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The FreeUp marketplace connects sellers with pre-vetted virtual assistants, freelancers, and agencies in ecommerce and digital marketing.

FreeUp interviews and vets thousands of applicants each week then only allows the top 1% into their platform. FreeUp offers a no-turnover guarantee and provides 24/7 customer service.

Sellers can start interviewing VA's, freelancers, agencies as soon as one business day after signing up.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
  • Worldwide

Pricing & Trial

VA's, freelancers, agencies on the FreeUp marketplace set their own hourly and fixed rates for the services that they offer. Rates range from $5 to $100+ per hour and there are no additional fees.

Integrations & Compatibility

  • All Amazon Websites
  • All eBay Websites

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Average overall rating
  • Kevin Keller

    Overall rating

    Awesome Service! So happy to have found FreeeUp!

    I found FreeeUp while I've been desperately looking for a VA to support us in our business. Nathan was so helpful from the beginning. I'm so glad that I've found this amazing service. Even once we had some slight issues Nathan was very responsive and helpful to find the perfect solution in our situation. I was happy to recommend FreeeUp to my frinds in my mastermind groups. They are now happy customers as well. THe VAs from FreeeUp helped us tremendously to grow our business. Thank you Nathan!
    Keep up the great work!

  • johncorcoran

    Overall rating

    Great service!

    I've had a really great experience using Freeeup, and I've used every type of outsource service, including Upwork, Odesk, freelancer,, etc. etc. You won't go wrong with Freeeup.

    What I particularly like is you don't have to wade through hundreds of applications for random people who aren't qualified and who never read your post to begin with. Instead, you create a short job description and then Freeeup does the work of determining who is best qualified and then they send you 1 or 2 people who they think are a good fit for the job. They do the hard work so you don't have to.

  • atadofchad

    Overall rating


    What were the positives?

    It's a higher value, personalized concierge service to find the right VA, with the right skills, at the right price.

    Any negatives?

    Not at all! Experience has been literally perfect. 🙂


    Anything they can do better, they are willing and able to do it. Their merchant focused. You get a personalized assistant to help you find your assistant.

    It's soooo important to get the right outsourced resourced in the right seat - it's the secret saucing to winning online and I believe Freeeup scratched that itch for us.

    Highly recommend and 5-stars hands down.

  • ryleys

    Overall rating

    Great marketplace for freelancers and clients!

    What were the positives?

    I was overwhelmed by how great the marketplace was when I got onto freeeup. I am a freelancer on freeeup but decided to get a client account as well and hire some freelancers for my businesses. Overall, I dont think I have a single complaint. And if I ever did, I am sure the freeeup staff would take care of the issue.


    The support staff along with nathan are always available to answer questions and help out. I'd say this is one of the best aspects of freeeup.

  • tylerp253

    Overall rating

    Excellent service and expertise!

    FreeeUp has created a reliable, highly skilled marketplace to find the right contractor to help with most any project. Our agency has found great success filling gaps that we have with the right talent at the right time. Most of the help we've needed has been in the copywriting, graphic design and developer space, so I can only speak to those skills, but I'd imagine that all other roles are excellent as well.

    We've been pleasantly surprised by FreeeUp's ability to match us with the highly skilled people who have helped our clients and helped us grow our business.

    The team at FreeeUp has always been available when we need them and are quick to respond.

    I'd highly recommend using FreeeUp!

  • Sol-

    Overall rating

    Great Experience each time

    I have been using Freeeup for over a year and a half and i hired four people using the marketplace and my experience with their marketplace for freelancers is just amazing!

    Besides the ease of getting freelancers for your specific needs the freelancers they recommend are super professional and above all super nice all well spoken and great manor it's just a pleasure talking with them they truly represent the top 1%
    So anyone looking to get great talent for a great price I would totally recommend going with Freeeup!!

