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Cloud Commerce Pro is a multi-channel management solution with support for selling through wholesale, websites, marketplaces and in-store retail outlets.

They work with sellers to understand their processes and needs, and provide a bespoke service tailored to achieving the seller's specific goals. The company's on-boarding approach includes an onsite eCommerce consultation with advice and training designed to help the business grow (UK only).

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain

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Integrations & Compatibility

  • DHL
  • DPD
  • FBA
  • FedEx
  • Interlink Express
  • NetDespatch
  • Parcelforce
  • Royal Mail
  • TNT Express
  • UKMail
  • UPS
  • XDP Express
  • Yodel
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • ekmPowershop
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Visualsoft
  • WooCommerce
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage
  • Xero

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  • Adrian Ricketts

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Quite simply the system is not fit for Purpose

    What were the positives?

    Never got to experience any as they never managed to provide aan even remotely close to usable system

    Any negatives?

    Almost the whole system as it is entirely miss conceived.


    Bats fly by night and these are nothing short of being bats flying at night. Quite simply the system is not in any way shape or form fit for purpose and should not even be considered as being beta software, although advertising it can manage invoicing and link to accounts is 100% incapable of doing so, products you mark as being zero vat the system produces invoices as being 20% or even 10% which there is not even a VAT rate for in the UK.

    What's even worse after paying them thousands of pounds to get absolutely nothing and highlighting these issues they do nothing to resolve them and then months later blame you the customer and then just to add salt in to the wounds ignore you.

    Unfortunately it seems the next step will after almost a year be legal action to recover the losses for services they are incapable of providing.

    I can only suggest you avoid Cloud Commerce Pro like you would try to avoid COVID!

  • Mughir

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    High set up fees, charge you for each new marketplace

    What were the positives?

    UK Customer service

    Any negatives?

    We want to expand by adding Groupon, Wowcher and Onbuy onto our system. They want £495+ VAT for each marketplace and they want £50 per month for each one.

    Linnworks wont charge you that.

    Set up fees are sky high.


    Better look at linnworks. There is a reason why Linnworks is the market leader!

  • paulmarshall

    Overall rating

    Great all round ecommerce channel management software

    Cloud Commerce Pro is a great all-round system for eCommerce channel and inventory management. We have been able to seamlessly integrate three eBay stores, Amazon Marketplace and our website with a solution which quickly and easily keeps our inventory levels correct, helps us to process and despatch orders more quickly, and integrates an array of carriers to make printing labels effortless.

    Since installation, the CCP team have been on hand to help us to grow into the system, and use the features that work best for our business. In the two and a half years we've been using the system, we've seen CCP undergo a raft of changes internally to strengthen their customer service and development teams. Now we are only ever a phone call or email away when we have a question or if something doesn't go quite to plan.

    We have experienced problems along the way, but the way that CCP respond to issues, and how they grow the system to cope with the demands of their customers has been vital for us. They've also incorporated some of the changes we've suggested into the system, which makes the system easier to use.

    It's simple to create and list products on sales channels, duplicate listings from one channel to another, share images between listings and manage price changes within the easy to use listing editor. The system can also pick up changes made directly within eBay and Amazon too, so you're not completely restricted to it if you don't want to be. There are also a range of import and export options, so managing and adding products is a fast process.

    Cloud Commerce Pro has enabled us to scale up our ecommerce operation, and has been instrumental in enabling us to achieve tight shipping deadlines demanded by the likes of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime.

    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CCP to other online retailers, especially those who could benefit from the full set of features such as purchase ordering, invoice generation etc, and in particular because of their tailored and partnership approach.

  • danielongstaffx

    Overall rating

    Brilliant Company - Friendly Service

    Brilliant Company - Friendly Service
    We have been working with cloud commerce pro for just over a year, their service is excellent and we would not recommend anyone else to go with!

    We had a few problems to start with when setting up the service however since then everything has been fab.

