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Custom-built "branding for your eBay business" for eBay Stores and listings.

Functionality is built into the design specifically to retain customers and up/cross promote other items.

Web based software to manage aspects of the design including promotional boxes in the eBay store and a "quick step" process to create complex Composite HTML listings easily.

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18 Reviews

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Ease of Use

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    One of the most professional & efficient companies we have ever worked with!

    What were the positives?

    Been meaning to write this review for sometime to share our experience with frooition.

    We first started using frootion many moons ago for our ebay design, from those early days we knew we had found the right company for the job.

    But more recently we gave frooition the task of re-building our new wesbsite & order/product management requirements. Both the Andrew's have been dealing with myself directly and have fully explained everything, I had alot of questions & concerns as I wanted to make an investment for our company which we could rely on for years to come (had some bad experiences with our old platform)

    Both Andrew's came back to me swiftly and explained everything in detail, if they didn't know the answers to my questions they would go out of their way to find the answer and come back to me.

    Frooition handled everything for us and I mean everything, they also put us in direct contact with Linnworks and both companies worked together to deliver our requirements to the deadline we was given.

    As regards to the design work we couldn't be happier, as with all design we now also have to option to swiftly make changes and keep the site fresh and modern.

    Any negatives?



    But finally I'd just like to say a massive Thankyou to all of the froo team, we can honestly say they are one of the most proactive, polite, professional and efficient companies we have ever worked with in the world of e-commerce & online.

    If you are a small, medium or large company and are searching for a new design company who can also handle everything else. You can be assured frooition can handle it, they did for us!

  • Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    Efficient and Brilliant

    What were the positives?

    Efficient and brilliant
    Absoloutly love working alongside this group of talented individuals.
    We started with no site or anything, just the domain name and a facebook page which I used for our sales. Within 48 hours we had some amazing and solid foundations to work with.

    The coming weeks we convesed back and forth, adding things I really needed and removing what wasn't neccesary to our business, and it would be done sometimes the same day.

    These things take time to do, but the speed and efficiency that they use in blinding!

    Any negatives?



    I'm very happy to have taken our business to Frooition, we have a site that is all working and it makes me feel proud to be able to direct our customers there!

  • T

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use


    What were the positives?

    Overpriced for subpar service but the designs are good.

    Any negatives?

    Ransom you each time you dont pay monthly fees on time, no auto renewal feature so they can extort you to buy a years worth of hosting as soon as you are a few days late or pay an admin fee for them to reactivate you account.


    Im done!

  • Jim Hegarty

    Overall rating



    Ease of Use

    I cancelled Frooition for my eBay Store. They extorted $400 from me to un-geek my pages.

    What were the positives?

    None. It was a failed and costly experience.

    Any negatives?


    1. They promised easier and faster to list using Frooition. No way! Very slow.
    2. They promised higher store traffic on eBay. No discernible difference to me.
    3. Their system was built by techies for techies. Not user-friendly for me!
    4. Expected some store design with my subscription. I did most of the work.
    5. Their store design duplicates what any buyer sees before they get to the Frooition content. Nice looking but redundant.
    6. When I cancelled my subscription after almost one year, I asked them to remove their template. They did for all the graphics, but left a bunch of techie mumbo-jumbo embedded in my pages. I asked them to remove it and they said since I'm no longer a subscriber IT WOULD COST ME $400. After one month trying unsuccessfully to bulk edit using eBay's process, I gave up and paid the $400 ransom. They fixed the issue in ten minutes, maybe less! I feel like I've been robbed at gunpoint!!


    Awful experience.

  • miller

    Overall rating

    features do not work no help but they collect their fee

    I have had footion for several years. It has been Ok unitl recently they changed the way you do bulk editing. I cannot add my template to my new listings and no answer from support. So in summery I pay monthly for my template and for bulk editor, but I cannot use them since their software has changed it has been a nightmare trying to just get template applied to a new listing.
    if you are looking to bulk edit and looking for something to make your life easier I would keep going this is not it.
    If I ever get a bit of time (probably not since spending so much time fussing with this bad bulk listing) I need to look around for something else.
    Frooition is costy and there is little support so you pay but cannot use what you have paid for.

