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Feedback Boost for eBay reminds customers to leave feedback and alerts you when they do. It can also send personalized follow-up messages afterwards, so more customers remember who you are. Formerly Feedback Pro.

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$9.99 per month

Trial Length: 30 days

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  • Daniel Waldron

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Yeah, but no.

    What were the positives?

    Easy to set up.

    Any negatives?

    Overall performance was poor, but that's probably the lack of relevance of feedback to eBay users. The interface is very basic and contains little information.

    When they say 'trial' it's not a free trial, cancel on day 31 and you can enjoy the recurring payment you just made for one day's access.

    Customer service seems quite poor, the response to a billing query left me with the impression that this service relies on customers that are only around for a month.


    Cancel your recurring billing on day 29. The billing practice and use of the word 'trial' are probably in breach of the Australian Consumer Law - escalated to Paypal for review.

  • bluesub79

    Overall rating

    Highly recommended

    What were the positives?

    Great product. Easy to use and imports 2 weeks of transactions. Can leave feedback, send feedback reminders, alert you when positive, negative, and neutral feedback is left and send e-mails after you receive feedback. For reminders, It gives you two custom messages you can send and lets you chose to do international reminders because of customs


    I've contacted support several times and had no issues. I've been working with this company for a long time.

  • renedubon

    Overall rating

    Mush Have Program for eBay Sellers

    What were the positives?

    Feedback boos helps me remind my customer to leave us Positive feedback and it really improve the feedback on my ebay account a lot.

    Any negatives?

    The program has been created carefully, so that you can remind customer 1 time or 2 times plus you can create follow up emails to increase customer service and to capture a lead.


    Support is great. All my inquiries were answer in a timely manner.

  • clark.gwynn

    Overall rating

    Love this Program...

    What were the positives?

    As a busy eBay and brick mortar seller, I don't have a lot of free time! Anything I can find that streamlines my work load is welcome. Feedback Boost helps me sooo much by reminding my customers to leave feedback with my custom message. I'm mostly concerned that my customers are happy and they've received their items. Feedback Boost makes sure they get a message from us asking for just that. We also use it for follow up messages asking for reviews if they are happy. Feedback Boost manages all that for us, saving plenty of time.

    Any negatives?

    Nothing I can thing of, they even allow you to blacklist reviewers that are likely to leave negative feedback.


    The support from John Wheeler is AWESOME, you gotta get this program.

  • Alvish

    Overall rating

    Must Have for Ebay Sellers

    What were the positives?

    Take 5 min to setup. Works without any interruptions with nice user friendly templates, Been using from two years now and working fine with no issues.

    Any negatives?

    Negative feedback review be emailed in reply to customer format would be great. so there is no work around.

    if they do amazon feedback too than easier for seller like us.


    Never had any major problems but if i had than Feedback pro Is fast in fixing the issue. Template is user friendly.

  • klevrgrafix

    Overall rating

    Simple to use and effective!

    I've been a customer of Feedback Pro (prior to the change to Feedback Boost) for over 3 years and it's helped increase my feedback score by reminding buyers to leave feedback. It's also helped me on a number of occasions by initiating conversations with customers before they leave undesirable feedback.

    The automated emails sent out after a sale and to follow-up with buyers are a nice touch and rather customizable which is a great perk!

    I'm looking forward to the new service after the change from Feedback Pro to Feedback Boost.

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