    We had no prior online service to help us with shipping before joining the cloud, making it very hard to go about every day work with shipping orders and managing customers. Overall, this was very time consuming and was not helping our business grow the way we wanted it to. After joining the cloud, and integrating our channels, life at work has been made much easier.

    Cloud has helped us out with many things in helping our business grow, including setting up our personal and main business emails, setting up the website, report running, data handling, stock running. Cloud has allowed us to keep staff levels down as we do not need to physically hire someone to help us out with the dispatching and labels - they are just a phone call away and are happy to help with any issue you have, even if it is not to do with them.

    Recently cloud commerce staff members (Tony/Stuart) have gone above and beyond for us as a company to help us out with a problem we are having with one of our main couriers, regardless of the number of phone calls I give them they are always pleasant and kind to us and are willing to help us out as much as they can.

    We would not be without cloud now, I cannot thank the staff enough for all they do for us, we feel like part of their team - each and every phone call is made personal, they have become part of our growing business. We have no complaints to make about any of the staff members that work there, they are all a credit to the company they work for and should be thanked for all the hard work that they put in to help us out.. aka (Sarah in data, Mel in support, Tony and Stuart in Shipping, Len in emails especially put a smile on my face)

    We are able to run our business in a completely different way now. When looking into the data on the cloud that a prior staff member had pulled in, I thought it would take me weeks to correct. After numerous phone calls that could last long periods of time with Sarah, she helped us resolve these issues, teaching us new ways to use the system and training on how to process and change the data to make it easier. Since doing this the system has been a lot easier and faster to run, products are easy to find, reports are easy to pull and understand and items are much better placed on their sales channels.

    There is less room for error when using the cloud, and always a second solution if something does go wrong. All in all, I can't thank you all enough! The quality of your service is brilliant 🙂

  • Owen Harding

    Overall rating

    Excellent product and support

    Had a great experience switching over to Cloud Commerce Pro. Our old system was never up to the modern task of automation and integration with all of our online avenues.

    Cloud Commerce's team were extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process of switching to them, making it easy to organise the masses of product data we had into an organised, easy to use system.

    Their support is also second to none. Whenever we have had small issues, all it takes is a quick phone call and we either have to the problem solved there and then, or their team will fix it behind the scenes for us in a flash.

    Overall a good experience!

  • MikeM

    Overall rating

    CCP - Great Investment For Online Retail

    The team at Cloud Commerce Pro created a system that integrated our several different stores into one online central control centre (Amazon Ebay etc. all included), linked up with our couriers (DHL and Royal Mail) and the capabilities to be linked to our suppliers too.

    The time saving factor has been amazing since the switch on. Each store’s data being updated all at once instead of logging into every store individually, the option to have an electronic stock take of inventory auto-updating with every purchase. And yet we are still scratching the surface of the other uses CCP can offer our business further down the line.

    Before CCP, our posting process was very manual. Handwritten customs on packages, ink stamps on all mail, with everything needing individually weighing. A process which you can imagine would take hours each day now slimmed down just simply bagging items now in minutes. Along side this we would be attaching up to 4 labels onto a package (CN22, Address, Airmail, Tracking). All of which are now incorporated in a simple 2 labels max using Royal Mail’s Intersoft software.

    Stuart Walker and the shipping team have been been so helpful with the process, whenever we needed something adding to our data they would implicate it. Even the more complicated requests such as the changing the data on our mailing CN22 labels, headers on invoices etc. Stuart would sort it. Coming back very promptly after phone calls with the implicated changes and screen-shares to explain them in depth, the support from the staff at CCP has been outstanding and always happy to tackle any issue.

    I ran the DHL side of the orders manually up and till now, the time saving aspect on this is so substantial with all shipping data being copied across automatically saving me up to 30 minutes of copy and paste into the shipping fields.

    Would highly recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to any online businesses that are looking to expend/save time and automate more of their daily needs.

  • ATX Luggage

    Overall rating

    Professional Service with a Software to match it.

    We haven't been using the system very long but it has already made a positive impression.

    I have found the staff at CCP as very knowledge and no task is too much trouble for them.

