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Online arbitrage software that helps find products to resell from hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

Features include retailer scan, wholesale scan, European scan, reverse scan and more.

FBA Wizard supports the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

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£67 per month

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  • Lisa Har

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    FBA Wizard - Is there even a customer service?

    What were the positives?


    Any negatives?

    I tried to contact someone here to cancel my trial however even my account login doesn't work, the email they have doesnt work, the live chat keeps saying they will come back in 3 hours but no one is manning it.


    Very unhappy

  • Welljam

    Overall rating

    You cant go wrong with this product

    I really like the layout of this software, you can personalise all your results and the information is then readily available to view. The new BSR is excellent and is saving me a lot of time. I feel like there is a lot more to this software that I haven't even discovered yet. I am about to revisit the bootcamp videos to see what other gems it contains.

    The support has improved a lot and the response time is good.

    Can only recommend this product, the video training also I have found extremely useful. Very clear in simple language. Keep up the good work!

  • oakleygolf

    Overall rating

    Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced

    I have never dealt with such poor customer service. They clearly don't care out the customer and provide a lackluster product so they only care to lock in someone as long as humanly possible.

    They won't let you cancel online and only will let you email them to cancel then they will wait until they charge your credit card before responding and claim its the TOS and you are stuck with the bill. I would never use this company again and will ensure everyone I speak with knows that I had a very bad experience when I tried out their service.

  • Prav

    Overall rating

    Excellent Software....

    What were the positives?

    Makes your life a lot easier to upscale your business.
    A very big TIME SAVER.

    Any negatives?

    Still learning and getting grips with it...


    Support is very excellent, very good training and communication. Every day e-mail communication, training videos, articles etc etc. There is so much one can learn and gain a good knowledge on how to start a FBA Business and become a pro by using "FBA Wizard Pro".

  • nfilmer

    Overall rating

    FBA Wizard Review

    The FBA Wizard tool is a great way to get started in online arbitrage or any online business for that matter. Initially you get the free trial and it’s so easy to set up that you can start straight away and begin scanning for products. With the videos that Shaun has already done showing you how to use the various types of scans, it really does make it very simple to get started.

    The Euro has the largest potential, which involves buying products from Amazon UK and selling across the other Amazon platforms in Italy, Germany, France and Spain. With this method you have the added benefit that you know the product is identical and already approved by Amazon. It’s not difficult either as you buy from the UK either to your home or a prep centre and then just send it back in to the UK account and once you get a sale in Europe Amazon will export it across to them with you not having to worry about a thing.

    The scan and reverse searches are good and have come up with a good amount of products as well. It depends on what your search criteria is, what the ROI is and what your budget is initially, but even if you’ve got only £50 to spend on products you could build some profit (obviously once products have sold) within a relatively short space of time.

    After struggling last Christmas and spending lots of hours searching for products this really is a breath of fresh air and when you can search thousands of products in one go and come back to it later on is a huge time saver.

  • contactwcook

    Overall rating

    Excellent, what a find. Makes life so much easier!!

    Fbawizard is an excellent piece of software that makes life so much easier. It is a must for anyone already selling on Amazon and definitely for a must for newcomers. A helping hand in building your sales!

    It is very easy to use with lots of features and it is very intuitive.

    The training videos are extremely helpful and points newcomers in the right direction. They show you how to use the software and get the best from fba wizard.

    There are always new features being added and the software is constantly evolving to the benefit of the members. They do listens to what members want, request or recommend and try to accommodate as quickly as possible.

    The support provided is above and beyond. Very quick to get back to you and always very helpful

  • shopavaux

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    Fba Wizard is a fantastic product for anyone getting into Online Arbritage
    The Team at FBA wizard provide old fashion customer service any questions Problems or any issues the reply is within minutes not hours. Shaun and his team listen to you if there is anything in which you think you could improve they will look at it and when a update is done to FBA wizard 9/10 the team can see it and do it

    Any negatives?

