctiva is FREE for now. They plan inventory and post sales management next year. Their service has been down a few times but they have been quick to post to their forum updates. Support has always answered my questions promptly. Forum is quite active. Occasionally someone from Auctiva needs to be reminded of being courteous even when their clients aren’t.

    Big thing about trying Auctiva is always GO TO PREFERENCES and check only the features you want to use. I unchecked them all to start with and slowly added what I wanted. I wanted to understand what everything did before checking to use it. Doing this can save you a lot of time in the long run if you decide Auctiva isn’t for you.

  • mobambis

    Overall rating

    I Love It

    I was using SA PRO /blackthorne, this is so easy to use & FREE. I have had a few minor glitches, but the customer support is wonderful, they get back to you very quickly. Very happy with this product

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