    This really is a great platform and is making running my business a whole lot easier.

    CCP have created me some custom integrated labels for my different sales channels which promotes the different channels individually and also has save me time during the printing and dispatch process.

    The additional work on the labels was outside of the agreed setup and any changes that I required were completed without question.

    As mentioned earlier the support that I have received is first class and this is an extremely important factor for any e-commerce business. Efficient service when you need it most!

    I recommend CCP to any e-commerce business, who wish to develop and take their business to the next level.

  • ACEW1

    Overall rating

    Great Software and After-sales support!

    We took the plunge over a year and a half ago to move our entire system to Cloud Commerce Pro. We did lots of due diligence and after considering many different packages on the market CCP was our choice as the software incorporated integrating all our marketplace stores and the handling of our accounts to boot!

    Helen was fabulous in ensuring the transition was as painless as possible and we even had some of our suggestions/improvements taken on board which have now been included in the package for all!

    The software itself is really easy to use, and like most new systems once you get to use it you find even more features which enhance the way we work and improve our efficiency! They are open to suggestions for improvements too and the system is regularly updated with even more features and enhancements so if you are looking for a system which gets better all the time this is one for you!

    On the accounts side I really can't praise Nicole and Gina enough. This was the one part I honestly was most worried about but their patience and support has been second to none! We have integrated our system with quickbooks and both Nicole and Gina have been invaluable in ensuring that our reconciliation run smoothly! we have even had one to one training which means that we are completely self-sufficient most of the time however, we know that there is no problem calling should we have any issues or need any further training.

    General support is good too, tickets are raised and we get constant updates and quick resolutions to any issues we raise

    Overall I would say a great system, like most new ways of working you may need to adapt or work a slightly different way to what you are used to but this really is worth the journey! We certainly haven't looked back since taking the plunge with CCP

  • Auto Power

    Overall rating

    Great Service and a very good Solution for your business

    We at Auto Power used Adlister and Nventree before signing up for Cloud Commerce Pro, we now save hours per day in order management, product management and stock management. We have suggested improvements for the system which Cloud Commerce Pro have taken on board which has benefited us and we believe the whole community using the system. Cloud Commerce Pro is a forward thinking company working with James Wright we will request more advancements in the system moving forward. The Shipping Helpdesk are really easy and pleasant to work with we have API’s with Royal Mail and My Hermes and moving forward we will be integrating with DPD. The general support team either fix or create Development jobs as required and they update us when the jobs have been completed and ready to go, although we may suggest an interim update in the future. Cloud Commerce Pro saves us time on the old systems we had, we are working with them to continually to advance the system in the areas of ebay listings and day to day processes and reporting as we work together improve our customers experience.

  • Debbie Barker

    Overall rating

    Excellent system and fantastic support

    We have been using Cloud Commerce Pro for around 9 months and their system has made a huge difference within our business, automating many time consuming processes.
    Before signing up with Cloud Commerce Pro the majority of our processes within were manual and after a very busy winter period we knew we needed a system in place.
    Having signed up in January 2018 we were then invited to their office to discuss our requirements and meet all of the team, we feel this was very beneficial, we were able to explain and demonstrate our current processes with our Project Manager. It was explained that some of the features we wished for were not available at the time but they were very receptive to listen to our ideas and happy develop these for us. We required more information on our pick-lists and also some considerable changes to accommodate for how we batch our orders ready for deliver, both of these were changes were developed for us in a timely manner.
    Our system was up and running within 3 weeks, as expected with any new software there were a few teething issues but these were quickly overcome and it was great that we could pick up the phone and speak to their support team at any time.
    We mainly use the system for inputting customer data, taking telephone orders and automating the orders from our website all in to one queue. Cloud Commerce have also automated the sorting of our orders for our delivery vans by creating shipping rules based on postcodes which saves us a great deal of time.
    We would strongly recommend Cloud Commerce, the support that we have been given from when the system was implemented has been fantastic, the team is always a telephone call away.

