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Freightos is a platform for comparing, booking, and managing international freight quotes.

Rates are provided in seconds, and include the forwarding company, shipping mode and price. Shipments can be booked instantly online.

There are no additional fees or surcharges. Users can manage shipments, track progress, and communicate with their forwarder through the platform.

Support is available 24/7 by email, phone and chat.

  • SaaS (Cloud Web App)
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  • Paul Bit

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Freightos the worlds laziest digital freight platform.

    What were the positives?

    I liked the website until I found out all the data is basically wrong and incorrect.

    Any negatives?

    No 24/7 support as they state on their website. Takes days for them to return voice mails as no one ever answers the phone.


    I have had the unfortunate experience of recently dealing with this company. I had heard reports about this platform and decided to give them a try with one of my shipments. As a new customer, I was a little unsure of the process. All my previous shipments using other freight forwarders had been relatively pain-free. The same however cannot be said for freightos. Let me prefix this review by saying I am partly to blame for my lack of understanding of how they actually conduct business. I was under the misapprehension that they were a professional company that cared about their customers. How wrong I was.

    Let me explain how things work. This Israeli based-company is essentially a broker that uses their website to compile rates from several shipping companies. Once you have paid them, they want nothing to do with you and if you have any problems it's up to you to call one of the half dozen companies, they use to send your shipment to its final destination. They basically charge 3% for this service. I, unfortunately, ran into a problem with my shipment and was advised to contact freightos to resolve the problem. I called them about a dozen times trying to get someone on the phone to speak to. Every time I was told to leave a voice message as there was no one to take my call. I finally left a message and around 28 hours later I received a call from them telling me to contact the logistics company myself. When I asked why it had taken so long for them to return my call, I was told that it had been a national holiday (On a Thursday). It was at this point the penny dropped and I realised this supposed international company was in fact a very small locally run business in Israel.

    They clearly do not have any other call centres based in other locations. In fact, as I found out they only had one person answering calls for the entire world. Trust all the one-star reviews as when you have a problem it's only at that point the companies true colours become apparent. To add to the problems the information about my shipment on their website was completely inaccurate. Not one bit of the information was correct. The destination port was wrong the delivery dates again were all wrong. When I asked why this was the case, they blamed the shipping companies and refused to take any of the blame. They weren’t even bothered trying to find out why the information was wrong and when I asked for the person's name, they ended the call. I tried calling back several times asking to speak to someone else and each time they hung up the phone. This is the mark of a very unprofessional organization with nothing but contempt for their customers.

  • Swillhite

    Overall rating


    Great customer support. Easy to use. I will definitely use them again. I was a bit worried because of the lack of reviews online but I was not disappointed at all! They sent me an confirmation e-mail and a followup call right away because there was a problem with my commercial invoice. The customer service was very helpful and my issue was easily resolved. The package from Germany arrived on time and was handled with care. I received a follow up call from the service department as soon as it was delivered to verify everything came as expected and I didn't even know it had arrived because our receiving department hadn't even checked it in yet. Very pleased.

  • ChrisDooley

    Overall rating

    Very Simple to Use

    What were the positives?

    Enter your shipping To/From info and you get lots of shipping options. You can sort by Price, Delivery Date, Shipper, and other options. Very clear on how to add more boxes and insurance if needed.

    All orders are checked to see if anything looks odd, and comments are sent back if there is. One quick update to the form and all was taken care of.

    So far this has been much easier than trying to arrange shipment on my own.

    Any negatives?

    One small issue with a pickup address, but it was partially my fault.


    I used the online chat for support and everything was sorted out in a few minutes and the shipment was picked up the next day.

  • Freds Review

    Overall rating

    FreightOS makes my life easier

    FreightOS makes it easy to quickly get a quote and secure freight for a good price quickly and easily. It shows many options, some faster, some less expensive, you can choose what fits your needs at the time. Information on your shipments is updated as the shipper enters information. It has automated reminders if you need to finish providing info for a shipment, which can be handy for those of us with many different things going on.