    Cant think of anything at time of reviewing


    The support was brilliant cant fault it

  • Filip

    Overall rating

    Brilliant toolkit! Making my work so much easier.

    Fantastic product. Making my Fulfilled by Amazon business much easier to run because I can source my products in matter of minutes. New features added on regular basis, great support and probably one of the most advanced FBA toolkits available on the market at the moment.

    Customer support responds to my enquires very fast! FBA Wizard has it's own Facebook group where other users can share and exchange their experiences.

    It is not the cheapest toolkit but definitely worth investment. I would recommend it to any FBA business.

  • Andy 56 K

    Overall rating

    A MUST HAVE if you are doing online sales

    What were the positives?

    Any problems were sorted straight away and the software is the best I've used for finding deals

    Any negatives?

    The only problem I've had is having enough money to finance all the products it finds


    support second to none, a few teething problems to start (I've been using this for a few months) but bugs ironed out and works great.
    The list of sources keeps growing and now there is the US site, what with flips Amazon to Amazon wholesale, Ebay, and more this is all you'll need

  • russell 2002

    Overall rating

    great service, even better after service

    great software. came across it accidentally and have never looked back, top marks to shaun and his team, nothing is too much trouble and if you ask you get. have been using for approx 4 months now and it took a while to get my head around it but with the help of the team and facebook group have got over most hurdles and best of all features keep getting added to it so you have more of a chance of making money would highly recommend to anyone who is trying to get started on amazon as everyone will help you along the way 🙂 🙂

  • stephenshore

    Overall rating

    Effective Sourcing Software from UK Based FBA Wizard

    Excellent easy to use and effective sourcing software with good training included.

    New feature are being added all the time and the software providers actually listen to what their members want from the software and generally come up with satisfactory solutions which often include improvements to the original request

    Would prefer an all in special price for Pro and Wizard Bar with a little extra loyalty discount for existing subscribers.

    First Class Prompt Service on the rare occasions it is needed,

  • Greig van Emmenis

    Overall rating

    Great tool for Amazon sellers

    If you're starting out in selling on Amazon, or have been doing it years, this tool will help you find and source items that make a profit.

    It is quick to return results and it's easy to use. You can customise your results to help narrow down your search and save you time looking through all of the results.

    It does need some improvement. On the odd occasion, the results you get do not match, however, this is easily spotted, as there are pictures to help you identify the products.

    The support is first class. They are always there to help assist if you have any issues at all.

  • Mrpotts

    Overall rating

    Not what it says on the tin.

    The idea for this program is a very good idea. But that is all it is. The program is not fit for purpose. Most of the products it brings up does not match the product on Amazon. The sales rank on some items is very good but there is far to many that are un-ranked and are unlikely to sell. Many of the items it brings up is also out of stock and maybe an chance to hide these items would be good.

    I tried the program 3 times after I keep getting offered longer trials every time I cancelled. During this time new search options was added but each time it didn't improve the program. Unfortunately on the 10 day trial there was no longer a option to cancel, nor an indication of how long there was left on the trial, which caused an attempt to take the monthly fee from my account. As I did not have the money in the account I have now received a bank charge. So not only did it not make me any money but it has costed me money.

    A case of must try much harder.

    1. Reply from FBA Wizard

      Thanks for the feedback.

      You're able to cancel your trial at any time with a single click from your dashboard, and if you're struggling with that for whichever reason, then you're also able to click our 24/7 chat icon from within the web app and ask us to cancel for you.

      Unfortunately as you didn't do either of these within your free trial period, your trial expired and our system attempted to charge you which failed as you didn't have the funds to pay.

      The software unfortunately doesn't "make" good leads, however you are able to filter products by sales ranks to meet your buying criteria.

      PRO purely shows what is there and what isn't there at any given retailer that we support.

      Thanks for trying FBA Wizard though, and for the positive feedback regarding the speed we're adding new features at 🙂

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