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Ready-made eBay listing templates with multi-account support and image hosting.

Users can insert their own logo, edit the header images, add policies for shipping, returns, payment and any other information required. Formerly Listing Factory.

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$479 per year for up to 15,000 active listings.

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  • BAW9DV

    Overall rating

    Listing Factory - Using the Trial version - first Ebay auction posted

    Hi, Today, I downloaded and installed the trial version of the auction software LISTING FACTORY. Previously, I was an AUCTIONSPLASH user but now support and development on that programme has stopped and the current version will no longer interface with Ebay. I am an infrequent Ebay Seller, listing some 30-40 auctions a year but I frequently buy on Ebay. I have been reading the reviews of LISTING FACTORY and many of the negative reviews come from the pre-2010 versions. My perception of the reviews are about 50-50 in favour and against so in the end I decided to try the software because they have a 30-day trial version and this is perhaps the only way to see how good or bad it is. Installation went easy (I use Windows XP Pro SP3 on a 2GB RAM Dual Core CPU system) but despite downloading the version straight off the website, i was prompted to update to the newer version when I first ran the software. The version from the website was the 2011 version and the newer download was just a SETUP file with no version number. However, whe looking in HELP/ABOUT section of the programme after installation, I discovered that this newly downloaded and current version is and the download is about 30MB. For anyone who has encountered install issues, I usually close ALL open programmes and then disable my Anti-Virus before carrying out the installation and then after installation is complete, I reboot the PC and then clean up with CCleaner and then defrag using DeFrag Express. i recommend this process or something similar to ensure your installation is clean and error free. If you have an ADSL modem with NAT addressing, then you should be fine to have your internet connected with the AV disabled. The learning process for LISTING FACTORY is not that difficult if you have used auction software before. I now understand the creation process and the final listing menu is easy and will prompt you for anything you have missed or not entered to enable the listing to properly interface with Ebay when you finalise it. The upload process was fairly quick (I have ADSL + 1 Broadband with around a 300kbps upload capability) and when I checked the listing by closing the programme and opening INTERNET EXPLORER and logging into MyEbay UK, the listing was perfect with all the details and pictures correctly posted. I have 29 days left on the trial and the listing is a 5-day auction. My plan is to purchase the Standard Version at US$49.95 (around UK£37.00) providing I find no real issues with the software. Anyone who wants to see the final output of my auction created and uploaded to Ebay UK using the Listing Factory software can see it by searching this auction serial number on Ebay - 360434453201

  • Brutus-Ecommerce

    Overall rating

    Good software, but updates are a pain.

    I love this software, but updating it is a serious hassle. Also, do not even try to use the included picture hosting, it is extremely unreliable. I just use my own server and everything works great.

    Flexible templates, policy management for different shipping policies and such is a must have feature.

    Overall it's great. Would be 5 stars if it was easier to upgrade. This saves me a ton of time when creating or editing listings and I have yet to see a product on the market that even comes close to this one.
    So, despite its flaws, I recommend this product for professional small business sellers who are competent with basic concepts of web hosting. For those who are clueless, I recommend learning or just paying for a professional to design your templates.

  • justhappybuyers

    Overall rating

    Looks fantastic, works ok. Get it free - legally

    Not that I am an expert but I have been searching unsuccessfully for a program on the web that will give me better looking templates than Listing Factory. Unless you are a designer this seems to provide access to the best quick-create, professional looking listings.

    Uploading, and adjusting photos is a snap. Layout and formatting is all provided for. Automatic and multiple policy inclusion quick and easy.

    The program is light, runs fast and is functional and pleasant to use.

    The reason that I was searching for another program was because during the trial I did find LF to be a bit twitchy. I was getting a lot of error messages (that made little or no sense). This, the price, and the other reviews here, were enough to get me looking elsewhere, especially as it's functionality ends at the point of listing - no inventory, stats, message manager etc.

    Nothing I have found could provide a better looking listing though, and this is what I was really after.

    Then I discovered that you can get it for free on Trialpay. Don't panic moderator, this is a link to the LF site itself where it makes this offer http://www.auctionlistingcreator.com/htmleditor/index.html?templateurl=instructions.html

    You do have to buy something from another participating seller- I spent €20 on printer ink that I would have been buying anyway.

    Even if in the future I use another program for the post sale fuctionality, I can still see myself using LF to create the listing itself. So is it worth $50? Probably. But at $0.00 you can be sure I'm happy with it.

  • oldstaff

    Overall rating

    poor service reasonable software not worth the money

    yet again im having issues with listing factory, the software is basically quite good when it works, i find i need to delete it on a regular basis and reinstall as every few months it stops working. the after sales service is none existent which is surprising for an american company which are usually pretty good. again this morning it has stopped working, none of my listings have photos loading when they worked fine yesterday and yet again when i try to go to the listing factory homepage none of the pages are available. dont rely on this software as its pretty poorly written, especially now in the run up to christmas i need my listings to look professional and work and yet again listing factory has let me down. they are great getting in touch when they send you emails every 3 days demanding money for a renewal for 2 months after you pay them, i even got 5 paypal invoices sent to me and they ignored every single email i sent back with proof id paid until i got angry and used large type with liberal profanities then they got the hint i wasnt paying again. i wont be renewing again as its a waste of my time and money, they dont give a stuff about customer service and for that reason id say avoid avoid avoid

  • dawn97

    Overall rating

    Listing Factory's great!