  • asa

    Overall rating


    bad design poor communication

    just overall not good we had a bad experience

    poor support overpriced horrible design no help what so ever implement upgrades just again don't touch it it is bad overall no work to gether they r here only to rip not to do their the best now I'm in a search for a new design which is going to cost a fortune but this frooation just brought our ratings down terrible :' STAY AWAY AS FROM FIRE ITS NOT WORTH THE MONEY AND EFFORT IM EXTREMLY FRUSTRATED and there is really no one to complain too

  • Dr. Richard

    Overall rating

    Graduale from EZ eBay Listing to Impossible listing tools

    What were the positives?

    The storefront and listing design is nice but seems costly

    Any negatives?

    Oh, Yeah! I am a new Frooition user. I was not able to see actual listing tools but received lot's of "how easy it is" promises. Paid $1100 and for this payment I got the most convoluted app I've ever met. Everything takes many steps and often gets terrible results. I think it is beyond the capability of non-IT users. I have been trying since 2/4/18 to grasp Frooition's horribly difficult listing elements.

    To complete a single listings can require up to 6 separate, often repetitive, steps to create a listing and list it a task that can take hours for the simplest listing

    I like their storefront and listing template but am very sorry I invested in a program too difficult to master.
    Richard S. Phd


    To be Fair, they have a department called Rescue and Rescue is very good, very determined to help but this is such a messy system very often they just do the work for you. Nothing is easy in Frooition

  • markfloirda

    Overall rating

    The worst thing I ever did

    What were the positives?

    NO, it really did not work, I sent almost 3 days trying to get it to work, this was time when I could be listing more items, it was time wasted.

    Any negatives?

    Yes, it could have worked.


    The support was pathetic and to make it worse now ALL my listings have HTTPS issues and all have to be taken down and relisted, we have over 400 listing to change, due to the change on Google Chrome.
    I urge any eBay seller NOT to touch this with a barge pole, it is the single worst software package I have ever come across.

  • LBOS

    Overall rating

    So far, very pleased

    I’m currently dealing with them at the moment for my future design, our designated web designer has been brilliant to date and kept us fully informed at each step, so no complaints here.
    Price is always important, but as we know, you get what you paid for so I'm very confident, so far very pleased with how the preview is coming along! I will update this further once our design is complete and installed!


  • stylesintime

    Overall rating

    I am a very happy and satisfied customer! Sales have soared online

    First of all, I can’t thank frooition enough for an outstanding job! There design work is just what I was hoping for and I am a very proud and happy customer!! The sales the last 2 months have been outstanding and this is just the beginning. I’m looking for future designs from them very soon.

    Again, I love the STYLE, QUALITY and the CLASS of my design, I am very impressed with the eBay store and thanks Frooition!!!

    It has been a pleasure doing business with the Frooition team, I am a very happy and satisfied customer!


  • Kitchenaid

    Overall rating

    Fantastic eBay Design, very pleased!

    Frooition is an integral partner in our success on eBay. Their understanding of e-commerce on eBay has given us a strategic advantage that has driven increased sales on eBay. We have enjoyed working with them and appreciate their high level of professionalism and prompt responsiveness.


  • tttttt

    Overall rating

    Product was awful!

