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dewabit is eBay management software for Windows 7 or later, that gives sellers the ability to manage their listings.

dewabit features including listing with variations to any international eBay platform, real-time order processing with push notifications, template manager with WYSIWYG-editor and much more.

  • Windows Software
  • Worldwide
Windows 7 or later

Pricing & Trial

Free limited plan available for one eBay account with up to 10 active listings.
Paid plans from €5.90 per month.

Trial Length: 30 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All eBay Websites

From Biela & Wassenberg Software | Claim Listing

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    What were the positives?

    The Idea was nice.

    Any negatives?

    If you speak English you will have trouble understanding what you are meant to be doing. Every time you tried to save something it altered something else. Delete something in one file and it deletes the same item in another file.


    Drove me crazy trying to work out what the hell it was doing. Just going round in circles and getting nowhere.

  • matt95

    Overall rating

    Impressed on many levels, This program is a must try.

    I'm not really good with writing reviews but I have to tell someone how impressed I am with this software. What got me initially interested in the program were the sharp looking templates they were offering at no charge. As I was checking out the program I was amazed at how simple yet powerful it was.

    I love that I can create promotions/markdowns very quickly within the program. I can respond to emails questions from customers with quick replies I've saved. I can manage multiple templates and update and revise them with their template editor. You can use their free templates or just create a new one from scratch. If you manage your eBay account from multiple computers the program syncs your templates to the cloud so everyone has the latest versions. You can end listings quickly with just a right click on the item. They also provide a web-based version of the program you can use to manage your store on the go. There are many more features but these are the ones that I use the most. All that for $13 a month for 1000 listings. Overall you can tell the group that made this program really knew what they were doing, and they are very talented.

    In the few months that I've used the program, they've added many new features and they've responded to my inquiries quickly. They've just added a new forum for users to post questions and share information.

    They provide a free trial so you should check it out. The company is in Germany I believe, but they have an English version of their website.

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