  • Josh.s

    Overall rating

    What a great solution for finding Freelance VA's

    We have been working with upwork and similar site for a long time. there was always issues, The freelancer not understanding what they are supposed to do, Not doing the job right, Logging more hours then what they projected, Simply disappearing in the middle of a job and not having anyone at the marketplace to talk to to get it resolved, Getting a million applications with non relevant cover letters, and all other issues. Well, I found the solution by FreeeUp they did a really nice job taking care of everything. If there is an issue they will just take care of you right away. If you are on other freelancer websites stop wasting your time and go to FreeeUp.

  • dank

    Overall rating

    Efficient, easy and quick service!

    I am running a few online stores that require managing a variety of daily ongoing tasks. A friend told me the Freeeup is suitable for ecommerce so I tried it. The experience was very good. I received 3 workers to choose from. I selected the first one on the list and within 48 hours we were already working together (until this day). The worker is independent and, updates me on all necessary information and changes. The worker's experience with online stores is very notable! I recommend this!!! I can communicate on skype/whatsapp/email and the team is very responsive. Keep up the good work!

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @dank Hey, thank you for the amazing review. You highlighted that you met and hired a freelancer within 48 hours. One of the biggest focuses of ours as a marketplace is speed and efficiency. We'll always be a resource for you and anyone else that needs top talent quickly!

  • yisrcoh

    Overall rating

    I will forever be a client of yours!

    If you haven't used FreeeUp in the past, you should start. Honestly, I was nervous to trust individuals that I didn't even know with my business, but I sure was wrong. My business is growing faster than I thought and I was lucky enough to find this company and Nathan. Every worker that has been sent my way has been a blessing. The quality of workers and the work ethic is impeccable. Not to mention, the entire process of on-boarding is extremely easy. I am beyond thrilled that I followed through with outsourcing my work.Thank you FreeeUp for giving my company the opportunity to grow beyond my expectations. I will forever be a client of yours!

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @yisrcoh Hey, thank you for the 5 star review and for sharing the story of how FreeeUp has impacted your business. We love helping business owners free up their time so they can focus on growth instead of the operations. Let's keep growing together.

  • Nick Sheedy

    Overall rating


    As you likely know, FreeeUp is a marketplace for freelancers. They have been amazing for our business. We have hired two workers and they have been extremely professional, their work has far exceeded my expectations and they have communicated in fine detail.

    FreeeUP is super easy to use, their support team is amazing and they will assist you in finding the exact worker which meets your budget and project. Have any questions feel free to contact me anytime.

    We will be using them more and more. 8)

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @Nick Sheedy Hey Nick, thanks for the awesome review. Everything you described...from top quality freelancers to a hands-on support what we're all about. Looking forward to helping you grow your business.

  • betthejockey

    Overall rating

    I get to focus on my art

    Have you read the book Rocket Fuel? Here are my entrepreneurial scoring results...I am 96% Visionary and have an extremely low score on the integrator role. So what do that mean and what does it have to do with Freeup?

    Being a visionary has these characteristics: I am a daydreamer, I am great at creating ideas and thinking big, I am great with people and sales are exciting for me, among other skills revolving around people, sales, marketing, and strategy...

    ...among my weakest traits revolve around tasks, processes, maintenance, and technology.

    Well, I have the desire to invest in, build, and grow digital businesses and you guessed it... that all requires tasks, processes, maintenance, technology and other things that really circle around my weaknesses.

    When I first started building digital businesses, I tried to overcome my weaknesses and worked from sunrise to sunset (while feeding babies and working crappy jobs in between). Then I got Freeeup'd

    I started connecting with other entrepreneurs and made some great friends who have taught me about working with freelancers and contractors to help me build my dream businesses. Now I have teams of people who help me do the things that I really am weak in, that I hate doing, and that drain the life out of me.

    Now I get to focus more on my strengths and the things that give me life (and make me the most money).

    Freeeup is a great marketplace that brings great talent for the kind of work you need and takes care of all the details of the invoicing, interviews, and other admin stuff that would drive me nuts anyways.

