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FeedbackFive is a feedback and review management tool for Amazon sellers. Sellers use FeedbackFive to proactively manage their feedback scores and monitor reviews on their ASINs and competitor ASINs. Automatically solicit feedback and product reviews from customers, get alerts on negative feedback and reviews received, monitor trends, and more.

With FeedbackFive, sellers have the ability to send their email campaigns two different ways: Through Buyer-Seller Messaging for merchants who want customization options, or by automating the message behind the Request a Review button in Seller Central.

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Free Lite version available.
Paid plans from $9.99 to $59.99+ per month.

Trial Length: 14 days
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    Ease of Use

    Don't consider the others

    What were the positives?

    So, I started out by signing up with a FeedbackFive competitor. I ended up switching only because they didn't have a feature that I wanted that FeedbackFive had. But then when I made the switch was when I realized everything else that I was missing out on: many additional features that I hadn't even thought about, amazing customer support, free and super informative webinars on very useful Amazon-related topics, free consultations with their knowledgeable folks. Wow. I really feel like I have someone in my corner now when it comes to dealing with Amazon and all its complexities!

    Any negatives?

    As far as negatives, I can only think of the fact that getting the e-mail campaigns just the way I wanted them was a bit complicated, but that's really due to all the features available with their product...and customer support was always there to help me with no waiting.


    I would say, if you think you can maneuver Amazon by yourself, you don't realize the valuable, time-saving help that you're missing out on. And if you're considering a FeedbackFive competitor, based on my experience, don't.

  • 346526920

    Overall rating

    FeedbackFive rocks!

    What were the positives?

    It's the best in the market: campaign, template, rules are all configurable.

    Any negatives?

    Yes, the imported orders should contain more than 90 days.


    The support was great. Really helpful.
    I especially like the status in the scheduling, they can be understood easily:
    1, Amazon Opt Out

    2, Exclude Buyers who have Opted Out

    3, Canceled

    4, Checkout By Amazon

    5, Do Not Solicit

    6, Negative/Neutral Feedback Received

    7, Not Scheduled


    1. Reply from eComEngine

      @346526920 Thanks for the awesome review! YOU rock! 8)

  • Amy Aina

    Overall rating

    Must have for AMZ sellers

    My company has been using Feedback Five for several years. We seemed to have gotten into a review rut so I reached out to them for assistance. I began working with an Advisor who helped us tailor our multiple email templates, timing of outgoing emails, make our emails more likely to get read and easier for folks to leave a review. Feedback Five makes it simple to reach out to customers about their particular purchase.
    Our advisor was clearly invested in helping us gain more reviews- before each call, she analyze our sales, email templates and strategizes how we can make improvements. 😀

  • Logic

    Overall rating

    FeedbackFive Gets It Done, Easily

    I switched from a competitor based on a web conference FeedbackFive hosted and definitely made the right move. Not only were the features offered far superior, but the customer service was top-notch. Indispensable advice quickly, customized attention to my needs and fast follow up. In fact, I had a special request that was beyond the scope of services offered, yet the FeedbackFive team, and specifically Rachel, stepped up and delivered a seamless solution to my request. Could not recommend them more!

  • tmalik

    Overall rating

    Couldn't ask for more!!!

    What were the positives?

    Thanks to FeedbackFive, since I started with them 90 days ago, I have received over 90 reviews on one product. I have noticed overall increase in customer satisfaction and less emails from my customers.

    Any negatives?

    Guys are doing a great job, keep up the great work... The only thing I would say is to maybe send out an email to notify of any maintenance and/or prolonged system issues.


    The support was EXCELLENT, like none other... :D:D:D

  • GlassesUSA - Daniela

    Overall rating

    FeedbackFive is the best tool I have used

    FeedbackFive is very helpful with it's easy connection to Amazon.
    The costume templates are perfect as you can really fit it to your needs.
    Their Leave Feedback button works wonders in customer's engagement

    It is supper easy to use and you can simply forget about this hassle. Customer interaction is so important and it can take up a lot of your time, so this system really time saving.

    The only thing I would add to it is the possibility to auto replay with various scenarios, if the customer sent a message back after your first email was sent.

    And the very best for last- their support is absolutely amazing. I had a call with one of their reps and she not only helped with the problem I had, but also had a few suggestions to change and better the emails I am sending. After that she kept following up with me with more suggestions - all to make the open rates better and the CR to Feedback higher - and that is priceless.

  • tylerhogan

    Overall rating

    This is a necessary tool for anyone selling on Amazon

    What were the positives?

    Feedbackfive allows us to solicit customers for reviews and we get WAY more reviews than we ever would without the reviews. In my experience, reviews are the only way to have any kind of idea of how big a seller is on Amazon. Having a lot of reviews shows customers that you've fulfilled a lot of orders which establishes trust.


