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ChannelAdvisor is an ecommerce cloud platform that helps brands and retailers worldwide improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, optimizing operations, and providing actionable analytics to improve competitiveness.

ChannelAdvisor manages sales and optimizes fulfillment on channels including Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook, Zalando, Walmart, and hundreds more.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • 11 Main
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • Allegro
  • Best Buy
  • Bluefly
  • Conforama
  • Darty
  • ePRICE
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Flubit (SKU Cloud)
  • Fruugo
  • Gmarket
  • Google Shopping Actions
  • Groupon
  • GunBroker
  • Houzz
  • La Redoute
  • Lazada
  • ManoMano
  • MassGenie
  • Mercado Libre
  • Mirakl Powered
  • MyDeal
  • Newegg
  • OnBuy
  • OpenSky
  • OTTO
  • Overstock Shopping
  • Pixmania PixPlace
  • Pricefalls
  • Ricardo
  • Marketplace
  • Spartoo
  • Tanga
  • Tesco
  • The Iconic
  • Tmall
  • Tophatter
  • Trade Me
  • Wayfair
  • Wish
  • Zalando
  • Teapplix
  • DHL
  • Endicia
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • GFS
  • NetDespatch
  • Pitney Bowes
  • ShipRush
  • ShipStation
  • Shipwire
  • ShipWorks
  • SkuVault
  • TrueShip
  • Zalando Fulfillment
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Nextag
  • pricegrabber
  • Shopzilla
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Yahoo Stores
  • Avalara

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Ease of Use

  • Yong D Kim

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Not the cheapest and not the easiest to use. And get you on a nightmare contract

    What were the positives?

    not much that I can think of compared to other multichannels
    I have used Zentail, Stitich Labs, Geek Sellers, Solild commerce, Sellbrite etc

    Any negatives?

    A lot of negative. I signed up for one year service at close to $18,000.00 including their training.
    Their system was very complicated and difficult to use. And I fell far behind unable to launch without much help from them.
    So I contacted them ask them to schedule a different way to pay and extend my service since I could not launch.
    They said no and next thing I knew, they put me on collection service in which they called and threaten to mess up credit score if I did not pay up in full. So paid it all $18,000.00 getting anything out of the subscription.
    They are mean and very difficult to work with. And their software was crap.
    I tell you from my experience!


    As you have noticed by now, I am not really gifted in tech stuffs. But other softwares were much cheaper and easy to use than ChannelAdvisors. In addition to being months to months.
    Try different ones, there is good and bad in all of them.

    There was time ChannelAdvisor was first one in the market and they thought that they owned the world. But not anymore.

    Be nimble and don't sign up to long terms. They will give you little more discount for it but you might end up getting caught and stuck with it.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We've worked with the client directly to resolve the issue.

  • Ocean Zhang

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Easy to use program

    Any negatives?

    Billing nightmare. Our company went out of business after using CA for 11 years. Our contract auto renews every year unless we cancel it. The billing date is in December, but apparently the renewal date was in November. After so many years, all I knew about was the billing date. Anyway, I thought I canceled in plenty of time before the billing date, but apparently it was only 3 days before the contract renewal date. They wanted 30 days notice. So now they want to put me on the hook for an entire additional year at $10k for services that I have not used in months before my cancellation notice. And I still have not used it nor intend to use it because our business is closed down. I don't understand their need to bill me for 1 year in the future for a service that won't be used. Now our account has been sent to collections.


    Too expensive. Not worth the money. Cancellation is a huge hassle.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      Dear Ocean,
      Your account manager made several attempts to contact you so we could address your concerns. We're committed to maintaining the highest quality service and standards for our customers. We appreciate your business and wish you the best of luck.

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    ChannelAdvisor not able to make Powersports retailer profitable after 9 months.

    What were the positives?

    Our Client Strategy Manager is awesome.

    Any negatives?

    ChannelAdvisor didn't take responsibility when making a mistake launching our eBay store that listed some items below our cost, causing us to have some negative feedback that took 3 months to overcome.

    ChannelAdvisor didn't take responsibility when making a mistake launching our Amazon store that listed items below our cost, causing us to have a low seller rating and few reviews.

    ChannelAdvisor have not approved us to add a 3rd supplier stating concerns about MAP pricing.

    ChannelAdvisor have not approved connection to our web Store preventing us from synchronizing our Eagle Leather brand products to marketplaces.

    ChannelAdvisor suggested we stop drop-shipping, which is already fully optimized for our two connected suppliers.

    ChannelAdvisor suggested we focus on our own brand, even though there is no connectivity to where that inventory is managed.


    ChannelAdvisor not able to make Powersports retailer profitable after 9 months.

    In December I wrote a review of ChannelAdvisor and gave them two stars describing our ROI from ChannelAdvisor as being -98% while our brick and mortar store had 4% growth during the same period.

    After my review, ChannelAdvisor sent me an email admitting automotive in general isn’t easy.

    We adjusted the pricing formulas in ChannelAdvisor. Little change occurred and during one of our weekly phone meetings I was told that the account had been fully optimized and could not be made profitable without major change.

    The changes that were referred to were adding more products and our brand to marketplaces. For us to have more products available for marketplaces, we need to connect additional suppliers and our webstore.

    Even though this was discussed as part of our plan before signing up, in late September we inquired on what needed to be done to get our webstore and additional supplier connected.

    It was mid-December when we were informed by email the contracts for adding another supplier and our web store were not approved, due to concerns about MAP pricing, and stating it was not in their scope to do.

    Because ChannelAdvisor cannot optimize our account anymore and they have not approved connection of additional suppliers or our web store they have put us in a losing situation. We have prepaid the contract, and they are resisting providing access to the very parts they have admitted could improve our ROI.

    ChannelAdvisor made the same big mistake launching our eBay store and our Amazon store by listing products with the wrong price, some even below our cost. Even though we caught it both times early, those two launch mistakes cost us not only monetarily, but also marketplace reputation.

    Try being a brand-new seller on Amazon with no ratings and have the first ones you receive be less than five stars. Your ROI will be impacted for a long time.

    I was hoping this review would be about the way ChannelAdvisor were proactive in offering us suggested solutions and opportunities for us to improve our ROI, but that is not the case. So, I will, in good conscience, suggest to anyone who reads this that they do their due diligence before choosing ChannelAdvisor.

  • Allen26n

    Overall rating

    Bait & Switch, then Billing Nightmare! Stay AWAY!!!

    Channel Advisor sold us snake oil on their inventory sync for their Marketplace product, promising that it will integrate with our ERP system (Netsuite) and 3rd party fulfillment company we are working with. After 6 months of signing up with them, integration failed miserably, their support admitted that their API does not work properly for the inventory sync (which is the most important integration in a marketplace software), and they had the audacity to bill us for launch and continued use of the software. We called and emailed their sales and accounting department many times, and they completely ghosted us despite their continuing attempts to charge our credit card. I initiated a charge back on the set up fee, but they are fighting it. I personally left a message to their Chief Accounting Officer named Richard Cornetta, and I am still waiting for his return call. It seems like their billing department does not communicate with sales or support whatsoever. This company's mission seems to be to have their sales guys lie about their faulty product, secure contracts from ecommerce companies who are basing half their business on their software, and move on to the next sucker. Avoid working with this company at all costs!

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We're sorry you were not happy with the software and services provided.
      We wish you the best of luck and thank you for your business.

  • Mike DeMasi

    Overall rating

    Worked out a problem very professionaly

    I had a problem earlier in the year and I worked with Ray to get it worked out. This is a good program if you do multiple edits and additions to a variety of market places. I have to think next year if I am going to keep, just because I don't do near as much additions and sell very little on some of the market places. If you do sell on a variety of market places, from doing my research this platform seemed to offer the most and is very easy to manipulate. Again I am a small company so it saves a lot of time, but I have to make it work in my budget.

  • schaefer1984

    Overall rating

    - Rip Off report - Stole $3000

    I paid for their services for 1 year. (Prepaying the entire year) I bought an extra launch support from them for $3,000. Unfortunately, Everything did not work the way that it should have inventory did not sync correctly, It took a long 3 months to setup. All listings had to be canceled and renewed causing loss of revenue. Problems after problems. Marketplace store ended up falling out of compliance due to poor metrics. I was told the pre-paid service (For launching a new marketplace) was not refundable.

    So, They Kept $3000 for doing nothing. No apologizing, no recourse.

    This company is criminal. Stay far away.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      Thank you for your message. We would like to learn more about your experience with ChannelAdvisor. Please consider contacting us directly at [email protected]
      ChannelAdvisor works to provide reasonable rates while maintaining our level of service, and that's how we determine the cost of our services. Additionally, ChannelAdvisor is a values-driven organization and firmly adheres to its Codes of Business Conduct and Ethics, which is publicly available at the following link:

  • sales132

    Overall rating

    Very Functional but Severly lacking in Customer service

    I've been with channel advisor for several years now and the only reason i'm still with them is i can't find a replacement. I'm so invested in this system, starting over would cost much more. i should have avoided it from the start.

    Getting onboard was easy enough, they gave us a list of what was needed, we supplied it and it was working in 6 weeks. Which is pretty much the standard, sadly.

    We have experienced glitches, like the time it made all our prices $10 and i had to shut my stores down for a weekend because they have no support during that time. All I got was an apology and a statement that they are not liable for anything that goes wrong.

    Which brings me to the subject of customer support. The people working there are wonderful, but the simple fact that there is NO Phone Support and it may take 24 hours to get back to you really earns them a 1 star rating for support. I've had responses take 5 days. Seriously, just today I got a response from an issue i had a week ago.

    i have spent thousands on fixes errors they have caused. Not to mention hours on the phone with amazon.

    Still searching for that multi channel software that only manages inventory and won't mess with my listings, ASINS, UPCs,or corrupt my pictures. etc.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We regret to learn about your experience with ChannelAdvisor. We want to encourage you to contact us at [email protected] so we can follow up.

  • hey

    Overall rating

    Dont sign the contract

    Any negatives?

    No Contract


    Be careful when you sign their contract. They gave me a deal on the first year. Year 2 the contract automatically renewed to 10k a year and they want a buyout of $3400 to cancel even though you already finished year one. READ THE FINE PRINTS because they are money hungry!! I wouldn't recommend them their are way cheaper companies that offer the same service with no contracts. Don't let them fool you.


  • rob1992968

    Overall rating

    Customer Support in Short Supply

    What were the positives?

    It's a solid multi channel inventory management system. many channels with good onboarding support.

    Any negatives?

    They need better reports, specifically for Amazon FBA . Customer support is good when you can get it. I had to threaten to cancel to get somebody to look at my account.


    When you have someone on your case, the support is good. Getting support is the hard part. NO PHONE SUPPORT. They do have a number you can call, but you rarely get a live person. If you need emergency help, like the time they turned all my prices to $10 without my knowledge, i was out of luck for the weekend. i had to shut my store down to stop the losses. Which they took blame for, but said they are not responsible because of the contract.
    Not a fan.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      @rob1992968 Dear Rob, thank you for sharing your feedback with ChannelAdvisor. We're disappointed to hear your experience with our support team was less than positive. Client feedback is very important to us, and we will take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks again.

  • Wauketa

    Overall rating

    Way Overpriced with Terrible customer support…

    There are now many other options to replace CA that are WAY more cost effective and... Get this... You can actually call a customer support person to get a question answered. CA ticket/email support system is a joke. It takes up to 3 days sometimes to get a simple question answered. And then most of the time they just give you a link to their very poorly developed "how to" articles. This is what you get for paying over $50,000 a year for???
    No thanks. We found a very comparable alternative and have been happy. Time to let the Dinosaur that is ChannelAdvisor go extinct.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      @Wauketa We're disappointed to hear about your experience with ChannelAdvisor. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is very important to us, and we will take these suggestions into consideration.

  • Naybothers

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor

    What were the positives?

    It is the best and most complete service of its kind on the market. It allows you to deal with big data and push your product to a lot of different markets to get more eyes on your brand.

    Any negatives?

    It is not cheap and that is the only real knock on it. You do get what you pay for. I couldn’t run our business without this solution.