    Now I get to focus on my art.

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @betthejockey Hey Josh, thanks for the 5 star review. We love hearing stories of business owners that get time back in their day to focus on what they love doing most. Keep it up!

  • michael684

    Overall rating

    Amazing Marketplace for Freelance Contractors

    What were the positives?

    I have loved all my interactions with FreeeUp. Knowing that FreeeUp only takes the best of the best, I can trust them to help me find who I need and quickly.

    Any negatives?

    Nathan, the CEO, is accessible to you directly, which makes you feel valued. Wouldn't change a thing.


    The team there that facilitates requests has been super helpful and placed the right person in my reach so I can scale my business.

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @michael684 Thanks for the amazing review 🙂 We're always working to be as hands-on as possible so that all freelancers and clients have an amazing experience. Cheers!

  • happyninja

    Overall rating

    Fantastic Virtual Assistant Marketplace

    What were the positives?

    It's easy to use and the who help me with the repetitive tasks communicate professionally and quickly. This helps me focus on other areas of my business.

    Any negatives?

    So far so good. I haven't hired anyone before, so as a new experience, everything went smoothly.


    Whenever I have a question, I get quick and helpful replies from the CEO.

    This was the first time I've hired a virtual assistant. Currently, I've hired two people and will increase as my business increases.

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @happyninja Thank you for the 5 start review! It's our mission to make the online hiring process simpler for business owners. Please let us know if you ever have any feedback on how we can improve!

  • Preston Smiles

    Overall rating


    They are professional and timely. Loving and firm with their people. I love this company and will be using them and already referred a few colleagues. 😉 Love Nathan, and love our VA who's very well trained. I can't say enough about this because we've used so many other services.

    Something that I wrote a few weeks ago that applies to other services: It's 1000000% OK to not like certain people. There are some people's energy that I don't resonate with, I'd genuinely rather not be around them. This doesn't make them nor myself "bad" or "wrong" it's simply the way of nature.
    My dog Spirit a weimaraner pitbull mix was one of my best teachers of this. She would enter the dog park and run around sniffing other dogs butts and playing, but every time there would be 3-5 dogs that she would get one sniff of and immediately distance herself.
    It was like this mutual respect of hey were both in the dog-park playing so I will acknowledge your presence, but I won't go out of my way to please/play with you just because you're here.
    I gave myself permission to do the same after that. I love and respect every living being on the planet, including the trees, fish, birds, four-legged friends and the apex predator of them all humans...AND...energetically I don't prefer some of them.. lol
    I'll continue to love them from a distance.

    1. Reply from FreeeUp

      @Preston Smiles Thank you so much for the positive review of FreeeUp. We are always working to make the experience better for both clients and freelancers. Looking forward to serving you 🙂

  • Martin S

    Overall rating

    Absolutely amazing!

    What were the positives?

    Freeeup follows up until you're pleased, fantastic!
    Had a worker I wasn't 100% happy with, within 1 week I had a new and I never expected to have such a great customer service rep!

    So if you're looking for a new worker at any kind, I would recommend you to check freeup. Worth every penny! Beside Nathan the owner of Freeeup, are always available for a chat/call as long as it's scheduled. WHAT A SERVICE?!

    Any negatives?



    The support was supreme!

  • romanmaxi

    Overall rating

    Better Than Any Alternative!

    There is no alternative when you have all your guys supervised under one roof! Aside from Freeeup knowing really really well how to choose their guys, they are also so helpful with monitoring them and find the right person for each job. I had nothing but pleasant experience working with them. Also the managing staff is amazing! they really take care of you to make sure you get what you need. Definitely worth the price! I'm hiring many different VAs both experts and just beginners, VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS! thanks.:D:D:D:D

  • LaurenN

    Overall rating

    Time Saver!