    The support has been awesome.The trick is to have a good template and set up strategic campaigns. I got help from customer support on this. They made me a template and they were able to guide me in the right direction in regards to when and how often to solicit customers.

  • heychrisbaker

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    It does a job I need done.

    Any negatives?



    RACHEL H. is very helpful!
    I have used this service for a few months and I can tell it is really working well. The staff is very kind, friendly and smart... especially Rachel H.

    I would suggest that anybody looking to get more feedback from their customers that they should look into Feedback Five. I am sure they have much success as I have and like so many others!

  • predicategroup

    Overall rating

    FeedbackFive: Scalable, Cost-Effective, Best Support

    After trying 4-5 other feedback management service providers, FeedbackFive is easily the best solution for our company. At a base level, it easily addresses the our most important needs for feedback, review management, and email order follow-ups. However, more importantly for us, FeedbackFive is easily scalable across product count and store count, from both an ease of use and cost perspective. They're easy for us to grow with.

    The next major point for us is the availability of customer success advisers, at no additional cost. Our adviser is readily available, responds quickly, and helps us stay up to date with best practices, which is important since Amazon's policies frequently change. Having someone available to answer our questions, troubleshoot urgent issues, and provide an experienced perspective on our work is invaluable, and this feature takes a lot of uncertainty and extra work off our plate.

    FeedbackFive is definitely worth you taking the time to do a free trial or try out if you're not sure. I have zero incentive to write this review other than the fact that I've literally tried (Feedback Genius-SellerLabs/BQool/Feedbackz/JumpSend's email service), and FeedbackFive was hands-down the best choice for us.

  • AMX Top Biz

    Overall rating

    Not Worth a Free Trial!

    I tried this software before I read the reviews. To be frank. The software sent 300 emails, I got 1 feedback and 1 product review!

    When I informed the rep from feedback 5, she said I needed to work with her to craft a template.

    So after using feedback 5 templates and 300 emails later, your telling me I need to rewrite and then resend 300 emails?

    This software does not give you any metrics you can't see in Seller Central. I am extremely disappointed and I've not resolved my issue.. which is more feedback. It's a ***

    If you offer me a free trial, I'd expect to see a benefit to purchase your service. Even a note that you will get better results when you create your own email template

    Support was terrible. It felt like they wanted me to do the work, if I had the time to write and send 300 emails, why do I need feedback 5?

    There is no way to cancel this service before the trial ends, another *** You have to contact a rep who is trained to stop you from cancelling

    So my question, in addition to this complaint any recommendations on software that can help me resolve my problem. .. I need more feedback!

  • Allister D.

    Overall rating

    Highly Sophisticated Tool, INCREDIBLE advisors & support :)

    What were the positives?

    Honestly, I have used multiple email automation tools for selling on Amazon, and when it comes to FeedbackFive, the pricing structure and available targeting options BLOW most tools out of the water. Many tools out there are great for starting out, and having simple automations in place, but you will get to a point in your business where you may be limited by your software, especially if you are looking to build a long-term portfolio of amazing email followups and really scale your brand experience that you are delivering. The best part is, this is one of the most flexible, and supported on-boarding experiences I've ever had (not just for email tools for Amazon, but any marketplace SaaS in general).

    Any negatives?

    Nothing but good things to say so far and my brand has killed off 3 other services and have been happily using FeedbackFive for about 60 days across a portfolio of 25+ products. We've saved a significant amount of monthly costs, and have better options to build new automations around. Really a win all-around that we found FeedbackFive.



    The support was one of the best parts of the experience! Hats off to the Advisory Team (THANK YOU RACHEL!) behind EComEngine / FeedbackFive for being extremely transparent and responsive (I've almost always had any outstanding tickets resolved within a day), and accommodating for any specific business needs you may need. It's one of the few services where you feel like you truly have a supportive, feedback-friendly relationship with the team. If you are ever stuck or needing to scale your campaigns, they will coach you through.


    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    The software is really smart to capture all data from all our orders from amazon portal .
    We can also add multiple accounts of different marketplaces.Various rules are assigned to design your automatic email campaign .
    One would love the way software works and with a wonderful support as well

    Any negatives?

    So far its so good. I don't have any complaints with the software . One should go ahead and enroll.


    support has been really amazing. Super fast replies and the concerned person understands our concern and guides us accordingly.

  • furniturefooties

    Overall rating

    Floor Protection

    I have been with FeedbackFive for only a short period of time and found this company recommended from attending an Amazon workshop with the SBDC.
    I started out with the trial because I was overwhelmed with my attempts solely at reaching out through my own letterhead feedback messaging when an order was sent as well as attempts through Amazon's messaging system.

    At the time I was on the higher level plan which worked out wonderfully because of the efficiency FeedbackFive provided me through their automatic messaging system capable of sending three unique templates per customer.

