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ChannelMAX provides a web-based algorithmic repricing solution. ChannelMAX is a member of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
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Management solution from $34.99 minimum per month for 500 SKUs.

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • eBay Motors
  • Half
  • Overstock Shopping
  • DHL
  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • USPS
  • Google Shopping

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18 Reviews

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  • Yen Chen

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Well designed product, Best Support with cheap price

    What were the positives?

    1. The support are Amazing, especially Ash. They are not only response fast with good manner but also give you great explanations and suggestions.
    2. Well and detail designed product, contains 97% of the features I expected.
    3. The price is really fair compare with the support and product they offer.

    Any negatives?

    Since it contains many feature, for first time setup, really need to be patient read through all the repricing rules. Slightly takes time at start.


    I believe there's a potential that this software could also replace inventory management software after some more development.

  • Jason Wright

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Amazon Refunds Made Easy

    What were the positives?

    These guys are detailed and aggressive. They know what they are doing and made it easy on us.

    Any negatives?

    No dashboard access to review results, but I can see the results in dollars, which is most important.


    These guys are assets to any Amazon seller.

  • Dennis Pullaro

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Very effective, easy set-up

    What were the positives?

    Response to competitor price changes, keeping up with inventory changes, sales and inventory statistical information summaries

    Any negatives?

    Support could be quicker sometimes but better than most.


    Very good overall and pricing is reasonable.

  • Rock Collection

    Overall rating


    We joined Channelmax as they offer a much more flexible and ambitious integration with Amazon Services (Using both MWS and AWS / SQS integration). The integration process is much more in depth but allows a greater control over prices on our listings. We have since grown from strength to strength with the Channelmax team. The support is fast and responsive, the guys know their stuff and with Paul on hand to deal with complex issues, unique approaches and open to general discussion regarding growth; you’d be silly not to consider this company. Let alone the fact they are one of the cheapest / highest functioning repricers on the market. Brilliant company, highly recommend.
    Rock Collection

  • grhellraisers

    Overall rating

    Great Repricer for large Catalog

    One of the best repricers available around.

    I have been using it for the past 3 years and it is simply the best option available. It takes a bit of time to understand its various features, but once you have the hang of it, then you can sit back and relax.

    Further, in the past 3 years, there was only once, when they had a small issue with file uploads which was resolved within a few hours by Paul and his team. Unlike other repricer like appeagle which was down multiple times last year, CHannelmax can be relied upon.

    Further, the prices they offer are most competitive.

  • unhappy ex solid comm

    Overall rating

    Get what you pay for

    Been loyal to this company. Once products are "finally" listed, it works well. However, there is NO customer service and it really hurts that they won't speak on the phone. Since we are all in the business of selling, we understand customer service. How a company operates with such horrible customer service is mind-boggling.


    Overall rating

    Channel Max Multi Channel Inventory Control A+++++

    The Team at Channelmax helps as a midsize retailer control our inventory like the big boys. We sell on multiple platforms (Sears, Ebay, Amazon, and our own website). Many of our listings have multiple variations.

    The software helps use manage inventory across all venues even when a particular SKU is as low as 1.

    We shopped other providers for months but appreciate the reasonable prices and personal service we get with Channelmax. We recently even used them to help us create thousands of eBay listings from existing Amazon listings saving our company untold man hours.

    Although we are constantly pursued by other providers, I can't imagine using another company for our inventory control

  • itgwholesale

    Overall rating

    Paul is SIMPLY the best! ChannelMax is BETTER THOUGH!

    Simply amazing. Kind, courteous, easy to use when implemented. Not a bad thing to say about this program. Have been using it for 3 years and business has grown ten-fold. Not unnecessarily expensive like other programs such as channeladvisor. Use this if you are serious about your business and selling online!

    1. Reply from ChannelMAX

      I am surprised by "John07099"'s feedback. "John07099" may call the companies who voluntarily left feedbacks for ChannelMAX. We are not good at putting flashy feedbacks, but can proudly say we serve more than 1000 happy customers.

      if "John07099" had a bad experience with ChannelMAX, we would be happy to hear it and take corrective action.