    This is the only place to go to hire virtual assistants imho if you have a business and need high-quality VAs and have no time to place ads, wait for people to respond to the ads, maybe place a few more ads, interview prospectives, hire, train, vet and deal with potential “life happens moments” (Whew, I get exhausted just thinking about it!) People leave for whatever reason. “Life happens to the best workers”…BUT now you have to go through the whole time-waster of starting all over again?

    This was a huge problem for me until I found Freeeup. Now I’m addicted to Freeeup and I don’t want to get off this HIGH!

    Until I met Freeeup, my business was at a standstill because “I” was at a standstill. I called Freeeup, didn’t think they could help me but after my short discussion with Nathan Hirsch, everything became clear.

    For my business, the most logical thing to do was to hire a Project Manager!
    To give you a brief idea of what a PM can do for you (these are just some of the things btw):

    • Find me (of course, Freeeup) workers that can hit the ground running for my various positions that I requested my PM to fill.

    • Interviews and hires them taking into consideration, my company’s particular business needs.

    • The workers then hit the ground running under the guidance of my PM.

    • Only the PM reports to me and takes care of any issues or communication that the workers have.

    • If the worker leaves, for whatever reason, Freeeup is able to replace that worker with another high-quality worker and my PM washes and repeats the process and I can concentrate on growing my business!

    Now, you don’t need to have a PM as Freeeup makes it very easy for you to hire for individual positions yourself without a PM BUT, for me, it made sense. Now, my workers have no confusion as to who to go to and I only need to communicate with my PM. I can’t tell you how much time my PM saves me.

  • MikeA

    Overall rating

    Life & Business Changing

    FreeeUp saved me and is helping my business grow! Over the last year I have put a lot of resources into scaling my ecommerce business... I expanded into 6 different international market places as well as other sales channels. My business partner and I were doing everything from sales, to inventory management, new product sourcing, creating invoices, the list goes on and on. As the business grew more complex I had less time for myself and my family and things began to slip through the cracks. I worked closely with Nathan and based on my specific needs he connected me with 2 excellent VA's. One of which is helping me on a full time basis and one continues to help on a part time basis. Things are no longer slipping thru the cracks and I am way less stressed. I couldn't be happier.

  • Amazon34

    Overall rating

    The only place you should go to hire

    Freeeup is Amazing when it comes to hiring online. Nathan and his team get the job done and ensure that you are happy with their service. We had an issue with one of our workers and reached out to nathan's team on the weekend. They we're quick to resolve the issue and within 8 hours our company had a replacement and we were back up and running.
    Having hired on different online platforms, I can say without a doubt that you'd get the most bang for buck hiring using Freeeup vs. the other platforms online.

  • Ingrid.S

    Overall rating

    Fantastic and Professional Customer Service

    This company is great! I cannot recommend it enough. Nate, the CEO, is very professional and fair in his customer service. Any small glitches I've had he has promptly and kindly fixed for me. I've hired a couple of great workers from Freeeup that have allowed me to measurably advance my business. One to help me finish my website, a Wordpress expert who was super thorough and communicative. Another who helps me (still) with my marketing plan. I would highly recommend using this company to do your remote worker hiring.

  • tdrecla

    Overall rating

    Fantastically Freeing for Business Owners!

    I've been incredibly impressed with the team over at FreeeUp. Not only do they operate in total transparency, they vet their workers and train them in communication techniques so their clients get the best possible service. They've made outsourcing easy. With two emerging businesses, it was getting harder and harder to find viable outsourcing solutions. With FreeeUp it's easy. We keep finding more and more projects to turn over to them!

    What I especially appreciate is the superior customer service. It's fantastic!

  • CaptainKangaroo

    Overall rating

    FreeeUp is different in a good way.

    Nathan has an amazing staffing team, He is super hands on and takes care of us as if we are his most important client.

    I am able to grow my business knowing that I have the backbone of a great HR team. Adding resources to our team is just a Skype message away. We no longer have to turn away opportunities due to lack of available manpower.