    Since Amazon's policy changed concerning no more than one feedback per customer then it was not worth the extra cost so I went to the basic plan. I was disappointed in this policy change but Rachel from FeedbackFive helped make this transition carryover work and be a much better fit for my business.

    Rachel has always responded promptly to all my requests since day one and that is one of the main reasons I remain with FeedbackFive!

  • Amanda Flint

    Overall rating

    Shady practices and petty people

    I signed up for a free trial and quickly decided this wouldn't work for our business. I couldn't find a mechanism for canceling in the account, so I deleted the Amazon credentials. As a result, the service never sent out a single email to our customers. Nonetheless, FeedbackFive billed us for the service.

    When I brought this to their attention they first said I needed to talk to them on the phone about why this didn't work for us. I declined and insisted on a full refund. They put X on the case, and she rude and argumentative. We went back and forth a few times and it was clear she was just there to argue and was not going to reverse the charges. I told her I would file a dispute with my credit card. Her response:

    "Please note that this communication, as well as all other supporting documentation associated with your FeedbackFive account, will be submitted with the rebuttal for any chargeback request received."

    I have met X and others from this company in person. We have a large store and know a lot of people in this industry. I will never understand why a company like this would try so hard to alienate a potential customer and invite bad word of mouth.

    I have also seen this company use "affiliates" and clearly unbiased reviews to market this service. You'll find these advertisements disguised as posts on the Amazon Seller Forum. If this company has a good product, why do they have to use these shady practices?

    Again, we never had a single email go out through this service. They can try to keep our money on a technicality, but they know we didn't use this service at all. That is no way to run a business. My advice to other sellers: Don't even sign up for the "free" trial unless you time to waste and a high tolerance for hard-sell nonsense.

  • H_M

    Overall rating

    Most flexible tool for Amazon orders follow up

    What were the positives?

    It's nicely integrated with Amazon. Very easy to use and yet it provides flexible options for various types of follow ups. The only con for us was that it only works with Amazon and not with other marketplaces like eBay, Walmart etc.

    Their default templates are not the most beautiful 😉 but we found that sending a test email without any HTML works just fine for getting the desired reviews.


    Everything is nicely documented and we hadn't had yet a need to reach out for support.

  • Tiki Two

    Overall rating

    No Support and

    I do not recommend Feedbackfive at all. The support is absolutely terrible and the software is buggy and very clumsy. There are many other much better systems than this one. If you are thinking about it, don't. Move on and pick one of the ones you will be happy with and actually offers software that works with support. There is always some sort of error pop up and even when you fix it, it does not get fixed. They post and provide no solution to the errors their system pops up. Emails remain unsent and unopened. It is just a bad system.

  • Roadrunner

    Overall rating

    Pretty much just a waste of money...

    What were the positives?

    Basically just send emails after orders. It actually seems to encourage more negative feedback. Sometimes it is just best not to ask ::)

    Any negatives?

    Pricing is too high for what this simple application really does. Yes, there are customizations to emails, frequency, and whether to have an email sent if the order wasn't shipped on time, but customers do not want to be inundated with extra email. Also, the percentage of opened emails is low. So even if the emails are sent, they are most likely ending up in a customer's spam folder.


    Never used the support so I cannot comment on their ability to solve problems. Cancelling your subscription is a pain in the neck though. There is no easy place on their site to do it.

  • brian467

    Overall rating

    Great review management software w/ great customer support!

    What were the positives?

    We use this daily to review and respond to any negative reviews. This way all negative customer experiences are addressed.

    Any negatives?

    Whenever we have any issues, our input is listened to.


    🙂 The support is immediate and thoughtful. We appreciate the prompt and personalized service that we have received for years. We strongly recommend Feedback Five as a trusted partner to help build your online business.

  • WebC

    Overall rating

    Not that Good

    What were the positives?

    Sends out automatic emails to follow up with orders, works most of the time, but service level is limited to what you pay for, and do not expect too much!

    Any negatives?

    I hope the price is cheaper and and not just a bait for higher fees. Lost emails as they are scheduled but not really sent. Setting and configuration is not easy to understand.:(


    Mediocre support, and most of times, they can not solve anything.

  • aviw987

    Overall rating

    Great service for a very decen price

    I have been working with FeedbackFive for a while now and I really like the service they offer. As most sellers on Amazon know all the items basically the whole business is based on ranking and feedback, until I started working with Feedbackfive it was very difficult, I didn't know how to ask customers to leave reviews and feedbacks and I wasn't sure whom I have already contacted and whom I did not. FeedbackFive offers you something very unique and special. It takes care of all the feedbacks requests and monitoring so you can really focus on your business. You can actually set up what time of the day they should send out the email, how long after the order was placed, if there was any problem with the order they will skip that particular order among many other cool features.

    Another thing they offer is that whenever you receive a negative feedback they will email you right away to notify you so you should be able to take the necessary steps to remove it. With the very affordable pricing it is a must have for every company that sells on Amazon.

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