  • Michael_B

    Overall rating

    Best thing since opening up our Amazon account!

    ChannelMAX is hands down the best repricing and ecommerce solution software on the market. It has over 50 different repricing rules and sets and even allows further custom formula repricing. In addition to its amazing repricer (which runs ever 15 mins), CMAX has functionality that other repricing software either doesn't have at all (Most repricers) , or has but doesn't work well (SolidCommerce), or advertise that they do but actually do not (ChannelAdvisor). These include:

    - Supports multiple rule sets for repricing for AMAZON FBA, AMAZON FBM,, and soon eBay. Chose a default formula for all or some of your items, or choose multiple custom formulas for all or some of your products (ie, DEFAULT for 20 SKUS, CUSTOM1 for 40 other SKUS)
    - 1 to 1 Multichannel Inventory management: Also includes allocation buffers so you can have more or less of an item on a particular channel advertised for sale.
    - FBA inventory management across multiple channels: Offer your live FBA inventory on eBay,, and even your own feed.
    - Auto FBA Multichannel fulfillment: Orders for your FBA items on eBay and are instantly converted to FBA MCF orders by CMAX. CMAX also auto imports tracking numbers back to the channel for you. No need to import orders yourself or export and import tracking numbers yourself. CMAX does it all!
    -Hourly Amazon/ repricing reports: Includes BUYBOX price, reg prices, qty, feedback, and shipping costs of up to 30 competitors per item!
    -Repricing report also includes, TITLE, ASIN, UPC, MPN, and BRAND of items you offer on AMAZON

    In addition, CMAX also supports all of these features with old style Amazon Marketplace accounts, and the new style Amazon Seller Central Account. This is a pretty big deal for those business that have already been established on Amazon and are not willing to restart their account and feedback. The other big name in repricing "ChannelAdvisor", does NOT support AMZ Marketplace accounts, new accounts only.

    These services have drastically changed our company and allowed us to have our eBay,, and Amazon offerings all in one place.

    Best of all the customer service is superb, I have never developed a relationship with a customer service member like I have with Paul at CMAX. Paul has always been there when we needed help, and has even helped us create new solutions for us and for CMAX that has allowed us to grow our company in directions that we never thought possible.

    I have tried other services, including the great and powerful ChannelAdvisor and have been constantly disappointed with there functionality and level of service, not to mention cost.
    CMAX is also priced much better than those big name services, saving us thousands a month compared to other inferior services.

    Lastly, I would admit that the interface is not the best or user friendly, but once you learn all of its inner workings it becomes second nature and you will begin to appreciate the level of diversity and options that CMAX has. The CMAX Dev's are not the best graphics designers but they are the best at repricing and multichannel software development.

    If you are looking for the best multichannel repricing and inventory management software period, give CMAX a try, you will not be disappointed! Been with them for 3 years now, and they are for keeps! Thank you CMAX and thank you Paul!

  • LoganLogan

    Overall rating

    Great Channel Max & Super Paul

    I like it very much and will refer to my friends

  • auvinetuk

    Overall rating

    No help at all

    Extremely disappointing. It looks like the software we need. We would like to manage inventory and reprice it in the different Amazon channels including duplicated listems of the same item . Unfortunately, there is no help at all from Paul. Two months ago we contacted him and he replied that he would get back to us soon. A new attempt one weeks later was replied in a confusing way stating that he could only do repricing. Another week passed and finally he got in touch and opened the ChannelMax account for (very helpful and efficient in this) and we started preparing the files to upload. When we did this, we realized that using the software, we could do also the inventory management and using the "widgets" control the various listings of an item. We asked for further instructions and help and Paul simply disappeared. We asked to open the ChannelMax accounts for other channels and do at least the repricing as we had left and we were without a repricer, but we got no answer at all. When we begged for assistance, he said he would call April 1. Still nothing. He does not answer emails, phone calls or accept skype messages.
    It seems that it is a very good software and if you make the right guesses and can use it without any help might be wonderful, but if you need help then...

