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Amazon repricing tool which updates prices multiple times per hour and fields competitor prices changes in real time.

Reprices downwards to help win the Buy Box, and reprices upwards to close price gaps and boost margin. Compete with up to 20 competitors, and select competitors by ID to include or exclude from competition.

InventoryLab synchronization feature included.

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From $25 to $300 per month with 10% discount for annual billing.

Trial Length: 14 days

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  • InventoryLab

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17 Reviews

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  • kld41169

    Overall rating

    Not Recommended

    After several expensive months of use I find our sales dropping and dropping. You can't see all the "data" showing what was repriced. They supposedly have it on the "back end" but you have to request help to see that.

    So many times I found things that were not repricing, and just excuses as to why. Then we have thousands of branded items that don't need repricing but they won't exclude those so it count's towards the total. Definitely not worth the $200 dollars a month they are charging.

  • valuegardensupply124

    Overall rating

    Works great! Everything you need . . . nothing you don't

    A lot of other repricing apps try and charge a lot of money or disguise what you're paying by restricting features, or charging you too much for small packages as you grow.

    This software is the best no-BS repricer around. It has changed my business and saves me hours every week and earns me thousands in recovered sales per month.

    Bqool offers long free trial periods and will extend them if you require additional time to evaluate the software.

    The support team is excellent and their communication and customer service are A+. I strongly recommend Bqool and any of their software

  • tfortner

    Overall rating

    Its a great repricing tool for the price

    I have used BQool for about 3 months and so far its been a great experience. In terms of price, this repricing tool is relatively cheap compared to other repricing tools on the market. Yet, it just as robust as the more expensive tools. In addition, they offer great customer service. If your looking for a tool that can do everything you need and keep costs low then this is the tool you want.

  • mynannasplace

    Overall rating

    Very pleased

    I am a new subscriber but have already found this tool to be very helpful. Also, when I have questions I receive thorough answers which is refreshing.

  • kimcoghlan

    Overall rating

    Best combination of features and value

    I tried several repricers before settling on Bqool. For the money, it is the most powerful and flexible repricing service on the market.
    I love the ability to interact with competition differently based on whether it's FBA, MF, or Amazon, and the auto-compete feature is pure brilliance!

  • shinseikenjin

    Overall rating

    Great service!

    Thanks so much for assisting me with my account and setting me up with the free trial of the feedback software.

  • neattechbooks

    Overall rating

    Awesome feature packed software!

    Before switching repricing software, my business was experiencing slumping sales. The software that we were using did not allow us the flexibility we needed in order to stay competitive in the market place. Bqool solved our repricing problems with a package that is not only affordable, it allows for great flexibility as well. After switching to Bqool, our sales skyrocketed and we haven't looked back. Thanks Bqool for an excellent product!

  • emy489

    Overall rating

    BQool Repricing Review

    Their repricing tool is excellent and at a great price. It has saved us the hassle of having to reprice our products manually and has won us the Buy Box on Amazon on the majority of our listings. It does not begin to reprice until you have set your minimum prices and repricing rules, which I think is great because if you have not had the time to do so, you can rest assured that you will not be losing money. The only downside is that it does not have better rules to price against merchant fulfilled sellers when there are no FBA sellers on listings (for example: If there are only FBM sellers on a listing, price a certain % over them unless an FBA seller enters the listing, then it can ignore that rule and price match to remain competitive against FBA sellers). Other than that, this repricer is great! It's extremely easy to set up and you can quickly set your MIN and MAX prices and rules and focus on other aspects of your business. Their customer service is also very courteous and helpful.

  • lflor321

    Overall rating

    Repricer **great software*

    Since I signed up with Bqool my sales has gone up. And this software is very easy to use. Thank you!

  • jbwindustries

    Overall rating

    Bqool is my favourite

    This tool is a must have for people looking to take there fba business to the next level. There are so many neat options and very easy to use. I recommend it to new and experienced sellers this is a must have for your business.

  • toddaryan

    Overall rating

    Embarrassing for other repricers....

    I'm a serial seller tool tester having tried a large percentage of all of the software packages out there. That includes repricers, where I've tested / did a demo of most of the packages that were in the sub-$500 per month range.

