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Expandly allows customers to connect multiple sales channels into a single platform, increasing sales, reducing admin, preventing over-selling, saving time and boosting profits. 

With Expandly, customers can:

‣ View the status of all orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and their own website on a single screen.

‣ Use live inventory to prevent overselling and automatically manage stock levels across bundled items and variations. Track orders on-screen during pick, pack, and despatch.

‣ Integrate direct with supported shipping carriers and print shipping labels, invoices and other paperwork in bulk for despatch.

‣ Post orders directly to supported accounting software and access required data to keep track and make informed business decisions.

Customers can either use a wizard to set up the system themselves, or use the Rapid Onboarding Service which means Expandly will configure the system for them.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

Prices from £175 ($228) per month when signing up for one year.

Xero Only integrations available from £40 ($55) per month.

Trial Length: 7 days

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites
  • ASOS
  • Etsy
  • Flipkart
  • GittiGidiyor
  • Groupon
  • Tmall
  • Wish
  • APC Overnight
  • Asendia
  • EasyPost
  • Royal Mail
  • UKMail
  • Yodel
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • 3dcart
  • AceShop
  • BigCommerce
  • CS-Cart
  • CubeCart
  • Interspire
  • LemonStand
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • osCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • Ubercart
  • Virtuemart
  • Volusion
  • WooCommerce
  • X-Cart
  • Zen Cart
  • Xero

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20 Reviews

Average overall rating
  • Scott

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Never really got off the ground

    What were the positives?

    Initially the functionality and features were all I really needed, compared to Linnworks and Veeqo was competitively priced and seemed to do everything I needed it to do for my single WooCommerce based website, no eBay, no Amazon, should be all straight forward really. Support tried their best and were really quick to reply and offer suggestions and worked with my web developer directly to get integration.

    Any negatives?

    The main issue is Easypost, they only integrate directly with Royal Mail and UPS, I wanted to use DPD Local but for that I needed to set up an Easypost account so the API can connect to Expandly. This is the main failure because any technical issues need to go back to Easypost who are based in San Francisco 8 hour time difference to UK so everything took 24 hours to resolve. Also, over the weekend there is no support from anyone unless you pay for it. So when I was trying to print shipping labels on Saturday ready for Monday it was very intermittent and half the time didn't show available services which was working perfectly fine on Friday. In the end I had to give up after wasting 2 hours on a Saturday to try and get ahead.
    I paid for 1 month as my trial had run out, I used the system for 1 day and then gave up and signed up with Veeqo which I had up and running in 1 hour working perfectly for £50 a month more. They would not refund my months payment as it was not possible due to their T's & C's. I find that pretty poor and is what prompted this review to warn others.


    If they had direct integration with some of the more popular UK budget couriers like DPD Local, Yodel, etc it might be worth trying, but if your chosen courier needs to go through Easypost then forget it, you will waste many hours waiting for labels to print when it would be quicker to type it into the DPD Local website manually. Make sure you don't pay them any money until you are happy the system works for you. You won't be refunded if you can't use the system. My recommendation, Veeqo works.

  • mponlinetrading

    Overall rating

    good value for small uk multi Chanel seller

    Back in September 2016 I was on the market looking for a multi channel system to help maintain a small part time reseller business were I would sell on two big marketplaces.

    And at the time the big well known one, had just put their prices up, and way out of my price range. To I come across expandly, looked like they was a new player in the market. So got a good deal, and to date still with them, for price and in uk pounds which helps with the bookkeeping and also their brilliant uk based support team.
    Only thing i would like to see more of is bring in support for drop ship integrations, as currently is more geared to stock based system, is a model I expanding in to supplant my stock based business.
    Mark Peterkin
    MP Online Trading (Brand owners of,,,,

  • Ofer2

    Overall rating

    Stay Away- Dishonest can not provide what they sell

    At the time they had no Royal Mail services , So we had to stop using it,
    Customer service was good,
    Software is good.

    If it does work for you than it is not bad at all.
    They did say that they will have royal mail integration coming soon, but we could not afford to wait- so check that you can get everything you need and that it works for you before you start working on it.


  • Cchapman09

    Overall rating


    Really easy to use and the support was amazing. Had my 4 channels set up within 24 hours and can't thank Jack enough. Although I managed to do 90% of the work, Jack answered a couple of questions quickly.

    Get way more than any other company for less than half the price. I've used alternatives but as a small crafts company, we can't afford thousands.

    We've been able to list on Etsy, Amazon and Shopify which has saved me SOOO much time. Plus, the link up with Xero is invaluable.