  • deadseabeauty

    Overall rating


    Channelmax enables you to reprice your inventory with a stunning variety of options. You are in control, the repricing options are endless. ChannelMax is a program we cannot live or do business without. It has saved our company time,money, and energy. We researched numerous repricing programs,and this one is by far the best.

    *Great customer service,Paul answers emails within minutes and helps with initial setup.
    *Easy to use after initial setup.
    *Stunning Capabilities countless options and tools to help you set up.
    *Fantastic Reliability-repricer does the job the way YOU set it up,no issues.
    *Great,flexible price options. Very low price for the amount of tools available.
    *Hassle free.
    *Easy to input products in, Very user-friendly interface.
    *If you have any questions, Paul is always there to help.

    ChannelMax gets a A+++ from our company. If you need a repricer, this program will meet and exceed your every need. It has exceeded ours and we cannot live without this program. Simply the best!

  • Laing

    Overall rating

    Best Re-Pricer Out There!

    I give a 5-star rating to ChannelMAX. I have been using them for a few years now. I researched a few re-pricing websites, and ChannelMAX caught our eye. Their system is very easy to use. I have had many questions over the years, and Paul has always been there to guide me and give perfect advice. Besides being easy to use, it has changed our business completely. We are now more competitive with our pricing, and this has brought our business to a whole new level. Paul also goes beyond the call of duty by providing information to save time on our end. We needed about 4,000 UPC codes, and Paul was able to provide this information to us in minutes, without being asked. He had the foresight to know that this would have taken hours and hours for us to complete manually. If you are not sure what re-pricing company to use, give ChannelMAX a try, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

  • A A

    Overall rating


    Could not set it up... interface is complicated, not rational, and no documentation... I tried to get Paul to help and after 3 weeks of so slow response and going no where, I decided to call it a quit... also seller on Amazon forums complain of bugs and downtime, I saw got some minor bugs but I did not have a chance to test it in action..

  • neuro

    Overall rating

    No longer taking New Ebay sellers

    After tring to register I found in the forum the following message which suggests that ChannelMax is
    A. No longer taking on New Ebay Sellers
    B. No longer Free

    Notice posted on 16th September 2008 reads ...

    "We are not taking any new EBay sellers at this point "
    "But if you are looking for an integrated solution with EBay Order Management and EBay Listing (a paid subscription), you are welcome !! "

    Ref :

  • gameinfinity

    Overall rating

    Absolutely the best out there for the price

    I have been selling on ebay for 5 years and the experience with channelmax is so far the best. It takes a little while to set everything up but once you are there, everything is automatic. Paul stands behind his product and whenever you have a issue, he solves it quickly. The pricing structure is very reasonable. Channelmax charges a small portion from the relisting credit you get from ebay. If you don't relist or your relisting credit is very small (10), you pay nothing! I was able to save over $1000 ebay fees from relisting credit using channelmax. I would highly recommend channelmax to anybody who is looking for a comprehensive auction management solutions. Give Channelmax a try, you won't be dissapointed!

  • illek

    Overall rating

    Absolutely STUNNING capability for the price!

    It takes awhile to get "into" Channelmax as it is a very comprehensive system. But once there, you will find a complete system for managing your ebay business. It does everything, inventory, listings, templates, email, invoicing, etc... I got frustrated on several occasions becuase it is a bit overwhelming and the documentation is skimpy. But with the excellent support from Paul, you get over the bumps very quickly. I highly recommend you give it a try. I am a Platinum Powerseller and I have tried almost all the AMS's out there. I can honestly say that Channelmax is the only one I have used that did not disappoint me in some way.

  • 1stcdotnet

    Overall rating

    Great Web Based Selling Solution

    I have finally found a Nice & Easy to use Picture & Multiple eBay site Listing Service. Great Features :free scheduling ,Auto Relist Credit Management,Auto Feedback Management,Automatic 2nd Chance ,Image Hosting and many more Sure you never Disappointed.

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