    Support is great. They are always top notch in trying to handle any issues that arise.

  • Chris Kaps

    Overall rating

    Great product

    What were the positives?

    We found over the years that channeladvisor helped streamline and connect all platforms all in one.

    Any negatives?

    I feel like the software is powerful but some of the functions do not apply to us and that we can pay only for the functions we use.


    The support is quick fast and knowledgeable. Phone support would greatly help in emergencies.

    If there is an option to auto push the listings to the marketplace after making changes that would help

  • gaving

    Overall rating

    great software

    What were the positives?

    Makes managing all the marketplace much easier

    Any negatives?

    They are constantly improving


    The support is very fast is constantly providing good customer support for any issues that come up. We have also asked for support of things we were trying to do and they are very helpful. I would highly recommend using ChannelAdvisor for your marketplace needs. We have been using ChannelAdvisor for about 6 years now.

  • MattG

    Overall rating

    Instrumental for Company Growth

    What were the positives?

    ChannelAdvisor has been instrumental in our company's ecomm growth. It is our central hub between all marketplaces. We couldn't do it successfully without them. I highly recommend them.

    Any negatives?

    They are an ever-evolving company. What they don't have now doesn't mean they won't have it in the future.


    Support is very helpful. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to answer our questions or solve our tech problems.

  • Chelsea Sim

    Overall rating

    Happy customer!

    What were the positives?

    Channel Advisor has been an amazing partner for us. We have grown our business significantly over the past five years and we could not have done it without Channel Advisor.

    Any negatives?

    I can’t really say anything negative about my experience. They continue to expand their platform and onboard new marketplaces.


    The Channel Advisor support team is quick and their willingness to help is an asset to our business.

    I highly recommend Channel Advisor for any marketplace driven business!

  • Dmoyer

    Overall rating

    Excellent software

    We’ve been on ChannelAdvisor for about 6 years. Since signing up we have easily been able to scale our marketplace footprint and sales. Using CA has made it easy to scale our business and easily enter and test new marketplaces. This is a very powerful tool with and endless number of features. They are constantly listening to their customers and adding more and more modules and features. Everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with at CA has been helpful and has gone out of their way to help us meet our business goals. Highly recommend!

  • jason500

    Overall rating

    Great software

    What were the positives?

    This tool is great overall. We list on multiple marketplaces and this helps us keep our inventory straight.

    Any negatives?

    They are really good sales people, and then when the deal is done, they disappear.


    Support is a pain, you have to contact them multiple times... there isn't one person dedicated to you, they pass you around and around.

    Overall, I recommend, but I would put someone with some highly technical skills in charge of getting it up and running

  • Adam143

    Overall rating

    **** and liars

    What were the positives?

    They lied said they were the only people doing Walmart. Then we said we don't want them after one year and they are trying to charge us 13000 dollars for one month when we said we don't want to renew they are dishonest and I would recommend them to anyone. They did not contact us again that just tried to hit our bank again for 13000 no how is the service do you want to continue nothing. it cost more for the service than we made and the whole thing was a disaster when we could have paid 200 a month for the same thing.

    Any negatives?

    They could have told the truth.


    : only at the beginning was there any support

  • bowman721

    Overall rating

    Comprehensive but Expensive and Inflexible

    Channel Advisor is probably the best solution available for selling across multiple marketplaces. They cover the big ones like Amazon, Sears, Walmart, EBay etc. but have several omissions. They are also by far the most expensive solution. Once you learn their system it is relatively easy to use and reliable. But be careful before signing up. They require a one year contract and may even continue to charge you after the contract has expired. Ending your service through them is difficult. I have also found CA to be very inflexible. They have their process and pretty much require the seller to adapt to it.

  • Overall rating

    Great service

    We have recently signed up for the buy button service with Channel advisor. This is a great platform for people that offer products but don't sell direct to end user. We can now see how much traffic we are generating for our resellers. We are now using this data to help our resellers grow their business.

    The service we have experienced so far has been great. From the first meeting to the launch date the team have been a real support and have worked with us so we get the best out of the service.

  • Benstan

    Overall rating

    Great Solution

    The support network provided is second to none and the system is extremely user friendly which provides great efficiencies to the team. The software makes it so easy to sell across multiple platforms including eBay and Amazon. The support provided on various forums and online is excellent and is far better than that of competitors. The software itself is very easy to use and teach new users which saves time. I would definitely recommend this software to other companies who are looking to grow their online operation and reach multiple channels.

  • penguinninja745

    Overall rating


    I have been using it for just over a year and find it very easy to navigate.

    Easy and quick to learn, Channel Advisor is very user friendly and the ongoing help is much appreciated.

    Order processing is easy. Checking stock levels is easy and being to know where you stuff is is always helpful.

    The warnings for when updates are going to be done are great and you can open it in multiple tabs to do multiple things at once.

    Many different marketplaces all in once place and everything is easy to update and change if and when the need arises.

  • Amy_M

    Overall rating

    Amazing piece of software for your company

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Channel Advisor. It has transformed the way our company works in all aspects, from many different points of view including customer services & product listing (and viewing the inventory). It is fast, slick & very user friendly.

    At an important time of growth, our company needed the best pieces of software to improve certain areas of the business. Channel Advisor is undoubtedly an amazing piece of software that positively changed the way that our company works on an outstanding level!

  • nikita

    Overall rating

    Very user friendly

    We have been using CA since before I started work at the company (so Approx 3.5 years)

    I found it very easy to learn how to use and as the customer service manager, it is user friendly when teaching new members of staff to use.

    The orders pages are easy to read and filters can be created to to view different sections.

    The inventory section is also very user friendly.

    The support section is great when needed and any issues get resolved quickly.

    I would highly recommend Channel Advisor to other businesses.

  • andrewcarlin

    Overall rating

    Best on the Market

    As an order management and integration software Channeladvisor is comfortably the best option currently available.
    We deal with marketplaces across the world in multiple languages and no other provider has been able to offer the same coverage or speed.
    The setup was extremely easy and the system is very intuitive with no real IT skills required to be able to use it.
    With order management, advertising and other services available you can quickly make the system pay for itself with the time you can save.

    A slightly wider range of sites would be great but given Channeladvisor already cover more than the competition and are always adding more this is not a major complaint.

    The support provided during setup is exemplary and once the system is live the resources made available mean answering most questions becomes very easy. When direct support is needed response times are good and the staff are knowledgeable.

    Overall we would highly recommend Channeladvisor as an integration partner for marketplaces and more.

  • darren.rowark

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Software

    Utterly Fantastic.

    Channel Advisor is one of the best pieces of software I have ever used. The ease of completing such long tasks, in such a short time and easy manner cannot be explained well enough until you try it.

    The potential growth a company can gain from this is astounding and the results are fantastic. A vast array of marketplaces tailored to any business type make it so successful and a perfect choice to invest in.

    The friendly customer service team are quick and always give positive answers at any time of the week.

    Can't fault them in any way. 5 Stars.


  • gwalne10

    Overall rating

    Very Good Service

    We use Chanel Advisor for adding items onto eBay and Amazon, this marketplace is a huge part of our business and Channel Advisor is a really quick and easy way for us to add and adjust existing product on the web platform.

    Trustworthy, well known and easy to use - we have been using this for a couple of months now and have never come across any issues. The support we have received has always been good.

    Amendments are applied in no time at all and this is great for any quick last minute changes if ever required! I find the image upload process is also effortless.

    Would highly recommend. 😀

  • Josh Kennerdale

    Overall rating

    Excellent all in one solution

    Channel Advisor helped our business reach over 20 international marketplaces. It is a great easy to use aggregator. Helping manage our huge inventory having one place to edit our content. It also has simplified our order management process, making it easier, faster and more automated. Channel Advisor business rule makes it easy to do complex activities, pricing and tail make features unique to our business.

    I love the newly launched Amazon repricing tool - This has increased our revenue and is constantly adapting our prices both to maximize our sales and margins.

    The customer support I must say is excellent, rapid response and detailed individual knowledgeable reply.

  • AndrewL

    Overall rating

    Premium Solution

    I would describe ChannelAdvisor as a premium solution.

    Most impressively I have experienced almost zero downtime, less than 1% in errors and glitches with a rapid response to these issue, an excellent customer support structure with round the clock assistance and most of all our sales speak for themselves.

    ChannelAdvisor is a powerful tool with almost limitless capabilities when it comes to inventory management. The only downside is that there isn't any WMS so to speak of but it integrates easily. However, we didn't purchase ChannelAdvisor as a WMS.

    I would recommend ChannelAdvisor to anyone, a genuinely impressive e-commerce solution.

  • TEllyatt

    Overall rating

    Great platform

    Great platform.

    It has been very useful for us in managing a large stock inventory across multiple marketplaces.

    It seems to be very stable, we haven't really had any hiccups with the system.

    There are so many features and functions to explore within Channel Advisor - we probably have used half of them!

    The ability to quickly roll out to new marketplaces is useful and the launch support is good.

    Their blog is a very useful source of content and latest news for our team. We also attended the CA conference which I highly recommend.

  • ben_rees

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor transformed marketplace selling

    Channel Advisor marketplaces has transformed our online business. We've seen boosts in sales and margin as a result of features of the Channel Advisor platform (such as algorithmic repricers) and the ability to integrate with a huge number of different ecommerce marketplaces all over the world. We've barely scratched the surface of what is on offer. We've also seen big improvements in operational efficiency through improved feed and order management capabilities.

    Channel Advisor staff have been on hand at every step of our journey, guiding us through new marketplace launches and even helping us obtain new relationships with trading platforms. We've benefited significantly from the extensive reporting suites and insights provided for all areas of the business.

  • alicehayes

    Overall rating

    Very positive - 5 star review

    What were the positives?

    Very clear and easy to use when it comes to finding orders or refunding customers etc..

    Also it is Useful that you can use ChannelAdvisor for so many different platforms - eBay, Amazon etc... Saves a lot of time and makes tasks a lot easier. Therefore this is why I have given a 5 star review.

    Any negatives?

    Only that sometimes it can take a while for information to go from ChannelAdvisor to the marketplaces.


    The support was very positive overall.

  • Dan Millman

    Overall rating

    Great Piece of Software!

    Great piece of software to use. The ease with which you can launch on new channels and marketplaces was one of the main benefits. Some of the other tools that the Channel Advisor platform provides has really helped to benefit our business - digital marketing module has driven growth for us, as has the algorithmic repricer amongst others!

    It's also worth mentioning Catalyst - the Channel Advisor conference - as a worthwhile experience all around. 2nd Year attending this year and was not let down!

  • tombellsshoes

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor

    Channel Advisor is the best 3rd party software I've experienced. Slick design and easy to use. I couldn't recommend it enough!

    Support response is always prompt and helpful. List your SKUs in a fraction of the time it takes on other 3rd party software listing platforms. Channel Advisor also host a number of webinars which give handy tips for success on various marketplaces.

    Check your SKUs and their status in seconds, list in a few more minutes and see how quickly they go live. Reporting is also easy from CA.

  • reytid

    Overall rating

    Fantastic software.

    What were the positives?

    Very efficient software, good price and helpful people

    Any negatives?



    Very good UK based support.

    Software is best on the market and the support is second to none.

    Having used them for a few months I've found them to be nothing but helpful and all the features and functions within the software itself are absolutely unbelievable.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone of my colleagues or friends.

  • jamesnbeckett

    Overall rating

    A great tool

    What were the positives?

    A great tool that gives us important insight, would recommend.

    Any negatives?

    Some issues with initial setup perhaps could have been avoided, but they were expected and fixed quickly. All-in-all can't fault the initial service.


    Although it's early days, the support people have been a pleasure to work with so far and have worked hard to fix any teething problems you might expect during the inital setup.

  • Mold Maker

    Overall rating

    Don't Waste your Money

    We selected Channel Advisor to help grow our presence on Amazon and to add the Walmart and Jet channels. We found very little added value with the Channel Advisor interface over the stock Amazon, Walmart and Jet interfaces, particularly for the cost of the platform. Channel Advisor support was weak - once we signed the contract that was the last we heard from them other than quarterly billings. We found it to be difficult to actually speak or communicate with anyone if you did have questions. We received no notification when our annual renewal came around, just a big hike in fees.