    Thank you for changing my business, Expandly!

  • ecommgirl

    Overall rating


    Expandly has been brilliant in helping me to accelerate my business. Managing multiple sales channels felt overwhelming at times and I knew I wasn't making the best use of my time logging in and out of each and constantly worrying I was going to miss something.

    With Expandly I manage everything from their online platform and have an overview of all of my channels.

    I would say that I don't know how I coped without Expandly before but I do - badly.

    Their support team are great and the pricing (for what I get from it) is really good (but don't tell them that!).

    Five stars. Love it.

  • essexcollectables

    Overall rating

    So far so good

    As a non Techie I could get my head round selling on eBay, I could slowly get my head round creating an online shop but when the two were joined is when my problems started. I realised I needed something to control stock between the two sales areas and I chose badly.
    The program I used decided to completely scramble all my existing ebay listings (nearly 600) so that I had the wrong titles, with the wrong prices, wrong stock amounts and the wrong text. It couldn't have been more wrong so I needed to find another company to use to link them all together once I had disaster recovered.
    I saw an ad for Expandly and liked the fact that they were UK based and I could call them during office hours rather than the american service I tried before which offered me support as long as I waited until night time. I rang and said what I wanted and they agreed that they could do what I wanted so I signed up. Since that point they have bent over backwards to help me, they are always available to web chat your way through any problem or decision you are unsure of.
    Positives, Great Customer service so far, It's a company with a personality not just a faceless cyber moneymaker.
    Negatives, It doesn't appear to be a finished product but that's fine, I don't want a perfect, slick anodyne faceless conglomerate. I am a small business and I want to feel that someone out there cares if I succeed.
    Expandly so far, seem to care and have helped get my business up and running again. Small glitches and having to figure out some workarounds are what gives flavour and personality, so if you just want plug and play functionality look elsewhere, if however you want personality and great customer support then give Expandly a try.
    I have yet to get back to where I was before trying a competitor so I can't comment entirely on their service throughout the whole process but from what I have seen so far it should be five star all the way.

  • Jamie800

    Overall rating

    Does what they promise but you will need some patience

    What were the positives?

    The product is really well priced in the marketspace that it occupies. I've spent hours trying to find a service that does all the usual sales channels (ebay/amazon/etc.) but importantly integrates with Magento 2 without the need for hundreds of pounds spent on an extension. Expandly integrates with M2 out of the box which is amazing!
    To be perfectly honest there are several well priced Inventory/Order Management SaaS tools out there but hardly any support M2 only the aging M1. Whenever I spoke to any of them all I got was "We're not planning to integrate yet" - I mean what the heck!?! M2 is the future, I get it's still new but it really isn't THAT new. Some companies are clearly so 'comfortable' with their currently platform that M2 obviously isn't a priority. One company said "Oh we can integrate but that will be $1650" - Thanks but I'm not paying for you to develop the integration then have you roll it out to everyone else! - Anyway back to Expandly...

    After my trial period with Expandly, I knew that it would do what I wanted, so I made a quick phone call, negotiated a perfect deal for my business model and bamm... I was up and running.

    Any negatives?

    Ok so if you go with Expandly know these couple of facts:

    You get what you pay for - this product clearly is still being developed on the fly and the Devs are working really hard to get things right. This product is SUPER well priced and perfect for any small business who is starting down the demon that is Multi-Channel sales. So if you're cool with coming across glitches and the odd little bit of frustration then definitely give them a try. If you're impatient move along.

    There are some really frustrating little things with this product which I have no doubt will get sorted along the way such as: No filtering presets, i.e. when you have a large set of products, every time you go back to that page you have to re-filter - during initial setup this will drive you a little insane but after you probably wont have to go into that area very much.

    Listing errors aren't the most intuitive when it comes to telling you what actually is the issue. Now this is likely due to the likes of ebay/amazon not passing too much info back but it does mean you will spend a lot of time back and forth with support to find out why it's broken.

    Getting started information is a tad lacking. There is lots of basic 'How to' guides and even some videos however during setup you need a little bit more in terms of the technical stuff like "What does this box even mean" or "Why should I complete this field"

    The template designer can be quite fun and time consuming. For those of us that need some custom printouts then this is PERFECT however you best brush up on your HTML as there is no 'drag and drop' placement of images/text etc. It's all done via the HTML WYSIWYG editor. Thankfully no issue for me as my old system was all HTML so was a copy paste exercise.