    I have seen that they have a direct to Amazon warehouse shipment option. I don't sell on Amazon, but I could see where this could be very convenient. My inbound freight is for manufacturing parts.

    When I have contacted support with questions or for assistance, they have been able to help me quickly with no fuss, so I can get on with getting things done. This is much appreciated!

    I was asked to provide this review by FreightOS, which I was happy to do based on my good experiences with them. A $5 Starbucks card was offered. I don't like Starbucks (blasphemy I know), but wanted to leave a review to recommend FreigtOS.

    1. Reply from Freightos

      @Andy Thanks for that, Andy. We'll take that into account in the future. Just to be clear, these were users that were already posting positive feedback internally - we were just asking them to take the time to publish it on a public forum.

      Apologies and thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  • cdonovan

    Overall rating

    Good Platform

    Freightos has a great platform that simplifies the process of shipping overseas. The ability to get a quote very quickly online is amazing, and their support is very quick to respond. I look forward to using their platform in the future to continue to simplify my future shipments..OH! They also saved our business hundreds of dollars so far!

    (Except for the review platform that they're using here. This page is filled with ads and looks like it was built in the early 2000s, strange choice for a company with such an elegant site).

    1. Reply from Freightos

      @cdonovan thanks! for the review! WebRetailer isn't our site - just a place where users typically find us so it makes sense to get our customers to show their love there.

  • AnthonyKent

    Overall rating

    Makes My Life Easier! 5 Star Customer Service!

    What were the positives?

    The convenience of shopping so many freight companies at once is huge. It gives me piece of mind to be able to compare quotes. It is also very helpful to estimate what my shipping costs will be.

    Any negatives?

    There was a little confusion about my USA customs clearance, but communication was excellent and I got everything squared.


    The support was Ah-MAY-Zing! Seriously. On my first order I didn't know anything. There was some confusion about what paperwork I needed, who I needed to send it to, and who was paying for customs. I called Freightos to help clear it up and they did! I got answers to all my questions and was comfortable talking to my forwarders and customs brokers on both sides of the trip.

    I am definitely using Freightos in the future.

  • GameTime Sports

    Overall rating

    Easy & Fast

    What were the positives?

    This is a smooth and easy service, we can get fast and good quotes on our schedule. We will use this service time and time again.

    Any negatives?

    The prvide good feedback and quick responce. They really make it easy and simple there is no need for interation out side of the system.


    The support is TOP Rated, always there to help.:) When have needed help the team is there and they have the answers and they are professional in the communication.

  • jpatrick

    Overall rating

    Great Shipping Support

    I've had a great experience with my 3 most recent shipments handled by Freightos, 1 by air and 2 by sea. As a new FBA retailer I was able to lean on the Ferightos shipping team to help me with communication between my manufacturers in China and the freight forwarders I was working with. I would have been lost without their timely help and response.

    When I received an email from across the pond from my manufacturing rep telling me the shipping company was being difficult, the Freightos team stepped in and worked out the details between them for me. That was a huge relief since I didn't have a clue how to handle such a problem occurring thousands of miles away.

    I would recommend any new FBA retailer explore the shipping options provided by Freightos and know that someone on the other end will have your back if anything should go less than perfect.

  • JoeCha

    Overall rating

    Best thing since sliced bread

    Freightos really changed the way we think of cargo freight.
    It's like booking a plane ticket. You enter origin and destination, cargo weight and dims and hit the search button.
    You instantly receive a list of many options to choose from - which can be sorted by price, speed or mode of transport.
    And above all, the pricing is surprisingly low.
    Perhaps a result of the competition as many freight forwarders compete for landing a sale.

    Freightos support staff were always extremely helpful and responsive.

  • abaez6

    Overall rating

    Freightos Should be a go to for freight forwarding period!