    Looked into using Frooition in August and after being constantly hounded by their sales department I finally caved. They charged me $1350 to do the eBay store template. The project was supposed to be finished on 9/23 but, It wasn't even close. Finally, a few weeks later I got the final jpeg file and it was awful. The design was poor to say the least I was happier keeping my little eBay store as is and basic then put this *** on my site. Let alone the functionality horror stories that I heard through here. The last straw came when I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and Frooition used copyrighted logos in my storefront. These images I cannot used as they are copyrighted by large companies and I could end up with a big, fat lawsuit. After, stating that I wanted a refund I was given to someone else who was originally supposed to do my design and he was to work on it. He didn't do much better. 2 months later, I am requesting a refund and don't hear anything from them until I contact my credit card company. They offered a partial refund of $650 but, that's crazy considering they didnt do anything. Save your money and go elsewhere because, with Frooition you're pretty much flushing good money down the toilet.

  • rmjcomputing

    Overall rating

    Good Design - Poor Customer Service / Software

    I have been with frooition for a while now, but within the first 2 weeks i was about to rip my hair out copying / pasting photobucket links into the boxes and the slow step by step system (might make it easy but it sure didnt speed things up) so i ended up making a visual basic program to edit the html and add the photos / description of my items and keep the frooition layout. - totally cancelling out having to use the frooition website and lists items straight on ebay - (its super fast compared to their method) then i made loads of various macros e.g. one that would automatically select postage prices and link it up with either fedex or royal mail depending on the price... heres a link to a video i took of my program in action... quite handy indeed


    now im happy with it!!

  • boozer

    Overall rating

    Appalling Service, Communications and Product. Watch for high ongoing charges

    I would not recommend using Frootion at all. In my experience with them I've found their communications to be terrible.

    The number of times I have had to contact them on a Premium rate number due to a fault on their behalf, is unacceptable. I emailed queries and requests in relation to the store/template that they were designing for me but I had no replies and my requests were never addressed. Not a personal service at all.

    Also, if you are considering using Frooition for an ebay store, make sure you fully understand the charges involved in hosting your images with them, and continuing the use of the store/template that they have designed for you. Yes, you'd think that once you'd paid for the store/template that'd be it...well that's not the case...there is a monthly charge for the privilege of using it, and a monthly charge for image hosting (which is not cheap nor competative). In my case, this would have totalled just short of £400 per year for just one store.

    Instead, I've decided to cut my loses with Frooition and go elsewhere to start over again, as I have 3 other stores/templates that I want creating and I would like to keep them all on the same system/platform.

    Overall = Very Dissapointing and would certainly not recommend.

  • Savvy Row

    Overall rating

    Awful service, bugs in software, £199 per hour for support!!!

    Here's our experience:

    The Frooition designer assigned to us was happy to make as many changes as we wanted - but his communication with us about the progress of the work / any issues, was non existent. The amount of time we had to spend chasing him up (all on premium rate 0870 number - he didn't bother answering emails within less than 3 or 4 days) well outweighed the discount that we negotiated before work started.

    Frooition promised they could code the listing template to work with Spoonfeeder, the uploader software (similar to Turbo Lister) that we use. But, they didn't - Spoonfeeder saved the day (they made changes to Frooition's template for us, for free - thanks, Terry!).

    Once we got underway and listing we started getting the odd complaint from buyers that our listings (and shopfront) were taking a long time to load. At first we thought that this was simply down to 'more design' but we've since learned that each time a buyer clicks on a listing, the Frooition design on our listing has to be 'drawn in' from Frooition's servers. This weekend just gone, the Frooition servers were down for hours on end - we lost hundreds of pounds in missed sales and much poorer that normal auction returns.

    In January, Frooition launched the advertising for their 'exciting New Shop Experience' promising additional and enhanced features and an improved buyer experience. What they actually delivered turned out to be inferior to the original product and full of bugs. Here's the list of issues that still exist with Frooition's NSE product. By the way, they also called it an upgrade and charged us £100 for the privelige:

    Ill-looking, poorly functioning Promotion Boxes - half of the item title is missing and the boxes often fail to display at all

    Missing Shop Pages Links in both Storefront and Listings

    Poor quality of FrooFlow box

    Failure to integrate eBay generated slideshows (which was always the case before NSE, and I've been told should still be achievable)

    Incorrect reordering of categories in pre-Freedom generated listings (which the Frooition support team have told me is irreversible)

    Poor quality work when embedding header into eBay standard pages

    Freedom generated listings do not show correctly in eBay's new version of the listing page

    They told me that they are keen to make improvements and 'the sooner the better' - but they could not commit to any timescales.

