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Brightpearl is a Retail Operations Platform. Brightpearl connects sales orders, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, reporting and planning, warehouse management, replenishment and more. Designed specifically for retail business models, Brightpearl is built to reliably handle peak trading, and integrates with the full retail tech ecosystem.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • API
  • iOS App
  • Worldwide
For merchants trading $1M or above, or those that expect to be in the next 12 months.

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • Alibaba
  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • FBA
  • Metapack
  • Parcelhub
  • Royal Mail
  • MailChimp
  • Authorize.Net
  • BigCommerce
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Visualsoft
  • Lokad
  • QuickBooks
  • skuBrain
  • Xero

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20 Reviews

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  • Steven Mackintosh

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    52% price increase now makes this a non starter

    What were the positives?

    We have been using Brightpearl for 10 years. We are not aggressive users of the integrations to online market places, but the platform has been a great tool to grow our business from its conception.

    Any negatives?

    The reason for writing the review is that we are forced to move elsewhere with a non-negotiable price increase of 54%. Other platforms can do the same job for a fraction of the cost.


    Don't consider - invest in a better alternative for less cost

  • cdavies

    Overall rating

    Price increase are just getting silly

    We have been with Brightpearl for about 4 years and the overall experience is so so.

    Brightpearl does a very good job of importing eBay and Amazon product and management through the shipping stages.

    Accounting side of Brightpearl is poor and creates more work than it saves.

    Help is slow and they seem to drag their feet when solving any issues.

    You have to pay additional charges for postcode finding and shipping management which others include within their subscription.

    Massive yearly price rises have now made Brightpearl unviable for small to medium size companies so sadly we are leaving to look elsewhere when renewal is due.

    1. Reply from Brightpearl

      @cdavies Hi Craig. Thank you for taking the time to review us. We always like to hear from our customers. I'm sorry that you've been experiencing some issues and we'd really like to discuss them with you. Could you advise us the best number to contact you on as the ones we have on file don't seem to be reaching you. Thank you, Tom.

  • Cat

    Overall rating

    Front end great, Accounting a Disaster

    We are a wholesale company that also has an online retail presence. Brightpearl's front end is great. Multichannel with Big Commerce & Amazon very nice. Customer service people are wonderful. Inventory works well. Wrote API's to interface with our 3PL that allows our orders to drop right into their system. Then shipping costs and status of orders are pushed back and updated in BP. Brilliant.

    The bad news is the Accounting functionality is a DISASTER and as much as the customer service team wants to help they are as baffled as us by it.

    We had spent SO much time evaluating ERP's you just never really know until you are using it so I want to warn others. Do not plan on this being a viable replacement for quickbooks or any other accounting software. We are so disappointed in the extremely glitchy, backwards accounting system. We still can't get a correct income statement and we've had the system for 8 months. We cannot pay quarterly taxes correctly since we don't have correct numbers. As much as I love the front end we are looking at other options 🙁

  • david239

    Overall rating

    Great for Wholesale and Retail

    Very good service and platform for running wholesale and retail on-line business.

    Customer service and feedback very good. Great for multi-channel, including Amazon/eBay and Magento sites. Very handy for multi-warehousing.

    Shipping links easy to ship works/ship station and scurri, we ship to europe/usa and Canada with no issues.

    Would definitely recommend, the staff are very friendly and helpful, some bugs and issues like any growing software but fixes and problem solving is top of their list.

  • martin983

    Overall rating

    Truly revolutionised our business

    We invested in Brightpearl 3 years ago while we were facing a steady decline in our in-store business. Luckily we found them just in time, since then our multi channel online business has gone from strength to strength while our walk in business has continued to slide! We are now growing healthily thanks to Brightpearl!

  • kayla.maratty

    Overall rating

    Very Happy

    There's too many aspects of Brightpearl to really comment on but for me as Open 24 Seven's Marketing Manager, brightpearl's integration with MailChimp which has been recently improved is the best thing about it.

  • nick487

    Overall rating

    Brightpearl Review

    We use Brightpearl for our multichannel business with web sales & two shops. It is our central system for managing stock, accounting and customer service. It integrates with Magento for our web store, has its own point of sale system integrates with Mailchimp and when we eventually get around to selling on Amazon and Ebay it we can use it to manage our stock for those channels too.