    When I was looking for a freight forwarder I had no idea what I was doing and I was super worried it was going to cost me tons of money because the quotes the manufacturer gave me were super high. I did some research and landed on Freightos. I saved $600 dollars using their platform on shipping from China! Not to mention that their support team and staff are very responsive and assist you all the way through if you have any questions, which I most definitely did! I will continue to use and I suggest you do too!

  • Jonnyh70

    Overall rating

    Completely inept and crooked

    They are a complete joke. After paying for a shipping contract the lead time went from a few days - to nearly 2 weeks.
    Then they said that I had not paid them, I had to open a fraud case with my bank as they confirmed i had paid them. Until they finally admitted they had the funds..
    Nearly three weeks later after cancelling they have still not repaid me in full citing the reason for the less than full amount is charges from my own bank.

    Inept and untrustworthy is the best way to describe them. Only use them if you want to waste time, money and patience

  • AndreaP

    Overall rating


    Believe me when I say stay away from this company. As far as I can see once they take your money they don't care about your shipment. They don't follow up any at all. I placed an order for pickup NY to NY which is just 1hr:30 minutes drive in traffic without traffic it's 1 hr. They didn't pick up my good on the date I gave them and no one reaches out and said gave me an update. I had to send an email the following business day to get an update. the following business day they didn't pick up my good until the next day and freightos didn't even follow up with the shipper. My goods got pickup up two days late and then today I get an email from them asking to pay additional 435 after I paid 480 to get my goods. I gave them accurate information in regards to pallet and cartons size so not my problem. Again take my advice and run don't use them. They want to charge me over 900 to ship from NY to NY which is hr drive.

  • IsaaUK

    Overall rating

    Dont make the mistake

    Absolute nightmare,
    once they take payment, and arrange shipping, as far as they are concerned, that is their job done. they have no interest in communicating and resolving any queries. Arranged shipping with them, they discounted it for 50 dollers, and failed to mention it will take and additional 12 days to arrive. Complete and utter waste of time. The agent decided to add an additional £500 to the fees, for no reason whats so ever, and reightos took the attitude, "pay it to clear your shipment"

  • Abuqaba

    Overall rating

    The worst shipper ever

    I completed in full their online quote request. They presented a time frame and price that was agreeable to me. I filled out all needed information including the destination and delivery point making sure to note what type of address each was and what services were needed. The delivery quote was 1 day.. not 1+ days or estimated 1 day... so I made a note that I needed the order in 2 days and to please contact me if not possible. I got an email from them stating they could not promise anything since they are not the shipper and they would cancel the order...I said I understand that but could you please contact the shipper to see if they can meet our time frame or give me their contact info so I can contact them before you just cancel it. The response I got was that they would send the order to the shipper but can not promise a time. So again 0 effort was placed on trying to communicate my needs as a customer, that were already double the promised time. I then received another email stating they would need additional money because of the pickup point, which is a large shipping center with loading docks, so there would be no reason for an increase and all info I entered for the quote was accurate. Because of this I told them I would not be paying any additional fees, there response again was "Ok we will cancel the order" A few hours go by and I get an email that they magically can now honor the quoted price without the additional charge, I asked to please cancel the order and the response was OK. The next day I received a notice that they billed my credit for the amounted quoted.

  • ckpozek

    Overall rating

    With all of their funding, they failed at every opportunity!

    So Freightos is supposed to make this process easier, right? I log onto their website, type in everything, and guess what, NOTHING LOADS. So then I call the customer service number, and guess what? I GET HUNG UP ON 3 TIMES!. Then the 4th time I call, the guy tells me the phone systems are unreliable, and directs me to an alternate number. So I call that number, and guess what? They tell me they can not help me and they will have someone call me back. When that person calls me back, guess what? I AM TOLD I HAVE TO WAIT 48 HOURS FOR MY QUOTE!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

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