    Speed is quite a problem here, some pages take AGEs to load. For example creating a PO with 6 items took me 3.5 minutes. Now as you learn these little nuances you can shave off a minute here and there - it's not a game changer but it is a bit frustrating. Clearly there is some streamlining to be done by their Devs and with constructive feedback and real-life examples I'm sure they will sort it over time (get it?)


    I really can't knock the support - I have been (and still am) pretty needy to Jack and Gary as I opted for Self-Setup and lots of things have either broke or not worked as expected but to their credit they've fixed it. They are pretty quick to respond and if you give them all the info they need often can be fixed in one email.

    Expandly has everything you need to successfully manage your multi-channel sales. There is a steep learning curve but it's worth the money. 😉

  • Andy C

    Overall rating

    Never worked

    What were the positives?

    It is a nice concept, but it never worked for me.

    Any negatives?

    It could have worked-see below.


    I was in contact with support multiple times and they were unhelpful. I even set up a call, but instead of the support person calling me, a salesperson called to say the service tech was running late and would call soon. I never received a call, but a couple of days later I received an email from him stating my account looked like it was working. I checked and my orders were still not pulling in accurately. He said he would look into it. I received an email a couple of weeks later saying the ticket was being closed, but it was still being worked on. Very strange. I did, however, receive an email another few weeks later saying it was fixed and asking if I wanted a trial (which, imo, they should have already set up, but okay). I logged in and nope, not fixed. Very frustrating because I really liked the concept of multiple platforms and PPC info being pulled in for Amazon sales. Maybe I will try again in the (distant) future.

  • Birds

    Overall rating

    Brilliant low cost solution for a low volume online retailer

    For a relatively small retailer with B2C and B2B websites, Expandly looks as though it's going to be just the job. The support has been phenomenal, with initial set-up glitches sorted and (my own!) user error nightmares corrected within minutes. We've still a little bit of set-up left to do in connecting all of our channels but, given the level of support so far and that they jump into action to address any issues immediately, I've absolute confidence that any hiccups going forward will be resolved.

    In terms of functionality it does everything we could ask for...which is mainly syncing stock levels between two very different ecommerce platforms. In truth that should be "easy" but our setup is a little odd in that one of our stores is "Trade only" and sits behind multiple levels of obsfucation and security measures to hide it from public gaze. Having tried a handful of other multichannel-inventory "solutions" I discovered that not one of them could successfully connect to our trade-only store: in fact one that we tried even said "I don't think it'll won't work with us, better luck with one of our competitors". We'd almost given up on finding a solution but the developers at Expandly actually took the time to look into the specifics of our setup and managed what other developers had presumed was "impossible".

    Given the low cost of Expandly its a no-brainer: We don't need the overkill that the £200+ p/m offerings could give us, and the simplicity of setup AND very personalised and friendly support when things aren't quite working out go way beyond expectations.

  • bsread

    Overall rating

    This platform is sensational!

    This platform has all the features that we have been seeking for a long time. I especially like the integration with Etsy.

    I don't normally rave about support, but these guys are better than jam on biscuits. I'm on a 10hour timezone lag, so I wait up late at night for live chat and it has been really great. The guys are really interested in solving problems, rather than just closing tickets (you know that frustrating feeling when tech support closes a ticket without actually resolving the problem...these guys do not do that!)

    Not charging extra subs everytime you think about adding a feature, channel or listing is great too.

    Could not recommend highly enough.

  • Martin K

    Overall rating

    Great for connecting Amazon to Xero and eBay

    We needed to connect our Amazon and eBay accounts to Xero. It was taking days a month to type all our orders in by hand. We were impressed Expandly could do it and for a really sensible price! You just push your orders to Xero from inside Expandly when they are ready to go and they arrive in Xero.

    Once we got Expandly doing the orders to Xero we started looking at it properly. I realised it could do so much more for us with our listings and orders. Love being able to manage listings centrally. Also love being able to print all the paperwork. Can see this is going to save us heaps of time.

    Also we have a small warehouse with 2 guys who pick and pack for us. I create picklists based on orders across our Amazon account and 2 Ebay accounts using the SKUs.
    We don't have our website hooked up yet as are doing a redesign using WP/WooCommerce. I'm talking to Expandly about how that will be hooked up once it goes live.

    There are a couple of things I'd like to be able to do that I can't do (like sending emails) but for £25 mth I guess it's to be expected.

    We are definitely sticking with it!

  • SEP

    Overall rating

    Expandly - makes multi platform ecommerce stressful

    I have been working with Expandly for over six months with the aim of integrating our two Xcart stores, our eBay store and Amazon store into a single user interface to manage and synchronize approx 4000 different product lines and the sales that this generates.