    Like every system its not absolutely perfect but its being constantly developed with new features being added all of the time. Well worth looking at.

  • gerhard.schmikl

    Overall rating

    All in one Solution for running your Business this is it !!!

    If you are a company still running multiple spreadsheets, frustrated when you can't access one because someone else is in it or constantly not sure if the data is right or remembered to enter it, then look no further.
    We implemented Brighpearl in 2012 when asa growing company we needed an all in one solution, which would run accounting in the background (yes no more expensive Accounting fees), manage our Stock, capture our customer and Supplier details and have an easy process or Sales orders and dispatching the product.

    I would highly recommend Brightpearl as your one stop shop and if that wasn't enough their support team is quick and responsive, the best I have ever come across 🙂

    High Five Brightpearl

  • tim.elliott

    Overall rating

    The best multi-channel ecommerce software out there

    We've been using Brightpearl for coming up to a year now. It was implemented at the point that we acquired another company, to enable the integration of our existing websites with the new site / customer contact.

    Although setting it up was difficult at times, it was remarkable how smoothly the integration went and we had our systems up, running and operational exactly when they needed to be.

    The system itself is intuitive and fairly easy to use. There are a number of issues, mainly with performance and reporting but they seem to be addressing the problems gradually and things have improved markedly in the 11 months we've been using it.

    I would definitely recommend it for a SMB.

  • Steven Thomas

    Overall rating

    Brightpearl Review from an Operational Standpoint

    Brightpearl has been a wonderful addition to aid in my companies growth. They have a number of integrated platforms such as amazon, Bigcommerce, or Magento. The ability to link these accounts with company finances cuts the time needed for book-keeping at a fraction of what it used to be. The added integration with our shipping software allows every piece of information regarding any transaction to be tracked from the moment of its inception and completion.

  • jhubb

    Overall rating

    Perfect for Small Growing Businesses

    We've been using Brightpearl for the past 3 years and it has enabled us to grow while staying efficient and using our resources more efficiently. We don't use many of the multichannel features but it's still a perfect fit for our mainly B2B sales model.

  • alexanderson

    Overall rating

    Increases effectiveness, profitability and business overview

    Brightpearl is the best cloud software to give an entire business overview. From stock managementto accounting all aspects of my business are covered.

  • naturalbabyshower

    Overall rating

    Best in its class!!

    If you want to get your online and offline sales channels managed, with up to date inventory levels and control over your entire business financial process, from purchases to tax returns, then this is perfect cloud based software. We love it and have been using it now for 22 months. It has helped up streamline so many areas of our business and has led us to grow into new premises and concentrate on building a brand. Thanks Brightpearl!! Give it a go... we bet it's what your looking for!

  • tomasz

    Overall rating

    Perfect All-in-one solution for small or big businesses

    I have been using Brighpearl over 1 year now. It is more simpler than systems which I used before. Very good magento/ebay/amazon integrations (with dynamic stock update) save a lot of my time. A cloud based system is the best solution for someone who needs to access it from any place - like me. All data can be exported to Excel. It doesn't take to long to learn how to use Brithpearl, the UI is very intuitive and clear.

    I recommend Brightpearl for everyone who wants keep everything in one place with an easy and fast access to information.

  • Jeff Fusian

    Overall rating

    No.1 Asset for A Growing Retailer

    Fusian Ltd is a fast growing company that caters oriental products for clients in United Kingdom. Brightpearl is very much helpful as it brings convenience and efficiency in our daily tasks. It provides us a one stop shop with a high level of ease in doing business which i believed most or I should say all of the entrepreneur would love to work with that easy to use yet sophisticated and informative software.

  • elaine.honeywood

    Overall rating

    It was love at first sight....

    On first contact with BrightPearl over three years ago I was hooked...

    This is an accounting system like no other - it is clean and fresh, absolute value for money !! It does everything it says 'on the tin' and I love it.

    There have been a few new releases and upgrades which have been swift and uncomplicated and always a total improvement. The support team are efficient and very helpful and tickets are resolved promptly with lots of information to assist the user. It has software integration that works well with Excel and even our IT etch guys have found exciting ways to integrate our data.

