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Estafeta USA provides flexible cross-border outbound logistics services for small to large ecommerce companies in the USA wishing to ship to customers in Mexico.

LTL pick-up in U.S. and delivery in Mexico via LTL or by parcel express. Cross border warehouse operation in Laredo, TX. Customs clearance. Order tracking. Returns handling. Largest coverage in Mexico. Best delivery times guaranteed.

  • Mexico
  • United States

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  • Alberto3

    Overall rating


    Son unos ladrones, abren los paquetes

    son unos ladrones , aparte de cobrar caro se roban el contenido de los envios .

    Recibi una caja completamente diferente a la del envio original con cosas faltantes y de las cuales se reusan a pagar el reclamo . (Jabones naturales)

    Al contactarlos y finalmente recibir una tardía respuesta, Dicen que no se puede enviar cosas o porquerias con hierbas... estafeta no es responsable por eso

    Se robaron parte de lo enviado y se niegan a pagar el costo de lo que falta

    Evite usar estafeta para envios. Se robaran sus cosas

  • Hernandez

    Overall rating


    Lap top never made it. Box of used clothes did.

    What were the positives?

    One box made it early.

    Any negatives?

    deliver all together instead of by size. The large box of used clothes made it but the smaller box with a laptop and brand new clothes and $100 shoes has still not made it. I was not told I could track my shipment online.


    Was told the different size boxes arrive in different shipments. When I plug in the tracling number to track shipment it has no information for me. I will not use this company again.

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