    The process has been a long and complicated one full of problems, software glitches and data corruption leaving me very frustrated.

    Expandly listened in detail to our exact needs and took the time to understand exactly what we needed. They assured me that there systems could provide a working solution and meet our requirements and as such we agreed to go ahead.

    The result was that Expandly then developed a new feature into their software to provide a product import / merge function that pulled in all the product data from our multiple sales platforms and combined the products into a single data set taking care of synchronizing the stock levels and matching SKU's to avoid duplication of products. I don't doubt they had the best of intentions but the trouble is it didn't really work as promised as it cant handle the stock sync of variant products.

    To make matters worse Expandly then corrupted the data of over 500 of our eBay listings on a weekend by over writing the prices, stock levels and titles creating 14 man hours of manual correction work which I had to undertake myself and a large number of unhappy eBay customers.

    Throughout this process their customer support and communication has been good. I generally received quick responses to my email communications and regular progress updates by telephone but I didn't always feel as though they really grasped the severity of the implications that their mistakes have on my business.

    I have taken some very serious financial hits along this journey as a result of loss of sales and additional man hours required on our side correcting Expandly related data corruption not to mention our upset customers.

    Expandly's Royal Mail label printing function is by no means ready for market and desperately requires additional work to make it an effective tool. The basic navigation in Expandly is clunky and full of snags and unpredictability and the system as a whole is slow, sometimes painfully so. This system is very much in a state of development.

    Expandly's phone system is very quiet making telephone conversations extremely challenging and their software development team is located in India which creates a whole new set of challenges in itself.

    I don't doubt that the Expandly team are fundamentally good guys who are trying their best to please customers whilst the ongoing development of their product is underway but as a company I feel they lack the professional experience to deliver a slick working solution at this stage. Ride out the rough development phase though and they might, just possibly have a cracking product ahead, time will tell.

  • Richard Edwards

    Overall rating

    Great value service

    Expandly offer a great value solution to multi-channel e-commerce, most other services cost 10x the price, yet Expandly links with so many systems for much less, and it is also easy to sync all those products.

    We use it to sync our products from our e-commerce platform to Amazon and eBay with ease. Stocks all get updated everytime orders are read in to the system.

    There are easy to use Templates to help speed up listing on Ebay, you can have a template for each type of listing and simple drop the product description into the middle of them.

    The team at Expandly are very helpful and really do their best to help answer any questions you have.

  • Pawel

    Overall rating

    Avoid them! Totally rip off.

    Do not even touch this system.
    A lot of limitations, totally rip off.
    Multiple warehouses do not exist - just false advertising.
    Totally waist of time. System should save the time but to be fair, all help from support is: create more job and spend more time - what the point?
    All is nice before you sign the contract after that - you will be ignored. I've tried many of the system but this one is the worst one. If you need more info send me email and I'll provide all details, just think twice before start work with them.

  • 3rd-Venue

    Overall rating

    I was not able to "expand" with Expandly....

    The price seemed attractive. I think all software is absurdly overpriced in this space, so this one looked great.

    This tool is in BETA and is by no means ready for real businesses to run as mission critical infrastructure. I could not even get my Accounts linked for at least a week. The account setup windows are unintuitive. There was no LOG telling me the Error Messages, nor any clues provided on how the Integration was going. I just kept logging onto a blank screen day after day while I waited for support. I struggled to get going big time, and it was 10 days before I was even moving past Step 1. Amazon took 4 or 5 tries to finally pull some listings, Ebay took about 24 hours to show any products, and Shopify NEVER came through period. Support wouldn't even address Shopify problem.

    There were errors and failures at every step of my Trial: Adding accounts, Importing listings, Missing skus, Missing images, products not synced, time to updates are TOO LONG.seriously this is one of the slowest updating systems on earth.

    The support was hideous. You are starting a NEW company and you work 20 hours per week? If you are going to start a NEW company with Beta Software in the ecommerce space, you better answer all Support Tickets within 1 hour not 48-72 HOURS and have gurus handy at least 18 hours per day. Real Ecommerce business works 24/7, it doesn't take weekends and holidays. If you are going to SUPPORT an Ecommerce business, you need to always be available within hours. My simple listing tool provider Wonder Lister is not mission critical and they meet this criteria, WHY CAN'T YOU?

    These guys took 1 WEEK to get back to me and then argued with me to the point of making me furious. I've been doing this 20 YEARS you fools, and you sit there and try to tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about. I have enough knowledge in this space to start my own Company, which I will probably do in the next year or two.