    Unfortunately our experience was a huge waste of money. Would not recommend Channel Advisor.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.

  • RARE

    Overall rating

    Great guys to work with..

    Really impressed with the whole setup. A great team offering an excellent service.They are extremely knowledgeable with a network of staff from around the world providing global experience across a variety of platforms. I have spoken to numerous other satisfied customers and had much the same feedback. Catalyst is an excellent opportunity to engage with numerous members of their team and learn more about the way they operate as well as the whole eCommerce market so I would recommend this as a good intro to the company.

  • MW28

    Overall rating

    Great software

    What were the positives?

    Channel Advisor is a great way to centralize products and retail them across multiple e-commerce marketplaces. Their platform is intuitive and allows you to reach a lot more customers. Feeds are set up well and allow you to connect to a vast number of e-commerce sites.

    Any negatives?

    Errors are sometime challenging to resolve (although often this is due to the marketplace and not channel advisor)


    Support is always helpful and respond quickly to open cases

  • luxdivmaxwell

    Overall rating

    Comprehensive List and Launch Offering

    ChannelAdvisor offers the most comprehensive product launch offering that we have come across. The ability to write our product one time and launch on 14 marketplaces has been an amazing time saver. The insights offered through each of the marketplace dashboards is more throughout and easy to access than any other reporting we have found or are able to generate. With just a few clicks any user is able to take full advantage of this incredibly powerful platform. Product mapping is simple and the competitive views allow us to find where we can improve quickly and through one page.

  • Star99

    Overall rating


    VERY STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE: They only cared about one thing and that was making us sign a contract. Once signed, they created multiple errors mapping our products to the marketplaces. Error after error. Support ticket after support ticket to fix their errors.

    Getting a hold of the salesman before signing the contract, he responded in minutes. After signed, we were lucky to get him to return an email or call and when he did, he was annoyed. They think it was acceptable to go months and provide NO work for the services we paid for. Nobody could actually map a product to a marketplace and get us up to sell anything. Advise: DO NOT sign any contract with them, once you realize they don't know what they are doing, it is too late. They will continue to charge you and threaten you to pay up regardless if you cancelled or not.They don't care if you are a small company or big, they don't care about your success, they don't care if you sell 1 item. All they care about is their monthly charge. And, don't ask them a question they get really pissed off. WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.

  • Tightrope

    Overall rating

    ChannelAdvisor Corp 1 Star Review!

    Dear Readers:

    Run, do not walk from these guys. The one star ratings given so far are accurate. It is a circus at ChannelAdvisor and they are EXPENSIVE...EXPENSIVE! They start out making you feel important but soon after you end up in their corporate black hole. Lots of mistakes that we had to figure out. Wait till you sit through one of their training sessions!

    Almost a year with ChannelAdvisor Corp and sorry to report folks that we have found a better company at 1/5 their price, available 24/7, outside of the USA.

    Sorry ChannelAdvisor but we tried!

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.

  • Myexperience

    Overall rating

    Waste Money, didn't do what they advertise.

    Channel Advisor said they will do everything for you and the system can help you so much on posting listing and making more sales. that's the not case. After you paid for the service, their representative push you around on fixing the issue yourself and give you some link to read and train yourself. Start charging you the first date without knowing what to do with their system. Takes a long time to finish the training because it takes times for them to respond your issue and help you with your issue but end up no resolution. I tried 6 months to work on their system but my sales didn't increase but waste of my time and money.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.

  • YoLo

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor is expensive but thorough

    We use CA for several enterprise level accounts. Overall very good, and a lot of excel integration and excel-like features that make it easy to understand.

    They also do some things that are frustratingly lacking (for no good reason) from most sites and platforms. Things like the ability to download ANYTHING, or to manipulate almost anything both manually or via upload.

    My view of CA is like lots of things in life: its the best, and you pay for the access to the best. If I was working with smaller startups or less intricate listing models, I would not use them. But if you an afford it - you cant go wrong.

  • alexazumi

    Overall rating

    Professional and effective Team

    What were the positives?

    What a professional and effective team that Channel Advisor has!

    Any negatives?

    No, these guys are the best!


    The support was very responsive! The recent convention held in Nashville provided a wealth of information and was a great opportunity to meet the team face to face. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that all of our needs are met. I can see why they have so many active clients and continue to grow!

  • Matt W.

    Overall rating

    Great platform and great people

    What were the positives?

    Great customer service and always willing to listen to customers on way to enhance the platform. There are many different modules within the platform that give you a great view of how your business is performing.

    Any negatives?



    Their customer service is great. Responses are always within 24 hours and resolution is usually shortly thereafter. If an issue lasts longer, they will continue to update you as they progress through their findings.

  • hazelk

    Overall rating

    Excellent Company

    Excellent company. Channel Advisor has helped us launch and grow our e-commerce business at a much faster rate and scale.

    Their annual conference, Catalyst is also extremely insightful and informative.

    We use the software to manage and update inventory quantities available on multiple marketplaces - it is able to juggle inventory between multiple marketplaces so we can maximize available units for sale in multiple places without overselling.

    We also use it to manage orders from multiple sites

  • nickr

    Overall rating

    Great managed services

    ChannelAdvisor has helped out business tremendously. They have been extremely responsive and their knowledge of the industry has helped us maintain steady growth. Their managed services component was well worth the investment. We now have a dedicated person working with us who understands the industry and helps us maintain our position in the marketplaces. ChannelAdvisor is also constantly improving the platform and we have benefited from many of the new features implemented over the last few years.

  • Abdul Alkam

    Overall rating

    Worth Every Penny!!

    Great system for anyone trying to expand their business. I honestly Do not know how I could have managed expanding my business with ChannelAdvisor. I would recommend to anyone and everyone, you will not be disappointed with ChannelAdvisor. I love how super easy it is to upload products on different channels.You do it with literally two or three clicks. Then your whole catalog is uploaded. Channel Advisor is the way to go. Forget all the others. ChannelAdvisor is a one stop shop and its super easy to integrate with. I literally integrated with 5 different market places in one week. If it wasn't for ChannelAdvisor, it would've taken about 5 months to integrate. This is by far the best choice to make.

  • VMHD123

    Overall rating

    Paid too Much

    After spending 26,400.00 this past year, I could not tell you what they did, other than tell us to hire someone to do the work they should do for 2200.00 a month.

    Yes, for what we spent a month they should have had someone on their staff to do the work they said should be done to promote business to our site. After they told us what had to be done
    within the first month, I am not sure what they did the other 11 months to earn $2200.00 a month. Needless to say we canceled this service.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      We cannot currently identify this customer. In order to respond to the issues raised in this review, we would like to be able to identify the business name or customer number of this account.

  • Rony Genetic LA

    Overall rating

    Not worth the money

    ChannelAdvisor charges a lot of money for their service and it's definitely not worth it. We initially spent over $50k for the marketplaces and managed digital marketing.
    After 2 months we had to cancel the digital marketing because all of a sudden they told us that display marketing is not included, total bait and switch.
    We kept the marketplace portion and are not happy with it. Be warned, they have you sign up for 1 year with no trial period or any way to get refunded; in other terms, your satisfaction isn't guaranteed and very unlikely you will be satisfied. It definitely doesn't perform as advertised. They promise inventory in one place but it only applies with USA marketplaces. Other countries you have to duplicate your inventory for each. There are all kinds of hidden bugs and missing features.
    The first 2 months are spent on training with someone who really rushed through to get us off their plate and treated me like I'm dumb. They are not interested in teaching you anything besides their set training plan (that covers the basics only). They charge $750 extra per channel just for the training. Each channel is about 3 hours worth of classes. When we encountered problems with our feeds all the work gets dumped on us, they don't do any of it and if they do help you with a little formula or something, you can be sure they will make you feel like they are doing you a favor. Many times they told us to do things a certain way then when it didn't work they just had us go back and redo everything. If you have a question, they will have you sit and go over a 40 minute recording of your lesson for you to find the answer. I kept asking myself how could they charge $250 per hour for this service level? They could have sat me in front of a video. The training got us up on our webstore and Amazon US. These are the channels we were already up on.
    After the training is done, you have to deal with their tech support for any issue. The problem is they only offer email support. They answer within 24-48 hours (sometimes more, our slowest one 3 weeks). Their MO is also to let you do all the work and solve nothing. After they answer there is usually a correction to make then you have to wait another 24 hours for the corrections to populate the channels. If the problem wasn't solved then it will take another 3 days. Problems in ChannelAdvisor are kind of like trains, one can hide an other; actually a problem hides another in CA much more often than a train hides another. Bottom line it took us 5 months to get 5 channels up. We are still having problems with those channels, errors upon errors with no end. This service is not worth what they charge for it. Even at half price it would not be worth it.
    Wrote our rep about a 3 month credit 4 times in the past 3 weeks because it took so long to get additional channels up, he didn't even bother answering...
    Update: here is a good example, on March 6 we started setting up Amazon Japan that we already had an approved account on but didn't load any product (pending our implementation of CA since we got it to help us bring more channels up). 50 days and 7 support tickets later as of April 26 the channel is still not up, not even 1 product loaded, thousands of errors for about 480 skus.

  • Sherif Mohamed

    Overall rating

    Great Platform! Has grown our business significantly

    Channel Advisor has exceeded our expectations in every way possible. The scalibility of the platform is tremendous. We have hundreds of thousands of products loaded and published to marketplaces. The ease of launching in new marketplaces is also great. We are now selling on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and NewEgg from one platform. Has reduced a significant amount of manual work and freed us to focus on growing the business! The Channel Advisor team is also amazing to work with. They have supported our growth and are a true partner.

  • 4x3mtech

    Overall rating

    Best Solution For Global Growth

    What were the positives?

    ChannelAdvisor is robust solution. It is the NetSuite of Multichannel solution. ChannelAdvisor helps you grow, scale, and manage your ecommerce business to grow. Very intuitive. ChannelAdvisor understand the key taxonomy for each marketplace and translate it to a uniform, easy to read interface. ChannelAdvisor is very flexible in handling and managing your product data.

    Any negatives?

    Keep adding emerging marketplaces. Have a more meaningful, deep dive reports


    When submitted properly, support responds and resolves right away

  • CoryAnderson

    Overall rating

    Fantastic ecommerce technology!

    What were the positives?

    We love ChannelAdvisor. We have been using them for 10 years and it would be very difficult for us to do business efficiently without their software. Their system allow us to transform data in almost infinite ways to match any data feed specification. The integrations to different platforms such as Amazon and ebay is next to none. We also use them to transfer inventory data and sales data back and forth to our website platform. Life would be rough without them.

    Any negatives?

    Not that I can think of. They are constantly coming up with new and better ways to make our lives easier.


    The support is great. We can always get our challenges solved with the help of the support teams.

  • TiffanyRichter

    Overall rating

    Great Product

    What were the positives?

    Being able to add products for multiple channels and marketplaces that integrate with other software programs.

    Any negatives?

    Would like the option to be able to customize products such as monograms, embroidery, or laser etching. This is available through marketplaces supported thru ChannelAdvisor.


    Support is great. Questions are answered fairly quickly. Also great instructions on how to solve issues.

  • davemadoch

    Overall rating

    Channel advisor

    What were the positives?

    business rules and templates are great. CS us great. The ability to add new marketplaces makes things very simple.

    Any negatives?

    keep adding business rule functionality. I would like to see some strategy assistance based on all the data channel advisor has.


    The support was great. Sometimes I get someone that gives up a bit too quick but 9 out of 10 times I have someone that will go through until it gets resolved.

  • ecommerceguy

    Overall rating

    Major inroads with 1P marketplaces

    since early 2016, channel advisor has responded to the needs of brands and made significant product investments to support 1P marketplaces such as amazon walmart and excited to see this continue to develop over time.

    they also have made significant improvements to their content optimization tools, allowing us to better manage our product images, titles and offer compliance across retailers.

    the channel advisor team is always a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to continue leveraging their tools and services.