  • Mad About Horror

    Overall rating

    Such a benefit to our business

    When we started with Cloud Commerce Pro everything we did was manually done. In the morning we would print all packing slips from Ebay then fulfil the orders and log onto the website of the courier and enter each delivery address, size and weight then do the next. After that we then do the same for Amazon then our web shop orders.

    Now Cloud Commerce Pro handles our dsspatching, purchase ordering, updating sales channels with stock and price changes, and the ability to see real time stock. Being honest every process is now quicker and some we no longer have to do. We used to have to keep a spreadsheet for our stock control and if one or two orders were missed would cause issues, not to mention keeping our sales channels up to date.

    Now we can concentrate on other areas as our stock is automatically kept up to date and the sales channels are updated.

    We have a good relationship with support, we know we can call and someone will answer. If the person we need is not available someone else will try to help or a message will be left and they will call us back.

    I now value the folks at CCP an integral part of our own team and feel they are really helping us move the business forward.

  • woody0478

    Overall rating

    Easy to use dispatch and stock control system, user friendly

    Easy to use dispatch system, very user-friendly never used a system before. Dispatching is so much quicker, all done from one place.

    The system selects carriers based on the rules you set up and uploads all tracking numbers to all the platforms for you, so saves you lots of time. You can group orders together saving you time and money.

    You can search for all your customers from one location using their name, postcode, order number and many other options. You cannot search customer via name on some platforms which can be a pain.

    It has great feature's such as Watch List to highlight new customer orders which need to be actioned differently.

    Stock control, ensuring oversells do not occur, keeping good relationships with customers and sales channels.

    A variety of reports providing everything a business may need.

    Saved time using the Message Centre feature, all emails come to one place rather than having to monitor the numerous channels. You can also set up triggers so customers are kept updated on there order.

    The website provided is easy to use
    The staff are open to feedback and have implemented new features based on our recommendations to improve the system further and we required.

    They seem to be constantly building features and sending out releases of these we are made available to us at no additional cost.

    The staff are extremely friendly and professional dealing promptly with any queries.

  • Louise E

    Overall rating

    Great Customer Support, excellent system

    We have no hesitation in recommending Cloud Commerce Pro: the system itself is excellent and has exceeded our expectations.

    The most important aspects for us when we were looking for an integrated system were the stock control and dispatch features which work wonderfully. There are however, a wealth of other very useful features like purchase ordering and supplier data to mention just a few.

    We did look at other cheaper systems without dedicated account management support and are so glad we opted for CCP's system. As with any new system, getting used to how it works throws up a number of questions and issues but having a dedicated Account Manager made all the difference.

    Some other systems work on a ticket basis but our Account Manager, Mark is just at the end of the phone whenever we have a question. Mark and the rest of the team have been a great support, efficient and knowledgeable throughout the whole process and it is a pleasure working with him.

  • snhtradecentre

    Overall rating

    Save time and run your business more efficiently

    Save time and run your business more efficiently with this system!
    We have a shop front and an online presence selling from our two websites, eBay and Amazon.
    As a company we have been looking for a while for a multichannel e commerce solution and to be honest was dreading the change, but CC Pro have been amazing.
    From the initial sign up they have walked us through the whole process and it has certainly been a very steep learning curve as it is a complex system but the end result has saved our staff so much time! Managing stock levels and from ordering to despatch, this system has made life so much easier for all of us in the company.
    We instantly know now if there is a stock issue and one of the great features is the pseudo stock. This means we never run out of stock on our online channels, meaning we do not miss out on any sales!
    We would like to express our deep thanks to the following members of the CC Pro for their patience with us!
    Debbie for all her help with our many spreadsheets of data, she has always been on hand for any problems we have encountered and handled our many demands with professionalism and a smile.
    To Steve who helped us with our shipping queries and rules, again always a true professional.
    And finally, a big thank you to Adam who has handled our web site integration, a man who really knows his stuff, thank you for all the remote access instruction. It is so much easier to understand things when you can see the whole process in front of you.