    It would be easy for me to praise BrightPearl because it is the very best - try it for yourself and you will never look back to those dark days before working on this particular cloud !!


  • The Ramp People

    Overall rating

    All in one - not perfect but pretty damn close!

    Ebay/amazon listing software, accounts package, inventory control, CRM, order processing and reporting software - all cloud based - all in one. Brightpearl does this. It is the only game in ton - no-one else does anything like it at a reasonable price point - using separate and either badly connected or non connected pieces of software to do all of the above is very inefficient! Used correctly this software will enable your employees to be more efficient and productive.

    Pros: Very powerful software - leagues ahead of anything else I have seen. Support is excellent - pricing is transparent. Some excellent new features in development.

    Cons: No multi-currency yet...but it is promised soon. Not a major show stopper as there is a work around. It takes over 40 seconds to navigate through the phone options to get to the telephone support option - a dedicated number is required. Also the CRM could be improved - not quite in the same league as Capsule or other dedicated CRM. It would be fantastic if you could set reminders to email you at a set day or time...

  • JAMES123

    Overall rating

    Great Product

    So Far We've had a great experience of using brightpearl, it integrates into our online shops well, also with the report features it is easy to pull financial information quickly and easily, so there's no need to hunt around for paperwork

  • abbabbitt

    Overall rating

    Don't bother

    They may have a good product, but their goal seems to be to get you so financially committed that you can never leave them. They are very helpful if you pay them. Otherwise, don't bother because they will just refer you to the documentation. Literally, even for simple questions. I asked how to set up eBay so that it didn't create listings until my inventory appeared at an FBA warehouse. They were happy to answer that for a fee. It's literally just a check box somewhere in their system, but they won't tell you where without paying them? I am amazed at their lack of foresight. My advice: 1. Avoid any company that has a high fee to set up your account, & 2. Avoid any company that doesn't charge you a flat monthly fee payable monthly. Brightpearl wants $4,000-$5,000 to do the initial configuration (you can do it yourself if you can figure out their 'help' tutorials) and they want you to pay a year at a time. Avoid them. It's not worth the hassle.

    1. Reply from Brightpearl

      Hello abbabbitt. Thank you for posting your review. To ensure this review is taken in context by other readers, I would like to detail some important facts that were not made clear in the text above.

      Firstly, abbabbitt is not a Brightpearl customer. He took out a 30 day free trial and then requested an hour of free time to connect his trial account to his live eBay and Amazon accounts. We recommended against this approach as a trial account should only be used to explore functionality, not to connect to a live seller account!

      Furthermore, abbabbitt failed to show up on three separate occasions to a one-hour scheduled meeting with one of our Product Specialists. Had he shown up, our Product Specialist would have been able to answer the technical questions he had.

      We would be more than happy to help abbabbitt properly evaluate Brightpearl in a structured way because, as he says, it's a good product!


  • James Marchant

    Overall rating

    BrightPearl eBay Integration! 10/10!!

    Brightpearl has totally transformed the way we run our business in a whole host of ways. It has meant for the first time we have been able to bring all our sales from all sales channels together into one system. This means no wasted time fiddling between excel workbooks!

    The Brightpearl eBay integration is without doubt the single biggest breakthrough in terms of how we run our business that we have ever had.

    To have eBay sales automatically appear inside BrightPearl order management system without any need to be copying and pasting from eBay or PayPal emails is a massive relief and saves an enormous amount of time. The eBay buyer details that are automatically brought in to the system allows us to tie orders to a particular customer together over ALL our sales channels often saving the customer shipping costs. It also allows us to target specific customers with marketing material based on their sales history as well as providing a great service.

    As well as this the Brightpearl eBay integration has FINALLY allowed us to implement a stock control system that is always up to date across all sales channels and provides a real time accounting system so we can track everything including purchases, sales and profit.

    I highly recommend BrightPearl and the BrightPearl eBay integration. Having used most of the well known order management systems currently available, BrightPearl is without doubt the best and their eBay integration is the icing on the cake!!

    James Marchant
    Marchant Dice Ltd

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