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GB Commerce is an all in one software solution to help sellers manage their online business across multiple sales channels. The software covers:

Inventory management
Purchase orders
Dropship program management
Supply-chain optimization
Customer service management
Financial management and reporting 

PlatformSaaS (Cloud Web App)
Customers SupportedUnited States

Pricing & Trial

Price Range
$399.99 per month.
Trial Length: 1 month

Integrations & Compatibility

Alternative MarketplacesGroupon Marketplace
Shipping & FulfillmentFBA
Advertising & MarketingFacebook
Facebook Ads
Carts, Payment & POSAmazon Pay

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2020-06-03 14:30:18

Keeping it all together

What where the positives?

GB commerce is very helpful because it understands my business, and what's important to it. The biggest evidence of this is the way the features are laid out. It has a way to handle just about every expectation I'd like to see for keeping a clean and organized business with great transparency. You tell them the issues, they give you the solution. 5/5 on customer service

Any negatives?

The system can feel a bit overwhelming at first because there are a lot of features. It will take some time to learn, and set up, but once you do it makes up for it on other efficiencies, especially through the sales transaction process.


As a wholesaler to stores, and an online seller on with own sites + Amazon, eBay, etc. This is the best tool we've used thus far. After being burned by Channel A*****r a few years ago, I definitely can appreciate GB's Functionality.

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