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Bezos is a highly advanced fulfillment network based in the UK and EU. It provides e-commerce retailers with seamless order fulfillment services through, a cutting-edge technology. integrates with online marketplaces, optimizing order processing and delivery. Check out its pricing and product details in this Bezos review.

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Service Details

Bezos is a UK/EU based fulfillment network for small to medium sized ecommerce businesses.

They support over 30 different ecommerce sales channels and marketplaces, offering a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no integration fees or monthly subscription fees.

They provide a solution for UK and EU sellers looking for a post-Brexit cross-border trading solution. Bezos is launching a green delivery solution using e-assisted cargo bikes in the UK.

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
Customers SupportedUnited Kingdom


Pricing & Trial

Price Range
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Integrations & Compatibility

Amazon SitesAll Amazon Websites
eBay SitesAll eBay Websites
Alternative MarketplacesEtsy
Shipping & FulfillmentDHL
Royal Mail

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2021-04-07 00:00:48 so happy with their service

What where the positives?

- letting me know when something goes wrong with an order, i find out before my customers and can give them transparency and visibility - uk and european warehousing with one account

Any negatives?



The bezos solution has been a game changer for my company. They take care of the complexity of logistics while I focus on growing my business. Their technology gets me notified of every step in the logistics if my orders, and if something goes wrong they quickly fix it

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