    He always has highly qualified workers available for us with a day, and often within minutes.

    With FreeeUp we have our very own Virtual HR dept. It's a breath of fresh air.

    In the past we tried working with headhunting companies, it was such a drag.

    😀 We love working with Nathan and FreeeUp 😀

  • Njannasch

    Overall rating

    Great Company! I Love FreeeUp!

    I love working with FreeeUp freelancers. Very professional, very polite (I still can't get over being called 'sir') and it saves me SO much time not needing to interview potential workers all the time.

    Nathan is always available to talk if there's something I need to ask him, and his freelancers learn fast and take my business seriously.

    I'm especially finding their service helpful as I hire more and more freelancers. I can't imagine going through that interview process again and again and again, especially now that it takes almost no time at all.

  • CareyGjokaj

    Overall rating

    Great source for qualified, friendly freelancers

    I've worked with several of the freelancers on Freeeup and am very impressed.

    I was never able to get consistent web development and analytics service by hiring on my own, and was always worried I was hiring someone I couldn't trust.

    Nathan and his team are customer oriented and have delivered freelancers that go above and beyond. Thanks guys!


  • overcees

    Overall rating

    Great Service, Great Freelancers to Choose from!

    I have had a great experience using FreeeUp. They are able to fill the gaps in our business while we are growing and don't need full time staff. The owner Nate is always available to discuss new requirements and needs. Look forward to using this service more as we expand. There are a ton of more resources that we can see already that we are going to need assistance with and that is where FreeeUp will come into play. The best part about the service is if we are not happy with a particular freelancer, FreeeUp will find us a new one with no questions ask.

  • Filip Galetic

    Overall rating

    Great, fast, reliable service

    Nate and the team provide a fast and easy to use service and can fill pretty much any need you have to keep your business running. With the help of Freeeup I was able to free my attention to focus on my business' growth strategy and not on minute details. I would recommend it to anyone looking to find more time in the day by relying on help of specialists from Freeeup. Works best when you know exactly what you want and have specific tasks. I worked with several freelancers on a wide variety of tasks.

  • Nilesh Makhija

    Overall rating

    Freeeup saves my back always

    I have been using Freeeup for my various needs from Amazon to Online Marketing. I am so happy to say that, I have switched all my resources from Upwork to Freeeup because of 2 things = Great Talent + Prompt Communication.

    All the resources from Freeeup are vetted and are the best of the breed. Of-course there are tiers of expertise, but even the lower tiers the resources are great. I have loved each and every resource and they always save my back

  • Nevo Solutions

    Overall rating

    FreeeUp Magic!

    I have been working with FreeeUp experts over the past 6 months. I have been outsourcing work since 2005 and as many of you know, it's usually a hit or miss when hiring new freelancers. I decided to try FreeeUp and once I signed up, within minutes I was chatting with an Amazon expert. Over the past 6 months our team has grown to over 4 FreeeUp individual experts in the Pay-Per-Click to Customer Support representatives. We are happy to work with FreeeUp and highly recommend their services. Thank you FreeeUp!

  • themacateam

    Overall rating

    Very Happy...

    We've used Freeeup for several months and are very happy with their service. They have consistently connected us with experts who could help us solve problems and maximize our business. We can highly recommend for anyone searching for help finding outsourcers.

    One thing that has been particularly useful is that they've always provided us with several options for the jobs we've requested based both on expertise and expense. We have used outsourcers on both ends of the spectrum and have been happy with the results.

  • samLev

    Overall rating

    HIGHLY recommend 10/10*

    I would highly recommend FreeUp to any one that's looking for virtual workers.

    We have been using Freeeup for almost one year now, and we have not looked back since.

    The service and efficiency that has been shown to us is outstanding!

    If you want to see immediate results in your business, then I would definitely suggest that you give Freeeup a shot, I can almost guarantee that you would not look back.

    I would highly recommend FreeUp to any one that's looking for virtual workers.