    I can't believe people are having a go at this software: THIS SOFTWARE WILL PARTICULARLY APPEAL TO SHOPS ONLINE WHO ARE SETTING OUT ON EBAY!

    1. It's particularly good for ebay beginners who have a lot of listings to manage, if you're an online shop just starting on ebay this is definately the software for you because it gives you the same control that you have over your shopping software, ie you can plan/build/prepare/adjust/images/discriptions/terms ect to get the best possible outcome from your listings.

    2. It's all managed on your desk top, all you do is upload/copy and paste when you're ready

    3. Fantastic free templates! Professional eye candy!

    4. No monthly fees

    5. HTML (what more can I say!)

    6. If you're a small business doing bad online: Ebay and Listing Factory are for you... and you can trust me on this I'm a small business just moved to ebay using this software and I'm selling!

    ps: People who say it's rubbish are not using it right, they're doing something wrong or they're trying to sabotage it!

    In the UK we need small businesses to succeed and this mix works. Good Luck!

  • gary.macdonough

    Overall rating

    Absolutely useless software don't buy! total scam!

    Initially I was pleased with results of using the listing factory 2009 but I soon became aware of glaring flaws in the content of the finished uploaded listings. Large parts of text, pictures and small print were omitted without explanation or reason. And as for the so called 'technical support' you have a better chance of being contacted by the deceased than the hallowed 'technical support team' ever responding to you. Avoid this software like the plague! In the last week mine has just stop functioning all together. Waste of time, space and most importantly MONEY!

  • EbayMaster

    Overall rating

    Did Demo and What Nightmare As No Support WhatSoEver

    Buggy and Can't Believe People Pay For This But they realize later a big mistake and no refund!

  • Brianb

    Overall rating

    Full of bugs

    First of all this software look and feels great on paper.

    Using for the first few listing it went fine, then I tried to delete old projects 🙁 I was unable to do so. They just reappaear, I cant get rid of them.

    Also it appears that you cant post a "free" listing on ebay. IE you must set an insertion fee in before ebay accepts the listing. Most annoying. I reported this to the team that developed this package..no reply. Poor customer service.

    Room for improvement I think...then it could rock.


  • hulk2009

    Overall rating


    Listing Factory 2008, Where do I start? I specifically registered here on auction software review to type this review so other ebay auctioners could find out about this Ebay auction template/listing software called "Listing Factory 2008". I LOVE IT!!
    I have tried out at least 20 other Ebay auction listing program trails both desktop and online..I found all of them to be complicated or they locked you in to their way of doing things.Or asked for monthly payments or yearly payments.NO THANKS.
    .Then I found Listing Factory 2008, boy was I ever pleased I did..Listing Factory 2008 works on your desktop so you can use it when not connected to the internet,which is good if you are on a train and want to pass the time by making your next auction template a bit better or just want to change afew things without having to be connected to the net.Just save the listing template til you want to upload the auction.Great.
    The program itself offers all the backgrounds and professional looking templates you could ever need.
    Have you ever seen those really snazzy pro looking auctions on ebay and thought "How Can I make my auctions look that good?".Even if you could find templates like that the price would be high to pay a web desighner to make just one for you or you could even learn how to make them yourselve but first you'd have to learn HTML and CSS and PHP etc etc.
    Listing Factory 2008 will make you these professional looking auction templates after just a few mouse clicks and you to will have auction that look as good or better than the ebay powersellers.
    If you don't belive me goto the Listing Factory 2008 website and take a look at the full page auction templates on there.
    Plus if you ever do buy or make your owm template Listing Factory 2008 also lets you import a premade template.
    What I really like is if your into photo,s and like to include big pictures of the item your selling on ebay Listing Factory 2008 has it all.You can add as many pictures as you like to each listing and when the buyer/bidder clicks on the pictures in your listing a bigger picture will open in a new window or pop up box so bidders can get a better look at your item.Plus you can add your ebay user name or ebay shop name to your auction pictures so no one can steal you pictures to use on their own auction.
    LF 2008 gives you 200mb picture hosting space included with your licence price on the LF 2008 servers for 1 year or if you have your own website you can setup the FTP to upload your pics to your own server host.All you have to do is register at a free webhost.Simple.
    I could sit and type about how much I like LF 2008 for pages on here but even that could not convey how much I like using this program.All I can really say to you is go download the 30 day trail and see for your selves..I know download about 15 ebay auction listing apps off the internet try them all and then try Listing Factory 2008..I know you will uninstall all the others and keep Listing Factory 2008..That's exactly what I did..
    PS I have nothing to do with the makers/sellers of LF 2008 I'm just an ebay user no more no less.
    Good luck

  • modernstylerugs

    Overall rating

    Makes Creating Listings A Piece Of Cake...

    I have been using this software now for a couple of months and im still learning new things which i can do,this software is so easy to use you realy have to see it to beleive it. I have contacted customer support a couple of times and each time the reply within minutes. If you are looking for software to jazz up your listings or even going for a whole new look. This is the software, and its being updated all the time so new things are always being added. So look no futher this is some real kick ass stuff!!!

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