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BreakerPRO is a marketplace management tool for UK vehicle parts sellers.

Features include inventory and invoice management, part number database, Android app, barcode support, vehicle registration lookup, multi-user support and listing to marketplaces and classified ads sites.

  • Android App
  • Windows Software
  • United Kingdom

Pricing & Trial

From £395 server license, plus £150 per month (plus VAT).

Integrations & Compatibility

  • 1st Choice Spares
  • Vivastreet

From Lyons Systems | Claim Listing

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  • Eima

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    Ease of Use

    Would recommend Hollander Pinnacle Pro instead this.

    What were the positives?

    Support very good.

    Any negatives?

    Difficult to add parts FAST, take alot time to make labels for parts etc, slowing work, no part number at all (have to enter self all part numbers etc), no gearbox codes, no paint codes. Its just BARE not professional program which too slow for working with it. If you have time to play with 100 part all day or even two then its ok. With Hollanders Pinnacle Pro or DH System you can done 5-10 times more. All bussiness policies, titles etc you need to setup yourself one by one which can take over couple days, not so much part names (around 800 but can add own).


    Cheap but not best for this money. Hollanders Pinnacle a bit more expensive but do everything you need FAST & easy way. DH System way more expensive but they give part numbers for almost each parts. My opinion Hollanders Pinnacle Pro for money and use much much better choise.

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