  • lions7478

    Overall rating

    Review of Cloud Commerce PRo

    we are online retailer selling more than 3000 skus on multiple channels, since 2016 we are using cloud commerce, and since than we never found a need to change or stop using this software.

    It's very Relailable as cloud based never crash fast sync with channels and very good customer support.

    It comes with all the main feature which any online business needs
    one inventory many channels to sell on, orders at one place, stock sales reports, picklist, book with couriers with single click.

    every day we print orders do booking with couriers, launch new items through cloud-commerce to amazon or ebay,

    it has many features which are very easy to use and rather than logging in to many different sites to make updates you can do all at one place.

    First we add Inventory to cloud and than launch an item to ebay, amazon, you can have multiple ebay and amazon accounts.

    We Save our time on repeated tasks and spend that time on the things which generate more business.

    I would highly recommend this software,

  • gshonline

    Overall rating

    Revolutionary with ncreased turnover

    What were the positives?

    The product is exactly what I wanted when researching for a solution to my intergration issues. I cannot wait until our website is up and running so we can expand further. The difference it has made to our dispatch system is astounding, cutting hours off our process every day. Well done Tony and team. Sorry I need to call so often but we are getting there.

    Any negatives?

    Not really, we have got or should I say getting (website) everything we needed. We are getting used to the data side and are helped every day ::), by Sarah, Mel, Nick & Stefan amongst others on this score. We are still fairly inexperienced but help is always on hand when we mess something up which we sometimes do!


    As I say the support is alwasy been good and although you cannot always get through to who you want, there is usually someone else who can help. I have no issues with anyone in this department. All Good!!:D

  • Karen R

    Overall rating

    Soar to New Heights with Cloud Commerce Pro

    I signed up with CCPro last year and I am more than happy with our choice! I admit that I was a bit nervous at first because there did seem to a few poor reviews out there.

    No poor review here though!! I have not experienced anything other than great service. We are not live yet (and I will review CCPro again once I am) - but the progress and communication have been pretty good. We are nearly there and I can see the bones of the system in place now. I am confident that it will deliver and that, if any technical issues do crop up, they will be ironed out.

    Now I'm not saying that it is a plain sailing process getting set up but keep your eye on the goal. There have been hiccups of course, but that is to be expected when setting up a new system. Like any major project, you need to be on the same side as your provider and I find these guys very easy to work with.

    Clients seem to come to CCPro with individual needs and it is credit to them that they manage to fit round whatever you are looking for. I hope to meet Debbie, Oliver, Helen and Len in person sometime at their offices in Lancaster - in fact, if I lived near them, they would probably be my new friends!! : )

  • Chase Lane Fireworks

    Overall rating

    Great company!

    We have been with CCP for around 1 year now, so far so good, I will be honest and say there have been some rough patches with the system and website however these have all been sorted.

    We currently run 4 businesses using CCP all of which have there own websites designed by CCP, we have definitely seen sales increase since being with them and it seems there websites are good at promoting our items on google, there now a lot easier to find!

    All of the Team at CCP seem to be helpful and friendly, they will also give you online training from your office by taking over your computer, this helped me a lot when building the website stock.

    Would recommend them to anyone, certainly better then magento websites and Linnworks back end!


    Demetri @ Chase Lane Fireworks

  • Shiraz Hussain

    Overall rating

    So far so good

    The support provided by Mark Johnson has been very good. The system is working as expected and Cloud Commerce regularly touch base in order to check everything is okay. Admittedly I am not using the system at full capacity but for what I am using it for (Amazon/eBay inventory management) it certainly is working well.
    I tried a similar company before in the past and they just could not align my inventory so I had to look elsewhere for a solution.
    Look forward to using the system more extensively.
    Overall I recommend Cloud Commerce Pro.

  • brogansutcliffe

    Overall rating

    Would recommend

    We recently moved to cloud commerce pro around a year ago with our website and amazon and ebay channels.

    They are great at controlling our stock and the system is very easy to use. Training is provided throughout, not just at the start of implementation.