    For me, BQool is a no brainer for the under $500 per month market and one I recommend to anyone that asks. It addresses all of the attributes included in the Amazon API, and is one of the few repricers I've seen that will put positive price pressure on your price when you have the Buy Box. Most other repricers will work to get you in the Buy Box and then leave you alone. BQool, if configured correctly, will try to increase your price while still keeping you in the Buy Box to maximize your profit.

    I've been using BQool for roughly a year now, and until I can afford some of the advanced algorithm repricers that cost $500-$1,500 per month BQool is where I'll stay.

  • kevin101

    Overall rating

    Does nearly everything I need it to do

    Great for repricing on Amazon. Excellent features and I especially like the user interface which is much more intuitive and customizable than any of the other repricers I have tried. Repricing does not seem to be the absolute fastest, but that doesn't really matter if you are trying to maximize profits. For the price, I highly recommend this tool.

  • diana.poisson

    Overall rating

    BQool is a great and SIMPLE to use repricing tool.

    Before BQool, I tried a few other repricers and found them hard to use. They wanted me to create repricing rules on my own and none had a great way to calculate and set the minimum pricing.

    WIth BQool, they give you a couple of repricing rules to start with and I use those. However, you can create your own rules if you want.

    But my favorite feature is their min and max price calculators. For each product, you just enter your buy cost and then BQool will calculate your minimum and maximum selling prices based on much profit you want to make. You don't have to worry about accidentally repricing too low so that you lose money.

    I love Bqool because it's simple to use and it saves me time from having to reprice my Amazon FBA products manually.

  • mrjimmybueno

    Overall rating

    Bqool is great!

    Bqool has saved me so much time with its repricing service. Theres seriously no reason you shouldn't be using this if you're a serious seller on Amazon.

  • mricozzi104

    Overall rating

    Very helpful!!

    Bqool is the only repricer for me. I will continue to use Bqool for my ecommerce with Amazon FBA. The interface is quick and easy and all the tools really help me dive in and set my prices how I want, in order to achieve my profit and margin goals. Any time I had an issue their customer support was quick and helpful.

    Keep up the great work.

    Matt R

  • Cartay708

    Overall rating

    In a nutshell...

    So I priced out other Amazon repricing and feedback software and I found that BQool was on par with the overall standard of what's available. But if you're like me then it really boils down to a lot more than price. I want to know what can I do with it and how affective is it. Well, I found during my free trial that BQool had everything in a nutshell! When it comes to repricing I can create rules for just about every scenario I want! From only competing with specific competitors and fulfillment to seting it to auto compete where it finds who's in my min and max range and duking it out with them, to so much more. I won the buybox over 80% of the time and I'm very happy with that! Bottom line is this company deserves your interest and you better believe they will deliver!

  • jordango

    Overall rating

    Good features, but very clunky

    I get the feeling that bqool is a product that has a part-time programmer managing it. Customer service seems to only respond late at night, and the answers they offer are sketchy. I've been using bqool for about six weeks and have had a lot of difficulty getting it to work for me. There is no video support, their help is weak, and the product could use some tweaks. For example, my sixty unread messages are all cryptic messages telling me that I need to set a rule for an ASIN. And that's it. So the "messages" are actually a subject line, with no ability to click for more information.

    Plus, there's no way to manually change repricing on an individual SKU basis. Actually there is, if you don't mind the program asking you to confirm each change on a cell by cell basis. "Are you sure you want to change the cost?" "Are you sure you want to change the rule?" It's a maddening user experience.

    Support told me to upload a spreadsheet of my products using their text delimited spreadsheet template, also difficult to use. I would rather handle each product individually. But I can't. The user experience sucks.

    Pros - Rich feature set, ability to change repricing rules in lots of ways, and inexpensive pricing. They also take nice screen shots of a few areas of the software, which helps in getting started on those areas.
    Cons - Hard to use, clunky interface, LOTS of room for improvement.

    Recommendation: Stay away from this product. It's low cost, but you will pay for it in the end. There is some potential here. I haven't completely given up on this software, but I wish it was easier to use.

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