    I gathered from their comments that they didn't have, or wouldn't fund, the additional resource required to carry out the remedial work. Either way, it came across as low priority - after all they've got our money now.

    We believe that Frooition's promotional material for their NSE 'upgrade' was misleading and omitted key information and the product they have delivered is materially inferior to the original product and, in several respects, unfit for purpose.

    When we've opened up help tickets about these issues we've received 'cut & paste' irrelevant and innaccurate answers. When we've pursued the issues, Frooition support team have simply deleted the help tickets! Now, if we want to report any issues, they tell us that the ticket might not be answered at all - or that we can pay £199 for someone to deal with it as a priority

    You won't be surprised to hear that we're planning to move away from Frooition. For a while we did try to convince ourselves that things would settle down after the implementation of NSE and then gradually improve. We've had the Frooition designs in place for less than 10 months, so we're not exactly keen to just write-off the money we spent. But, if anything, things are heading in a much worse direction, at a very fast rate.

  • UKSW

    Overall rating

    Unfortunatly I have to add to the doom and gloom...

    Everything started out okay with Frooition, then it seems once you have paid and they have given you the design they think you should have they turn into a beast.

    Wasted over £3000 with Frooition and now just get nasty short remarks. Their ChannelAdvisor store design is very very poor.

    Now they are asking for £50 to upgrade the eBay shop or we will loose our design.

    They charge a monthly subscription of £18 which seems to be a design rent which they can turn off at any moment.

  • minty

    Overall rating

    Do not use frooition unless you enjoy headaches

    I just read the previous review about this company and I have had very similar problems, the sales people promise the earth but the actual designers don't delivery, it took 6 months before ny site went live (I was told it would take weeks) and then it was still full of bugs, they ignore complaints and nobody ever calls you back. It is a real shame as their own website looks really nice but they just don't like their customers. I am so fed up with them that even though I have paid a lot of money for my website I will not be using it as I dont want to list lots of items and then have to continue to pay yearly fees to a company I cannot work with, better to cut my losses now and find a more proffesional web designer who actually listens to what I want, and can work to deadlines.

  • gmxauctions

    Overall rating

    Definitely Not Worth The Hassle!

    As a client of Frooition I've had a chance to experience their service firsthand. The following review is my personal opinion.

    They've got a design template that is unique but they are a nightmare to deal with. The entire company seems like a revolving door-you'll be quoted by a salesperson who will then disappear off the face of the planet. Then you'll have to deal with 10 different people who will tell you different things and then contradict each other until you go insane.


    - Told the work would start in a week and then didn’t hear back for two months.

    - Charged the wrong amount to our credit card.

    - Tried twice to add false additional charges despite previous agreement with the salesperson. When we sent in documentation of the correspondence, they ignored it.

    - Agreed to build a website but then told in the middle that the service was no longer available.

    - Promised unlimited design changes but most of the time they literally stop working or responding. Their code is so delicate-it breaks with every minor change. If you fix for IE7, it breaks for Firefox, if you fix again, it will break somewhere else.

    -After 12 months still getting emails from elusive "Creative Director" who has no clue writing asking for money for work that is incomplete or never done in the first place.

    No one at this company speaks to each other. You could call them and one person will promise something and the next person will deny it. It is an unholy nightmare to deal with, especially over long distance. These guys are stubborn Brits- so don't expect American-style golden customer service here. They say they'll fix everything to your satisfaction, but when push comes to shove, they simply disappear. US-based clients should avoid the Frooition black hole at all costs.

    Feel free to contact me at [email protected] before you consider hiring this company.

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