    My only concern with CCP is that it can take a while for problems that arise to be fixed. The person you need is often busy and the little problems seem to take ages to be fixed or even forgotten about.

    I have frequently spoken to Steven, who fixes problems/ changes on the website that we would like promptly and it always works better. Once you find the people that are reliable, the problems do get fixed. I'm not sure whether CCP are short staffed, but the only issue is the customer service/ support is slightly lacking.

    Despite the issues taking a while to be fixed, everyone at CCP is happy to help when you call. The system is easy to use for small companies and new starters and they made it easy for us to migrate from our old site. Overall, I would recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to small companies as the dispatch/ listing of products is much simpler to use than others we have trialled/ tested.

  • Morgans Direct Limited

    Overall rating

    A pain to get set up, 100% worth it in the end

    Cloud Commerce Pro is an expensive software to get installed. £2,000 pound set up fee and months of back and forth sorting out little technical issue in the set up process. It meant we had to run two different back office programmes for about 6 months, very costly indeed

    Now it is finally over, I can say it is the best decision our company has ever made. It saves hours a day in adminstration, and we are not even using all the features yet. The monthly subscription fee is a fraction of what the others are charging as well.

    The reason the setup takes so long is becuase it requires a large amount of data about the products. Once you have all the information on the system, it will save you hours a day despatching orders and creating purchase orders with suppliers.

    I would recommend Cloud Commerce Pro to anybody looking to grow a large online retail busines. They listen to your suggestions about how to improve the software, and come out with weekly updates.

    1 Criticism: the repricer is very basic. I would keep using a standard repricer software.

    If you are reading this CCP, keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Reply from Cloud Commerce Pro

      @Morgans Direct Limited

      Thank you very much for your review and feedback. It is great to hear our customer’s comments, both positive and negative, so we have the opportunity to improve our system and working practices.

      We do understand that data is usually the biggest hurdle for our customers, but it is so important for the accuracy of stock control - especially when selling single, bundled and multi-pack products across multiple channels. For this reason we created a dedicated data team in the last few months, whose sole function is to help new customers with their data in order to speed up the on-boarding process – and we have seen huge improvements in the set-up times since. I am just very sorry you weren’t able to benefit from this team.

      Thank you also for your feedback regarding our re-pricing software. The feature has over 20 different rules types, some of which combine a number of actions – but we are continuing to develop this and the rule you were requiring is now on our development roadmap.

      Thanks from all at CCP 😀

  • Ravi21

    Overall rating

    Warehouse Management System

    I am editing my feedback re the product due several issues over the past 14 months, James who is heading operations is overseeing the issues and is ensuring the issues are sorted. The warehouse management module, product management module are good. I do not have much to comment on the reports which are key to e-commerce as we have not set it up yet and haven't had training on it , however confident that reports along with the bugs we are would be sorted by James who is now in the driving seat and is reviewing my account personally.Good bunch of people who mean to help, keeping my fingers crossed the attitude of people and if they continue to work towards fixing my problems I could revise my feed back again ...The product has the features that can make a difference to the business, people at CCP mean to help ...bit of push to close the gaps I am sure this could be a 5 star rated product in a week or two!Look out for my feedback again in 2 weeks!

  • Jimbobs

    Overall rating

    Fantastic overall product does what you want and more...

    When we all decide to do things new,there are always glitches,but when i read reviews from other customers,i find it hard to believe they state NO SUPPORT,i have found it has been amazing,we changed from volocommercepro,old esllerpro,and never looked back,At first like all new projects some things work and some do not,but we have sometimes rang them 6 times in a day to ask questions and always there helped in every way,i could name just a few,Mel,Len,Sarah,Nick etc etc,so when i see a review there was NO SUPPORT i find that hard to believe.the system is made to what you require for your business,like us we sell on ebay amazon etc,so when we asked the question can this be easy to set up and change over,we where taken through how the system worked and what they do like in full.We took the plunge and yes like all new systems,you are always worried about change.But once changed over there was glitches,but soon sorted by the team always on hand,we did not lose any sales and most glitches where small.The plus side for us is the savings as the old system charged us a percentage of sales so if you kicked on you paid more,but the new system is one set price,so extra charges for doing better.saves us about £500 a month,massive savings,i would recommend this system to any one..