  • chris949

    Overall rating


    If you are thinking of signing/using Channel Advisor I urge you to reconsider and read on...

    I signed with them in December 2015 and while the first initial 3- months were positive and it seemed that all promises were being meant, albeit with a few manageable delays...more and more delays occurred and more and more issues occurred.

    To give you an idea, we had discussed, in detail, with the sales team the inventory files/feeds we wanted to implement and they even conducted an audit on those files to confirm they could do what we wanted. All was far.

    We had an eta to implement all the inventory files into Channel Advisor of 3 months and launch completely on Amazon and then a further 1 month to launch on eta to fully complete their launch process of April 2016...this did not where close!

    In August/September 2016, they were still trying to establish how to implement and create certain 'business rules' to be applied to our inventory files...files and rules which had been audited and discussed numerous times before signing with them.

    While some of the issues were resolved, some were and still have not been resolved, nor the full inventory files completed as I write this review in February 2017...almost 15 months after signing with them.

    We started with the intention of launching a product count of approx 40,000...we currently have 14,500 products live...and with continuing issues with their system that, despite opening their "Support Cases" to try and resolve, some of these issues (most of which are critical) have still not been resolved for months. Mainly, repricing of products (or not as the case is) and the timing of when they reprice products on Amazon.

    We have current and ongoing problems consisting of:

    1. Not being able to list products due to errors they do not know how to resolve

    2. Repricing of products...more accurately NOT repricing.

    3. The timing to send new prices from their repricer (they quote within "30 minutes")..our experience is it can take upto an hour.

    4. Settings either being changed or being incorrectly advised on how to use their settings...resulting in out of stock products being listed

    ...these are to name just a few!

    The ONLY thing that is reliable of Channel Advisor is there invoice 'reminders' and there threats to disable access to their system if you do not pay...despite the reasonable action of witholding payment until the issues are resolved...they DO NOT want to know!! My impression and experience, is they want their money regardless of their actions losing money for other peoples businesses in my opinion.

    Unless you have a dedicated tech team and/or have money to burn...I would not bother with them.

  • biz4bjones

    Overall rating

    Worst investment for my business I ever made!

    Unless you are rocking some serious numbers, like well over 100k DO NOT sign up for Channel Advisor. I was told that just by using CA my business would grow, it didn't. The training is terrible, they seem to get pissed if you ask too many questions or if your not getting it right away.

    The program is very complicated and very time consuming. To really use it you will need a full time person to manage it. This program made things so much harder, costing time and money.

    Oh, and be prepared, very very expensive! Way off the charts. What's ridicules? Even after you pay 11k or more to sign up, to actually learn how to use the program you have to pay $750.00 per module! Nuts!

    I was so excited when my year was up. When I put in my request to cancel, I was told I went over my contract by a week or two. Yeah so? They tell me if you don't put your request in at least 30 days before your contract is up, you are automatically renewed, thus costing you another $11,000.00! They WILL NOT let me cancel! Great service... NOT!

    There are so many other great options, choose one of them!

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      @biz4bjones Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We're sorry that you did not have a great experience. We cannot identify your account name from this post, but would like to discuss your experience and concerns. Please contact us at [email protected]

  • Matt Kubancik

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor is the Cadillac of Online Marketpl Software

    I've been an online retailer since 2005 (I was 18 when I started my business) and signed with Channel Advisor in 2006. They have helped me grow tremendously over the years and expand globally. We now sell on over 20 different marketplaces and Channel Advisor has always been a great partner.

    Although they are more expensive than other options out there, you get what you pay for. There is a reason Cadillac is more expensive than Chevrolet. I will admit I am a very high maintenance client and Channel Advisor has always bent over backwards to give us excellent service.

    Honestly, there has been times when I probably took advantage of their service and support more than I should have, especially in my younger years. There has also been times when parts of their service have not my expectations. No relationship, business or personal is perfect. If someone says that they are liars. Theres always bumps in the road but when I feel something wasn't up to par, someone at Channel Advisor always made it right

    Channel Advisor has helped me automate much of my business, given me the opening start to get on marketplaces like Wal-Mart, Jet, Sears, International sites, etc before other online retailers are given the chance. They are great company to deal with and have very hard working, dedicated employees that love to see their customers succeed. That has been my experience. And all I can speak on is my experience.

    Here is a video produced by Amazon about our background online.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      @Matt Kubancik Thank you for your honest review Matt. We're glad that we've been part of your successful journey. It's great to hear that we've helped grow your business and expand to new marketplaces and expand internationally. Hope you continue to see the benefits of the platform and the team, and have many years of successful selling ahead!

  • chustad

    Overall rating

    Just Say NO to ChannelAdvisor

    I can't imagine an experience as bad as ours...

    We signed up for an EXPENSIVE 1-year contract, and even purchased one of their apps to connect to Shopify.

    All ChannelAdvisor support says is it's Shopify's fault, even though the app was built and money collected by CHANNELADVISOR!

    Over 4 months, and we've gotten nowhere. Can't even go live because most our products can't "convert" due to a large magnitude of errors.

    It's a nightmare, a NIGHTMARE. Our business is having our worst year ever since we moved to CA. Too many expenses and NO RESULTS. And we have to continue with this nonsense for another 8 months because we were duped into a 1-year contract by some salesman who won't even return my emails or calls.

    I would give a negative rating, if possible.

  • Emily in Florida

    Overall rating

    I really like CA so far

    I was hesitant to go with CA given all the bad reviews out there. But, I knew they were the #1 channel management software and I figured there had to be a reason, so I decided to try them.

    I initially talked to them 3 years ago and another company, eTail Solutions. eTail was half the price of CA and seemed to have some really cool features, so I went with them instead. Well, the price was deceiving because eTail wanted to charge a lot of money for anything new that I did. Want another supplier, that's a cost. Want another marketplace, another cost. And the biggest downside was that listing products on marketplaces was so time consuming, that I never listed new products. I didn't have the staff to run their software. In the end, my sales were declining and I felt that my hands were tied.

    With CA, once you have the system set up, it is not hard to go to a new marketplace. And if you feel comfortable, you can do it on your own without paying any extra money to CA. Same with new suppliers. The system allows me to set up things the way I want and it is very flexible in how it works.

    Yes, it does take time to learn, but I feel it is pretty intuitive once you start using it. I will preface this with the fact that I am a programmer and so maybe these things come easier to me.

    My sales have increased a lot since moving off the old "holding me back" software.

    I have had good experience with support and have a good salesperson that continues to check in with me and help me get approved by new marketplaces (like Walmart).

    So far, I am impressed with the company and the software.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      @Emily in Florida Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We're glad to hear that you've been successful using ChannelAdvisor. We hope you continue to succeed using our platform!

  • james holan

    Overall rating

    watch out for this company

    Very dishonest. I was told it would work with my shopify store and after they got my money then I found out that they didn't actually work with Shopify but just pulled the inventory 1 time. So my inventory was never accurate. I couldn't get tech support to help us work with all of our market places or when they did respond, it would take several days.
    I emailed my sales rep that I did NOT want to renew when my contract was up but he didn't turn in my cancelation so no I have been billed another 6,000 for a system that doesn't work. I am filing a chargeback with my bank. Please, please don't fall for how nice the sales people are, Tech support is very bad.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      The complainant signed a contract that includes a one-year term and cannot be terminated for convenience. As ChannelAdvisor provided services to the complainant and there are remaining months on the current contract term, ChannelAdvisor continued to bill/charge the complainant as contractually agreed.

  • Krishan Arora

    Overall rating

    A Very Smart Way to Con You Out of £1000's

    My frustration with Channel Advisor has led me to the point, where I am having to post a second review on an alternative website, to emphasise to others not to make the same mistake I did.

    One would think that after having inventory descriptions of 1000's of items deleted, sales dropped and a persistent lack of communication, things could only get better. Wrong!

    After posting expressing my story on another popular review website, Channel Advisor did finally contact me to sort out the issues. However, this must have just been an attempt to get me to remove the negative review, as it has now been 4 months since signing up with them and still my Amazon site is not live. The technical issues are never ending with the most recent occurring with a request to revert the eBay marketplace back to its original settings. Simple Enough? Apparently not as there is now a clash between Channel Advisor and eBay causing errors in loading images, for ALL products in the inventory. With Christmas fast approaching, I can't believe that this is even happening. Their solution to the problem? Fix all 5000 listings, one by one. But, even that is not as simple as it may seem as I am also unable to revise listing. So I guess I am meant to just sit here and watch my sales drop as "opening a case" with Channel Advisor has yielded no response.

    In hindsight, I question my decision of signing up with Channel Advisor as the software is simply inferior to eBay, which is more fluid, rapid and intuitive. Also, for anyone still in two minds if you look at their terms & conditions and read the "limitation of liability clause" you'll notice the biggest warning sign you need. "IN NO EVENT WILL CHANNELADVISOR OR ITS AGENTS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, OR DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF PROFITS, REVENUE, DATA OR USE, INCURRED BY YOU OR ANY OTHER PERSON, WHETHER IN AN ACTION IN CONTRACT OR TORT."

  • saynotochanneladvisor

    Overall rating

    Run For The Hills!

    If you are reading this you have probably spoken with Chanel Advisor and are considering using their services, I did exactly the same thing but sadly for me I am now £30,000 out of pocket with virtually nothing to show for it.

    You have probably had a smart sales person on the phone to you regularly or maybe even visiting you, telling you they have looked at your business and they are convinced they can help you build sales, other members of the "team" have looked at your business and they too are convinced it is going to work. It all sounds great.

    They have probably told you that it is like taking on a new employee but instead of that you will be getting an entire team of experts.

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! As soon as you are signed up that sales person is gone, replaced by 1 person who will then be on annual leave every 5 minutes and all those promises and guarantees which you will not have in writing will have disappeared and all you have now is possibilities and large invoice to pay.

    Do yourself a favour, get away whilst you can! Good luck if you don't...

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      Thank you for taking the time to write your review. During the sales process, your main point of contact is a sales representative who will work with you to identify if ChannelAdvisor is a good fit for your business based on your business goals. At this point we set out the expectations for your account. After signing the contract, you are then transitioned from sales over to the managed services team which oversees your campaign success. If at any stage your campaign manager is on annual leave, there are other members of the team available, and the Director of Managed Services is on the out-of-office e-mail reply to ensure you have access to any support you need.

      When working with a customer, one of the most important things is that together we identify realistic campaign targets and set goals and a budget which are realistic and achievable to ensure success. Difficulties can arise, however, if a customer drastically changes business expectations and commitments after the contract is signed. ChannelAdvisor consistently tried to work with this customer to accommodate their changing business situation, suggesting multiple and varied strategies to help the customer meet their goals; however, the customer refused these recommendations.

      We wish you all the best for your future sales.

  • pcpsl

    Overall rating

    Mediocre at best--but useful

    Initially we started out with high expectations when using Channel Advisor. A lot of that was due to them promising us pretty much everything we asked of them, We started to learn as our campaign wore on that they tend to over-promise and under deliver. This is in direct contradiction to what our business mantra is, which is to UNDER promise and over deliver.

    Another area of recent disappointment: customer service. It started out decent, but has since dissolved into utter uselessness. Seems we either speak to someone who has no idea what they are talking about, or someone that just has no interest in helping at all.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      Thank you for taking the time to write your review. We’d like to be able to address your concerns and the issues you raised in this blog post directly, but are unable to do so without knowing your account name. Would you be able to email us on [email protected] and we can discuss your experience with you?

  • Sid_90005

    Overall rating

    How Channel Advisor helped destroy my small business

    I have been very keen to finally get around to writing this honest and factual account of the experience I have had with the Channel Advisor (CA) multi-channel system. I wanted to warn small businesses of the risks, problems and obstacles that can seriously deteriorate your online business. I built up my business painstakingly with Channel Advisor but in the end it helped to ruin my company.

    I joined CA in 2007 to support my successful and fast-growing online business. I was painted this picture of a super-powerful system that would do everything for me, reducing staff dramatically. Not only did it take months just to get to grips with the system, it nearly took years to actually figure out how everything works. I also encountered a host of issues from bugs to system errors.