    We have been using Freeeup for almost one year now, and we have not looked back since.

    The service and efficiency that has been shown to us is outstanding!

    If you want to see immediate results in your business, then I would definitely suggest that you give Freeeup a shot, I can almost guarantee that you would not look back.

  • Alberto L

    Overall rating

    Outsourcing with Freeeup can save your business

    I mean many people try to do everything themselves like i tried. But i failed and so grateful i found Freeeup. They have so many skills that i personally do not know how to do. So i just hire a worker and really it's amazing. The workers are experienced and i have the time to work on my business. Instead of learning every single thing i need to do on my business. One of the smartest decisions i have made. Nathen is the guy to talk to when setting up your first time but he is top notch and will get you the worker you need. Very impressed with this business. The team is the driving force of it's success and what has helped me increase revenue.

  • AMZ Advisers

    Overall rating

    Great Company

    Nate is Great! Super responsive and always has the exact type worker I need to help grow my ecommerce consulting agency. He's provided copywriters, graphic designers, data in put workers - all of whom have been able to complete the assigned tasks diligently and on time. Very impressed with this company/ service. Will most definitely be using them in the future.

    I have nothing else to say except this review has to be a minimum of 500 characters sooooooooooooo, thats all folks! Use FreeeUp!

  • Cksolute

    Overall rating

    Same day worker request filled, everytime

    As a client, I used to hire a gatekeeper for sometimes 100s of apps for a SIMPLE worker request. Now, I just submit a ticket, get a few filtered applicants and typically fill request within same day. Billing is a breeze as well!

    As a consultant, I am able to build teams and easily scale overnight. Again, billing requires no more attention from me. It's great being able to easily communicate with other consultants, all workers, and really anyone at any level at FreeeUp. The potential is endless!

  • EMA

    Overall rating

    Outsourcing my HR department

    Using FreeeUp's services has saved me so much time and money in doing my own hiring for my Amazon business. Before I would spend hours posting job listings, screening applications, interviewing and hiring for various tasks. Then sometimes the quality just wasn't as good as I had hoped and I started all over again.

    FreeeUp has been easy to use and the workers I've hired have been high quality professionals. Since I started using FreeeUp's services I've felt like I have a professional HR department who sends me quality candidates when I need them.

  • idanmoshe

    Overall rating

    "Cheap is expensive-Expensive is cheap" FREEEUP

    If we tell the truth for a long time following FREEEUP We did not work with them because we thought it too expensive relative work to be done.
    We worked with a lot of other freelancers cheaper and it's more expensive to us much more expensive and labor was worse each time was required to correct it.
    Work continues for a long time my involvement with cheap labor was training every day and every day do you check if done correctly or not.

    You pay them to teach them at the expense of your business!
    Bottom line cheap is expensive.

    Since we started working with FREEEUP received are available around the clock, and organized a great team.
    And most important professional work without all the confusion and waste of my valuable time. Sending the program of work and the same everything runs alone this team knows how to think with a big head.
    I finished looking for workers out, just to look at FREEEUP.
    Thank you and for all your staff
    Very successful team!

  • Munish

    Overall rating

    Great work by Freeeup

    What were the positives?

    I have used Freeeup consultants for graphic design, content creation and virtual assistant work. I have worked with 5 different consultants in both the US and Philippines. All of the workers were professional, courteous and the work was of of the highest quality.

    Any negatives?

    Excellent service


    Nathan is always prompt and very digital savvy. His digital skills are very important to help businesses scale in this digital world. I have already recommended Freeeup to six different people and will continue to do so.

  • ScarfKing

    Overall rating

    Truly Excellent, Ethical Company

    Before Freeeup, I had worked with many contractors of every stripe, recruited through the usual websites, craigslist, you name it. If you are new to this business, you will get picked clean by charlatans, liars and other self-proclaimed experts. They drown you in a sea of ecomm-babble, and then you write them a good review because it's going to be another 12 months before you realize how full of *&%$ they were. I know, because I've been there.