    The only thing i could think of improving is the back up,at weekends etc,as we are a internet business and like all business on the net it is 24 hours a day 7 days a week,but if there was a bit of cover during weekends it sort out any problems before we print off monday morning at 6am,but if a problem,we can not start work until fixed and office support is from 9.30am

    The support from this company has been fantastic,and if it was not for the support on the phones etc,we would never have changed over so easy,the old company,we would have to put a ticket in and wait,not knowing how long and some tickets where not answered or sorted for a week or so,and no body to talk too, to reassure you it is been sorted.Cloudcommerce has been great in always,once we phoned someone took control and passed it on or sorted it themselves,by talking you through it or even connecting up to your computer and guiding you through it..I would recommend this company to anyone who have lots of sale each day,the system is perfect for high volumes..

  • thebusybee

    Overall rating

    I found them very helpful

    I was a little unsure having read the earlier reviews here, but I have found them to be extremely helpful, they are certainly a company of integrity, who care about their customers.

    Like all multichannel software there is never a one size fits all, but if CCP offers what you need, it does it well, and you are looked after well.

    It is a shame that the messaging service can only accept one email address but I believe they are working on that. They have some new features planned for launch later this year which look very good.

    1. Reply from Cloud Commerce Pro


      Thank you very much for your honest review of our system. We do listen to what our clients want, to improve the way we work and update our systems features.

      We have now updated our message centre to allow for multiple email addresses from multiple channels.

      We hope this new update will help to streamline your customer support processes.

  • Sutton Sports

    Overall rating

    Couldn't fault this company

    This software is absolutely perfect for taking our business to the next level! As a small independent retailer who sell on multiple sales channels, a system that can save us time with listing,stock control, order dispatch and warehousing has been the best solution possible. For the price, this software is better than any of the competitors we have looked at and the level of support is amazing. Our project managers are great people who are always just one call away. To add to this, the development team are open to new ideas and are constantly making changes and can tailor sections of the software to your requirements. We wish we had met them sooner as they are great to deal with. A real top-to-bottom solution for our business!!

  • occasions2celebrate

    Overall rating

    Once you learn it, makes life easier

    I have been using stock control/repricing companies for a couple of years now. Always was getting calls from competitors, including channel advisor who wanted a ridiculous amount of money for me to switch.
    Decided to move over to Cloud Commerce as my stand alone website on Magento wasn't producing much business, and Cloud Commerce said they could improve my own website sales significantly.
    Took about 3 months to set everything up. At first it was quite daunting, the sheer amount of stuff on the site, but by concentrating on the essentials to start with before branching out I soon got into it.
    The best part of it for me has been the dispatch manager. Saves me a lot of time, and has lots of useful features. Setting the correct postal rules for different sizes and weights was fiddly and complex, but the support staff, Stephen in particular, were very helpful.
    The initial set up cost for a small business seems high at first glance, but i pay less running costs per month than i was doing before, so over a couple of years that will even itself out.
    The re-pricing and stock management works quickly from Ebay and Amazon, quicker than my previous companies site.
    There are a few things that aren't quite ideal though...
    When the rep visited me and I showed him how i had to list products to get them on Amazon, Ebay and my website, he told me it would be much simplier with CC. Actually it takes longer now!
    For a new product you have to list it in the normal way on Amazon, wait for CC to update overnight, then "map it" into the CC system, then export it out to Ebay, then export it out to my website, re-adding photos and details.

    CC designed me a new website, took a long time but looks great.
    Hasn't made a scrap of difference to sales though, and have had various issues such as thumbnail photos when clicked going to a completely different large photo, and product descriptions didn't import from Ebay.
    My new year resolution is to get the website working properly.
    I am happy with the technical support on CC apart from the website side of it, Nick is always helpful, even though he always seems to be super busy, but I feel that my website is somewhat shunted off into a siding.