    I added CA to my Amazon account and it caused nothing but problems with my Amazon listings. CA kept corrupting the ASINS, merging ASINS with other ASINS, causing catastrophic results. Customers were receiving the wrong items, which is a nightmare especially when using FBA, and your Amazon account can easily be suspended for these listing issues. When I contacted Channel Advisor Support, they kept saying, “We are sending all the correct data to Amazon; this is an Amazon issue.”

    This was not true.

    This is the dark side of Channel Advisor, and if I had known about this beforehand, I would never have got involved. The problems with Channel Advisor never went away, in fact I found they kept getting worse. Everything is so overly complex to learn, you need a professional IT department really when using this system. Every time I had an issue with CA I would contact their support team, of which most are actually dreadful to say the least.

    Channel Advisor is so overly complex it is impossible to outsource work at an affordable rate! The problem with Channel Advisor is you end up spending hours every month dealing with their bugs and issues. Amazon told us on several occasions, ‘We do not recommend using third party software like Channel Advisor.”

    This problem went on for years; I even hired developers costing tens of thousands to sort out all the issues. Bear in mind that the only developers trained in Channel Advisor charge 60 euros an hour.

    My websites were doing amazing before I set up premium store websites with Channel Advisor, which I did so I could have everything handled by one system. This was when all the trouble started. I had one premium webstore for the retail side of the business and another for the wholesale. I received nothing but problems; customers could not check out, there was no error notice explaining what was happening, and my SEO deteriorated dramatically, destroying my profits. This is enough to take any director to their knees.

    Channel Advisor refuse to accept responsibility when things go wrong, and they leave you to pick up the pieces, which costs you several hundreds to correct over time. Also, once you spend years with Channel Advisor it becomes too complex to leave, and this results in damaging your bottom line!

    I could go on and on but I really don’t want to bore the readers. I have also decided to remain anonymous as I don’t want any assault against me personally. I just want to let other businesses know to avoid Channel Advisor at all costs – stick with a more simple system that can be outsourced at a reasonable cost, such as Magento or other similar systems.

    Where am I now?

    I have started my business again from scratch, using Magento, and I have found great people to help run my system. I cringe when I see I wasted tens of thousands just fixing problems created by Channel Advisor. Now I can relax, sleep well and feel confident about my new business that I have full control over.

    Wishing you success.

  • DDG

    Overall rating

    Can't deliver

    Channeladvisor promises the world and delivers on nothing. The customer service is horrible and they really had no idea what they are doing. Even after we gave them extensive data, which they originally said they had or could get. They still could not perform and still had no idea what what they were doing.

    We did all the work for waste of money.

    We finally just gave up and payed off the contract.


    You have been warned.

  • Alex G

    Overall rating

    Stay away

    Their product is outdated, everything you'll need will be extra!
    The setup is not free, it's 750 per market place???

    Try to cancel it, and you will not be able to!!!

    I contacted NC attorney general, and wrote a complain on BBB, and still nothing! They charge 6 months upfront and would not give any refunds! No trail period and no cancellation? Bad business.

    Stay away!

    Try something else.

  • OnlineSales

    Overall rating

    Great products, but very expensive

    What were the positives?

    The platform is the best out there. I have tried just about every other multi-channel listing platform, and Channeladvisor is the best period.
    If you choose to go with CA take time to learn the ins and outs.

    Any negatives?

    - I wish the platform was prices lower.
    - Builtin shipping module


    The support team was always help, and resolved issues on the first attempt. However, they take a day or two to respond.


    Overall rating

    Some of the worst customer support I have ever seen!

    If I could post 0 stars I would!

    The only good thing about them is it allows me to bring in orders from multiple channels (In most cases) without having to integrate into additional API's

    Other than that the system has so many bugs and when you try to resolve them with customer service you basically spend days explaining the problem only to receive a non-related solution or a poorly designed "FIX" which is merely a band-aid.

    Support is worse than any third party software company I have EVER worked with. Too many inconclusive answers and overall a complete waste of time contacting them. From the desktop help to the management staff, no one can resolve any problems!

    BEWARE and choose your software wisely. While there are no others I have found that are any better or until you devise your own system you are kinda stuck with their half working software. Read the reviews online with a google search. You wont find a whole lot of happiness!

  • ASeller

    Overall rating

    Lots of features, but not simple to use

    If you are a pro seller, selling in Multiple-Marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor Definitely has all lots of features that can help you grow your business. However you will need a - full time employee - just to manage ChannelAdvisor.
    I singed up with them, thought that it will take me a couple of weeks to get everything set-up, but i find that i waist a couple of hours p/day just with channeladvisor.

    My Advise to Channel Advisor: either make it more user friendly, or people simply won't be able to take advantage of all your features, (like me), and we're starting to look for alternatives.

  • FashionClothingSeller

    Overall rating


    We signed up with Channel Advisor and they promised us the Earth, and after a year, we were left with an inventory that has copy and copy of the same products, due to an error on their part, of which they did not amend, our seller rated plummeted from 4.9* to around 2.5*. During this time we also paid out around $7000. We have since had to start over again from scratch, and are slowly building our company back up. During the time we were with them, we put multiple help requests in, but never once got a reply from them. It was horrible. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

  • a2iwheels

    Overall rating

    Horrible customer service, product is outdated

    Do NOT use channeladvisor. They do not provide any type of customer service. You'll be lucky if they ever respond to your emails. They do not offer support of any kind. In fact we were told to handle the issues ourselves.

  • sales418

    Overall rating

    Bad. Do not go with ChannelAdvisor

    A. They have OK integration with Amazon (But NOT great), Faulty integration with eBay, Worse that bad integration with some other important platforms.

    B. They will rob you to training, which will be done by people with little knowledge in ecommerce and sometime, little knowledge of their own platform's capabilities.

    C. They will never refund your money if they break a promise, or there is a built-in fault that caused you lose money.

    D. Their fees are way too high vs. the promise of "grow your business", which is an empty promise (I would love to pay more fees for business I currently do not have, which is the reason we moved to them).

    E. The Support team is simply NVG (No Very Good): They do not understand their own new integration solutions, they do not understand the marketplaces they integrate with. And they will not get out of their way to understand the issues.

    And the final straw:
    When there is a fault in one of their integration, they say: "Nobody ever complained about that"

  • 21St Century Retailer

    Overall rating


    We were looking to grow our Amazon Business and engaged with Channel Advisor. After listening to a robust sale presentation about how Channel Advisor can grow our business, we only discovered Channel Advisor is a self managed platform which is based upon eBay. We got horrible support, found out any data built in Channel Advisor will override Amazon data which has been optimized, and did not see any sales lift.

    We would highly recommend anyone NOT use this service. We should have checked the reviews on WebRetailer and those on the BBB before entering the relationship.

  • shilav

    Overall rating

    Dont waist your money!

    I am a top online seller.
    Just spend $10000 usd and received nothing!!
    If you have extra cash, give it to Charity, do not give it to this people.
    If I was a UK or USA company, I would of take this people to court.

  • jamesG

    Overall rating

    never dealt with such incompetance.

    Was told no one could deal with my questions as it was end of month and the teams were trying to close deals.

    I could NOT get a straight answer and have never dealt with such an unprofessional company.

  • jenjenkc

    Overall rating

    Bait and Switch Company

    Brief list of problems we experienced:

    1. The timing and scheduling with account managers are impossible after you pay you will never have any customer support.
    2. Sandbox testing was not provided and took a week to access
    3. No multi channel ability to function with our product if which we were told when we purchased it would be a match for functionally.
    4. We received quotes in writing on price and levels that were changed 3 times
    5.. We could not login to the system after we signed the contract and could not pay for the service and or use it
    6. We did not have any access to a multi tenant system

    It took a month from contract signing to access the software and never used the software by the time it was set up so we cancelled.

    There are several other companies that offer better services for a much lower price than $10K a month. Several offer no contracts or $34 a month

  • morrisrose

    Overall rating

    Very Unsatisfied customer. Highly Not Recommended Company

    As a client of ChannelAdvisor, I am telling you from experience what we went through extremely difficult hardships with the company.

    We started in good faith and wanted to end in good faith. However, we were trying and trying to work with them, but all they want is your money and they are not willing to help you in any way. They promise you everything but they don't deliver. They promised that they will help us setup the process for eBay and Amazon, we paid extra set up fee for setting up each platform. However, they gave us inexperienced workers which misguided us causing us to lose thousands of dollars. Initially they told us the losses they caused us will be reimbursed. But when it came to pay, the company formed against us in a very unprofessional way, not to help out the customer.

    We very much wanted to grow with ChannelAdvisor on all platforms however their behavior was ruthlessly unkind, unprofessional in this matter. After our mess up we found out that many other clients where going through the same hardships and even worse experiences with ChannelAdvisor.

    Be extremely cautious with them as they promise you many things initially but the people employed there are very not well trained and very unkind and cause huge mess ups. So watch where you spend your money!! We highly recommend you not sign up with ChannelAdvisor!!

  • gsmkho

    Overall rating


    We signed up with this company and the service they provided was zero !
    When we complained they asked for more money which we refused to give because we paid them what we agreed in contract.
    Now they will not refund or provide any service for the money we paid.
    Please try other companies, do not use this company !

  • oscars04

    Overall rating

    Overview of Channel Advisor from

    Channel Advisor has been an integral partner for our e-commerce strategy for 5 years.

    We currently run our webstore and Amazon sites through Channel Advisor, and previously eBay UK and France.

    As a lot of companies, we moved to Channel Advisor to get more integrated, efficient way of managing our data and inventory (as opposed to manually updating on different channels).

    This has worked superbly, and we are now at 88,000 products on Channel Advisor, with plans to increase to 150,000. We have managed to put 5,000 products in to CA, and Amazon and Webstore with correct data, pricing and images within one hour!

    Our next plans are running our Adwords and Shopping campaigns through CA, which again is an integrated, automated system which will save us significant amount of manhours/wages.

    Our system also downloads all orders in to our internal Sage system and in turn automatically prints out Royal Mail courier labels - again saving us significant resource. At last count that saves us £30,000 per annum in wages.

    An excellent system to use, and certainly to help you grow. We are looking to quadruple our e commerce turnover in the next 2 years, and without Channel Advisor's system, that would be very difficult to do.

    A great team working there, who certainly give you the feeling they want to help you grow your business.

    If anybody wants further info, you can email me on [email protected] - I'd be delighted to help.

  • ecomgiant

    Overall rating

    Best Channel Management System on the market

    If you want to really grow your business, signing up with ChannelAdvisor is one of the best decisions you can make. CA opens you up to so many sales channels and other tools that would take a whole team of people to execute (believe me I used to have a whole team). Personally it saved my organization a ton of money and time to get my business to where it is now. Another benefit is CA never calls of sick or walks out.

    My advise is get it up and running and expand to every channel you can.

  • ianmilne

    Overall rating

    ChannelAdvsior/Catalyst 2015

    I am a happy customer of ChannelAdvsior now for several years, they helped grow my business and make my life easier.

    They host an E-Commerce show in London once a year, this show has the who's who' of the ecom world. Scot Wingo the CEO of ChannelAdvisor kicked off the show with a fantastic keynote in the form of Game of Thrones. Aptly called " The Game of E - Commerce Thrones", he delivered a great speech highlighting what is happening in the E-Commerce landscape.

    Apart from this there was great insights from Amazon, eBay, Google, Alibaba, and also hearing from other ChannelAdvsior clients and their own experience of selling online. Finishing off with Justin King ex CEO of Sainsburys closing the show with his 5 tips for success.

    All in all this epitomises the great work that ChannelAdvisor offers, they are more than great software but an extension of our business.

  • jason787

    Overall rating

    Past customer for 7 years

    Past customer for 7 years

    I cancelled my account over 8 months ago we found much better service and price from competing company, we had been with channel advisor for 7 years as customer they would never credit us fees on cancelled orders that has added up to over 34000 dollars over 7 years. They told me I could not cancel that I was under contract They wanted me to pay 9 thousand to get out of contract now that we switched they have given to debt collectors that call and harass you. I told channel advisor we was not paying for nothing and contract law in ky explains this clearly. I politely tried to exit this company and after being customer for 7 years they should have handled things differently. Now we have to submit to federal trade commission and better business.