    Then, you hire someone who barely speaks English, is super-cheap, and with whom you spend dozens of hours explaining, re-explaining, re-re-explaining, then giving up because you've put 50 hours into it and it's still not right. After that, they write you an angry letter when you don't give them a 5 star review. Been there, too. The good contractors are out there, but they are very hard to find, especially if you lack experience.

    Then along came Freeeup. I have hired 4 translators and two listing optimizers. All but one have been excellent, and in the case of that one, Nathan made good instantly as soon as I complained, immediately assigning me a really excellent worker. No third degree, no telling me I was too demanding, no excuses, no defensiveness. Just: "I'll make it right." And he did, within an hour. That was as impressive to me as his excellent quality help.

    The fees are more than fair for the skill level offered. All the workers have been intelligent, eager to learn and quick to respond. Also, you can interview them first to get an idea of whether they fit or not.

    If you are too busy running your business to try to sort out a bunch of random contractors, and/or don't have the skills yet to be able to recognize the good ones from the bad ones, this service will save you loads of time and money, and help you move your business forward. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

  • pweissberg

    Overall rating

    Amazing Company!!! Helped me outsource my life!!!!

    My name is Philippe Weissberg and I am a proud user of FreeeUp. When I first decided to attempt to outsource my life, I looked for companies online where I could find the most reliable workers. I shopped around talking to multiple hiring platforms, but it wasn't until I spoke with Nathan at FreeeUp that I thought I could make it work. I loved that they interviewed and found the most reliable workers for you so that you didn't have to spend the time doing it. FreeeUp has made it super easy for me to hire new workers. The workers and the company are reliable. And I don't even need to spend much time explaining who I need. They just get it and introduce me to the worker. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone interested in hiring remote workers!

  • vin

    Overall rating


    The service FreeeUp provides is far better than industry standard. Extremely personalized support with very little of your own time invested. Within a day or two of contacting FreeeUp we were provided with an excellent, very professional, content writer within our budget.

    Nathan and the team at FreeeUp are extremely professional and truly understand eCommerce and company culture which allows them to find you the best possible fit for your company. I can't recommend them enough, they're even capable of providing a lot of staff very quickly for short term projects which is something no other company is capable of.

  • Feedback Repair

    Overall rating

    Look no further

    It can be very challenging to find an assistant for a short project.
    Most to the services providing assistants want you to sign up and commit to hiring someone full-time or at least 20 hours per week. I often don't need that. Sometimes, I need someone for a small task. Sometimes, it might last a few days. I don't want to have to train someone new every time. You can't expect someone to just be on the hook and waiting for your call for when you need them. Nathan's service has worked great for me so far. I have been happy with every one of the assistants he has referred. And, I know if I need someone longer term, that is an option as well. A lot of the service providers are highly skilled. Shopify support is a great example. You don't necessarily need a Shopify expert full-time. So, it works out great if you only need them for a few days.

  • Mat

    Overall rating

    Freeup solved my eCommerce needs. Thank you Nathan!

    I've been working with the founder of Freeup Nathan himself on my ecommerce account (mainly Amazon) and he has been very helpful. He have helped me to avoid account suspension.

    All I can say is he knows what he does. Not only that, he have helped me weekdays and night times as per my need. He is the best!!!

  • Duqueale

    Overall rating

    Awesome Service

    Nathan and his team have done an excellent job. I was ungated in three categories in Less than 2 hours, amazing! I recommend this company to everyone .

  • Josh A

    Overall rating

    Valuable Service

    Freeeup is a valuable service. They provide an honest service at a fraction of the cost. Nathan and his team are excellent.

  • Alex555

    Overall rating


    Hallo! I am already working with Nathan for 2 month+ and his service is awesome. I recommend him to everyone!!!8)

  • jakemarketer

    Overall rating

    Has really helped us start our Amazon business.