    My third and final gripe is that for the money you can't expect round the clock coverage, but as we all know the internet never sleeps, and when the inevitable hardware/software gliches occur on the system, if its after 5.30pm or at a weekend you are on your own.

    Overall, am I glad I switched? Yes, the pros def outweigh the cons.
    Would I recommend Cloud Commerce? Yes, but be clear about what you need.

    1. Reply from Cloud Commerce Pro


      Thank you very much for taking the time to post a honest and fair review of our platform and service. It is always good to hear about areas of improvement, so we know how to become better as a business. In answer to your comments:

      - The listings of products to all channels, Amazon, EBay and Website should be a lot simpler than how you have described it. I will ask our support team to give you a call and see how we can help to speed this process up for you.

      - I am sorry your experience of the migration to WooCommerce has not been great. We have recently moved our front-end development from an internal CMS, to using WooCommerce. And have also boosted internal resources to manage these more effectively. Any help we can give on-going, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      - We are also developing a plan to offer 24hr support. As you can image this will take a bit of time, and as of yet I don’t have any time-scales but it will be in the near future.

      I am glad to hear the pro’s outweigh the cons, and I can assure you will have taken all your comments on-board.

      Kind regards,

      Cloud Commerce Pro

  • randalls.candles

    Overall rating

    Good! We are happy and taking our partnership further

    What were the positives?

    The product CCP offer does what it says on the tin. Magento linking achieved after a bit of work, Ebay and Amazon linking work well. We were approached by CCP to offer a multi-platform solution and we discussed various alternatives. Based on what we discussed we went ahead as we could envisage savings and labour efficiencies. We have achieved every one, and are very happy that these are at least offset the monthly charge.We still have a couple of issues needing sorting, but we are not doubting at all that CCP will resolve them

    Any negatives?

    Magento knowledge was a little bit lacking, but has been sorted over time. A little more time to train in the product in the early stages as well would have helped, but not complaining.
    Reporting from the system is lacking, and we are awaiting improvements.
    Email solution is a bit basic and needs further development.


    The support was excellent. As with any new system there are issues and we get them resolved as they occur.
    We feel that CCP are very reasonable and committed to making sure we are looked after.
    CCP support starts at 9:30 am (daily staff training at 9), which is a little bit later than we would prefer, but it hasnt caused a major problem for us.
    Nick our project manager deserves special mention. We have an excellent working relationship with him

    We are very satisfied. Undoubtedly CCP is an excellent system if you are looking for a new website plus linking into the main channels of ebay and amazon. (they now are using woo commerce). If you have Magento, it will work but be patient for the solution.
    We are now engaging CCP to rewrite our webstore into WooCommerce as we have been fleeced by our existing Magento hoster who build a website with 'problems'. We are sure CCP will not let us down and will work hard to ensure it gives the full functionality we are after.
    Finally, CCP do not look to profiteer from you. They have been extremely reasonable in all financial discussions. A very welcome approach which has cemented our working relationship!

  • mohammad faisal

    Overall rating

    Lions inc

    What were the positives?

    yes it was great we have to try and see and after working for 3 months ,we manage to get all working

    we are using cloud online software for our daily work, from order printing to inventory control, refund, returns, email, all product stored under 1 system, customer buying trends, nice reports

    Any negatives?

    ease of working with different channels, dont need to login to each channel to print orders or check emails,


    The support was great, really worked hard to make it work for us,:)

  • widdle-gifts

    Overall rating

    Fantastic time saving system, wish we found CCP earlier

    What were the positives?

    We have found the system overall brilliant, we are learning new things each and every week that makes our lives easier. I wonder how we managed before.

    Any negatives?

    IF ever anything can be made better, the team at CCP have been happy to help and try to accomodate. Thank you


    The help from the team at CCP have been 2nd to none. I can not pinpoint 1 person, as all have gone over and above to help with issues, even ones caused by us.

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