    In the 7 years on average our account manager would only last for 2-3 years I would ask what happened they would tell me they found better job.

    Please beware of this company.

  • Kidsontalks

    Overall rating

    Still love Channeladvisor after 10 years!

    No software solution is 100% perfect but I always recommend Channeladvisor as I have been using the software with my clients for over 10 years.

    Many of my clients are on year 7+ of growing their business with Channeladvisor, and even though integrating ANY new software to help run your business can be fraught with issues the ease of growth and integration takes away the pain.

    One of my clients showed a 90% increase year on year using Channeladvisor to compliment growth.

    *No formal connection but work with CA & their clients closely.

  • ScotlandLad

    Overall rating

    ChannelAdvisor I wish my competition made this mistake

    Urgh, ChannelAdvisor I wish my competition made this mistake and not I.

    I wish they plowed 6 months of staff time and £12,000 into this useless waste of a service.
    At least then we could remiss and laugh about it at the yearly meet up... or at least band together and go for litigation to get our money back.

  • Danny

    Overall rating

    Dont do business with channeladvicer, they are liarers.

    uploading your inventory will take 6 month.
    contract starts from day on signing.
    they dont take responsabilaty for there system bugs.

    please do not work with them, just biuld your own data base and work by your self.
    waist of money and time!!


  • bjr

    Overall rating

    Never Use!!! They won't let me cancel after year contract

    Just an absolutely horrendous experience.

    We started using CA and was very happy with the simplicity of the interface. After some time we realized that we needed a more robust program and we switched away from CA 9 months into our year contract. I then cancelled more than 30 days before my contract was to renew. They did not allow me to cancel and continue to charge my credit card every month. They won't even talk to me on the phone. JUST A HORRIBLE COMPANY!!

  • cjpalcazar

    Overall rating

    Bad service, Do not sign up

    Review into my experience with Channel Adviser
    I am not too sure if they are charlatans’ or just plain incompetent whichever it is I would not recommend anyone going anywhere near these people.

    I was contacted by their sales person at the end of February who did an excellent pitch and persuaded me to join up.
    I was due to go away about a week after I agreed to sign up, and I said I did not want to commence until I got back. It was suggested that with some hard word on behalf of the company they could launch within a week, with this assurance I agreed to go ahead.
    I signed the contract on the 12th of March. A few days later I was instructed to take part in a launch call on Monday the 17th of March.
    I was given no further instructions.
    I had my first launch call. You are expected to ring a number insert a code and you get put into a call group automatically.
    It soon became clear that the group had no idea I was on the line, Nick who was in charge of the launch was complaining I had not done some work. The man in overall charge was complaining that he didn’t want to be there, and Terry who set me up with the contract said “If you don’t want to be here then go he won’t notice”. They started wondering where I was and complaining that I wasn’t there. I then made my presence known to them. It was a very short call as I was told I should have set up my account. This was a bit annoying as they could have sent the required form to me in the preceding week. I filled in the information that evening (Monday) and emailed to check that all was correct.
    When I heard nothing by Wednesday I emailed again, and got a reply saying it looked ok the next day.
    I then requested another launch call. I got a reply on the Friday saying that another launch call was set up for Monday. My call was set for 1300 and I called at 1255 eventually at about 1310 my call was answered. I understand people are late for appointments but I had wasted a week so was very annoyed that there was no one there to take my call.
    On the 27th Nick contacted me asking me to upload my ebay site. I said no I couldn’t do it as I was off on holiday, and would do it when I returned.
    When I agreed to sign up I understood that the cost was £600 a month, with a set up fee of £1000. I assumed this included vat because no mention of vat was made. All payments were to be taken on the 15th of the month. I was therefore surprised to log in to my online bank on the 2nd of April and find that an attempt made been made to take £1664.52 . I didn’t have the money available in my current account because I was away on holiday and no payments were expected and it was declined
    I then checked my emails to find another invoice for £720 for the 15Th of the month April.
    Please bear in mind at this stage they have not published my site or done any work for me except take a couple of phone calls. From the time I left to go on holiday I received no request to upload my ebay site and there was no attempt to contact me.
    I contacted my lawyer who told me to cancel the contract, as it was within the 30 days notice period.
    I cancelled my contract on the on 10th April. I got no acknowledgment of my cancelling the contract. At this point I started receiving threatening emails demanding payment although no work had been published.
    When I signed up was given the impression I would receive help 24/7 . It is an expensive service, you do not expect to get a call or email back a week later particularly when you are on a tight schedule.
    I would not recommend this service to anyone.

  • angoni1

    Overall rating


    The worst and most expensive platform. Solid Commerce does the same thing and even better for close to nothing, and no yearly contract like Canneladvosor. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH CHANNELADVOSOR.

  • ecustomhitch

    Overall rating

    Do Not Use Channeladvisor For Premium Webstores

    First, you can tell that these "stellar reviews" are the usual attempt at steamrolling real feedback and reviewers. Caveat emptor.

    Channeladvisor's marketing team knows only one answer, "Yes." Whatever your question is, they will promise you that it can be done... until you pay them.

    Then you find out from their technical department and engineers if your request is truly viable or not.

    So you think you'd receive a refund, an apology and move on to another provider, but I assure you that once they have their hands on your money, you won't see it again.

    Getting a written contract which specifically details the elements of the proposed site is not going to protect you. During the kick-off call, within the first five minutes, I was told that CA doesn't have the technical capabilities to make it work.

    I've been waiting for my money ever since. 7 months and running.

    Best of luck to you all, but please learn from my mistake.

    Ashley Doctors
    Custom Hitch and Trailer of SW Florida

  • stylecentre

    Overall rating

    The ONLY e-commerce solution

    I can only speak highly of the service we have received from Channel Advisor since we signed up over 12 months ago. Our company had to take some time to prepare our data which we were helped with at every step, having every query answered within 24 hours (usually a lot less) and our launch manager was simply brilliant at both training us and take care of any problems.

    Since we have launched we now sell on over 15 different markets across the world and our stock is managed from one central location. Before Channel Advisor it took us 3 months to launch on a new platform with our vast inventory, we managed to launch on 10 different platforms within 6 weeks and we have seen a sharp increase in both sales and profit as well as saving huge amounts of time handling stock across multiple platforms.

    Having Channel Advisor has saved our business hiring at least 2 extra employees and have enable us to sell in markets many months before we could have manually achieved this, so in terms of cost it has been well worth it as a business decision.

    I feel the great strength of Channel Advisor is that they are ahead of the competition, they are securing agreements with some of the largest marketplaces in the world and always looking for ways to bring their customers to new markets, so when we are planning for the future of our business, we do not need to worry about where to go next or how we can even start to go about selling in a certain market, Channel Advisor take care of that and we are currently launching our products in New Zealand and next we will be looking to China, Japan and South America, all through Channel Advisor and their partnerships with the biggest marketplaces in these regions.

    I cannot recommend them highly enough as a business that has been using the platform for over a year now and has expanded rapidly and has numerous opportunities worldwide for our business to grow. If you sell online you owe it to your business to at least speak with ChannelAdvisor first.

  • stu919

    Overall rating

    ChannelAdvisor ~ Legal Sharks not just a marketing company

    Channel Advisor Paid Search Tech outdated

    After recruiting the services of Channel Advisor to make managing our Paid Search easier. It quickly became apparent that it did quite the opposite. After falling victim to push selling techniques adopted by the sales team, unfortunately we were talked into signing the contract. We soon discovered that the simplicity of the system was going to be incompatible with our current system infrastructure and was going to require laborious manual processing of all data files. Time of which, we do not have. Instigating discussions with the company, requesting a delay to allow us to update our technology fell on deaf ears. Under legal contract no leeway or temporary deferral was granted. Faced with this result and looking for the opportunity in the face of adversity we worked to find a positive way to move forward.
    With the implementation of Googles new Trademark policy our already faltering campaign came to a complete standstill. With manual processes and the absence of trademark consent, Channel Advisors platform became stagnant despite receiving invoices every month.
    With a growing number of broken links and an inability to use the brand names of which we had initially been sold this service, we started receiving warning by Google that links would terminate an already successful Adwords account due to CA broken links. The secondary nail in the coffin to Channel Advisors service was due to Google making the same technology available with a simple click within your Adwords account.

    Their systems have now been outdated by a single swift move by Google Adwords. Please do your own research and create your own account, It only requires the simple click of a button and provides a greater range of support and reporting opportunities.
    We have had termination and even a stay on our service aggressively more so arrogantly refused despite the fact that to continue with the service was never going to occur. We have not received a positive result or even click throughs from the Professional links apart from those received by the CA testing team. We are expected to wear a $10,000+ cost despite the service being ineffective and unmanageable.

    Again product listing is a terrific idea and one worth consideration, the benefit will be far greater adopting Googles own technology and will save you stress and the most important factor in any business, Money that should be invested in to profitable business ventures.
    Research Google Dynamic product listings, you wont be sorry.
    Channel Advisor will provide you with a service. However, comfortably charge you at a premium cost where Google can provide the same service at a sensible pricing level.
    Despite receiving positive support from the local branch here in Australia. The legal team based both in the US and the UK will make fair trade unattainable.
    In essence by incorporating a Google Adwords account you can simply and efficiently list all of your products into Googles indexing engines and avoid using the cost ineffective Channel Advisor platform for Paid search assistance.
    Hope this may help others.
    Be wary before entering into an agreement with this company. As others have stated, make sure you write a termination clause into any contract you sign.

  • moshco

    Overall rating

    Number One for eCommerce

    We have been using channel advisor for several years now and they have helped up increase sales by more than 500%

    They are a little pricey compared to others, but are definitely by far the most advanced if you are looking to grow your business long term.

    I have tried similar software in the past and they are amateur compared to CA.

    They are continuously developing and adding new features and have a great customer support team, that respond and resolve pretty quickly.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      ChannelAdvisor values WebRetailer, and the forum it provides for the multi-channel community. In keeping, we've made our customer base aware of it, and welcome them to share any comments about their experience with ChannelAdvisor. All shared opinions and comments are the genuine opinions of the individual retailers.
      Zoe Ripley, Marketing Director EMEA

  • livyfurniture2

    Overall rating

    Highly Recommend!!

    We have been a Channel Advisor customer for just over 6 months and in that time we have managed to connect all 4 of the marketplaces we use taking the hassle out of stock management and rewriting the data over and over again to suit each marketplace or website.

    Our channel advisor account manager is always available to contact if we need something new or something fixing. Also the support guys are excellent they contact you very quickly and always resolve your issues.

    In the time we have been using Channel Advisor we have almost doubled our eBay business and are doing the same on amazon. They have such a good range of contacts in each marketplace to help you expand your business quickly and efficiently.

    We wouldn't trust our online business with anyone else!

  • robmerrett

    Overall rating

    ChannelAdvisor Consistently Deliver Great Service

    In my joint roles of CMO and CTO I’m constantly in talks with new providers, and as an 18 Month Veteran of ChannelAdvisor, I’ve been using their platform for long enough to know I wouldn’t want to be without it, and glad to have implemented it.

    Steve Jobs said “Our job is to figure out what they’re going to want before they do” when talking about customer requirements, and is in that area where I feel ChannelAdvisor are unrivalled.

    Their Marketplaces solution, allows us to effortlessly react to 3rd party changes and easily explore new marketplaces to test viability and increase our reach. Their platform is generally updated biannually, is both flexible and robust enough for our growing needs and has ensured we have the time to concentrate on the core of our business.

    Account Management has always been strong and the pre and post sales support has been second to none.

    I have extended our initial commitment to harnessing the talents at ChannelAdvisor and have contracted them to manage both Paid Search and more recently Comparison Shopping.

    I attended Catalyst 2012 and intended to attend in 2014 and would thoroughly recommend this event independently of the software and services ChannelAdvisor offer.