    I will never understand how these "Software Companies" come along and act like they are God when their scripts are total garbage. I get sick of the attitude. I WOULDN'T BOTHER YOU unless I had a real problem, and I had already exhausted every single avenue of solving it.

    HELP Files were sorely lacking in troubleshooting steps to get around any issues, and they don't have an Issues / Bug Tracker board or User Forums to work with other folks to sort out difficulties.

    This company needs to STOP taking user signups until they can really figure out how to integrate with systems and pull ALL Listings, Skus, Images, Fields and link up these products flawlessly 🙁

    Software in this space must be 100% PERFECT, BULLET-PROOF, never missing key details, verifying every record in the database and self-correcting errors so that sellers don't have to BABYSIT the tool. To this day I've never seen one, but I keep trying 🙁

    Signup 12/24 - reported all issues to Support, many more tickets 12/25-12/27
    Response 12/28 - answer: Amazon not "added correctly" so delete everything and start over. many more tickets 12/29 - 1/2
    Response 1/2 - Shopify doesn't need any "check connection" it just works. LOL
    Response 1/3 - nothing is wrong, everything appears to be working. ???
    Response 1/6 - Your trial is over, do you need anything further from us?

    My experience with ALL Multi-Channel "inventory management" systems is horrific. The egomaniacs in this space do not give a "f" about whether their software works or not, whether you are getting VALUE for money spent.

    Gary's final response was:

    "Thank you for your reply.
    I will, of course, look into this and get these resolved as quickly as possible for you. Would it be possible to tell me exactly what you require from the system so we can be sure to meet your requirements and provide you with a system you are happy with, please?"

    I sent 72 Paragraphs already! Thanks for the "1 day trial extension" offer.


  • Happy-User

    Overall rating

    Expandly help our business succeed

    Expandly help us sell large quantities of stock across eBay and Amazon, thus ensuring we don't oversell at any point.

    Yes, there are a number of software companies etc that can do that for us, but these guys seemed to care more about us as a business. Their support has been some of the best I have ever come across and invaluable to us in growing our business using inventory software.

    It also has a good interface in that it looks good and, to me, this always makes things easier to use. It doesn't seem to hide certain features or functions like other systems and, as I said, is just easy to use.

    I would recommend Expandly to anyone looking for stock control software which also aides in listing and shipping products across a number of channels.

  • Lavinia

    Overall rating

    Excellent customer support helping me streamline my ecom biz

    Using Expandly has enabled me to split small amounts of stock 6-12 units per product across 3 platforms - Etsy, Amazon and my Shopify website. Instead of only being able to list 2 units per sku on each site, I can have 6 available on all, which Expandly will update all platforms when a product sells. Game changer for me!8)

    Its also saved me so much time, being able to upload listings via CSV file into Expandly and then batch list straight on to Etsy, which you can't do direct to Etsy.

    When I've incurred a problem with a listing or uploading the csv file, the support staff were really friendly and helpful, getting the issues solved in less than an hour. I submitted a ticket via their chat feature, went to make a cup of tea came back and it was sorted.

    I'm not very tech savy :-{ and so the 'getting started' feature which gives a step by step guide was mega helpful. Can't wait to get more listings up to make full use of this platform.

  • BonAmi

    Overall rating

    Highly Recommended

    I have a small craft business in a bricks and mortar shop in Norfolk. To stay in our current shop we need to expand on-line, but how do we keep stock of all our items in store and on-line?
    That is where Expandly comes in. Expandly keeps account of our stock in the shop through Shopify, we then sell on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and our own website. We can sell on all platforms and Expandly takes care of the inventory across them all.
    The support from this company is fantastic, quick and thorough
    Couldn't recommend them enough.

  • chimpy

    Overall rating

    Only using the trial but it doesn't work for us

    We can't get this working for us and support has been very slow coming - this is worrying in itself as if we were to sign up and need help, then taking 1,2 or 3+ days to answer a query is too long. We need queries answering within hours or better still, minutes.

    1. Reply from Expandly

      Dear Chimpy

      We are sorry to learn of your issues. We have reviewed our tickets and they have all been responded within a matter of hours (outside business hours) and most within a few minutes (during business hours).

      We are happy to help you get up and running and give you a personal demonstration of Expandly in action.

      Feel free to call us on 0203 457 8070 or email us at You may also find our documentation useful -

      Kind Regards

  • rohit4689

    Overall rating

    It works for me

    I am a small online business owner and have been struggling to manage my sales channels (using only Amazon and Shopify). My search for a decent cost effective inventory management system came to an end with signing up to Expandly. It is simple to use yet full of functionality.

    definitely recommended.

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