    They have a well oiled machine that allows us to outsource a lot of our work as well as gave us a great foundation to start on.

  • IanDrogin

    Overall rating

    Competent and Reliable Work

    FreeeUp has been extremely helpful in allowing me to automate the daily activities of my business, and giving me the time to focus on high leverage growth activities. All the workers I've dealt with are professional, well trained, and complete their tasks in a timely manner. What I love most about FreeeUp is that I don't need to spend the time to interview and train a new person for each new position. Instead, I can deal with one point person (Nathan), who can direct me to a well trained worker who is pre-vetted and already an expert in their respective field. I highly recommend FreeeUp to anyone seeking to grow their business, and have the peace of mind that all responsibilities are in good hands.

  • inman.gary

    Overall rating

    Great Company!

    If you want to "outsource" your outsourcing, this is the way to go. FreeeUp provides vetted, experienced workers for just about any task you might need. I needed a VA, and had one the next day. I needed an SEO specialist, and again, had one the next day. Both do a fantastic job, and are very easy to work with. Best of all - you don't need to break the bank in order to bring in some help for your business. I highly recommend giving this company a try.

  • MFI

    Overall rating

    Great job!

    I was really skeptical of FreeUp. After working with them for just a month they helped me so much!! Nathan really know his stuff. He has come up with so many ideas that have been super profitable. I can't say enough great things about him and this company. I highly recommend them.

  • TenaC

    Overall rating

    Freeeup Extremely Helpful

    FreeeUp has been extremely helpful in our understanding of the Amazon Marketplace. They have also helped us to clean up our listing and monitor our listings on all of our .com partner sites. This has been extremely helpful and easy to execute.

  • Dan28

    Overall rating

    FreeUp has been a great help!

    FreeeUp has been a great help expanding our company by providing excellent services that handle the day to day, giving us more time to work on the big picture

  • Loni

    Overall rating

    Very good

    I worked with these guys on several projects,
    They are always available , Reliable and open mindedand and profesional. Not cheap, always want the money upfront 🙂 but they get the job done!

  • ewalla03

    Overall rating

    Excellent- will use again

    I have been using Freeup for a few months to establish my company's Amazon store. They are responsible, incredibly easy to work with, truly take a lot off my plate and consistently deliver great results with clearly skilled employees. I'm thrilled by the results and will continue to use them going forward.

  • Ryn trading ltd

    Overall rating

    Finally we are able to take our business to the next level.

    Freeeup has fast forwarded our visions by years. We are finally able to concentrate on future rather than be busy fixing listings, creating listings, building the website etc.. Freeeup has taken care of all the nitty gritty and helped us progress with our business.

    Freeeup is doing exactly that - freeing up our time. Delighted to have found this company. The choice of workers is great, the fees are even greater and the quality of work and understanding is great.
    We find working with freeeup not only frees up our time and gets our amazon and ebay listings done - the hassle of recruiting on fiverr or upwork etc and the hassle of trusting someone from those websites, the lack of understanding and communication we many times experienced using those websites - all that hassle is taken care of by freeeup.
    The payment and time method is organised via a fantastic system where your worker clocks in and you see the time they work to the minute and second.

    We would recommend freeeup to all sellers out there who like us are expanding but need some timed freed up at very competitive rates.

  • _stanoev

    Overall rating

    Great company!

    Awesome company - a lot of flexible and skilled workers, very versatile and fitting every entrepreneur's goal!

  • shellyidan

    Overall rating

    Perfect solution to automate an online business

    I have been using FREEEUP services for 5 months now, hired 8 workers and automate my drop shipping business.

    FREEEUP has an amazing service and can find solution for any need or problem that you have with your online business.

    The workers are well trained, chosen carefully and they can find workers to any task needed.

    Nathan is amazing and will not rest until he gets you the right solution for your need.

    I will keep using their services and workers and I am definitely recommend using their services and building a long working relationship.

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