    I have no hesitation in recommending ChannelAdvisor to any business with similar needs and I’ve every confidence they would be as satisfied as I am.

  • SophieWi

    Overall rating

    Recommended for Marketplace Players

    We use Channel Advisor to sell on multiple platforms, we are currently selling in 5 countries utilising all platforms on offer that will work for us. We rely on the support for any issues, they are usually extremely quick and I have not had a case go unresolved in one way or another. When launching on relatively new platforms in CA there are occasional bugs which can slow you down but the fix doesn't not usually take long for the tech team.

    We have grown rapidly over the last couple of years and CA has helped with our stock control over multiple platforms which was becoming an increasingly big bug bare for us.

    It is a challenge launching and maintaining all the platforms and is time consuming keeping control on all the data in-putting but by bringing them into one place like Channel Advisor it can only make it easier.

  • HeleneMc

    Overall rating

    Powerful Tool for Retailers

    If you are a retailer doing significant business across multiple marketplaces, ChannelAdvisor is a powerful solution. We no longer have fears of overselling and can list our full quantity. We can also manipulate our data so we can meet the requirements of each new marketplace without starting from the beginning.

    We've also found ChannelAdvisor to be a good partner in helping us raise issues with eBay and Amazon and helping facilitate those discussions. The support team also goes above and beyond to help us. I can't imagine trusting our business to anyone else.

    I'd also recommend that you attend the Catalyst conference sponsored by ChannelAdvisor(I think it is typically in March or April). It is a great opportunity to meet other retailers. We came back with a lot of new ideas and it was nice to sit down with experts and go through our account to make sure we were doing everything possible to be successful.

  • StevenXtras

    Overall rating

    Highly recommend!

    We started using ChannelAdvisor earlier this year to help us sell on to eBay and Amazon and are really happy with the results. We launched an e-commerce website about two years ago and wanted to link this up to eBay and Amazon, but the site wasn’t capable of supporting this and we ended up manually trying to handle our sales between all of these different places. Overselling became a big problem for us, and overall online selling was a costly and difficult project to manage.

    A friend was using ChannelAdvisor and seeing great results, so we decided to research it further for ourselves. I have to say I’ve been amazed at the results. Overselling is no longer a concern of ours and we are able to list our full range of products, something that never would have been possible when manually listing. As a direct result of using ChannelAdvisor we have moved from Silver PowerSeller to Titanium PowerSeller on eBay and are considering expanding to France and Germany next year. Highly recommend!

  • alaa

    Overall rating

    Long time customer......

    I've been a customer of Channel Advisor for over 6 years. I decided to use them initially for our eBay business and currently use their Paid Search, Shopping Feeds & Premium store solutions.

    It's like having a fulltime software engineer on staff but 24/7. eCommerce is continuously changing and keeping up with all those changing is time consuming and costly. There are certain things I simply leave to the experts and those guys are certainly among the best experts in the multi-channel eCommerce world.

    I won't lie, but their software will need you to be involved. It's not just a turn on and let it run from the beginning. You need to invest your own time in ensuring everything is setup properly with help of their team. It's a robust solution that delivers results for the serious eCommerce business owner.

  • brabraland

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor support is the worst I have ever had!

    I havebeen with Channel Advisor for 2 years & I have never had such poor support! They don't answwer cases in support for over 8 days & then the answer doesn't fit the question - right now my payments from paypal are not reaching Channel Advisor so I am doing 4 x the work required and they won't even answer my support case & have shut down live chat


    Overall rating


    I could go on for days about how bad they are. So if anyone has a specific question just let me know, and surely i'll have some nightmare that relates to your question. I have been a customer for 5 years since they were Marketworks - my then business partner and I lovingly renamed them MarketDoesntWork! At the time we were getting too big to manage everything using just ebaY. So we did some research, and decided to use Marketworks. It's insanely complicated so it took us a while to get the hang of things. We eventually realized it wasn't just a slow learning curve that was holding us back from mastering it... it was actually the unbelievable amount of bugs! Then when they changed to channeladvisor it was all over. The customer service which we were paying extra for simply disappeared, and is now email only!?? You simply cannot accomplish ANYTHING with email only support. And when I say bugs, i don't mean some little thing that happens one day then they fix it. I'm talking about the same bug reoccurring all the time. And bugs they simply do not understand via email. And not to mention the bugs they just say "I don't know. We'll have our engineers look at it." - which translates to I don't care. Were not even going to look at it. I have such an unbeliveable amount of time and energy invested in my channeladvisor account that it pains me to think that I need to get out...but I must do it. Don't fall in to the trap!!!

  • MC L

    Overall rating

    Nightmare with CA

    The best part of CA was the marketing guy sweet talking you into signing. That's the only good thing about CA as i can see.
    Stared implementation process. Too complicated. Very poor and slow support, Decided to cancel as this is getting no where after a few weeks. Could feel the frustration with the implementation team on the other side while teaching us how to use the system.
    Given up after a few weeks. Not even started to key in inventory or item tittle and description or anything else.
    Now being billed and as all the other has mention, threatening with legal action.

    Lost my £500 registration fees which I did not even started to use the system. Plus a legal notice of accumulated monthly fees with final warning.

    Rude reply from debt collector. Said could not cancel as contract has been sign.

    No reply after that. Did sent a few more emails to both UK and US CEO Scott, no reply at all.
    Sweet talking marketing guy on the phone also decided to stop reply my email on how to cancel my contract.

    My advice for all others, never sign the contract before a trial implementation day or two with their implementation team. Implementation is very complicated. Make sure you are ready for this part before signing.
    Implementation Manager with serious attitude over the phone.
    Mine really just worth the time.

    How did they manage to grow with this attitude. Something has to be done.
    You are upsetting lots of user. Should channel more effort into Customer Service.
    No joke. Stay away.

    Instead of trying to get back my £500 registration fee, I'm now having problem with monthly bills accumulating with LEGAL ACTION NOTICE...

  • GarethH

    Overall rating

    Perfect Solution for Non Teckie Businesses (me!)

    I've read some of the negative comments, and must say I pretty much disagree.
    We have been a client for at least 6 years, and have experienced fantastic benefits.

    We are not an internet/ebay only store, and we are not very technically minded and do not have a great deal of time to study the micro detail of ebay/amazon and other markets.

    Using Channel Advisor lets us take advantage of these markets without "getting our hands dirty".
    We spent some time integrating the CA system with our own, and now everything happens like clock work.

    We sell something like 60,000 items through ebay and Amazon annually using the platform, and do this with little or no staff involvement in the sales or admin process.

    For a business with a store, catalogue, travelling sales reps etc this is a useful tool to enable us to tap in and benefit from an extra market - without the hassle.

    I can't speak for how this set up might work for other types of businesses, but for us, I do not think we could do what we do without them (without putting in endless staff/management hours).

    So, if you want to concentrate on selling, well worth the price. Probably not right for every circumstance/business -but what is!

  • Quatropi Ltd

    Overall rating


    Dear ChannelAdvisor,

    As you will no longer communicate with us in any way I write to clarify our position regarding the threatening letters we keep getting from your chosen debt collection company.

    After being a loyal customer of Marketworks / ChannelAdvisor for 6 years you forced us to move to your "premium" product or else you would take down our website. We reluctantly agreed so long as you handled the transfer and showed us solutions to the gaps in your software such as not being able to enter manual customer orders, only keeping sales order records for 90 days etc etc.
    Five weeks in to the project you had not completed even one of the week 1 tasks and there was no sign of solutions to the show-stopping issues mentioned above. In addition to this promises made at the highest levels within CA were also being broken.

    As you were determined to switch off our website within 4 weeks we had to protect our business by moving to an alternative software provider, there was simply no choice.

    All this was well known to all CA staff who understood our need to move.

    Months later you decided to send a bill for the use of the "premium" application that you completely failed to move us over to! Even if you had the populated software (which you didn't) then it would have been of no use to us as it had large gaps in which rendered it totally unsuitable for our business.

    Your bill is now up to £8000 and is accompanied with all sorts of threats.

    Let us make ourselves perfectly clear:

    We never wanted the software.
    We never used the software.
    You failed to make it suitable for our business.
    You failed every deadline on the implementation.
    You cost our business a small fortune by forcing us away from the Marketworks platform that we were totally happy with.
    We do not own you any money, quite the contrary.

    Please feel free to take us to court if you really believe we owe you something.
    - now powered by eSellerPro

  • ussautoparts

    Overall rating

    After 2 years we are leaving Channel Advisor....Read why you should never join!

    After reading other reviews it seems like most of the positive comments are from customers who have had accounts open less than 6 months while most of the negative comments are from long term customers. I think that is a good summary of our experience!

    Our primary use of C.A was the marketplaces platform (eBay, Amazon) and the basic web store that C.A. offers. At first C.A. treats you like royalty and answers every question you have. The software is very robust and can allow you to do almost anything you want. The downside to that is that it is complicated to operate and you should attend their 3 day class at their headquarters in NC to become more familiar with the product.

    After several months we were operating smoothly and saw good things happen with our business. However after about a year from our sign up date we started noticing things that were missing from the software. We also noticed that C.A. had trouble adapting their software to accommodate updates/releases that eBay and Amazon would make. So while C.A. was always one of the first to hear information, they were one of the last to successfully act on it. This cost our business greatly. As for the basic web store they offer, the word basic describes it really well. If you want to customize anything you will be force to purchase their premium store. I have heard they charge thousands of dollars each month for a subscription. Another problem is Support / Customer Service which seems to be a common negative review point. Lets face it, every company in the world has it's good and bad features. What do they all have in common? Customer service! Once you are more familiar with the C.A. software and your questions/problems become more advanced, you can forget about getting a solution from C.A. Or if you are lucky and do get a solution be prepared to spend weeks waiting for it. I promise this is no exaggeration. One of our problems actually took months for them to understand and once they finally they did understand the question their answer was: "No we do not support that feature at this time." I often felt like I was teaching the support agent how the software worked.

    So now that we are leaving after 2 years C.A. is continuing their tradition of poor customer service. When we told them about canceling they said someone would be contacting us to address the problems to see if they could salvage the relationship. 1 1/2 weeks later and still no one has contacted us! If you had a $20K-$25K a year customer that said they were leaving would you not make that a priority to contact them at the very least!?! This just reaffirms our decision to leave C.A. Also, be sure to watch out in the contract where it says "Yearly auto-renew contract". Yeah, that means there is a 30 day window each year where you can cancel your contract, otherwise they want you to pay the $500 a month until the end of your contract. I have 8 months left so that will be $4K wasted. I have never even heard of a contract like this. GOOD JOB TRICKING EVERYONE C.A.!

    Needless to say we will never be using C.A. again for anything even if it was free. There are many more reasons we are leaving C.A. that I don't care to go into. The important things you should remember are the extremely poor customer service and the useless overcomplicated software they offer. I think already that C.A. marketplaces has become a glorified eBay Turbo Lister. In 2011 when eBay drops 3rd party checkout there really will be no reason to have have C.A. Heh, I would already recommend the $25 a month eBay Blackthorne program. Besides picture hosting, it does everything that C.A. marketplaces offers and the support is good considering how much you pay.

    This is the first review I have ever posted on the internet. Nothing in the world has been a greater let down than Channel Advisor.

    1. Reply from ChannelAdvisor

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Our goal is to deliver the best e-commerce platform and services on the planet, but in this case it sounds like we fell short. We’re by far the largest (and in our view the best) integration solution for eBay and Amazon – so, the good news is you can be comfortable we have the most scalable and battle-tested system on the market. At the same time, with thousands of customers, we can’t always address the specific functional needs of every individual customer, so we try to balance that with a strategic roadmap that we think gives our customers the best long-term growth opportunities. I appreciate you sharing your feedback and I’ll make sure someone from our services team reaches out to you to see if we can make things right for you.
      –Dave Spitz, ChannelAdvisor President & COO

  • gixxercat

    Overall rating

    Nightmare named Channel Advisor

    We have been using this program for about 6 months now and I still say it is the worst run company in the industry.
    Customer service is terrible and what they call training is almost useless.
    We had a girl named Amanda try to train us and she gave us more wrong information than good. Some companies train their employees to always have an answer, even if you have to make it up. I believe this to be one of them. If you have an issue, you have to email the question and they get back to you 2 to 3 days later but usually with useless information or dead links.
    When the software is properly running, and if you can get all your images up, it works great. But be prepared to figure it all out by yourself. Be ready to shell out 500 dollars for training that is a joke. It takes about 60 days to really get started with CA. Your going nowhere fast.Do yourself a favor. Pass on this one.

  • forcer

    Overall rating

    A little bit overprice,but not so bad

    After reading some reviews in this site,I want to share my few experience with Channeladvisor(short for CA) so far (two months so far).
    And I hope I can keep updating this post in the coming days.

    1. Easily control all your listings
    This is the best part I love this system,once you create your inventory with different SKU,then all the listings can be easily sort by different criteria you wish. You can easily put a SKU on differnt schedule with different rules,and make as many as listing as you wish,and you can know how it work.

    2.Template Tag
    CA use a template tag in many places,so it'll let you to customize your business as much as possible,these feature includes in automation emails, listing description,posting templates,ad templates,and this will enrich your listing a lot,also make your auto email more professionals.

    3. Access control
    When your company goes big,and when you don't want to share too many information to one staff,then CA can help you on this,you can assign different module to different staff,restrict them in certain ebay account and etc. When you create an user account for them,they have their own account without knowing your ebay password and paypal password,in the while they also can have access to post new product for you,issue refund for you.

    4. Good support service
    My personal experience with CA customer service is quiet good,because my account belong to CA(Australia),not CA(United states),maybe their more free to help me up,within this two month learning,I have sent so many emails to their tech support,and I have quiet professional and prompt reply.
    Also CA update their system quiet frequently,they'll issue a new release nearly every month.And this will give us a lot of confidence that the system will getting better and better.


    1. Pricing
    As my experience so far,this software is much overpriced, they charge you few hundred for monthly fees and also charge you a percentage GMV(Gross merchat value) commission.
    What I don't like the most,it's they'll charge on each sales you made via CA,even those transaction is not successful or cancelled.
    If they only charge GMV without a monthly fee,I'll definitely recommend this software to you guys.

    2.Inventory Control
    I don't know if other user are comfortable with feature. But I don't like it.

    For example, I'm selling an cup
    1. CA will ask you to put your real inventory quantity for each SKU, so I put 30 into the quantity.
    2. I begin to create the listing,so I'm about to create 5 listings for fix price,5 listing for auction.
    I'll put 5 quantity into each fix price listing,so according to the CA system,I'll only have 5pcs left for auction,fair enough,so I create 5 auction for the remaining cups.
    3. Here is the problem,as many seller knows,there is always potential bulk buyer that will buy more then 5 item at a time,in the CA system,if you want the system control your inventory quantity,then you'll need to put your actual quantity in it,thus if someone want to buy 10item from you at a time,you might lose this deal,but actually you do have 10item for him.
    I have consult this issue with CA,and there is no solution for you to create a virtual stock quantity so far,when you decide to use the inventory control(oversell protection),then you'll have this limit.

    3. Images Hosting
    You'd better to use the CA hosting at the first time,otherwise you'll suffer from it's weird image sync . If you host the image by yourself,you have a very high chance don't get your image sync with CA result in your image won't be able to display in your listing. And I have also report this issue with CA,hope they'll have some enhancement on this in the coming release.

  • mike1981

    Overall rating

    It was a horrible experience

    Stay away. Waste of money. do not deliver what they promise.

    Lot of bad reviews about this company. its my mistake I didnot research before I signed up.

    Wasted lot of money. No more...

  • markpadam

    Overall rating


    The system doesn't work as expected and when we cancelled our account they chased us for the montly subscription for 3 months that we did not even use the system.

    Doesn't do all of the things they say and the feeds never work correctly.

    Takes ages to get a responce via support tickets.

  • Hunter Goodson

    Overall rating

    Taken Our Business to New Levels

    Our relationship with ChannelAdvisor began a few years ago when we signed up for their Marketplaces Premium software. Back then, we were an eBay-only seller. The software functionality is a must have for any online business. While any software implementation does take time, their support team and personal touch with every new account is a rarity in the industry.

    The relationship we've built with ChannelAdvisor over the last few years has been phenomenal. We really have taken advantage of the expert knowledge and the strategy side of the business. Whether it be their annual Catalyst conference or weekly webinars, our business has grown exponentially because of ChannelAdvisor.

  • jilawson

    Overall rating

    Work "ON" Your Business Not "IN" Your Business: Taking your business 2 the next level

    When my little business moved to ChannelAdvisor (CA) it was just a bronze level powerseller. The ChannelAdvisor platform is all about opportunity and not painting your business into a corner.

    This product isn’t just a tool to sell more products more efficiently (which it does extremely well), but it’s a gateway to the best source of e-commerce opportunity. ChannelAdvisor has helped me refine my thinking about e-commerce strategy, and afforded me the tools to grow my business to Platinum level.

    My business is doing well and growing. I have more free time to spend on things that MAKE money and the software, does the day to day mundane stuff. I’d say it’s well worth it.

    Got questions from a satisfied user? Check me over at, I would be happy to tell you more.


  • nt123

    Overall rating

    Channel Advisor Review - Do NOT Sign Up

    Channel Advisor promised to feed your products to a variety of shopping comparison sites from just one feed. Our experience was completely different to this. We signed up to what seemed to be the perfect solution. The problem is once we had signed up - we were in a contract. Most of the feeds needed remapping, & when you have over 2000 products this is impossible. The categories needed remapping also. After 6 months we told them it was not working as described by the salesman and wished no longer to use the product, or feed was stopped, and contact was broken. 4 month down the line they still hold us to the £350 a month. Do not sign up for channel advisor unless you are prepared to remap most of your products. Communication was very poor. The 'Implementation Manager', did not implement anything. Customer care was hideous. Don't use Channeladvisor.

  • Jax Music Supply

    Overall rating

    Expensive but not bad

    We went to Channel Advisor after demoing 3 integrated software and a failed Zoovy integration. We are 2 months into Channel Advisor Marketplace and have not fully exploited its potential. It offers lots of selling channels administrated from a single place.


    1. Inventory managed from single place

    2. Schedules - continuously automate inventory listings based on your rules in all channels. Very convenient for eBay and Amazon. This automatically relists items that are zeroed when you add inventory, based on your settings of course.

    3. Integrates well with Shipworks.

    4. Built in templates are high quality and customized templates can be created.

    5. Template tags allow a high degree of flexibility in your listings.

    6. Bulk loading of inventory is realtively simple once you get the hang of it.

    7. Training is pretty good but hard to judge in that I have a technical background. Others may find it less comprehensive.

    8. Amazon is pretty easy to integrate although not as extensive integration as eBay. This seems to be more of an Amazon shortcoming than a Channel Advisor problem. CA does push Amazon as a company that is doing right but my experience shows this to be more the type of items you sell rather than a wholesale answer.


    1. No warning on low inventory. No way to set up a re-order message. This is a big flaw for something that bills itself as an "inventory" system.

    2. If you sell a lot of eBay your sales will drop at first. This is because you have to relist all of your listings and lose the eBay search credibility Take about a month to build it back up.

    3. The included webstore is not very good. You can pay extra for a better store but even its not as feature rich as most stores and will require professional design skills.

    4. Accounting system integration is non-existent. I download sales and then convert to IIF for integration to QB.

    We have done none of the other integrations (, Shopzilla, etc.) that is the heart of the system. Will provide an updated review when have obtained more experience.

    Jax Music Supply

  • sstones

    Overall rating

    A complete waste of time and a huge waste of money!

    Don't be fooled by their sweet talking and smooth walking, this really is a waste of time. Been a user for a year now, never got through the implementation process, account management say they'll get back to you and take months for you to get a response, all the while you're losing hundreds of pounds and getting nowhere!

    Really wanted to get this working, gave it everything we had, and then a software bug resulted in us getting the ebay account suspended. Never got back off the ground after that.

    Hard to use, bloated software, a rip off price, wish we'd never taken the punt.

    Now stuck trying to get refunds for un used time from them, and apologising to other local businesses we'd passed their way in the first couple of months who've now had similar negative experiences.

    Outcome: I'm sure the software must work for some people, but it's certainly not suited to all! If you sell 90% on product line... ie 90% of what you sell are books, you may get away with it, but if you've got a bit of everything you've no chance!

  • abctoysandgames

    Overall rating

    Not worth the money and very bad attitude to customers

    I signed up with them, as I was under the impression that they could automate all areas of ebay etc, but on receiving the log in was appalled at the lack of features - it does not update ebay listings in real time - eg if you sell an item or add to stock, it does not automatically update your ebay listing - a feature I consider essential with the new ebay changes to listing visability according to how many you have sold. There are no stock ordering systems, you cannot even see what items are low on stock easily. There is no Amazon direct link up, you have to look up on Amazon first to get the ASIN numbers and then submit everything via a csv file.

    When I raised the above points with the staff, before setting up, they claimed they can do them, but now admit they cant. Based on this I immediately cancelled the contract and was told I would be refunded the £500 implementation fee. Now they have backtracked and have refused to refund me - not the sort of company I want to deal with.

    Compared with esellerpro, this program is very low on features and has a very basic interface and is very complicated (just look at their manual!) and in my oppinion is not worth the very expensive fees.

  • Gareth

    Overall rating

    Through Pain To Gain

    Very simple idea - enter the data and rules for use once - then use it in multiple ways on multiple channels from just one database. Damn I wish I'd thought of it!!

    Always seems to be one step ahead of the competition and has great vision & direction from their CEO & eBay Guru Scott Wingo.

    As with any software unless you take the time to set it up correctly then you will never get the returns you want. It is very much "Garbage In, Garbage Out". It can be quite painful setting up the system to operate to start with but once it is the results can be spectacular.

    I question therefore whether some of the other reviewers dedicated the time necessary to totally transform their businesses. CA is not an "add-on" to your business - it becomes the core of your buiness and if you use it properly to manage your operation - and you believe it what it can do for you - then you will reap huge rewards.

    Through Channel Advisor Marketplace we run 3 websites offering over 30,000 items on 3 different online selling platforms - ALL FROM THE SAME DATABASE and all through CA. Since using CA we have increased monthly online sales 17 fold in just 2 years.

    The recent acquisition of MarketWorks caused some support issues with regards to speed of responses but these appear to have been generally overcome now.

    If you are looking for a system to list your items on multiple channels from one data source you will not find better than Channel Advisor - believe me - I tried a number of others before I found them!

  • shoemanshoe

    Overall rating

    Holy Cow what a rip off !!!!!!!

    I signed up , I could never get their software to work on Amazon they claim they could not help me to get my items up that it was my responsibility . Tried for five months everyday ,to get launched, phone call finally ended with Scott Lewis and he tells me that they cannot do anything to help me and maybe we should part ways.

    Channel Advisor worked great on Ebay , no problems or complains on that end, but I couldve listed for free with turbo lister.

    For amazon for get about it, they are also of no help. They give you the run around , and they never do help you . waste of time, I waited for 5 months , that was my fault till I got frustrated enough. The people on the team had no idea on how to actually use their software with Amazon.

    You are just a number and paycheck for this company , only thing they care about is selling you the software.

  • trouble96

    Overall rating

    Does everything we need them to

    Although we ended up trying eSeller and MarketWorks, we never ended up getting launched with them. One had no UK localised support, whilst the other promised implementation in a few weeks and never delivered. I have been with Channel now for almost a month and am up and running 100%. We are working together on getting all of my usernames set-up on one common inventory account and I can now sell into eBay Ireland/AUS/France and Germany. They also have provided me with a store front and my own checkout. I must say they are not as cheap as the others, but so far it's been worth every £.

  • Poppygirl

    Overall rating

    Complete solution for Medium-Corp Businesses

    This software deals with volume, complicated vat and tax setting, complicated shipping the works. You even get reporting for marketing purposes! All on a robust platform which never fails! Great support also!

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